MRP: JMac offered 2 matches

The match review panel has offered GWS player/coach James McDonald a two week ban for his bump on the weekend. If he accepts, there could be a few issues for our AFL Dream Teams over the next couple of rounds.

My tip is that he will accept the ban, as soft as others may feel it is.

The implications for our our AFL Dream Teams is pretty big if he is suspended. Some coaches want to chase his score from the weekend as he is sitting with 98 as their emergency in the midfield. The way they are looking at this is by selecting James Magner (if he doesn’t make the Melbourne team on Thursday night) on their ground as a zero who will then be replaced by JMac.

Good in theory, but if Magner is still out the following week, you might be in a hell of a lot of touble. It would be hard taking in someone you ‘think’ will play soon that isn’t selected on Thursday night when you already now that JMac will be missing Rounds 2 and 3.

In saying all of this, we will have to hold tight to see if McDonald and the Giants accept the ban… but make sure you are thinking about what it might mean for your team over the next couple of weeks!

UPDATE: Giants have accepted the ban.


  • what round do we start playing other teams?

  • Have both J-Mac and Parker, tempting to ditch Parker but will hold onto my trades for now…learned my lesson last year. Hopefully Parker will only miss 1 or 2 games with the week off.

  • dream team invite code: 665483

    Get around this new AFL podcast. Funny stuff. If you like your footy, you will love this…

  • its absolutely appalling the result for Mcdonald, i loved the bump hard and clean umpire loved it to no whistle was blown no report ridiculous video umpire will destroy our game.

  • how many games is nathan bock missing??

  • Remember it s a llllloooooooooonnnnnnggggg season, so much knee jerking and rash decision making. I have JMac, greatly accepted his points from the weekend and happy for him to cool his heels on the pine for a couple of weeks.

    Meanwhile I encourage Magner or Sheila to go mental.

  • Anyone going to burn a trade with this news?

  • Side note. anyone else catch the article saying winderlich is unlikely to play till mid april?

    • I just watched a vid on AFL they said a few weeks as well… round 4-5 i reckon

  • Why is McEvoy in less than 4% of teams?
    He finished last year strong, and is on his Pat Malone at the Saints this year.

    Am I missing something?

    • Please answer him

      • the fact that a lot of people seem to be going the 1/3 ruck setup mainly. most would be going a cox or Sandi setup for peace of mind. proven performers not one year wonders. McEvoy has had an ok pre season. but hasn’t set the world on fire yet. Nothing wrong with going him but people being more cautious with there Premo Ruck pick.

        Thats my Opinion anyway

      • I got him and haven’t looked back. he’s a lock for me….. and if that helps put your mind at ease now to let you know i never finish in top 50,000 :p

  • 9 spots. 145054.
    Not that competative.

  • I can’t understand how he doesn’t have a good or bad record. According to FF he’s only ever been fined for melees/wrestling all pre 2005. So you miss a season and all of a sudden you have no record? A further 25% reduction would have been just.

  • Parker’s headbutt to JMac’s chest might be end up being right up there with Palmer on Barlows leg. But probably not

  • Feel bad for the people that had both Parker and McDonald, Both are going to miss a definite 2 games with Parked expected to miss an additional game to the 2 already. Ive only got McDonald on the bench so not worrying all too much.

    • Parker to miss 2-3 weeks. They have a week off this week, so may only miss one game.

      • Lets hope its only one game! Looked real good in the first 10 minutes….

  • All those poor sods with j-mac and parker better pray no more midfielders go down injured this weekend, could be like a train crash in slo-mo!

  • Sorry for the off topic post, but can someone tell me what happens to private leagues that don’t fill (i.e. get 18 players)?

    • they have players added to them. players from leagues with only 1,2,3,4 etc all combined. to fill league

    • Pretty sure they will get filled up with random teams from other non-completed leagues.

  • Sheeds on the couch tonight saying J Mac will have a rest for a couple of weeks in the coaching box then straight back in.

    Also predicted a lot of young guys to play 8 to 10 games each this year. I assume there will be a core group of 5 or 6 young guys who will play most games, with the rest alternating. The question mark is who are those core young guys (apart from Shiel and Conigs).

  • He has accepted the two week ban

    aaargh, no price rise until Rd 5