Partial Lockout and the Loophole

Partial Lockout

Great invention! This allows us to pick the best possible Dream Team we can, based on as much information as we can get.

So we have a Dual Partial Lockout this year and what this means is… After Saturday Night’s opening game, all the GWS and Swans players will be locked into your team to start the year. The rest of your team will be left ‘free’ so you can move them around as you please, trading them in and out as you have done since the competition opened. So make sure you have the right people from Sydney and GWS ready to go before they are locked in! This allows us to select the right people next week once all the other teams are announced. The second partial lockout is on Thursday night when the Carlton and Richmond players are locked in. Full lockout goes into effect on Friday evening. The times (all AEDT) are listed below.

7:20pm Saturday 24th March
All the GWS and Swans players are LOCKED at the opening bounce.
7:45pm Thursday 29th March
Now all the Richmond and Carlton players are LOCKED as well.
7:50pm Friday 30th March (Hawthorn Vs Collingwood)
EVERY PLAYER is locked when this game starts until the round is fully completed.

The Loop Hole

Is a chance for you to have a double crack at picking a Captain in weeks where there are Partial Lock-outs.

The only way you can do this is in 2012, is by having a player who IS NOT playing. This might be someone like James Magner  (if he’s not named) who dislocated his finger a week or two back. He will play at some point so you might pick him to be ready for that day he returns.

This is what you do if you DON’T have a player playing and you want to have a crack at this Loop Hole (trade mark of DT TALK).

1) Pick a player from either the 24th or 29th game to be your VC (Goodes, Marc).
2) If he scores 170pts and you are happy with this, put the ‘C’ on a guy who is NOT playing so Goodes’ score stays and replaces the 0 scored by your captain.
3) If he scores 50pts and you don’t like it, carry on like you normal would and pick Swan, Ablett or Pendles for example after reading Calvin’s Captains next week.

Should I pick Goodes as my outright captain?

Great question. He should kill the Giants. He should score 140+. But for now I’m saying be patient. Goodes is renowned for his slow starts. In Rd. 1 last year he scored 76pts on Melbourne and the year before that he managed 86pts on the Saints which is his highest score in an opening round in the last 5 years. I’m sure Goodesy will still be awesome, but be patient and wait for your big boys to play next week who you paid top dollar for. Give him the VC – and see what happens!

There you go… it’s pretty simple really but if you’re confused because you’re a little simple. Keep it simple and just pick a captain as you usually would.

Calvin’s Captains will be back in full flight next Wednesday night so in the mean time… Follow me on twitter for all the goss – @CalvinDT


  • Nice work Calvin. It’s hard to know when to draw the line. If Goodes pops out a 140 we would be happy with that, but Ablett is playing Adelaide, who he smashed last year and for all we know he could pull 170.

    • Even if ablett did pump out 170 you’d be happy with 140 from Goodsey. Ablett is just as like to get an injury and get 23 as your captain. Lest I remind you of last year when everyone jumped on him as cap the week after the 175

    • im thinking sheedy would have plans for someone to go with goodes, as in follow him everywhere he goes and limit the damage. im thinking goodes will only score around 70-90.

      • Worst theory ever. Everybody has a plan of ‘somebody to go with Goodes’, but unfortunately he’s just a hard bloke to stop. 100+ easy!

  • Would Mumford be a better choice for V than Goodes? He could go ballistic..

    And who are people looking at selecting for there non playing player?. Ive got my fingers crossed Magner gets another week off.

    • Mumford is a big chance. I reckon Sheil is a good option to miss this week and play next.

      • Thanks Warnie, Yep I’m locking in Mumford, At least we know this week if Shiels not named. I hate to pick someone ive never seen before but ive heard massive wraps on Shiel. Is he really that good?

    • i’m thinking along similar lines, Mummy just scored big against the Suns and if the stars line up could score even bigger against the giants. it’d certainly be a gamble, with everyone else having and going for Goodes…

      I’m keen are you?

      • dayumm am i, over 130 and i keep the score haha, otherwise swanny just coz he rapes the mighty hawks

  • In short, the only way for it to work is if you have a non playing player on the same line as your “Loop Hole” captain.

    • Why do they have to be on the same line? Did you read the article or just raced down to try to be first? Which you failed at as well.

      • If your VC fails, then you need your captain to be on the same line as your non playing player to put him on the field. Does that explain it simply enough for you.

      • And for your information i just rushed down to try to be first, failed at that, then went back and read it.

        • So if goodes is the vc and as most people have him as a forward and magner is the dummy captain who is a centre then why do you need 2 people on the same line the example shows a forward n a centre and when I used the loop hole last year it didn’t matter what line the were from.

          • In this situation, if magner was playing rnd 1 you would have no non playing players to swap out your captain with. Its not like last year, you must have a C selected or it will do it for you. This is why you need a non playing player to put the C on.

          • DO you understand that what i am saying is if all your rookies etc play you will need to have a captain rendering your VC captain Loop Hole pick useless.

          • Correction * The Line Doesnt Matter, but you must have a non playing rookie.

          • Now we agree

          • finally,,, it isnt bloody rocket science. same line or not,,, its cap and vcap we are talking about, not emergencies.

  • Thanks Calvin.

    For those selecting the suspended Bock, he’s an easy one to put the C on.

  • My only problem with this is that the number of Richmond, Carlton and Sydney premiums in my team at the moment add up to a grand total of zero.

  • At the risk of exposing myself as a cretinous imbecile with an inability to grasp even basic concepts, does a non-playing rookie from GWS work? or is it the case that once his team is locked-out the (C) can be neither attached nor removed?

  • Don’t know if I’m going to bother with it this year, maybe if Magner is not playing, but that is about it. I put Carrazzo as VC a couple of years ago and he smashed out a 137 odd. Then a couple of days later Swanny puched out 140+!

  • Does anyone know if other people in your league can see your whole team during the partial lockout? I dont want to be giving up any smokies.

    • If past year’s history is anything to go by, the listing of other people’s teams is not available till the first league match. this year – that will be round 3.

    • im pretty sure you can only see teams after the round 1 lockout has finished

      • Yeah thats right, you can’t see another persons team in the partial lockout

        • Is this certain? Was thinking of submitting a fake team except for the GWS and Sydney players for partial lock out if other people can see your team

          • Nah i am posting for the sake of it…i can see ur team right now and so can everyone else… infact i can see you fake team aswell!

    • Ha Ha exactly what a wanted to know for the same reason. Does this go for your head to head opponent too?

  • oh thye dilemna!! I have murphy, gibbs, goodes and lids. Who would you choose to use the loophole on?

  • giving the loop hole a miss this year…….

    ill be the bigger man and play by the rules ;)

    plus my brain already hurts trying to do the bye thing… ill take this bit easy.

    • I will miss out this year too the only real player worth doing it with is Goodes who is usually a slow started so I will get him in later on in the season, also starting with a non playing rookie might not be the best idea.

  • Slightly off topic but does anyone know if when the GWS/SYD players are locked in, are DPP locked into a given position or could i still move a DPP from fwd to mid (but stay on bench/field as however initially selected- that way they are still locked into my team but i have freedom to switch which line they are on).

    eg I have Kennedy picked as a fwd bench. When teams are selected next week Clay Smith isnt in the dogs lineup and of the remaining options im more keen on Dickson up forward than I am any other pure mid I dont have. Can i then move kennedy to the mid bench and pick Dickson up forward, or would i need to pick someone in the mids to replace Smith as kennedy is locked in place?

    • Once the match has started all GWS and Swans players are locked in exactly as they were at the bounce. You can’t change their position, make emerg or VC etc.

      • Correct. By definition of ‘locked’ (which is highly over-used on this, and many other sites btw), you can not do anything with the players. They are in position, not moving, not tradable, and… locked.

        If you’ve ever said:
        “I’ve got my my team locked, and just deciding on either Stanton/Selwood or Thompson”
        Please go here:

      • cheers, thought this would be the case but wasnt sure if since they would still be in the team and not changing from bench to or from field (or adding VC, C, E) then it may be allowed. Shouldnt be a big issue but could have added a bit of flexibility dependant on next weeks rookie selections in actual teams!

  • LOL you still have to explaine it :)

  • So the loophole should work in the favour of people of those that aren’t sure about having 3 rookie rucks. Put Giles on the bench with the emergency. If he kills it then pick a Rowe, Jenkins, Derickx and play them instead of the Big O or Redden. The other guys will get a game at some stage through the year.

    Rowe with his DPP status could be handy to have esp if Hale is in your forwards. Could help with the MBR’s later on.

    I only have Lids, Robbo and Scotland at the moment but very tempted to get in a Goodes or Mumford to have a crack. Leaning towards the big Mummy.

    • Terrible English in that post…..

      Cheers as well Calvin for the article.

    • Cheers for the article Calvin.

      …and sorry to those who can’t understand my poor English in the above post

    • If I was picking a 3 rookie ruck set up i wouldnt be picking one who isnt playing round 1 just to use the loophole in the hope they play later!

      What I may do though as someone planning a set and forget ruck is if Giles scores well enough to convince me the 3 rookie may be best option then I could drop a premium ruck for an extra rookie and spend the money elsewhere. I would have to play one of the other rookies on the ground for round 1 instead of Giles but losing a few points like that in round 1 (which may not actually be that many if redden is selected as Ports sole ruck) is far better than picking a non playing ruck (especially for league)

      • I am not a fan of the 3 rookie ruck set up but it is still a possibility.

        It is definitely worth a thought esp if Hale is in the forwards. People are talking about picking a player not playing and making them captain so the VC gets the gig with a decent score. People are prob going to burn a couple of trades fixing things before week 3 anyway.

        You don’t need to trade a ruck for a ruck this year if you have a DPP ruck in the forwards. You can swap a rookie ruck for a rookie forward that is on the bubble.

        The least important spot in your team will be ruck 4. So why not use that position for this loophole and also get an insight into the 3 rookie ruck set up.

      • I was just thinking how many people will drop their 2nd ruck if Giles smashes out a decent score this week-end. and vice-versa if he scores 30-40 how many people will change their whole lineup to get two proven rucks in. It’s a massive call based on just one performance!

        • I agree that it is a big call but an 80 against Mumford (one the premier rucks in the comp) in the real thing would convince me.

    • If you are picking three rookie rucks, Giles is a must, whether he scores well in round one or not. If you want to role the dice with your other two ruck rookies, that’s fine, but it has nothing to do with the partial lockout as you can do this anyway due to the rolling lockout.
      Put simply; You HAVE to pick the next two best rookies. If Giles smashes out a 140 and you want that as captain, don’t compromise your ruck department to get it. Is an extra 10pts worth it, over possible donuts come round 6 or 7 if your ‘should play soon’ ruckman is rstill not on the field?

      • Is there a guarantee that the 2 rookie rucks you pick behind Giles and the premium will be still playing in a few weeks.

        Redden will have to compete against Renouf, Lobbe and Westoff (pinch hitting) and the Big O is no certainty to be picked for round 1 let alone round 5.

        As I said if people are thinking about doing it, then by using the loophole can give them a better insight into the scoring potential of Giles,

      • If Giles scores 60 in the first round then you can always change the structure of the rucks in your team.

        So a Mumford, Rowe, Giles (Emer) and Redden 1 premuim, 3 rooks) becomes a Mumford, Hale/HMac, Giles (Emer) and Redden (1 prem, 1 mid, 2 rook) set-up.

    • Rowe and Hale have the same bye. Can’t see any help in the MBR with that suggestion

  • All i need is Calvins captains to pick a good captain….pffft Loophole :)

  • Fyfe or goodes?

    • Well the way i see it: Fyfe is young and has the stamina, probably eager and you know he’d try hard, but I just get the feelings Goodes would be more likely to hold me afterwards which is always reassuring. That said, neither of them are great looking so I’d probably look elsewhere for a date. It’s a personal preference thing.

  • This might be the an opportunity for the Swans to win their opening game too! Ha! (They did win r1 two, three years ago but it rarely happens..!)

  • Pretty simple stuff. Well done Warnie :)

  • Just lock in Scott Thompson to smash the Gold Coast maybe not equalling his 50 possessions last time they played but I think he would be happy with 40ish. Goodes VC vs GWS not a bad option though..

  • Guys – sorry if this is a stupid question:

    Do we have unlimited trades for the first three rounds?

    If so – you could rotate the first three rounds with players playing against GC or GWS

    Like in round one – adelaide playing GC – put Thompson van Berlo and Sloane in your mids
    and Sydney playing GWS – Put JP Kennedy in your mids and Goodes and O’Keefe in your forwards.

    Then just rotate them out

    Round 2 – St Kilda playing GC – put Montagna and Dal Santo in mids – riewoldt up front
    North playing GWS – Put Swallow in the mids – Petrie in the fwds.

    Boost your ranking? Or does the ranking also not count from round one?

  • I think last year we could use our weekly 2 trades between full lockouts, so if there was a partial lockout you could trade in the second bit, just not using players in teams that already played that round.

    But what happens with the first round partial lockout? Do we still have unlimited trades up until the start of the full lockout (Fri 303/3)? I can’t see any references above or in the DT help/faq that specifically says we do, so I’m a bit concerned we may be on a 2 trade limit from the GWS game onwards.

    Can anyone clarify?

    • during the 2 partial lockouts in rd1, you will be able to trade any players from teams that have not yet played,,, without it counting as one of your trades.

  • I would think about this loophole, but I think it’s definitely not worth compromising your team to bring a non-playing guy in that you wouldn’t pick otherwise. My only potential captains are Martin and Scotland and I’m not sure either can pump out a big enough score. Remember also that even if this works perfectly, you will have no emergency cover wherever your zero is (most likely midfield). So you are only a late withdrawal away foram a donut.


  • love the loop hole. smart thinkin

    o yer btw, i said yesterday that i got rid of swan… well i couldnt go 12 hours without him in my team, so he’s back in.

    • Now that is smart thinking jimmy!

    • I can’t get past it’s only 20K over pendles, and who would I be more scaird of when I look to see who my opponent has the C on. 20K is a small price to pay to stop those reoccuring nightmares where swan keeps running past (+10) slotting goals (+18) (as opposition Captain)

  • DT TALK Scully – League 805813 – still open……

  • I think go Goodes this week

  • Say I put the C on Mumford and the vic on manger does manger have to be on the filed though out the lockout Or can he just be on the bench

    • You want to do the opposite. VC on Mummy, start Magner on the field with the big C. And ensure you have the Emergency selected to cover Magner should you want Mummy’s score.

      Otherwise if Mummy scores say an 88 you would just run your normal big C selection (Swan,GAJ or Thommo for example) then put Magner on the bench and select a playing bench player with the big E in case of a late withdrawal.


    • Magner has been cleared to play.

  • Sorry for maybe sounding ignorant. But if you select a person who doesn’t play, as the captain, then do the emergencies come into play? Because if not, won’t you just end up with a zero in that area? And if they do come into play, then won’t they be the ones whos score is doubled? Or does the VC still have those honours?

    • Emergency should still count. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. And no, their score wouldn’t be doubled, the vice-captain’s score would be doubled.

  • i can’t see the forest cause of all those trees……..

  • when i’m clapping one handed…..

  • OK so if i have manger as the C does that mean he starts on the filed but once the first game is over and im happy with the Vic do i put manger on the bench and put the rookie i want on the filed.

  • “Translation for those finding it hard”

    I just press button…. ;)

    on best choice , Makes good heaps of lots of sense


    VC button and C Button


  • Pretty Keen to be part of a Gun as League so add me as a friend on here and message me me your rank last year and ill give you the code. :)

  • Is there something I am not factoring in here as I cant see how this will work?

    You cant have a captain on the bench so this doesnt make sense!

    Please explain I am hoping I am just being dumb and missing something

    • Ah I think i just figured it out. You must have an emergancy for the captain that wont be playing the game.


    • If you want to use the loophole because you like your VC’s score then you MUST have a player who isn’t named for rd 1 (maybe Sheil, Magner or Coniglio) on the field with the big C on him – then you have to ensure you have a player that IS named on the bench (same line) with the big E on him.

      i.e VC on Goodes he pumps out 150 – you want that score doubled. Magner isn’t named Rd 1 because his finger isn’t quite right, Magner comes onto the field with the big C knowing he wont play Goodes collects double points. You have say old McDonald on your mid bench with the E (his score replaces Magners)

      The important thing to note if using the loophole is if a late withdrawal occurs you will cop a zero.

  • Just put Zeibell in your team. Suspended rd1, He’s been made a VC and should have a blinder yr!!! No time to worry about rookies playing etc!!! So if Goodes or Mummy or Judd or whoever has a blinder as vice capt then Zeibell becomes capt before kick of on friday!!! All too easy!! Thks for the rorting tip..

  • would the sub loop hole work also?

    • You mean emergency? I’m thinking the same thing… chuck someone like Miles on the pine with the ‘E’. If he tears it up, chuck a zero-scoring hombre on the field (e.g. Magner, assuming he doesn’t play).

      It should also work in reverse… if he scores rubbish you can chuck your other bench cover on the field and hope he covers Miles’s score.

      Might not amount to a hill of beans, but you never know… any coach will tell you it’s those 1 percenters that sometimes get you over the line!

  • Will we be seeing Calvins Captains for next weeks games this week? I won’t be taking the risk with the loophole if Boyd Pendels or Ablett is likely to have a massive one.

  • Last year this tactic seemed to work for many with Gibbs’ round 1 score. Wouldn’t it be hilarious though, if goodes managed an 80 or something, and then magner was named? You’d have to eat the loss of 80 DT points thereabouts, be lucky and have another player you wanted out for round 1 only, or trade out magner when he IS named for round 1. I would love to see that!

    • Or swap the C to someone else… you’d have 29 other guys (less your GWS and Sydney players) to choose from. That’s the whole point!

  • would this rule work for the second partial lockout? So would I be able to give delidio the VC
    and give the C to somebody that I know won’t play round 1? If delidio racks up massive points I will probably consider swapping couch out for magnet and give magnet the C.
    Also if you have a whole team of likely to play players, would you still be able to do this except just not nominate your captain, or do you have to nominate your captain no matter what, I think last year you could go on without nominating a captain???

  • I’m also looking at the EMERGENCY LOOPHOLE (trademark of IMOFM), where you throw the E on one of your GWS rooks your bench. If he scores well then i look at putting non-playing options on the field to take advantage of that score. This could make selecting Bock more attractive, as it would mean he’s effectively out only one game rather than the two he’s suspended for.

    • Manipulating the Emergency Loophole is what I’m trying to achieve too. It’s a great way to get a head start one everyone. Just gotta be careful that you’re not sacrificing picking players who aren’t going to get a game this year…

      Giles is an example, play him on the bench as an emergency and he scores well. Then Redden and Stephenson both are named to play and you’re tempted to pick someone else who’s not going to score that week just because you want Giles’ score…

      But if Giles bombs out for some reason and he’s on your bench then you can pick a R2 player who’s likely to score more and you’re ahead of everyone who’s played Giles as their R2.

  • Do we think Magner will play round 1, if not should i hold onto him and use him for this?