AFL Teams: Round 1 – Tigers v Blues


Richmond v Carlton

MCG – Thu Mar 29, 7:45pm


B: Steven Morris, Alex Rance, Dylan Grimes
HB: Bachar Houli, Jayden Post, Chris Newman
C: Brandon Ellis, Dustin Martin, Brett Deledio
HF: Trent Cotchin, Tyrone Vickery, Robin Nahas
F: Brad Miller, Jack Riewoldt, Addam Maric
Foll: Ivan Maric, Daniel Jackson, Nathan Foley
I/C: Shane Tuck, Shane Edwards, Shaun Grigg, Reece Conca

Emg: Jeromey Webberley, Jake Batchelor, Bradley Helbig

New: Ivan Maric (Adelaide), Steven Morris (Western Jets), Brandon Ellis (Calder Cannons), Addam Maric (Melbourne)


B: Christopher Yarran, Lachlan Henderson, Bret Thornton
HB: Dennis Armfield, Paul Bower, Zach Tuohy
C: Heath Scotland, Kade Simpson, Jordan Russell
HF: Jeffrey Garlett, Jarrad Waite, Bryce Gibbs
F: Eddie Betts, Shaun Hampson, Mitch Robinson
Foll: Matthew Kreuzer, Marc Murphy, Chris Judd
I/C: Andrew CarrazzoKane Lucas, Jeremy Laidler, Edward Curnow

Emg: Brock McLean, Marcus Davies, Andrew Collins


  • Anyone know if the following could be done with only 1 trade?

    If I started with:

    Kruezer in the Ruck
    Hale as a Forward
    Smedts as a Defender

    Could I swap Kruezer with Hale in the Ruck, switch Smedts to a Forward & Trade Kruezer for a Defender with 1 trade?

    • that is a fucking good question for this time of the morning nice work hope someone has an answer for you but you might have to wait a few hours

    • NO!!!
      Yes you can swap Kruezer & Hale around, both have dpp R/F, so no probs there.
      Now with 1 trade, it is IMPOSSIBLE to TRADE OUT 2 players!!!

      What you can do is trade out Kruezer, and swing Smedts into the forward line with his B/F dpp, which now leaves you with a vacant spot in your backline, where you trade in a defender.

      So basically, you can trade out Kruezer for a Defender, but Smedts stays in your team, just goes from def to fwds.

      • Kruezer isn’t a DPP R/F.

        • Sorry mate, my bad, (wtf was I thinking?!!!) Answer still the same though.

          OK, so you trade out Kruezer, swing Hale to Ruck, Smedts to the fwd line trade in Defender.

    • 1st off put the player you want to trade up for trade…this then leaves his spot on the roster vacant….Now you can move any eligible players to that spot…

      eg: put kruezer up for trade…opening a spot on in the ruck . Move any eligible player to the ruck spot ie: Hale..this now opens a spot in the forwards that any eligble player can be moved to ie: Smedts.
      Now draft a defender and your done…1 Trade no problemo.

    • Im pretty sure you can only move one player around per trade. So if you trade out Kreuzer, you can move Hale to the Ruck but then you wont be able to move smedts to the forward line. Thats hows it works in the NRL dreamteam so I assume it will be the same here.

  • Yes you could trade Kreuzer for a defender using that strategy. Just to clarify – the DT Talk boys probably explain this more clearly than I can!! Copy and pasted from a FAQ article:

    “I’m a bit confused, how does the new DPP trading rules work?”

    This has been mentioned a couple of times before, but here’s a recap. We can now trade a player out from one position and using Dual Position Players (DPP), can trade a player into a totally different position with only one trade.

    Let’s look at an example using a 2011 scenario. I trade out a DEFENDER (eg. Jack Grimes) and am left with an empty slot. I substitute a DEF/MID who is currently in my midfield (eg. Dyson Heppell) into Grimes’ empty slot and how trade in a new MIDFIELDER (eg. Dane Swan) into Heppell’s empty slot. So basically I have been able to trade Grimes (DEF) out for Swan (MID) using only the one trade.

    • I think you may have missed the point.
      His question, can I switch Smedts to a forward and Kruezer to a defender with one trade?
      IF he asked can I switch Smedts to the forward line and Kruezer to a defender with one trade, then YES.

      • That is literally the exact same question, you just changed 2 words…and the answer is yes, just read the 2 posts above what you wrote…

  • Early info, Clay Smith will play on Sunday and James Magner is very likely.

  • Martin or Sidebottom?

  • who will score more, bower or morris ?

  • Good morning, I am playing with final dt stuff. Would like some advice. Should I wait and gamble on lee spurr or should I play both Ellis and Morris in the backline? I am
    Also heppel v Broughton, discuss?

  • Heppel v Broughton?

    • I’ve gone Heppell … A little wary of Broughtons midfield time with Mundy Barlow Morabito and co. still to return.

      Not buying into the “2nd year blues” with this fella .. should gun it

  • goddard or shaw??

    sidebottom or robinson??

    and should i trade out mccarthy for rook free cash up then upgrade dangerfield to forward premium

  • anyone one going bouman from hawks in backs?

  • leunberger under a injury cloud? next best option for a prem ruckman is doing my head in

  • DT TALK LEAGUE – 383428
    Filling up fast

  • Currently have Ellis on the bench, would it bis wise to sub him in and put hargrave on the bench? Thoughts?

  • two spots left 670555

  • Saad or Tory Dickson?

  • Is Lake worth the risk? Who is a better option

  • Where on earth is Robbie Gray?????

    Is he injured???


  • Only got Carrazzo and hmac on the pine for the rest of the round, everyone else is onfield….looking good

  • Boyd vs Ablett vs Pendles vs Swan

    Which gun for my last premium mid spot???