NAB Cup – Rd 3 DT Chat & Discussion

Welcome to Round 2 of the NAB Cup! We’re all hanging on everything that happens in the NAB Cup to find our more information about players on our shortlist. The live chat will be running over this weekend (and all weekends) of the NAB Cup to discuss the games. Post your thoughts in the comments too!


  • the battle for the King Kong Cup is on again… 688254…

    for all the chest beaters out there…!

  • 29.3% of teams have Swan.
    26% of teams have Penelbury.
    31.9% of teams have D.Martin.
    And 8.6% of teams have J.Brown…

    • would be interested to know how many people have izzy foreal and khunt in their starting teams

      • No way,.. rather pick a player who has played the game for half their life, not get paid a few million and look flash for a couple of kicks.

  • everyone going on about magner like their team is doomed without him… wtf? Its not exactly like theres no one to replace him with or would you like me to list the other 10 or so solid midfield rooks that can easily take his place? Same time last year everyone was howling about mujumbo but there were still heaps of tasty rooks that kicked ass in his place. There were actually so many decent rooks last year that guys like curnow went almost completely unnoticed in most peoples starting teams. So chillax, guys like d.smith, miles, clifton and shiel are kinda showing a tad of potential as well.

    • i think you are underestimating the effect of Magner’s injury (if he doesn’t get up for Round 1). Of course it’s a level playing field, but I think everyone’s scores could be hurt quite a bit. There are some other options, but most are from GWS (in fact all of your options were) and have some sort of premium. How many of these guys do you want to take? Excluding GWS there’s C. Smith, S. Gibson, K. Stevens and a few others, but none are close to the guaranteed scores of Magner.

      I think Mzungu being out actually hurt everyone last year. By the time people had him last year, most had a near complete forward line so he was used as bench cover. I think he showed he was capable of averaging 85-90, meaning that he would have been F7 pretty much all year for most teams (similar to what Heppell did), meaning that was one less upgrade needed. But anyway, injuries to gun rookies happen, we just have to roll with it.

      • magner hasn’t even been elevated and to suggest that similar priced rooks aren’t going to come close to magners “guaranteed” scores is really just opinion. We have no way of knowing what his job security will be (if any), and he hasn’t even played a senior game of footy yet.
        All I’m saying is nab cup form doesn’t always translate into able to handle the real stuff. Whatever potential disadvantage there is in magnet being injured we ALL cop, so actually no one is disadvantaged whatsoever you dig? Just gotta switch to plan b which is what dt’s all about really.

      • You are crazy port. No one had even heard of Magner 2 months ago. He still isnt on the senior list at one of the bad AFL clubs and yet you are talking him up like he should be in contention for the brownlow. He had always been on my bench until he delivered some decent scores in the real season. There are plenty of cheap options in the mids and that will increase as the rookie elevations come rolling in. Miles was the man last weekend. Devon the week before. Someone else will be next week. Welcome to DT people where all the worlds stats can get thrown out the window with a dislocated finger! By the way, if everyone has Magner how will that affect the.DT season hugely?

      • I said it’s a level playing field, no obviously this doesn’t give anyone an an advantage. However, I’m happy to defend my opinion (obviously nothing is certain) that Magner was easily the pick of the MID rookies this year (at least excluding GWS). He was dirt cheap and looked like he was going to slot straight into the A rotation of the Melbourne midfield (not exactly overrun with guns down there), which can’t be said for anyone else. Elevation was only a formality. Obviously nothing is absolutely guaranteed, but I really liked his chances.

        • Magnet was one of my rookie ‘locks’ and the fact he is 85k made him even sweeter. Will wait til we get confirmation of the seriousness of his injury (seriously – have heard about a dozen different reports thus far??) Hopefully Gibson shows us something today!

          • the point I was making is yes magnet was as juicy as they come but even if he doesn’t get a callup early on he’ll make a great upgrade target and they’re always handy as hell a few rounds in. Great work by the way portedaspet on the nab rankings for each position for both rooks and midpricers! Would like to know how you worked it out though? Is it based on overall score or score/minutes played? I hope the latter as that would give a far better indication of overall ranking. I was surprised to see guys like manwhore-smith so far down the list (about 10th from memory) as he has kicked ass in just about every match and is in my team at present.

          • Smith is 4th the forwards and 6th in the mids. From memory his 2 games in week 1 weren’t fantastic which is maybe why he is not higher. Also, it takes into account value of players not just score so the fact that he is $121k gives him a slight disadvantage. It doesn’t take into account points per minute as such, because I figure spending a short amount of time on the ground in a NAB Cup game is a good sign of low job security, so I wanted to get rid of some of those anomalous guys. However, with this screwed up format in Rounds 2&3 I do take into account the guys who only played half a game. I think that no ranking system is perfect, but that list is my best attempt.

            And thinking about what I said before, it depends a lot how bad his injury is. If he will be fine for Round 2 or 3 then it won’t change much. I think he should still be a lock in that case, but we will have to see.

  • Palmer scored 118.. Has had good scores through the NAB. Thoughts on him at a new team?

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  • Hi all just wondering who do you think for a 5th Mid…Sloan or N Jones?

  • Foxtel have no audio for the Kangas v Dogs game so far. Shambles!

  • Lake is earning his spot in my backline next to team mate Hargrave.

  • Clay Smith looking good, hoping Patch Adams gets subbed at HT though ;)

  • Goldstein taking back the lion share of the work for the Roos. Goldstein 46 HMac 24.

  • wheres jason tutt at??

  • What happened to Gibson?

    • Looked like he was subbed on in the second quarter then spent the rest of the match on the bench?

  • anyone think van berlo to do better than his teamate scotty thompson this year?

  • Has any body been tracking the Berger throughout the nab cup? Has he been scoring well?

  • Only a few changes from this weeks games on my team.

    Cox is in for good now.

    Hmac on shaky ground not helped by redden’s good form. Gibson shaky also.

    Magnet still locked. He will be elevated!

  • A few changes for the to my rankings for the players who played today:

    DEF Rookies (9 players classified)

    DEF Midpricers (7 players classifed)
    Not Classified – L. Markovic (WBD) (Previously 2)

    MID Rookies (20 players classified)
    7. C. Smith (WBD) (12)
    NC – S. Gibson (NTH) (11)

    MID Midpricers (12 players classified)

    RUC Rookies (3 players classified)
    1. T. Campbell (WBD) (NC)

    RUC Midpricers (2 players classified)
    NC – H. McIntosh (NTH) (3)

    FWD Rookies (15 players classified)
    2. Z. Skinner (WBD) (NC)
    14. M. Panos (WBD) (NC)

    FWD Midpricers (10 players classified)

    Players are not classifed if they have not played at least one full game or fall below the required scoring threshold

  • The top 20 overall value picks based on the NAB Cup according to my calcualtions are (with at least the equivalent of one full game as a qualifier):

    1. A. Miles (GWS) (MID) $104,200
    2. S. Kerridge (ADE) (MIDFWD) $98,700
    3. T. Campbell (WBD) (RUC) $85,800
    4. R. Hargrave (WBD) (DEF) $232,700
    5. J. Redden (PTA) (RUC) $104,200
    6. Z. Skinner (WBD) (FWD) $104,200
    7. A. Hall (GCS) (FWD) $98,700
    8. J. Magner (MEL) (MID) $85,800
    9. A. Tomlinson (GWS) (DEFFWD) $143,700
    10. S. Clifton (GWS) (MID) $121,800
    11. S. Darley (GWS) (DEF) $104,200
    12. T. Greene (GWS) (MID) $134,700
    13. J. Porplyzia (ADE) (FWD) $202,500
    14. B. McLean (CAR) (MID) $264,100
    15. J. Giles (GWS) (RUC) $117,800
    16. D. Smith (GWS) (MIDFWD) $121,200
    17. C. Smith (WBD) (MID) $107,700
    18. F. Dale (CAR) (MID) $85,800
    19. G, Weedon (WCE) (FWD) $104,200
    20. J. McCarthy (PTA) (MOD) $251,000

  • Watched miles live in albury — would have been first rd draft pick had he not gone as a nsw pick to GWS — as a pies supporter he reminds me of a young dane swan. genuine dt slut with great kick to handball ratio






  • Brock McLean???
    im finding it hard not to put him in my team,,, mainly due to his low price. i hate picking players solely on price, but i have a feeling it may well pay off.