The Friday Scramble: NAB wk2

So we are now into the part of the NAB cup where we can really sit back and make a valid judgement on these guys, no more of these basketball last touch out of bounds stuff, no more short halves and swapping players for the second game.  We will get to see all of our locks, maybes and smokies get a run around for the full 100 minutes (as long as they don’t get a vest!).

At this stage of the preseason there isn’t a great deal we can do apart from sit back and take in all the stats and data we can.  Unfortunatly not all of the games this week and next will be televised so we will need to rely on reports of the games and the observations of people we trust who will be at the games (e.g. Tbetta at the WCE v Port game in Mandurah).

So what should we be looking for this week?  Here are a few of the things that I will be taking note of (on replay’s unfortunately as I will not be able to see a fair few of the games live on TV)……

  • Who will the GWS wheel out this week?
    This will be the most intriguing thing to watch this week with Sheeds having the most to gain from having his best 22 running around together for a few weeks before the real stuff starts.  However, we all know Sheeds never does what he is supposed to so the odds of us seeing that final lineup will be slim.  However, we will get to see how well some of the guys we all hope will be our Rookie Cash Cows cope with a full game against good opposition.  They are up against the Hawks down in Tassie so I am sure that Warnie, Calvin and Roy will be there to get us the scoop on who are the standouts.
  • Which of the Rookie Listed guys will get a full game?
    This is the time for these guys to stake their claim for any of the spots that are left on senior lists, and if we see some of these guys getting a full game this would be our best indication that they are going to be under serious consideration for that upgrade.  Don’t be discouraged though if your smokey rookie gets a red vest at 3 quarter time, as the coaches won’t want to wear these guys out just yet.
  • Who can back it up?
    I am sure we all tinkered with our teams this week and put in those guys that did really well over the first round of the NAB, but one game does not a season make (Warnie, how is my english there 10/10?).  We need to see continued production, dare I remind you all of Beau Muston from 2010?
  • Is that guy lost?
    Where on the ground are these guys really playing?  One thing that coaches like to do in the preseason is throw blokes around.  Last week we saw some guys out of position, but we should see that settle a bit this week.

Is Feb 29 cursed?

To steal a phrase from Ed, What a Big Week it has been in Dreamteam!  Mark down Feb 29 2016, next time we have a leap day in the calendar, because if it is anything like it was this year, it will be absolute carnage!  We had the now well documented injures to Jack Grimes, Jono Brown, Anthony Morabito and… oh yes, Charlie Dixon.  As Tbetta said on twitter, pick the odd one out!  At least 3 of those blokes were all popular in a lot of teams and Grimes was a lock in a hell of a lot of teams.  As we now know Browndawg is out for 6 weeks which pretty much rules him out of your starting side (and if not, find that delete my team button before you embarass yourself).  Grimey is only out for a couple and SHOULD be back for NAB4, but you watch, I have no doubt he will miss that game.  Morabito is now ruled out for the first round of the real stuff, I can see that dragging on too.  As for Charlie, no idea, didn’t bother researching his injury.

Not a great deal more to report this week, but as we get closer to the real stuff, I will have a lot more for you heading into each weekend.

Jump in the comments and let us all know what you are most looking forward to this week and what you think will happen.  I personally think the injury curse will continue to strike, I am just hoping that it doesn’t hit my DT or Port Adelaide (we are not that good already and need all the help we can get).

Happy Rookie Gazing.  See you on the twittervine @pkd73


  • Thanks Dunny. Looking at all those things, but especially focused on the mid-priced backs. Hoping Nicholson will step up.

    • I dont know if this means anything but i tweeted Nick Maxwell about if Yagmoor will play much this season.
      And he tweeted back “Hes every chance to play most of the games this year”

      • lol it must be hard keeping that info under your chest… thanks for the hot tip RossFC

      • Ive been keeping an eye on Yagmoor. A few injuries at the Pie’s has opened the door for him to get some games. Be rather unique at this stage also.

      • Isn’t Yagmoor a town in Skyrim or *insert RPG name here*?

      • onya ross. still not sold, but puts him up a rung..

    • Some potential Mid priced backs to consider replacing Grimes with-
      Paul Duffield, Beau Waters, Sam Gilbert, Nick Malceski: All can score reasonably well and have 100+ (Footywire afl player stats) point scoring potential and some degree of consistency. However it will be interesting to see how Waters and Malceski fair considering they’re returning from missing a decent chunk of 2011 with injury.

      Any thoughts on other options for a Grimes replacement?

  • No Cooyou, No Christensen, No Brown, No Grimes, No Puopolo, No Goodes, No Bugg
    all of which were/are in my team.

    If stuff like this happens during the season (AND IT WILL!) I’ll be stuffed.

    As for the games not being shown on Fox. I think I might dust off the old radio and sit in my rocking chair and have a jolly good time.

    • I’m with you Ross.

      Disapointed about not seeing Christensen again this week

      Bugg is one i’ve got in my team at the moment also.

    • haha sitting on your rocking chair on the front porch with ya shotgun telling strangers to ‘go back the way them came’..

      I think this is where Freako’s rave comes in bloody handy. come wednesday all the scores from the weekend will be published for all to see even those that arent televised

  • Some valid points there Dunny, And i still find it classic about those injuries certainly caused a shuffle in my team, poor bastards.
    Cheers for the early mornin DT hit.

  • Will be watching to see how Chad Wingard goes for a full length game. PA coach was commenting two weeks back that his fitness wasn’t yet at the level required. Was impressive in his first game, however, at his price, I would want quality and sustainability.

    • True Beef.

      He looked good the other week and piled on the stats.

      You would think being a high pick (6) that he would have the fitness to go 80%+ of the game.

      • Fitness issue raises risk of Green vest. if I am paying the big $$ for a rookie, the aim would be JS and consistency of scoring, relative to other rookies. David Swallow prime example last year where not the higher $$ made yet made a good M5/6 choice through the early part of the season.

        • Agreed.
          You make far too much sense to be posting on here! lol

          • Grammar could have been better PKS.

            There does seem an influx on younger generation people on the site this year………..don’t remember being so emotional, angry or need to make a comment for the sake of it.

            That’s not to say there isn’t sensible comments from some of the youths on this site – would not like to start another incident like Paul Roo’s has gotten himself into.

  • First to say 1st

    • where do you all come from!!!, i never see you guys actually post anything constructive rather then this ‘first’ bullshit…fukn grow up

      • +1

        • + 3 – Alot of school boys on this site saying first and getting plenty of advice from Mrs Palmer and her five daughters…
          Focus on the Dream young sqwa’s.

          • +1

            …..also TKOL I agree it does seem these kids are getting advice from Mrs Palmer, her 4 daughters and especially the son – Tom :)

          • Ok then let’s talk football, how many $400k plus players are you guys starting with in your teams? will Jordan roughead be this seasons breakout ruckman? will the defenders around 400k (hepp, broughton, butler, adcock, hanley) do a good enough job to spend your money elsewhere on your team and add the likes of Goddard, lids, scotland later when there price dips (as all defenders do at some point) ?

          • 14, No, No.

          • I’m confused, does Rhys have 5 sisters? I assume we’re talking about his siblings, cause he appears a tad young to have so many offspring. And what does this have to do with DT?

      • Bah gawd calm down

  • The good news is I have Bown and Grimes out of my team before Round 1! Riewoldt and Chappy…stand up or ship out!

    • I’m guessing your team is called “Dad’s Army”

      • Since I am the old bloke on this site as compared to the school boys I guess that is an apt name!

        • Umm, unless you grew up lusting after Susanna Hoffs and Kim Wilde, I’ve got you covered there old boy! ;)

  • Full games of footy- HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

    • No Jacobs V Berger though…that would have decided a few minds up.

      No Tippett either so expect Tex to boot 4-5 goals. Sloane will step again in Thommo’s absence (and make more of a name for himself.

      Interesting to see how Sando structures the backline. Vince,Danger and Douglas ( and Sloane of course) will battle hard for our mids.

      I expect a Crows win by 30pts.

      • +1 Real keen to see how kerridge goes again. Hopefully he can continue to impress like he has all preseason. Not to worried about him playing a full game either coz he’s the second fittest and the club to NVB!

        • Add to that the shear physique of the guy is mighty impressive for his age. He’ll hold his own in the AFL TY and be a very important mid/fwd 98k rook if he can string a few games together early.

          • Thats exactly right Brapp. The lad looks ready to step straight into AFL. Hes got the build, fitness and talent! Hopefully he puts it all together. Should be a great Rook. Wadya reckon of Browny? Reckon he could sneak into the side??

          • Crow’s have dilemma’s down back, Trucks ‘fucked’ pardon the language. Guy’s like Talia, Martin, Thompson, Dogga, Stiffy, Jaensch,Tambling and Big Mckernan are the mature bodies fighting it out to maintain a back 6 possie

            If you’d asked me this 2 years ago Browny= no way (think Bock and Davis)

            Now any things possible and what Sando does is anyone’s guess. Luke Brown will not be lining up for ‘Brappa’s Bullies’ unless some magic happens :)

          • Yeah well said. He’ll need to produce something special before round 1! Or go back a bit further and throw in hart, stevens and bassett! or slightly further and remember the great Peter Caven!What great memories! Huzzah!

  • We can watch the Adelaide v Brisbane game on Saturday night, here:

  • Couldn’t see it posted anywhere, but ROK is out for 6 weeks.
    Wasn’t popular, but does it raise stocks in M.Morton? (probably not.)

  • I still can’t believe that people were actually considering Brown.

    He is KPP, I admit an incredibly talented 1. But his game style and aging body arent doing him or us any favours.

    And Grimes has been riddled with injuries since he started. He is incredibly good when hes playing though.

    • Risks sometimes need to be taken young sir…

      • True, I’d still rather buy a rookie though.

        • Genghis agrees! But was still a possible option for many teams out there…

          • too true – and appears they are STILL in their teams.

            Grimes is in 15.2% of teams and Browny 13.9%…..lot of dumb DT’ers out there!

          • you are behaving slightly better Genghis but however you couldn’t help but have a dig at me after what I wrote was genuine artilce.. c’mon lad , use your brain .

          • That is simply baffling ay Griff! It’s not rocket science.
            And my apologies for that G-Bangers. Just seemed slightly contradictory…

          • so that’s actually not an apology , lol… you’re consistent i’ll give you that.

    • Hard to say an ‘aging body’ has much to do with his face being beat to shit monthly. KPP or not, he can put the points up.

  • What about ROK?, he collided with someone at training and is out for 3-6 weeks too with a knee injury. But really only a few people would have this guy in there team this year anyway. Great read though, cant wait to see some of these games to get a better look of our rookies under match conditions rather then 20 min halves :)

  • Charlie Dixon’s injury has really hurt my structure! Oh darn!

    • Brilliance!

    • yeah I had him locked as my round 1 captain! now who to choose?? Tossing up between K. Hunt and Izzy Falou to smash out a big 130+ round 1 and give me a huge edge over all the sheep picking, swan, boyd, rocky and co.

      • My nickname at the footy club is Special K after Karmichael… both renowned baulkers and tough tacklers BOOM!

      • Dools,

        That’s hilarious mate..

        Side splitting stuff !! HA HA HA

        Nealry as funny as the stadnard Presti jokes that get trotted out…….

        Why do you bother writing such C***

        • Oh gee I dunno crazy Joe… because I have such a low self image and am desperately searching for acceptance and real connection with others, thus I attempt humour to hopefully make people like me and maybe even wanna be my pal…. or maybe just cause some of us don’t take ourself so seriously, have a light outlook on life and don’t have a fencepost jammed up our arse :0)

  • I still have Grimes in my side and am not gettign him out unless he isn’t named round 1. He is honestly the biggest risk I am taking right now.

    Will keep an eye on Howard, Hargrave, Lake, Duffield/Broughton (roles mostly), Bower (to see if he is going to be best 22), Magner (back it up magnet!) and Couch

  • What are peoples thoughts n byrnes? Aparently he’s absolutely tearing up the track and is a good chance to play a lot of games this year. At 197,000 could be a good cashcow.

    • Def on my watch list. Averaged 81-85 (cant remember) in ’10 and was dogged with injuries last year.

    • I think I’ve seen TKOL throw a team up on here a couple weeks ago with Byrne’s in it…possibly has the big ‘C’ earmarked for him too. ‘Maximus,Maximus,Maximus’

    • Cheaper cash cows available.

      Will Byrnes get much of a run in the real stuff?

    • @ dools

      Congratulations on finding Burns… You have reached the TKOL-CODE (The King Of Leon Centre of Dreamteam Excellence).

      • Monty or Larry?

      • an accolade from the great man himself! I’m rather chuffed!

      • lol oneday I reckon I’ll meet you in person Simon, I’ll prob knock you on your arse whilst buying you a beer :)

        • I’ll film it and sent it Warnie for the weekly show , Simon says , get it , that’s he’s already is a star ;)

  • There you go fella’s, a way to get your own show. Follow Ed’s lead with “What a Big Week it has been in Dreamteam!” Next thing you know we’ll be seeing a brokered deal to have Juddy take over from Rats and the like

  • Off the subject of dt entirely I’ve recorded a song on youtube which is a pisstake of Ronan Keatings “when you say nothing at all”. The originals all soppy and over the top romantic where as this ones a yob moaning about his missus. If you liked the song “bloke” by chris franklin, you’ll love this one. Check it out!

  • Just a heads up, Mark Blicavs (taken by Geelong in the Rookie Draft) is racing in the Melbourne Track Classic this weekend in the 1500m and 3k steeplechase, hoping to gain a spot in the Olympic team. Whilst he probably won’t, his times are still incredibly fast and you can watch it at:

    • Not even Chris Scott is going to watch it… pass!

      • Tkol, you are a North Supporter yeah? How do you think Leigh Adams will do this year? He is currently in my team.

  • Have a Geelong supercoach league everyone welcome league number is 149439 cheers!

  • Back to the article and the Sheedy unexpected, we’ll probably see half the giants this week, half next week and then in nab round 4 hopefully more of a round 1 side. Sheedy knows he wont see a premiership this year (or win?) or next but he’ll want to see as much of the players as possible before it counts

  • I’m actually starting to lean towards a possible 1 premo 3 rookie structure now. Was looking at running HMac, but I think Giles is likely to score about the same as him. Does the 4th ruck really matter as per most years? However if anyone is running with Jacobs/Luey/Cox then Round 12 is going to suck balls. This is the only real thing that is annoying me this year.

    • Personally i think Hmac will average about 10 points more then Giles. The 4th Ruck spot will matter if any of your rucks have a bye in the same round, and also if Big O is still getting game time by the time the Bye’s come around.

      • Cool it will be interesting to see how it plays out with Giles/Brogan & Hmac/Goldy. You might be right with the extra 10 points but I think the extra $150k starting price may outweigh it. Maybe a 4th ruck with a pulse that can be upgraded come buy time may be the way to go with either a Giles/Hmac then becoming the 3rd Ruck. Just not sure where to go with it yet.

        • At the moment my team has 2 premo rucks with Giles and Big O, but im sure that’ll change another 20 times this

          • Yeah and still weighing that up in my mind against running another rookie somewhere else on the ground and running the 2 premo rucks. In the end it probably will only make a 20 point or so difference either way, but its still doing my head in.

        • Wardo, it’s doing my head in a bit too, to be honest.
          A 20point difference per week is actually a lot when your having a crack at the car (like I am -and probably you are too). I mean, 10 or so rounds in, and boom(!) your 200 points behind the 8-ball.
          These are the things we must nail to have any chance whatsoever

          • Yeah good call. As they say there is more then one way to skin a cat… the big question isn’t really do I with 1/3 rucks or 2/2 rucks. Its really what combination of 30 players is going to put me in the box seat to have a better chance of winning the car. But know I’ve said that I suddenly feel more stressed as I have to suddenly think about a crap load more players.

          • And I just noticed my spelling is terrible and I need more sleep then I’m getting…

  • No Ahmed Saad is a shame, but Milera is still good to go so will see….

  • …and you should be! ;)

  • Folau is in 9% of teams! lol

  • Are the games 640 or 840 daylight time?

  • whats the go with winderlich and christensen?

  • is anyone else having trouble locking in a solid backline? for mine there is a lot of mid price players worth a punt and only a hand full of decent rooks worth taking for the guns’n’rooks strategy….. thoughts?

    • I have enough cash to have 5 premo backs but for some reason i cant find 4!
      im gonna use my backline as my source for cash cows.
      Lots of rookies and midpriced backs to choose from!

    • There is a terrific article on Footy Tragic about running a three premium defence.. very insightful. I don’t if it’s good form to refer to another site, but it’s well written and informative.

      • Some potential Mid priced backs to consider replacing Grimes with-
        Paul Duffield, Beau Waters, Sam Gilbert, Nick Malceski: All can score reasonably well and have 100+ (Footywire afl player stats) point scoring potential and some degree of consistency. However it will be interesting to see how Waters and Malceski fair considering they’re returning from missing a decent chunk of 2011 with injury.

        Any thoughts on other options for a Grimes replacement?

        • Mackie? even though for some reason he had a shocker last season, he was still fairly consistent getting 70+ in all but 3 games and cracked the ton 3 times. Before last season he had career averages of 83, 91, 83,87 – So he is a proven scorer, although he is more expensive at 392k.

        • Each to their own I suppose. However, I don’t see the logic in mid pricers. Too much risk. Guns n Rooks all the way. You can afford more of the top line premo’s and your rooks can stink it up and still increase in value. Where as, if your mid price gamble fails you lose money and need to waste a trade on someone else. You’d probably end up upgrading too so your going to chew up funds that could be used more effectively on rookie upgrades. I’m sure there’s some people who’ve had success with mid pricers, but I just don’t see the attraction. In saying that, If I was going to get a mid pricer, the only one I’d consider is Rhys Palmer. He got screwed over by Harvey last year a little by being in and out of the team and when he was in, he was played out of position in the backline which restricted his scoring. He’ll be back to his best as an inside mid at GWS.

  • I had Grimes like most, but this latest injury scare has put a black line through his name (as if there weren’t already concerns).

    My other backs are Goddard, Shaw, Birchall, Clarke, Darley (Bugg & Morris). So now my 4th spot has opened up and I’m weighing up a few options. $375,400 in to spend.

    Waters: Injury prone, but has the potential to score well.

    Gilbert: Apart from last year he was great for DT. Didn’t like the way Ross Lyon used him lastseason, so hoping new coach can get him back to pumping DT 100’s. Watch this space….

    Malceski: Also used to score pretty well, also has injury concerns. No Tadgh Kennely this year might see him used in that role Tadhg has left. Also considering Armstrong for the same reasons and at a new club.

    Duffield: Also used to avg above 90 IIRC. New coach, may return to his best….

    A few others that have their names in the ring, but not under huge consideration: Burgoyne, Hibberd, Gilbee.


    • Hargrave and Howard both WBD are on my radar scottiemc, watch them over the next month as well + suckers will average 90+ too