Giants v Tigers NAB Cup Review

So after about five hours of sleep and following on from eight hours of solid drinking (bucks night), I fried up some eggs, sizzled some bacon, washed it down with a triple shot coffee, and headed down to Manuka Oval to get watch the Giants take on the Tigers. The result was never really in question, and the Tigers monstered the young Giants for most of the first quarter, with the ball hardly sighted beyond the GWS side of the centre square.

In the first quarter Coniglio and Deledio just seemed to have the ball on a string and were constantly in play. Giles was solid in the ruck, Riewoldt was toying with the Giants defence, but from my end (behind the Giants goal square) the player that stood out the most was Morris. The solid bodied blonde just seemed to have poise and speed, with brilliant bursts of rebounding footy. Hampton was their sole (noticeable) target up forward; however poor kicking and long bombs allowed the Tigers to just continually clean up. Had the kicking been cleaner, Curtly could have easily had three reasonable shots on goal; instead, I can’t remember him getting more than a handball.

In the second quarter the Giants seemed to wake, and more so, they seemed to actually be able to control the ball. They slowed it down and played wide, possession football. Cameron seemed to find his feet and lead up the ground a bit more, and managed to kick a nice goal from 45 out on an angle. Coniglio and Deledio continued to dominate the stats count and Giles played forward when resting, picking up a nice goal in the process.

Kennedy was getting plenty of the pill as the Giants continued to find a way out of defence. However poor kicking skills/decisions let him down at times, so it would be interesting to see what his supercoach score was. Will Hosking-Elliot however was able to find space where there wasn’t any, and frequently rebounded the ball, almost single-handedly, from the back half to the forward fifty.

Tomas Bugg was solid playing slightly deeper in defence and getting plenty of the ball (almost purely by how much the tigers were pushing forward), and on the other hand Ellis who had been great in the first quarter, just seemed to go missing. Izzy Falou managed to get himself put in the book thanks to what looked like a great tackle at ground level, which drew large cheers from the crowd, only to pick himself up whilst being asked what number he was.

From my angle there was nothing in it, but we all know how the AFL feels about sling tackles. It will be very interesting which way the AFL will o with this one, as on one hand his draw ability needed for next weeks round one game can’t afford to be lost, but the AFL also can’t afford to set a precedent on his tackling style being okay if it’s not.

In the second half Deledio continued to just tear through the centre square whilst Callan Ward suddenly turned on a contested footy showcase for his younger team mates. Dustin Martin was starting deep forward for much of the last half, with brief stints in the middle. From my position it looked a lot like he was just being rested, without being dropped, and when the ball came near him easily handled himself in traffic. Put simply, disregard his game from a Dream Team perspective.

On the other hand, and in a good sign for his rating amongst the coaching staff, Tommy Bugg (#twitterbugg) was put into a shut down role on Martin. And as much as we don’t like to hear the words ‘shut down’ on a possible rookie defender, the second he got the chance to break he was up on his toes and playing a Dream Team friendly rebounding role.

I’m sad to say that the Tassie boy close to the hearts of the DTTalk boys, Tim Mohr, was looking all out of sorts in the second half. Riewoldt just man-handled Mohr and caught him out of position, out bodied him, and just out played him on almost every occasion. Good kicking inside the forward fifty by Foley, who just seemed to keep getting the ball without any effort, opened up the game. Combining that with Newman rebounding most of the Giants forward thrusts, the Tigers made the result obvious midway through the third quarter, and the only question was – by how much?

Jumping Jack Riewoldt looked in great form, however sublime kicking into the forward fifty helped him a lot. If he continued the form I saw, he could be looking at an 80 goal season. Giles was simply superb all day, and played forward and back. McDonald was the stalwart in defence, and stood out with his decision making. He was rotated into the midfield at times, and showed that his role this year will be to lead by example, not by running messages from the coaches box.

Devon Smith didn’t get a lot of the ball, but when he did he was extremely damaging. Nahas ran throw the middle with ease towards the end of the game, and was hard at the ball. Curtly Hampton was thrown into defence late in the game to help stop the bleeding, and to get him involved. It worked, but was far too late.

Other than that, Clifton looked out of sorts and had a very quiet one. Davis had a shut down role, and Scully had a day to forget, after deciding to high five Israel Falou with his face half way through the second term.

Five things I learnt

  • Palmer is more important to the Giants than I had thought, as his absence threw Clifton into an unfamiliar role drastically affecting his output.
  • Anyone who starts without Deledio just doesn’t want an FJ Cruiser.
  • I need to find room for Morris, his composure was amazing!
  • Giles could easily handle the R2 spot – if that’s your strategy; and…
  • There are worse ways to get through a hangover then watching the footy on a Saturday afternoon.



  • Been looking at the geelong bulldogs DT results and who ever has done them over at another unnamed website has actually not even scored Z. Skinner of the bulldogs who I know played today. Can anyone help me out?

  • Lids locked

  • Get my Live DT scores from here Lizard

    Check it, you’ll see no info on Z.skinner. But thanks for the info.

  • great article RL….especially with a hangover!

    Information like this less than a week before GWS lockout is gold as stats only show part of the picture and helps with rookie cash cows.

    Interesting with Jumping Jack – if has a year like 2010 he could be a good pick up…however is same price as Dangerfield who dominated against the Eagles tonight and has the DPP bonus, dilemmas for my F5!

    Being a Tigers man have a few of the boys and happy with having both Morris and Ellis – throw in Lids and Dusty looks a good DT year and an exciting year for the boys.

    • Jack kicked 6 goals 4 and had a good score but he’s to inconsistent to make it into my DT. Better off sticking with Danger.

  • I was also at this match and thought I’d let everyone know that Coniglio didn’t play the 2nd half after having his knee strapped in the 2nd qtr. when I saw him after the game he was VeRY ginger on his knee. 50 points in a half though.

    Also Delids only played just over 3 qtrs and scored over 140. LOCK although he played mostly CHF with stints in the middle but did kick a few goals so not sure what he’d score if he played CHB and in the middle.

    Another thing to note is that B Ellis was the sub in the 2nd half which is why he only scored 56.

    Also know that Hoskin-Elliott hurt his arm in the last qtr but it looked pretty bad and I wouldn’t be surprised if its a broken wrist.

    Chad Cornes only played half the game for 26 points.

    • Cheers for adding in the extra info mate. I was a fair way from the bench so found it hard to keep track of coming and goings so I didn’t want to report hear-say. Kennedy is causing me a headache though. After today’s game I’m half tempted to switch him and Hampton in my squad. Better sleep on it.

      • When we first got there we went behind the goals then we thought we’d check out our season seats in the Bradman stand. Perfect view of the rotations and Izzy’s high shot, plus the kiss he shared with Scully lol

      • Hampton didn’t I press me today. Seemed to just be a metre or so off the ball every time it came in to the forward line and when he was down back he looked confused.

  • Great write up and info RL. Beers at a bucks night, fry up for breaky and down to the footy! Good stuff. Don’t like hearing the shut down word with Tom Bugg but it sounds like he took opportunities too. He is still in for me.

    • It was more of a run-with role than a shut-down one I guess. It was only mentioned as it’s a good sign that Sheedy and Choco were happy to have him play one on one with Martin in the forward 50 for more than a quarter. Easy to see why he is one of the most selected Giants players.

  • Awesome info thanks mate and I hope you enjoyed a hair of the dog. I currently have Lids, Martin, Ellis and Morris locked from the Tiges.

    Bugg and Darley, Clifton, Shiel, McDonald, Kennedy and Smith from GWS. Too many? Does that mean you think Clifton’s role will change when Palmer is back?

    • I only see Clifton getting better when Palmer comes back, scoring wise. He was certainly having an off day, but he should bounce back imo. You look a bit GWS heavy in your midfield, which is a good thing, but may make navigating the byes difficult, as you’ll want to upgrade to plyers pre round 11, who may be resting the week after… Something to consider.

  • Great right up RL, thanks

  • How fucking phenomenal was Lids today? Not only is 140 fucking amazing, but he only played 65% of game time.

    • Not taking anything away from lids but check out what Neenie21 said above about where he played. Yeah I agree he is a lock though!

    • Definitely have to be wary of Delids as he did play forward and kicked 4 goals. Can’t see him playing that role during the year but he did look impressive and showed no bad signs with his hammy.

  • The advanced stats on have Kennedy at 86% effective disposal.

    I’m seriously considering Coniglio at this point – he must have one of the best job securities at the club and he can score, even if he’s 70k more than most other rookies. Today he had 54 points from 39% TOG in a game where his team got flogged.

    Incidentally, Robert, if Shiel or Treloar are picked for Round 1, will you be picking them?

    • Please note that Coniglio hurt his knee today. Make sure you see if he’s picked in round 1 team before locking him.

      • Yeah, I did see that, thanks Neenie. I’m just trying to find a GWS midfielder with some consistency. Lots show flashes of brilliance followed by periods that are terribly lackluster. It’s hard to know what’s indicative of future performance and what isn’t.

        • Dylan Shiel played a game for the twos today and did ok. Might still play next week?

  • cheers for the detailed review.

    any comments on tomlinson? did he play forward or back, and probably more importantly, do you think he’s worth the extra $40k? thanks mate

  • Fantastic job Giffo! Even with a bucks night hangover, that’s commital.

  • Thanks for the detailed review guys, so important one week out from lockout, really appreciate your efforts……

  • Thanks for the review RL! Getting the GWS players right will be essential to a good year. With this in mind Im going to pick Shiel even if he isn’t picked round 1. I don’t think Miles has very good JS. I think Shiel and McDonald will be solid choices.
    I too had my reservations about Hampton and have changed him with Kennedy on the forward bench with Devon Smith in the F7 spot.
    I’m hoping there will be enough room to play both Bugg and Darley but have Townsend as a backup just in case one of them doesn’t get selected for round 1.
    What do you think?

  • Can we really afford to go Morris, Ellis and Lids in the same backline?

  • ellis.morris,dusty and now lids for birch :)

  • Clear highlight for mine was Timmy Mohr barking like a rabid dog while standing the mark (Q1, x 2). Bloke is mad as a cut snake. Consider on that form alone!

    Was disappointed with McDonald’s game. May have got 75 but work-rate just wasn’t up to scratch. Didn’t look fit, no second efforts all day (understandable given he’s been subbed in and out all preseason). Took 3 marks standing in the same spot (Q3) because he was loitering around the centre square, too buggered to chase a man (one mark he was hit lace out by a Richmond defender). Clearly looked a coach first, player second. Bloke next to me said it was like watching a dad play with his kids.

    Calling it now – Kermit McDonald, most subbed player in 2012. Buyer beware. Good enough for spot on your bench maybe but wouldn’t risk starting with him (he’s since been cut from my team altogether).

    He might be awkwardly priced but if you’re after a point of difference Hosking-Elliot was very, very good. Contrast with McDonald – I counted 4 strong efforts in one passage of play, resulting in a Richmond turnover. Coaches love that shit. Looks like a young Brett Burton – even took a hanger in Q1 (outnumbered 2 to 1). Wiry bloodnut in the Burton / Fyfe mould, which has proved surprisingly durable for DT.

    Not sure we can take much out of Richmond, apart from maybe Steve Morris. Agree with RLGriffin – LOCK. Easy bloke to notice – stands out like dogs balls with that white head of his. Was between Morris and Ellis for a spot on my bench, no contest in the end. Ellis spent a good chunk of the second half going head to head with McDonald on the outer wing (right in front of me – not sure what game you were watching neenie21) – really should have done more given McDonald was too tired to man him up.

    • I was right behind the tigers bench and know Ellis was the sub in the 2nd half. Maybe you’re getting your Tigers players mixed up? Anyway……

      • Well it was St Paddy’s day and the beer goggles got progressively thicker but unless Ellis swapped jumpers with someone at half time, he was head to head with McDonald on the outer wing in at least Q3. They had their backs to us every bouncedown, 42 v 38. Started maybe 5m wide of eachother, gap got a lot wider once the ball was bounced. No respect shown, Ellis should have carved.

        Watched Clifton pretty closely early, copped a hard tag from Jackson for a bit. Not sure he’s worth the extra premium (particular with Shiel running around in the two’s beforehand).

        • Yeah I think I’m going to stay away from Clifton. I really want to pick up Coniglio but he hurt his knee yesterday, only played a half and didnt look good afterwards!

          • In the name of balanced journalism:

            Nick ‏ @Mammes
            “@RoyDT rumour around that @stephenconiglio came off with a knee injury at half time?”

            Stephen Coniglio ‏ @stephenconiglio
            “@Mammes @roydt knee is fine guys all good.”

            Stephen Coniglio ‏ @stephenconiglio
            “@DREAMTEAMCHAT ha Nup all good knee wasn’t an issue”

  • Thanks RL but 2 things I want to ask:

    1. Is Darley in the best 22? He only played half the game but managed to pick up 35 DTs. I’m considering taking Darley out for Morris.

    2. What’s Kennedy’s JS like? Played a full game yesterday but only 66% in 2 previous outings (for 55 and 17 DTs). I would love to fit him in but unsure about his JS and role.

  • Was Ivan Maric rested early or was he back to his usual sub-par Crows output? He has been tempting me as a mid-price R2 until now

    • Maric scored 45 DT pt’s from only 47% TOG – pretty good and consistent with his scoring this pre-season. They played Vickery 93% TOG for only 52 DT pt’s.

      • Thanks Brappinalong

        Looks like he’ll be good for that 80 or thereabouts. Bit to think about then !

  • DNice write up Griff, can anybody tell me about Townsend? 70DT pt’s (83%TOG), 23 disposals @ 85% efficiency.

    I currently have him on my bench, JS? e.t.c

    Cheers, appreciate it.

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  • Thanks RL for some valuable insights! But it gives you an idea on how these teams approached the game when a total of 18 players didn’t lay a tackle! (10 from GWS & 8 from Tiges)

  • How did Phil Davis go? What was his role like? 5th mid?