My Team 2012: Version 4.0

Here it is… the Final Countdown! The NAB Cup is finished, we know what we need to know! Time to start putting the final touches on our teams in the lead up to the GWS v Sydney game on Saturday.

This here is the post where you can comment on your own team, help others out, ask random questions, etc. Make sure it isn’t completely a ‘me, me, me’ place to be… offer up advice for those who are playing the game and visiting our site. Remember, you may not agree with someone, but you don’t have to make it personal!

Make everyone’s life easy by posting your team in an easy to read format! There is nothing worse than seeing it all over the place. Here is a suggested way to post it up.

TEAM NAME: Warne Dawgs
DEF: A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
MID: A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
RUC: A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
FWD: A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
CASH LEFT: $9,999

Remember, there is a link to this post on the sidebar so you don’t lose it! Happy Dream Teaming!


  • So what’s gonna be the most common catch cry this year?

    “FMDT, why did I go Giles as 2nd ruck!!!” (that’s my guess)

    • I’m scared of that

    • I’d say you are probably right it will be F*** ME DREAM TEAM!!!!! i should of listened when i said never again. Heater Pissing in public or some other dumb thing. Didak down for the count AGAIN. Who let the bull into the Shaun CHINA Higgins shop. OMG would Eric McKenzie stop smothering with his head! (anyone actually have him?) doubt it. Taylor TEX Walker vested vested vested, same for Liam i can only play one and a half Quarters Patrick….

    • You are betting that NONE of Giles, Stephenson and Redden are consistently fieldworthy.

      I reckon that’s a riskier bet than betting that at least one of them will be…

  • 5 Def Premos and 4 Fwd Premos + Danger
    Vice-Versa + Waters
    Also is Cox a lock if going 1-3 Ruck strategy

    • Sorry for postin it twice on an iPod and didn’t think it registered

  • 2 of Howard, Lake or Hargreave


    Broughton (someone priced similar) and Darley

  • porp or callinan??

  • porp or callinan???

    • I’d go with Callinan to be a bit more unique..Porp will be safer but is never gonna set the world on fire!

  • playing Kreuzer at your number 1 sport is risky, especially when playing Giles at 2, also Ledger is very unknown but could be a good pick… sorry to burst your bubble but your team certainly isn’t a 10!!! maybe a 7 or 8

  • Which of these two options do you think will score better?

    Group1, D Cox, G Broughton and D Heppell


    Group 2, S Mumford, B Goddard, A Carrazzo.

    • group 2 for sure i reckon

    • I can see that being close…I think the best value player there is Broughton, so I’d go with that combo.

      I’m also a long way from being convinced that Cox is worth all that money.

      In two years, Cox wil probably be gone. NitNat will need to be a No.1 ruckman by then. If you were Woosha and you were planning ahead, how would you try to ensure that was the case?

      I’d play him increasingly in the ruck. I’d manage Cox carefully to make sure I had him when I really needed him – in the finals.

      If Cox plays in the ruck enough to average 107 this year, Woosha is a dickhead.

      I don’t think Woosha is a dickhead.

  • Who could you see being an effective ‘unique’

    Dal Santo?

    • I would have a lot more faith picking Bartel then any of those other guys you mentioned…To be honest I’m still considering him myself.

    • I would have a lot more faith in Bartel compared to anyone else you mentioned..Still considering him myself!

    • I think Griffen is a real smokie!

      NAB scores of 114, 71 in a half and 51 from 33% TOG is very impressive!
      Only reason why he’s not in my team is that I’ve already got Thompson and Boyd for round 11 byes and McCarthy as a midfield smokie

      • yeh i have been a big fan of griffen but already have boydy
        is that a silly idea have two doggies ?

    • I think Griffen could be a great smokie!

      NAB scores of 114, 71 in a half and 51 from just 33% TOG is really impressive!
      Only reason why I don’t have him is because I already have Boyd and Thompson for rd 11 byes and McCarthy for my midfield smokie.

  • Hey lads, this is my risky mid-price mayhem team:

    DEF: Shaw, Deledio, Birchall, Heppell, Waters, Golby, Ellis (Morris, Bugg)

    MID: Boyd, Ablett, Thompson, Watson, McCarthy, Clifton, (McDonald, Magner)

    RUC: Kreuzer, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

    FWD: Buddy, Fyfe, Martin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, D Smith, Kennedy (Hall, Dickson)

    CASH: $89 000

    My predicted average and justification of these players:

    WATERS (90): If he can stay injury-free (I know it’s a big IF) he should average well above 80 and has impressed with two score 90+ in his NAB games
    GOLBY (80): He has been awesome in the NAB cup in what looks like a DT friendly Lions back line with scores of 73, 94 and 100
    WATSON (110): I know he’s not mid-priced but his unique and he’s a jet. Before injury last year he was averaging 115 and yet he’s priced at less than ave 100.
    McCARTHY (85): In his 3 NAB outings he’s had 99 from a full game and 66 and 64 from 1/2 games.
    The 85 I’ve predicted for him is a minimum, could well average 95+
    KREUZER (80): Hopefully it’s a breakout season for FJ Kreuzer, he had scores of 87 and 95 so hopefully he can replicate this form in the season.
    DANGER (90): More midfield time=more points is what I’m hoping for from Patty.

    I would love feedback on these risky selections and feel free to question them!!!

  • Hi guys need some advice!

    1. Are my rooks good options or not? any that are shoe ins to get a game rd 1 that ive missed?
    2. Is Clarke and Hagrave in backline too much of a risk?
    3. Are any lines noticably weak (i’m thinking forward line at this stage…)

    P.S. I have already taken into account byes so happy days there, and also thhis is my first “My Team” post so would really appreciate some advice!

    Scotland, Goddard, Deledio, Suckling, Hargrave, Clarke, Morris (Spurr, Bugg) Considering Ellis…

    Swan, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rockliff, Shiel, Pfeiffer [FWD Link] (Docherty [DEF link], S.Gibson) – Considering Magner…

    McEvoy, Kreuzer (Giles, Stephenson)

    Franklin, Fyfe, Martin, Sidebottom, Porplyzia, D.Smith [MID Link], Saad (Hall, Couch [MID link]) – Considering Walsh…


  • DEF: Goddard, Deledio, Birchall, Broughton, Hargrave, Bugg, Ellis (Morris, Smetds)

    MID: Pendles, Boyd, Ablett, Selwood, Thompson, Miles, (C.Smith, Treloar)

    RUC: McIntosh, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

    FWD: Buddy, Fyfe, Martin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, D Smith, Cameron (Hall, Kerridge)

    any advice would be good

  • Hey all,

    First post so please do not be too hard

    Please rate my team:

    DEF : Goddard, Deledio, Yarran, Lake, Hargrave, Dempsey, Bugg, (Darley, Yagmoor)

    MID: Ablett, Boyd, Thompson, Coniglio, K. Stevens, D. Smith, (C. Smith, Ledger)

    RUC: Mumford, Giles, (Redden, Big O)

    FWD: Franklin, Fyfe, Chappy, D. Martin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Porplyzia, (Saad, Hall)

    Taking a risk in the midfield but am hoping that they increase enough to upgrade later.

    Thanks heaps

    • i feel as though your midfield is a little too risky, stevens hasnt gotten that much game time, i recommend getting one of your premium fwds for a premium mid and replacing the fwd with devon smith or another rookie

  • Finally think ive got a team down… (of course rookies will be adjusted when r1 teams are out…





    100 bucks left.

    have just made jobe watson to thompson (not sure who i should have) and also b waters to heppell..

    too many gws? two freo in fwd too much? golby worth the risk? should goddard be in every team?

  • Hey lads, here’s my current team:

    DEF: Shaw, Deledio, Birchall, Heppell, Golby, Bugg, Ellis (Morris, Darley)
    MID: Boyd, Gablett, Thompson, McCarthy, Clifton, C Smith (McDonald, Magner)
    RUC: Jacobs, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)
    FWD: Buddy, Fyfe, Martin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, D Smith, Kennedy (Hall, Dickson)

    CASH: $600 000

    As you can see I have $600k left in the bank so how should I use it?:

    A: Darley -> Suckling/Carrazzo/Goddard
    Dangerfield -> Robinson +$150k

    B: Darley -> Lake/Hargraves
    C Smith -> Watson +$50k

    C: C Smith -> Watson
    Dangerfield -> Robinson +$100k

    D: Kenndedy -> Robinson
    Darley -> Lake/Hargraves +$100k

  • why does nobody reply to my comments?


      • Thank you very much finally got a response haha :)

        Can’t decide between mummy cox and mcevoy. I prefer mcevoy cuz he’s the only ruck in stk but really not sure if he’s gonna perform as well as mummy and cox but they got other rucks that can still points from them?

        An advice?

        • I am off McEvoy. I’ve got Cox, Mummy and Jacobs ahead of him. Rhys Stanley and Kosi will help out in the ruck like other teams support main ruckmen. They are not a one-horse ruck team like many suggest!

  • Hey everyone. hope the DTing is going to plan! my team is shaping up nicely however……….

    Cox / Mcevoy / Mumford?????????

    Rucks this year is going to be the breaker of my team.

    Please throw me your two cents. I feel lots of teams are having the same problem.

    cheers, Happy DTing

    • lol I just asked the same question for the second time today!

    • Cox all the way – for both you and Ali.

      • but how about nicnat. I read somewhere that he’s gonna be the most active ruck, which means he’s gonna kill it cuz he’s a freak and cox won’t score as many points.

        You reckon he’s still gonna kill it regardless?

      • I’m going Mummy at this stage. Great VC choice for Round 1 against GWS!

  • worth having parker as a unique or just coniglio and save a bit of cash??

  • If you were to choose one:

    Mccarthy or Masten?

    Lake or Hargrave?

  • Hey, only my first year of Dreamteam, so any advice would be good?

    DEF: Scotland, Goddard, Murphy, Russell, Waters, Spurr, Smedts (Darley, Mangan)
    MID: Ablett, Shiels, Hodge, Watson, Mcdonald, D Smith, (Kerridge, Docherty)
    RUC: Cox, Redden (Giles, Stephenson)
    FWD: Chapman, Franklin, Fyfe, Martin, Hale, Dangerfield, Porplyzia (Hampton, Couch)
    CASH LEFT: $3,500


    • change:

      russel and waters for broughton and Lids

      shiels and hodge for pendle and boyd

      spurr and mangan for ellise and bugg

      Hampton for kennedy

      docherty for magner

  • Last question before the start of season:

    Who do you start as your second ruck for the first round, Giles (who is playing against mummy) or Redden (against jamar)

  • PLEASE GIVE ME A RATING OUT OF TEN. and pls leave some feed back

    Team Name: I work SOLO!

    B Goddard, A Carrazzo, B Deledio, G Broughton, B Waters, R Hargrave, B Ellis, (M Clark, S Morris)

    M Boyd, T Rockliff, R Sloane, R Palmer, J Caddy, J Magner, (S Coniglio, K Stevens)

    P Ryder, J Giles, (J Redden, O Stephenson)

    Franklin, D Martin, S Sidebotttom, D HAle, T Lynch, J Porplyzia, D Smith, (D Pfeiffer, S Rowe)

    I’ve got $190,100 in the bank. So i gt a lot of cash 2 spend.

    i’m not quite sure bout my rucs i think i should only have 2 rookes maybe put in a pemium like macintosh but dont know if hes gonna be the main ruc this year.

  • Quite a few questions blokes regarding rookies
    1. Has Dell’Olio been upgraded?
    2. Has Amos Frank been upgraded?
    3. Has Tom Couch been upgraded?
    4. Has Sam Gibson been upgraded?
    5. Is Aaron Hall on the senior or rookie list?
    6. When is the deadline for rookie upgrades?
    Cheers guys

  • Hi guys. Great article.

    Now, this is the afl dream team for 2013 (I have plenty of time to change it, it’s september. Note: I don’t know how much money I’ll have left and dpp players may change)

    Backs: Goddard, Grimes, Scotland, Stanley, Toumpass, docherty, Staker
    Bench: 1 rookie (emg), 2 other rookies
    Midfield: Swan (Cap), Cotchin, Ablett (Vcap), Boyd, Watson, Whitfield
    Bench: O’meara (emg), Viney, Prismall
    Ruck: Leuenburger, Vardy
    Bench: Daniher (emg), Grundy
    Forward: Beams, Franklin, Sidebottom, Lecras, Dangerfield, Fyfe, O’Keefe
    Bench: Varcoe (emg), Macaffer, 1 other rookie