The Friday Scramble: NAB R3

Two weeks down and only two weeks left to see what teams are planning for round 1.  From what I have heard around the traps this week is that there are a few teams that are playing round 1 sides this week.  Looking at Adelaides selections this week they have brought back most of their big guns to play Collingwood.  On the other hand we have St Kilda and Essendon who haven’t played a real game yet and need to see what is going on.

A Giant Gamble….

Whilst the lockout countdown clock ticking we only have about two weeks to work out which of the GWS giants we are going to pick as they play the Swans on the 24th of March, an entire 5 days prior to the “traditional season opener” game between Carlton and Richmond.  The issue we have here is that whilst we will know the round one Giants squad, a luxury we didn’t have last year, we won’t know who has made the cut in the other teams and potentially we won’t know all of the upgraded rookies as some clubs will only do that just before they select their round 1 lineups, so we won’t know if The Magnet or Pfeiffer in particular have been upgraded.  So do we select a GWS kid that has been named in round 1 or do we leave that spot for the potential of a rookie being upgraded during the following week?  The risk we have is that once those GWS guys and the Sydney guys have been locked in on the 24th, we are stuck with them thanks to the partial lockout (more on that from Calvin in his first episode of Calvins Captains in a few weeks I would suggest).

Never Ever Ever Again….  or maybe?

I am sure a few of us have our Never Again lists and some of the players on them would be the same across all of us DT Talk coaches… Missy Higgins being number 1 I would suggest.  But are you starting to consider some of these guys?  Here are a few that I have found that people are looking at when I am sure I heard them say towards the end of last year… never again!

  • Greg Broughton was a popular selection last year only to get stuck in a negative role.  Many people traded him out only to see him come good (average of 120 in 6 games mid year), I even know some guys that traded him back in!  But once he got relegated to the backs again his scores dropped and they all said… Never Again.  However, with talk of a permanent midfield role are you reconsidering him?  His scores as a permanent mid were great, but do we know what Ross Lyon has planned?  102 last week against the Tigers in the midfield speaks volumes to me.
  • Jason Porplyzia is someone that a lot of people were hurt by after his 6 minutes of game time last year.  Many said they wouldn’t consider him, but he scored 53 in a half in Alice Springs… he was apparently looking healthy, do you reconsider?  The Crows don’t really have a lead up target with a strong grab and good leg so they will look for the Porpoise on most occasions I would think.  Will be watching him with intent on Friday night.
  • Heater has been the bone of many a contention over the years with his idiocy.  Many people have said never again and he now has his own DT rule named after him with reversible trades.  But despite how stupid he can be, the guy can flat out score.  98 last week just shows yet again that you will get value for that $454k.
  • Robbie Gray is another guy that has screwed many a dream team over the last few years and inconsistency and missing games doesn’t help.  However, last year he addressed this and didn’t miss a game and looked very good in his first hit outs in NAB1.  This week against Freo in Victor Harbor will really show us if he is the real deal.  But are we just being tempted yet again?
  • Chris Masten is a bone of contention for our mate Tbetta (just read Tbetta’s deck of DT article on him).  However, many have said never again to this guy, but he has been getting it done over the preseason and at only $278k if he can knock out 90’s each week he will quickly make you some cash to upgrade him to someone else.

So there are a few guys who you may cross off your list very early in the piece, but they have shown that they are well worth a look.

NAB Round 3 Selection Issues

 Just a few things of note from this weeks selection table… a tweet from Tbetta said it all…

 A few interesting absences this week. No Hall, Devon Smith, Treloar, Shiel, Saad, Morris or Darley. These guys are in a lot of teams #hmmm

Followed up by this from our resident Rookie expert Chook….

Hmmm, Ellis and Webberley in Richmond side but no Morris. In other rookie backline battles, Bugg gets his chance to go ahead of Darley.

What does this tell us?  Well firstly there are a few teams that are tinkering with their lineups… but the closer we get to the end of the silly season, the more settled coaches will want their lineups to be.  So make sure you do your research on why some of these guys are out and keep your ear to the ground over the weekend and eyes on DTTalk as you will maybe find out what has happened.

Have a great weekend of Footy Viewing guys.  Unfortunately no GWS Giants on tv this week so we will need to hope for an online feed somewhere (legal one of course) like the Adel v Bris game last week or just some detailed reports from someone that is there.  Unfortunatley I can’t get to the Power v Freo game down in Victor this weekend but I am trying to find someone that is going that can give me some updates on our rookie relevant guys.

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  • The 29 man squads make it difficult to read anything into the teams, but it’ll be interesting to see who gets real game time this week. The information we can get out of the next two rounds is going to be pretty important.

  • I don’t quite understand why people aren’t bringing the Porps into their sides? He scored 50 points or so in a half last week, plus, he had a lot of midfield time, surely a good sign that his injury is well and truely gone :)

    • He won’t play in the midfield in the season proper. It is a good sign though.

    • For how long? I will take the risk on Grimes if named Round 1, but Missy is a never again. Shaw is too good a scorer to ignore for long but he has burnt me at diiferent times over the years.

      The Porp has a good game this week and is named Rd 1, then he will likely be squeezed back into my team

    • Nobodies going for Porps because you’ll get similar scores for half the price.

  • Adelaide must be good to be favourites against Collingwood this week. Shows how much bearing it can have on the season proper ;)

    No scramble yet, but lots to keep an eye on.

    • Carlton are pretty heavy favourites against the Lions (I think the Lions are at about $2.50), despite resting about half their senior team. Mind you, the other half of Carlton’s senior team will still probably account for Brisbane :P.

    • Adelaide are going to shock a few TY, some wont be so surprised…

  • Saad is missing due to a Virus, hence not flying to Perth so nothing to worry about. He’s still on track for round 1, might even play at Sandy this Saturday.

  • I’m really starting to enjoy the Friday scramble, it’s articles like this that have me logged on here before facebook! Keep up the good work Dunny. Unfortunately I was on Broughton last year exactly as described above. Luckily though Heater was on my 2011 never again list and I didnt have to worry about him (in truth he was scheduled to come in the week he was rubbed out, thank you DTTalk for making me a friday arvo trader!) Now to figure out what to do with the Giant gamble…

    • Thanks Pitbull. I must say I am enjoying writing it. The Scramble at the moment is throwing up ideas that people need to think about and to generate a bit of discussion. Once R1 hits, it will be about highlighting the big issues going into the weekend and a bit of discussion about what to think about when setting your teams before lockout.


    • Yeah, seconded. This is right up there with the tbetta’s bullets. Top work fellas.

  • Pity I can’t get a look at Jurrah he was my smoky to carve up the opposition this year

  • I have 5 Giants in my side at the moment… I made the call to plug them in about 4 weeks ago and haven’t looked back. There is a lot of hype with some other players (in particular magner) but in the end the surety of seeing my giants on the pitch swayed me.

    Also if you got smedts you gotta have tomlinson right?

  • Great article Dunny! Dangerfield’s another one that may come off the ‘Never Again’ list for some teams.

    Also, for anyone who doesn’t know, I’ve started a blog which follows my Dream Team and any related thoughts throughout the year. I’ve started doing daily blogs, which I’ll try to keep up with for a while, and have been getting some positive feedback so far. If you want to check it out, go to

    I apologise if my self-plugging is getting annoying, this will be the last time I do it, I promise! Just need to get some initial exposure to build on. So check it out, follow it if you like what you see and spread the word. Cheers!

    • I read the My Team one yesterday, it almost sounds like you are talking to the reader. Good work!

  • Id be very confident that Magner and even Couch get elevated. All im hearing about on fox footy from every show is how good Magner is……and that Nic Nat dunk. Leading the Dee’s in possessions this nab cup they’d be stupid if they dont.

    Pfeiffer should also be elevated….who else is in contention for that upgrade spot at port?

    • Jonas and Irons. 2 spots on the senior list up for grabs and I reckon Port picked Pfeiffer to play straight from the get-go so should be sweet.

  • Struggling to fit too many Giants in at this point. D Smith and Giles are as close to locks as anyone can be at this point in the season but I’m quickly losing faith in old Macdonald. Maybe Bugg down back but leaning more towards Sierakowski for that spot.

    Two or three others on the watchlist but more likely downgrade options, I think.

    • Sierakowski is risky, havent seen him this nab cup and like the article says you wont know who gets a game until after lock out so its a lot harder

  • If magner doesn’t get elevated…. gws and gc will play off for the flag, pies will be wooden spooners and falou will winthe frickin brownlow!!! Magnet is stuck in my team

  • Liam Jurrah may be a lock but I’m suspect he could have a breakout year

    • Good work Skull ha ha ha…apparently his pretty cut up over it all…Great article Dunny…

      • Do not talk to this parasite, he should be thrown in jail or a boys home for breathing the same air as the rest of us, the sooner he is banned from the site the better, And so you all know, he called Warnie a” fat c.u.n.t ” on this site for all to see last year, so respect is not big on his agenda……. I am wondering why he is still here.

    • hahahahahahahaahhahaha

  • Also Beau Waters first game this week

  • Great article Dunny.

    If you have a “never again” list then you’re already behind the 8 ball.
    Remember DT is a numbers game, not a name game! Get that into your head now and you might be a chance to compete with the likes of me!

  • gd work dunny im going to the port freo match as I live in victor

    • My old man had a farm in Victor – great place but from what I remember the footy oval was pretty dodgy! (The last time I was there was a few years ago.

      Is it up to AFL standard?

    • Great Stuff, let us know what you learn.

  • 4th mid: Rockliff, Mitchell, Murphy, Jelwood or Redden?

    Will the C affect Jelwood this year?

  • Good Stuff Dunny!

    All comes down to taking the RIGHT risks, the right AMOUNT of risks and getting those chosen risks RIGHT!

    Good luck…..

  • im also hoping beau water has a quiet one and doesnt bang out a tonne this weekend so noone else gets on him

  • I took Swan out for Pendelbury to see how it looks and it just feels so weird and wrong. To leave it like this I know I will look at my team every Friday arvo and be bewildered how I would letlockbox into lock down like this.

    My calculator only has numbers on it so can someone please tell me what Pendlebury/Swan=

    • I know Pendlebury looks weird instead of Swan.

      Personally, I’m going Pendlebury this year. I think he will overtake Swan as 1 of the best in the comp (also got $15 on him for brownlow and no im not a collingwood supporter.)

      Pendles is 20k cheaper, is still young 24/25 i think.

      Not to mention if anyone is going to be ‘rested’ it will be Swan.

    • ask the “Magic 8 ball” it know all the answers

      should you pick Pendlebury over Swan ;)

    • Think I’m seeing double..

      Could try Pendles and Swan? See how that looks…

    • Well, the letters in Pendlebury add up to 50 … The letters in Swan add up to 12 … From memory 50/12 = 4.166 which would be pretty close to the difference in averages come the end of the year barring serious in game injury. If the magic number is based on $5000 then $5000 * 4.166 = $20830 … Basically, given their pricings, there is bugger all difference between them and I dare say that by the end of the year both players will be in most teams. At this stage, my round 15 midfield should consist of Swan, Ablett, J Selwood, Murphy, Pendles and either Rockliff/Boyd/Thompson … I am starting off with the first 4.

  • yeh the oval at victor there are 2 ovals here they are playin at encounter bay drove past it just then nd was great and it was on front page of local paper with tony modra and he said itd in great nic thats cominh from an ex afl player

  • Hi all i have plenty of spots left on my other league 742312

    Cheers :)

    • Probably morbid (and everyone is entitled to be presumed innocent) but does this new set of circumstances create another space for a rookie elevation?

      Also who in the Melbourne squad will this development help?

      • Don’t see how this could affect Melbourne’s list, I guess Andrew Lovett would be the most comparable circumstance, and TBH with Melbourne’s draw I think I’ll be avoiding anyone who isn’t bottom price.

      • Far out man…this is new ground for everyone, including the AFL and MFC. Just see how it plays out I suppose.

  • I’ll be going to the Port vs Freo game on Saturday. People in the DTTalk chat on sunday will get information from me on the game.

  • I’ll be at the Port v Freo game. Might take some videos on my phone and upload them for you guys,

    • If you see a 17 year old kid writing notes on a pad paper, you have spotted RossFC! :D

  • “The Crows don’t really have a lead up target with a strong grab”

    Seems a very strange thing to say.