The Numbers – NAB Round 2

Numbers… it’s what DT is all about. Price changes; averages; break-evens… the list goes on. What I want to do is have a look at some numbers different to those we spend our days staring at… Staring at in the hope that one day we’ll all of sudden have a magic epiphany; and all of the secrets of the DT Universe will be revealed.

Let’s have a looks at this week by the numbers…

3 – # of facial injuries Jonathan Brown has now sustained in the past 12 months. Seriously – if he wanted to change his face, just talk to Nicholas Cage.

5 – % chance of Jack Grimes actually playing a full season without injury (okay maybe that’s a bit generous…)

10 – players who picked up an injury of some sort over the weekend.

19 – k:h ratio of Colin Garland in his game v Collingwood. He picked up 19 kicks and 1 handball to finish as the highest DT scorer on the field.

25 – hitouts young Port ruckman Jarrad Redden earned playing against the master Dean Cox on Saturday (note – Cox only got 13).

33 – amount of possessions P. Dangerfield racked up in his first match as acting captain for the Crows. He continues to tease us with his brilliance – but will it be enough to make us jump on?

51 – % of coaches currently on the Buddy Bandwagon – making him the most popular Dream Team players of 2012 to date – 8% more than SMJ and almost 22% more than Swannie!

53 – DT points scored by ‘Porps’ in his half of football against the Lions. In his first competitive game since R1 last year, he looked comfortable on his way to 16 second half disposals.

58 – pick that Lachie Neale was chosen in the 2011 NAB AFL Draft. Consequently the same pick that a certain DT Fantasy Pig, Dane Swan was chosen 10 years before.

87 – number of players subbed out of games on the weekend (from 8 games). The new NAB Cup rules have been heavily criticised throughout the week by players and coaches alike for its negative affect on rookie development as well as forcing players to stay on field longer due to the reduced interchange.

DT Whore of the Week

Goes to Jimmy Bartel… His 26d, 143 point demolition of the Suns outlined his prolific ability to find the ball. Also kicking 3.3 for the game; he made the most of junk time to tally the highest score of the round.

Value Pick

Based on a simple Dollars/Points ratio, I give you a simple way to display value (admittedly biased towards rookies due to their low starting cost).

This week it has to go to the young GWS Gun – Devon Smith. Based on his $121,200 price tag, he would only cost you $1102 per point for his 110 effort against the Hawks on Saturday. Compare this to DT Bad Boy Heath Shaw, who’s 104 point game gives him a weekly value of roughly $3404/pt – I think we’ve got a future DT superstar on our hands.

Waste of Space

Like many others, I have had Norwood-come-Carlton forward Sam Rowe sitting on the pine for quite a while. Now, whilst several factors come into frame like his recent AC join injury and lack of AFL experience; his 3 point performance (even after coming on after starting as a substitute) would have done little to instil confidence in him for the coming year. With the encouraging preseason form of Shaun Hampson (aka Mr. Megan Gale); Rowe ya boat may not be the R1 lock some thought he would be.

Something to Think About…

This week will see Essendon and St Kilda actually get a run after the gaffe that was the Wangaratta affair. This means we’ll get to see popular rookies Cory Dell’Olio, Elliot Kavanagh, Ahmed Saad and Beau Wilkes in action – among many DT stars like Goddard, Fisher, Hayes, Watson and Zaharakis.

Spare a thought for young Hawk Alex Woodward, who was enjoying a positive preseason; and was looking a possible downgrade target in 2012 – however has ruptured his ACL in Saturday’s NAB Cup game v GWS and will miss the entire 2012 season.

As always, thoughts and feedback appreciated. Let me know if this is something you’d want to see as a regular article through the year.



  • Loving your work McRath

  • great article McRath and yes i would like to see this regularly

  • Nice article McRath, (again), Lets hope Neale can do a Swanny :)

  • Numbers: the swapped rookie x for rookie y, then back again then bought rookie a into the
    equationgiving x – y + a = urx.

    Whore of the week: Broughton if I have or dont have will happen.

    Waste of space:see above

    Something to think about: should have started two premium rucks.

    Thanks McRath, good idea for an article.

  • Who is SMJ ???

  • awesome McRath, good read. Im angry with all these awesome mid rooks to choose from…thats my biggest dilemma so far, cant they rest a few until round 10-11 :(

    Well if Coniglio mentions Devon Smith as a player to grab (DT Talk ep3) BEFORE he smashed out a 110 im sold, straight in the forwards you go son, you’ve appeared on everyones radar now

  • I like this game McGrath
    1. My rank in the dttalk league at seasons end
    18. Warnies rank in the same league at seasons end

  • Great article Mcrath, good stuff mate, what day exactly will the Essendon Saints game be played

  • 512 – the number of n00bs rating each other’s team
    511 – the number of posts that should be allowed by a single member in Rate My Team

  • Great article McRath, Magner would just about have to be runner up for the Value Pick, 89 following his effort last week just about locks him in for me, when he’s still a rookie!

    Also, sorry for plugging myself here, but it’s hard to get exposure to the DT audience elsewhere. I’ve started a blog detailing my year in Dream Team at I’m not trying to somehow attract people away from DT Talk, as I’m sure people will abuse me for, just writing about something I’m fairly passionate and knowledgable about. If you’re interested, take a look, spread the love! I only started today, so there’s not much there yet, but I’ll get some more stuff up tomorrow arv.

    Cheers :)

    • Just got on champ! Looking forward to some sage wisdom.

    • Cool. Will follow your progress during the season. Be good to follow another strategy closely and hopefully learn a few lessons as you do along the way.

    • That’s fine to plug! Keen to follow!

      • Warnie, Benny would be an awesome contributor to this site if given the chance. You could raise the bar even further from it’s already lofty heights with a addition of some articles from him.
        People who have actually put together top 25 finishes and are willing to share like he does are a brilliant resource for everyone IMHO.

    • Great stuff Benny. I’m in the process of doing something similar!
      Look forward to following you great man, don’t give too much away! ;)

    • Go fcuk yourselves San Diego :)

    • love your work mate but if you are serious about making it into the top echelon of dreamteamers this year, it may be better to post your full actual team after the start of round 1, just to stop others copying your team etc. maybe give away a few players but not full team?
      anyways it was just a thought, i hope you do really well and i look forward to following you this year!

    • Hey Benny,
      If you put your team up you will have at least 200-300 people copy it straight up, your blog will be a great success with a cult like following, I have no doubt, but I would not put it up till Monday after R1……….anyway which ever way you go good luck this season.

      • Loving the support guys, cheers!

        • As mentioned above Benny, I’d suggest not posting your team exactly. I do think it would be wise to list the players who you are likely to have in your team but mix in there a few others who you might be considering as well without actually saying who you have and have not.
          Do this in line order and even though your team (in total) will be shown, no-one will know exactly the make up of it.
          Look forward to watching the blog.

          • Cheers for the advice mate, but I’ve made the decision to chuck up the team as it is at the moment, it’s barely a proper blog if I keep secrets.

            However, I probably won’t post my final team until after Rnd 1, I could do without a heap of Ben FC clones, thanks for the heads up!

  • This is just trippy, I just turned on the Matrix and loaded this webpage, its a sign from above!

  • Breaking news: Darley sent to emergency in hospital. Not sure why as yet…

  • McRath – another quality article which is what we’ve come to expect!
    I’m a big fan of numbers so this type of thing gives me half a raja so keep it coming!

  • Great talk starter McRath, cheers as usual! Here’s one you missed.

    220 – Score by Alex Woodward of Hawthorn using Freako’s round 1 formula.

    • 0 – what he’ll score this year… poor dude.

    • FMDT………Woodward was gunna be my unique cash cow (although I am sure a few of the heavier researchers new of him), I put a link up about the jet of a kid about a month ago and still no one caught on……….f**k……..f**k…….f**k….

      • Mate, he was mentioned after Hawthorn’s first intraclub as looking good and strong bodied like Clay Smith at the doggies, but no one really believed he would make the starting 22.

        • well I really thought he would, and he was flying under the radar of 95% of posters on this site. I did not see his name once, there are a lot of rookie names in teams in the “my team” section of this site that may not get a round start.

          • *round one start

          • if a chosen rookie is not named for round 1 would you not change them for a rookie that is? Pretty simple i would have thought..

  • I think “Ya Boat” could still be useful down the track given his DPP to the Fwds… If you want to cash a ruck cow in as the season progresses, you can either spend the dosh on another ruck or, if you have a set and forget ruck structure and don’t need to spend it there, DPP Ya Boat in and bring in a Fwd instead. Even if he never scores a point, this might be the difference between a win or a loss at some stage during the season.

  • Love your article McRath! Hope to see it on a regular basis. Thanks Champ.

  • Excuse my rudeness McRath, posting without thanking you for another quality informative post, as usual 10/10….keep em coming son……

    • Isn’t that bird a crow,.,.

      • Said the skunk pretending to be a sloth…

        • or Honey Badger?
          Now that would (accidently) be totally badass, coz those are some nasty, take-no-shit from no-one critters right there

          • mmmm….larvae from African Honey Bees

            The Honey Badger has my full respect “World’s Most Fearless Creature”.

  • Bartel/sheils/Judd/montagna/Thomas/Watson as 4th mid??

    • My Team/My Team/My Team/My Team/My Team/My Team as this is where questions like this should be asked

    • Come on Hazza sort it out lad…

      • 1 – Post that should have been in My Team instead of the discussion subject.. Numbers going down. Great Read McRath, valuable and funny. Keep it coming.

  • just quietly


  • Cheers for the article, I would love to see something like this throughout the season, especially as I’m living in the UK at the mo and won’t be able to watch all the games

  • Thanks for the info. Speaking of numbers I found this article interesting. Especially if you are considering Melbourne or Bulldogs players.

    I hope that link works.

  • great article mate!! very entertaining, i say keep them coming!!

  • this is something you’d want to see as a regular article through the year.

  • Good work McRath

  • Cheers for the support guys – I guess the consensus is that The Numbers should become a regular article… I guess… stay tuned for next weeks installment.

    Lets hope this coming week gives us some interesting numbers to look at…