My Team 2012: Version 4.2

Here it is… the Final Countdown! The NAB Cup is finished, we know what we need to know! Time to start putting the final touches on our teams in the lead up to the GWS v Sydney game on Saturday.

This here is the post where you can comment on your own team, help others out, ask random questions, etc. Make sure it isn’t completely a ‘me, me, me’ place to be… offer up advice for those who are playing the game and visiting our site. Remember, you may not agree with someone, but you don’t have to make it personal!

Make everyone’s life easy by posting your team in an easy to read format! There is nothing worse than seeing it all over the place. Here is a suggested way to post it up.

TEAM NAME: Warne Dawgs
DEF: A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
MID: A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
RUC: A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
FWD: A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
CASH LEFT: $9,999

Remember, there is a link to this post on the sidebar so you don’t lose it! Happy Dream Teaming!


  • DT 848246 Bound for Glory league – spots still available

  • What’s everyone’s final thoughts on lake? Would I be better to go lake and McDonald (mid) or Marty Clarke and coniglio?

    • I think it depends on the strength of the rest of your team, But I would go Lake and McDonald because they have more than double the IRL game experience and therefore *should* be better suited to higher scoring returns.

      thats very dependant on whether McDonald’s rickety old man body can get back to its old form ;)

      • id be tempted to pick coniglio and clarke over lake and mcdonald, mcdonald is old and slow and has been out of the system for a year now, coniglio is also kind of guaranteed a game because lets face it hes a gun..

  • backline: Fisher, Broughton, Hanley, Malceski, Hargrave, Clarke, Ellis subs Spurr, Bugg.

    Too risky?

  • Invite code: 678968 – 7 spots avial

  • Demon Lightning
    Remaining Cap: $2,000

    DEF: B Goddard, C Enright, B Deledio, G Broughton, B Waters, T Bugg, S Morris, B Ellis, B Wilkes

    MID: D Swan, G Ablett, M Murphy, J Selwood, C Smith, D Shiel, S Kerridge, J Magner

    RUCK: D Cox, J Giles, J Redden, O Stephenson

    FWD: L Franklin, M Pavlich, D Zaharakis, J Lewis, S Sidebottom, D Smith, D Pfeiffer, J Cameron, S Rowe

  • Supercoach 252994 – anybody interested – 3 spots left

  • Need a ruckman and a Mid for 957,400 all up. best combo?

  • DEF: B Goddard, H Shaw, B Deledio, G Birchall, R Hargrave, M Clarke, B Ellis, (T Bugg, S Morris )

    Not sold on Birchall, Who would you guys recommend in replacement or keep him?


    team name: Maxs Gunners ©

    DEF: Goddard, Carrazzo, Enright, Deledio, Broughton, Clarke, Ellis (RESV: Bugg, Brown)

    MID: Boyd, Ablett, Selwood, Thompson, Coniglio, Sheil (RESV: McDonald, Magner)

    RUCK: Cox, Giles (Resv: Redden, Stephenson)

    FWD: Franklin, Fyfe, Pavlich, Martin, Porpz, Smith, Cameron (Resv: Hall, Couch)

    $32.100 left over
    Or Barlow for Boyd Hayes for Coniglio Sandilands for Cox with 42.000 left over which team? ©

  • BACKS – Scotland, Shaw, Duffield, Waters, Malceski, Hargrave, Clarke INT – Bugg , Ellis

    MIDS – Ablett, Pendlebury, Mitchell, Fyfe, Magner, Coniglio INT – Stevens, Shiel

    RUCKS – Cox, Giles INT – Redden, Stephenson

    FWDS – Franklin, Chapman, Cloke, Martin, Callinan, Smith, Kennedy INT – Tomlinson, Pfeiffer

    $100,200 cash left.

    • dont like callinan for dt. im a crows fan, backs are really risky could pay off but could not also, swap fyfe and devon looks better on paper

  • Bartel vs Watson

    • bartel is super consistant and just a better plaer in general, but with geelongs rotation policy he ight miss some crucial games.

  • Here it is:

    Geelong Wildcats
    Def: Scotland, Shaw, Heppell, Duigan, Reid, Howard, Coad, (Bugg, Morris)
    Mid: Boyd, Ablett, Watson, Moloney, McLean, Stevens, (Reid, Magner)
    Ruc: Leuenberger, Giles, (Michael, Pattison)
    For: Johnson, Chapman, Franklin
    Goodes, Porpy, Pfieffer, Weedon, (Kennedy, Crozier)

    Cap 6,200

    Let’s have the comments boys and girls!!

    I really want to know if Heath shaw is going to play! Taking a big chance on him

  • Thoughts on Sam Gilbert?

    And Thoughts on van Berlo?

    Also need 3 rookie forwards? spending 302k on them.

    All suggestions are great!

  • def: goddard deledio duffield lake clarke morris bugg
    mid: swan murphy boyed jack pavlich colingo
    ruck: cox mcintosh
    fwd:johnson franklin cloke darling dangerfield folau dickson

    any thoughts?

  • I’m Koch beat me
    Remaining Cap: $213,900

    DEF: A Carrazzo, H Shaw, G Broughton, M Golby, R Hargrave, M Clarke, T Mohr, B Ellis, T Bugg

    MID: G Ablett, T Rockliff, D Thomas, L Hayes, S Coniglio, C Wingard, D Shiel, J McDonald

    RUCK: M Kreuzer, J Giles, J Redden, O Stephenson

    FWD: L Franklin, A Goodes, N Fyfe, T Cloke, D Martin, P Dangerfield, A Saad, D Smith, A Hall

    I’ve been struggling with the whole over-thinking thing, that I contend with every year before round one.
    Is there such a thing as too much info. Do you think I can pull off with this team.

    I feel like i’m taking massive risks with Golby, Mohr, Hayes, Cloke and Dangerfield

    And with picking Thomas over Pendles because I feel he is a value pick after watching him tear it apart in the second half of last year (when he wasn’t Susp’d)

    I’m picking Kreuzer because he had an awesome NAB in a losing team and I think he will be great value.

    • i might of done my maths wrong, but if you trade Hayes out you should have 595 k and with that you can buy pendles anyway?

  • Remaining Cap: $4,500

    Def: B Goddard, G Birchall, G Broughton, B Waters, R Hargrave, B Ellis, T Bugg (S Darley, S Morris)
    Mid: G Ablett, S Mitchell, J Selwood, J Watson, R, Sloan, S Coniglio (E Kavanagh, J Magner)
    Ruck: S Mumford, J Giles (J Redden, O Stephenson)
    Fwds: L Franklin, N Fyfe, D Martin, S Sidebottom, P Dangerfield, J Porplyzia, A Kennedy (D Smith, A Hall)

  • As Roosey said… Here it is.

    DEF: Goddard,R.Murphy,Yarran,Guthrie,K.Hunt,B.Ellis,Mohr(Bugg,Darley)

    MID: Swan,Ablett,M.Murphy,Pendlebury,J.Kennedy,Dangerfield(D.Smith,D.Shiel)

    RUCKS: Leuenberger,Redden(Giles,Stephenson)

    FORWARDS: Franklin,Garlett,Riewolt,Cloke,Rioli,T.WalkerA.Hall(J.Cameron,H.Wilson)

    2nd year in, would like feedback.


    Dave W

  • DEF: Goddard, Mackie, Burgoyne, Grundy, Lake, M.Clarke, S.Morris (Bugg, Wilkes)
    MID: Pendles, Ablett, Bartel, Deledio, Dangerfield, Pfeiffer (Shiel, Magner)
    RUCKS: Kreuzer, McIntosh (Giles, Redden)
    FWD: Franklin, Goodes, Martin, Sidebottom, Hurley, Porplyzia, D.Smith (Sadd, Smedts)


  • hey guys need some help with my team any suggestions

    Def: Scotland, Goddard, Ellis, Enright, Deledio, Bugg, M Clarke ( R Newell, J King-Wilson)

    Mid: Swan, Pendlebury, Boyd, Thompson, Neale, Magner ( M Williams,J sheringham)

    Ruck: Cox, Stephenson ( J Redden, J Staley)

    ATT: Goodes, Cloke, D Martin, Fyfe, Tomlinson, A Treloar ( L williams, G turner)

    i have $412 000 in the bank and want to change some thing around particularly my defense

    any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  • D: B Goddard, H Shaw, B Deledio, G Broughton, A Tomilson, M Clarke, S Darly, (L Spurr, B Wilkes)

    M: S Pendlebury, M Boyd, G Ablett, S Thompson, J Bartel, Hoskin-elliot, (D Shiel, K Stevens)

    R: M Leuenberger, J Giles, ( S Rowe, O Stephenson)

    F: S Johnson, L Franklin, N Fyfe, D Martin, A Saad, D Zorko, T Walsh, ( R Cooyou, N Wilson)

  • Cubbo is a crab

  • Does anyone know for sure whether Big Sandi is OK or not. No one seems to be picking him.

    • They say calf strain and he will be fine BUT!
      ,, has had afew problems over the past 12 mths.. not for me this season

  • ol’ mcdonald or sheil? it’s doing me head in!

  • Anybody interested in Supercoach – 2 spots left in SC 508008

  • whats the site???

  • Hi is anyone having trouble with the assisitant coach news it has I the latest article for me nab cup last review which was 6 days ago