Maverick – I’m Winning and You Know It


Check out Maverick’s video from last year.



  • Good Stuff

  • Pretty random stuff, but not bad

  • Maverick forgot to mention in his song that he didn’t make finals last year ;-)

  • Nice get up. Quality pants and a faded wife beater. You’re a man of supreme taste

    But with Ranga Jacobs and Voldt in your side I’d consider renaming your team ‘The Bye’

  • The team has changed a bit since filming. Riewoldt is out for Dustin Martin, but I stand by Jacobs.

  • haha absolute classic !! you only in one league or in others with spaces too? gotta take you on

  • On a completely unrelated note, because I don’t know where to post it and I don’t use Twitter or any of the social media crap to ask there…

    Who was it that was did the DT betting odd’s write ups before? Calvin maybe?

    eg. Coniglio @ 2.65 looks good to me… Coniglio vs Shiel vs D. Smith

    Shiel a potential sub candidate and if Smith is forward might be starved of supply..

    That info up was gold. Thanks whoever did it, would love to see it again!

  • lance romance kicks 100 goals

  • this guy is amazing! awesome song, average team!

  • Was gold apart from the BAWFL bit, that name is awful