NAB Cup – Rd 2 DT Chat & Discussion

We’re all hanging on everything that happens in the NAB Cup to find our more information about players on our shortlist. The live chat will be running over this weekend (and all weekends) of the NAB Cup to discuss the games. Post your thoughts in the comments too!


  • An area the size of France is under threat of flooding in NSW, makes you think about climate change being a croc.

    • Remember it used to be called global warming? And before that it was the hole in the ozone layer. Its all just BS to get into our pockets.

      In an unrelated item, we could take a leaf from the Triple J pages and nominate the Friday F#&kwit. I’d like to nominate Maguire for breaking Browns face again..

      • Yeah, I didn’t have brown in my team, so it didn’t phase me too much.

        Global warming … I wonder over the last decade if the earth is actually getting warmer. Science teachers I know reckon its a crock.

        • Neither, Brown has had his time

        • Hey Mtooler, you were probably just venting and didn’t want a reply, but global warming is an issue that fires me up.

          Until a few years back, there was conclusive proof that the atmosphere was warming due to CO2 emissions. There was, however, no proof that increasing CO2 in the environment would cause a long term reduction in rainfall; that was an assumption by experts. Another theoretical result of increased CO2 and H2O in the atmosphere (trapped by the excess CO2) is a change in weather patterns meaning more, rather than less, rainfall in some areas, although this possibility doesn’t alarm the public as much so it is largely ignored.

          Measurements in recent years have also displayed little global warming (from memory there has been negligible warming in the last decade), but this result is also ignored by experts seeking government funding and public attention.

          Probably more detail than anyone cared for, but the Global Warming/Carbon Tax debate in this country is controlled by idiots with political agendas rather than true knowledge.

          • no one cares?

          • FFS take it somewhere else. climate change= increasingly unpredictable and dangerous weather patterns. think about it…

          • Ancient glaciers getting smaller = earth getting warmer.

            Carbon = building block of earth

            Tax = aphrodisiac for politicians

        • Ask anyone who lives in Perth if this stuff is real? The sun will burn the s**t out of you in minutes here. This thing they’re talking about it serious.

          • Surely eveyone acknowledges that global warning = more melting of the ice caps = higher levels of precipitation globally.

      • Il’d like to nominate Jason Mifsud for writing shit opinion pieces and paraphrasing legends of the game to make the look bad.

    • Your mother smokes crack rocks.

    • Didn’t mean to create WWIII just was watching the news at the time and went bugger me thats alot of water!

      • Tell you what we need… A desalination plant!!! Which was put behind schedule by many things including.. too much rain delaying construction!

  • Is Heppell gonna chop this year or a case of the second year blues?

  • Climate change is no shit, be it we cause it or nature..the earth has been through a number of ice ages warmings before we dt’ers got here. Anyway the real stuff begins. Is anybody thinking of running two premium rucks? My defence is causing grief, 3 premiums?a few mid pricers running around this weekend.

    • I was running two premo rucks and didn’t think there was any other option till I played around and had cox and Giles. The extra money helped make my team look so dam sexy…

    • I’m on the two ruck guns. For some reason I don’t think the rooks are as easy to pick this year. Last year I used heaps of trades on rooks to keep the money coming (read, ran out of trades in the finals)

      I plan to have a set and forget ruck and have Giles and Big O / Rowe as kosher cows.

      • After last night I’ve gone back to set and forget. Big O worries me so got redden in instead looked handy in both matches and should carry more responsibility IMO

  • karmichael hunt….. discuss.

    • He is only going to improve. DT aside, he could become a very decent hard bodied midfielder for the Suns.

    • he hash a big schlong (un grasse schlonga)

    • I pray that he fails each night. hahahahahah

      Well, it’s a cynical move by the AFL in my opinion.

      How could paying big bucks on a living advertisement not be cynical? Can you hear them in the board room,

      ‘Look, if we pay him 5 mill, he lasts four years and raises the profile of AFL by 3% points in NSW, it’s worth it.’

      ‘GC and GWS won’t win in the first few years anyway, so well just pay some of these rugby guys salaries, tell the clubs to play ball or we will crush their nuts, and then we can leave a legacy that give us hardon’s when we are 80.’

      and someone asks ‘What about a team in Tassie? They love footy.’

      and the dictator says ‘Money, money money money money money money.’

      • I disagree. As someone from the home of the mighty West Coast Eagles who has moved to Sydney, the profile of the game here is plain terrible. I open the sport pages of the (shit) newspapers here (the ones that are twice the size of a normal manageable newspaper) and the first ten pages are League. I finally get to the page that says ‘Football’ only to find it is about A League. Finally I get to the AFL (half) page and its some throw away article about Matt Spangher in a Vacuum Regeneration Therapy Machine. Anything to improve the profile of the game here or Qld (or NZ or Tas) is welcome in my eyes. Long term the AFL will benefit and I really couldnt care less if KHunt gets $3M for 3 years and GWS get the first 20 picks in a draft. So be it. By the way, for us DTer’s GCS and GWS have made the past two years easier. Wait for the fun to begin in 2013!

        • + 1

          It’s simply terrible. The only exposure they get is the one or two Sydney Swans STA buses that they have floating around..

        • It’s a broadsheet as opposed to a tabloid. It’s for smart people.

      • Maybe I’m showing my age (old and grumpy) but gotta agree with you GJayBee.

        Why sport is so magic for so many is because we live in a world of smoke and mirrors at times. Sport on the other hand is pure and honest (why do you think we get so p*ssed off with drug cheats). I want to see 18 combatants against 18 combatants – not 17 combatants and one Marketing Officer.

        My issue isn’t with Hunt but with Demetriou.

        • Thanks mate, I was hoping someone cared more about integrity than $$$

          • I definitely agree with you two regarding the “issue isn’t with Hunt but with Demetriou” and caring “more about integrity than $$$”. Following the footy is frustrating here in rugby country, hence my comment above. For people in Victoria, W.A, S.A etc cherish the coverage you have! Luckily for me and others we’ve all got you blokes out there to talk about DT and the Footy when its lacking elsewhere.

  • Bock looks fantastic.
    Prestia looks set to deliver this year.

  • Jimmy bartell.

  • hi gaiz, long tyme readr, first tyme poster form nigeria. i just wantedd every1z opionnion on mai team, looking for my 4th top 500 finish. appreshiate on comments, postive or negative.

    my team;
    DEF: H. Shaw, S. Fisher, Bocky, S. Burgoyne, B. Staker, H. Kunt (VC), P. Bower, P. Faulks, G. Urquhart
    MID: C. Sylvia (fwd), D. Cassisi, Coondog, C. Masten, B. Mclean, D. Pfeiffer, E. Yeo, R. Taggert
    RUC: Benny Hudson, W. Minson, I. Maric, M. Daw
    FWD: M. Robinson, J. Roughhead, S. Milne, H. Ballantyne, THE TOMAHAWK (C), A. Fasolo, Kosi, Iraq Folou, Big Dick

    I don’t get much good internets here in nigeria, but i think these players good and will win me cars as my family needs transport very good.

    • Yeah well. that is shit, get some more premiums

    • Ok mate… you’ve had your fun…. I don’t want any more emails from people annoyed by this garbage! Consider this a warning Tom (plus anyone else who wants to feed guys like this).

      • This is a DT chat site not for pathetic childish comments

      • yep…ur totally right, Warnie but… ‘haha..u got not money’ to a ‘starving nigerian’ cracked me right up!!
        So when are u going to put ur foot down about ppl going on about climate change??

        • I find it funny everyone complaining about the irrelevant posts yet no one said anything about a irrelevant article on dt’s hottest blokes. I guess since warnie didn’t ok this joke it’s forbidden, bunch of sheep.

          • That comment appears misguided IMO.

            Many people did make -ve comments about that article on a range of levels including sexist.

            The difference is if you didn’t like that article you didn’t have to read it as it didn’t add any DT value.

            With all the pointless comments within this article, its hard to find information relevant to DT.

            @ Recall – your other comments have completely supported wiping out the rubbish that can get posted, just keep the focus.

            For the record, it was weird reading that article you referred to, although the criticism got out of hand!!

          • Point taken mate none of my comments were sexist just to clear the record. And I agree with the majority of people here there is way too much pre pubescent childish dribble on this site at the moment, and throw in some talk about global warming and it’s getting outta hand lol. But the Nigerian thing was kinda funny.

          • re Nigerian comment – I thought it was a scammer at first. Was waiting for the please send me money comment so I can stay on DTTalk site! Did cross the line eventually and dealt with appropriately.

            Nothing you said was sexist (didn’t mean to infer that).

          • Your alright no worries mate I too check my bank account just incase money went missing haha.

      • about time warnie these stupid comments is stuff all to do with footy.

      • Warnie, I have a lot of respect for you for letting things run there course and only stepping in when someone is being a proper @#$% head.

        I have been an idiot many times, so I appreciate the distinction.

    • Soooo… I was going to bring up a few names I personally hadn’t considered but naturally a decent NAB cup score makes you hastily remove swan so you can cram in another unpromoted rookie to free up cash to turn a spud into some more expensive spud.
      People like Devon Smith, Colin Garland, McCarthy, Golby spring to mind as….

      Hang on, just reading previous comments on this article…

      Soooo… DT irrelevance…What do we see as the problems with christianity? Is it really any better than islam?
      Are the just as pointless as each other?

  • tonight on fox

    a league
    nab cup
    rugby league

    and i havent even started on porn….

    the remote is my friend tonight

  • You’d almost have to take Guthrie after tonight, right? I know he’s 150k, but he’s twenty and looks great.

    • and Hogan

    • Who looked better, Hogan or Guthrie? Seems like Hogan has Ling’s job sewn up so has great job security.

      • From a Dream Team perspective, Guthrie is more appealing to me as he can be picked as a defender, whereas Hogan has to compete with a host of other rookies vying for a place.

        • Unfortunately I didn’t see the game. Do you think Guthrie will play enough early in the year?

          • I think he will; he just did the right things on the field, and you know that playing your role well is the best way to impress the coach, and that impressing the coach is the best way into the best 22.

            From the match report:

            “Geelong coach Chris Scott got plenty from his experienced players – Bartel, Harry Taylor and Joel Selwood were terrific – and also his youngsters, who swarmed all over the Suns when not in possession.

            Cameron Guthrie was a terrier with his defensive pressure … Guthrie, Hogan, Hunt, Horlin-Smith and Shroder look certain to keep Geelong’s quality alive well into the future. “

    • Probably still wanna watch a bit more of him against better quality opposition. Ticking all the boxes so far though and looked OK last week against the Swans. Definitely on the watchlish.

  • After seeing bartel play so freely I will be locking him in as a semi unique pick as my 4th or 5th midfielder. He was able to play so freely and could potentially return to the old days where he was a dominant force.

    Chappo rating- 9.4/10

    • Im guessing you didn’t have him last year. Colonel ranking; 7 kfc buckets/ 10 kfc buckets

      • I had montagna last year who was just as bad. Thats why I am willing to take a punt on bartel. I’d encourage others to do the same but i would rather my pick be semi unique.

        • You guys clearly weren’t amongst the brilliant few who picked him up under 300k for him to absolutely dominate from that point forth! Love his work

    • Bit worried he will change his role once the real football begins. Finding it hard to trust the Jimmy again.

    • Don’t forget he was playing again the Gold Coast Suns…
      Remember how many massive scores players racked up against them last year

  • I can’t believe I read all this crap! 3/4 of the posts are about non DT related stuff?

    Pretty shattered hall didn’t get a run for the suns tonight! anyone know why he didn’t get a gig?
    I think bartell will play a different role when johnson and chapman return.
    Guthrie, Hogan and Taylor-Hunt all looked good, but it will be interesting if they get a Round 1 run and where they will be playing?? may not find out till round 1 :(
    Selwood put his hand up as a big premium this year especially with a few more guns around him in the middle. Something to think about

    • Apparently hally strained his hammy earlier this week. sux ive had him since the draft. (originally planned to be in my def tho)

      • Yeah i was shattered to see Hall is injured. Shouldnt be out too long apparently. Whats the news on Dayne Zorko (Lions)?? He’s another great fwd option

        • I heard Zorko may not be available until round 3-4. Someone please correct me if they have heard differently.

  • Wow NRL fans are dumb! check this from nrl supercoach talk

    Starting price $94,300
    Price after 4 rounds averaging 49, $158k
    Profit made on cow, $65k, at $16.25k per round.
    Now that is profit that’s worth wasting a trade for.

    OMFG stupid f**ks!! No wonder thier game is sooo f**ked. they cant even work out a simple b/e, that cow is gunna make shitloads more cash!

    • Thank you for another pointless post.

    • Well actually the amount of pathetic free kicks and whistle blowing in the AFL is almost making it unwatchable for me. NRL is still a mans sport. Aussie Rules is quickly becoming a joke.

      • you’re on an AFL site? leave then ya troll

        • My comment was directed directly at the AFL so this is the right place.
          if you don’t mind umpires ruining the game by free kicking someone for even touching his opponent above the shoulder then enjoy it by all means. It’s becoming a joke, every contest is ending in a free kick for in the back or high, when clearly it has not affected the player whatsoever. Let the game flow or it will go backwards.

        • I love the game but i don’t like the way it is heading same with Rugby. Too many doctors giving their opinions, there is a reason people choose physical games over golf. Just look at Netball, it’s actually becoming more physical and more popular at the same time, go figure.

    • Nah the magic number in NRL is different to ours.
      Their premiums are 300k and average about 65.
      The math is right.

  • Essendon- StKilda game cancelled.

    • It’s still going ahead. The ground is fine to play on.

      Patrick Keane from the AFL shot down any rumours of it.

      It’s raining atm, but the ground is fine

  • Will not have bartel after he stunk it up for me last year. That and would rather have Selwood ;)

    • Yeah, I went Bartel instead of Selwood last year, and then to compound my mistake traded him for Joel just before Joel got his 4 weeks

      • Me too.

      • :-D!! sorry laughing at myself too. Made me laugh because I did the same thing..but I think before I changed to Joel, I had Jobe….or the other way..can’t remember now. Needless to say..wasn’t a great year for cortezskillers in 2011.

  • So pretty happy considering I had Guthrie in my team before last night, took Smedts out for him cause I see Smedts as a good ball user but not an accumulator so maybe not so DT relevant. Hogan did me proud, and another player I have in my squad performed well, hopefully a nice unique pick.

    Looking forward to see how my two mid pricers go today and tomorrow :)

    • So, did I blink & miss Smedts last nite? Did he make it on to the ground at all?

      At this point I’d go Guthrie…but I haven’t actually seen Billie yet, so don’t want to jump the gun.
      I think it’ll come down to who makes it into the final teams come round 1. Even a rookie that gets game time as a sub is better than a rookie that won’t play until later in the season.

  • Theres one spare spot left in my league if anyone wants it :) 436827

  • Selwood looked awesome, didnt see him at all in qtr 2 (anyone know if he sat it out?). Every ball up I watched he was nowhere to be found and still scored 93 *licking lips*

    • Yes he was quiet in Q2. Not sure if he sat out as I was surfing the other sports on offer.
      It’s great Hogan and Guthrie played well as we are all starting to finalise our teams now :)
      Happy NAB cup watchin for the rest of the w/end

      • Commentators mentioned that Selwood would need a RDO next week as he spent so much time on the ground. Expect that he was on just not accumulating.

        Good to have longer format, Ablett was close to donut halfway through Q1 then piled it on for balance.

        • It doesn’t surprise me, Geelong had their B team out there with a few stars, next week they’ll probably play their B team again, but with the stars that didn’t play last night. I don’t think we’ll see anything close to Geelong’s best 22 until the Nab Grand Final.

  • Have a Geelong supercoach league everyone welcome to join 149439 hurry there’s only four spots left. Cheers!

  • So going through the scores Geelongs rooks scored well, but are picey. Bartel can score well against terrible opposition. Hall is injured, how long for?

    • Said a week, only a twinge

      • I was a bit shattered not to see him in the line up when the teams were shown.
        He looked very lively last week and I was looking for more of the same maybe against some better opposition.

    • They said be 4 the game he will be back next week.

  • I’ve been thinking, I wouldn’t be surprised if the best player to come out of the draft in terms of a crucial player for a team will be Jordan Lockyer for the swans. He is shaping to be extremely handy I reckon.

  • Horlin-Smith just became more of a lock in my team than he already was. Surprised no ones mentioned him

    • Yes, at this stage, he is looking good. There is a quiet confidence in the kid. Makes you think he’ll be something special.

    • Will he play enough games is the question. It’s not like they are short on talent waiting to get games.

      • Next year he could be just as a lock as Jaegermeister . Too many Geelong guys out at the moment to warrant a pick in DT at the moment.

  • Anyone going to get Nathan Bock mid season?

  • Hi guys.

    There have been quite a few people getting a bit toey about some of the comments posted on this site and wanting more moderation. Firstly, I agree with the majority of people that so much rubbish gets posted in the comments. The one comment I had earlier on was to ‘Tom’ and his team.

    I love having a laugh… but the issue is for every dude that comes on here to troll (trying to get a laugh and a bite) there are another 5 who don’t get it and can’t ignore it.

    I disagree with Recall with the ‘double standards’ in regards to the ‘hot blokes’ post. Yes, some people hated it… and I understand that. It was two weeks ago when there was sweet FA happening with DT… it was a light hearted article. Unfortunately, this post here is all about NAB Cup discussion. And while I didn’t say anything about the ‘global warming’ stuff… again, that gets annoying for people.

    If we had a forum where you can create your own topics, etc to write about… then it would be fine… but it get’s pretty frustrating for those who aren’t into it in a post that was designed for NAB Cup discussion.

    While Tom’s post isn’t that bad, and it could have fit in the My Team comments (which then people could just ignore that shit)… it results in more stupid comments.

    i don’t know. I’m probably not making sense… but we have a great community here and I don’t want to have to moderate stuff. You should self moderate and think “Hmm, that submit comment button is pretty powerful, should I actually say that or am I being a f**ktard?!”

    Hmm.. I don’t know. I don’t want to go banning anyone… just want to keep it civil and not annoying for those who want their DT fix.

    • Well said Warnie… Not that hard to act like grown ups.

    • Agreed Warnie, global warming will never impact footy and in any case the earth will outlive humans, how did ablett look last night?

    • Fair call warnie apologies to anyone I have offended

    • Warnie,

      I love the way you let it go and only step in to keep up the standard.

      You are on the money. You don’t want to have to moderate. We all want people to have respect and be able to have a laugh without needing to be pulled into line by the people that set up the site and have better things to do.

      I think if people don’t like a comment they should reply that they think it’s out of order.

      Anyone who doesn’t like a comment, say so in a polite way on the site, don’t message Warnie!

      If anyone who says something of topic (I am one of the most guilty hahahah) just write to them when it pisses you off. Do it in a way that you would like it done to you. And then we can all have a laugh and cop it on the chin.

      If I wrote something and three people write ‘Mate, this is off topic’ I will pull my head in.

    • Let people get annoyed and frustrated – if that’s the worst thing that happens to them then they should be grateful. If someone says something stupid or irrelevant then they’re just confirming that they’re a dick – read it or don’t read it but move on.
      I’m just grateful that this site is run by sensible, non-dictatorial people like Warnie, unlike fanfooty which is run by an impulsive hypocritical control-freak.
      Good work Warnie.

  • Agree with you Warnie, you legend!
    It is pretty easy to scroll on past all the rubbish to find that little piece of gold!
    I am not totally sure any of the Geelong players mentioned will get a game this season. Just listen to Scott’s post match.


    What is this, 1994?

  • Giles firming as second ruck…

    • Scores weren’t that great, although Phillips was given more time apparently, I didn’t see it.

      • Only saw the second half but Giles wasn’t on the ground. Must have only played the first half.

  • So who just put Devon Smith into their line up? And if you answer “not me”, it’s probably because he was already there…

    • Am i really about to unlock McDonald because of one game?……….I hope not but my finger is getting itchy. Roll on next week.

    • Not me … because he was already in F7. Or rather, he was already in what I like to call my “Second Midfield”.

      • My question around McDonald is what is a player/coach in the AFL? We have never seen it before.

        I understand his role is Assistant Coach, but is there a risk he gets the red vest to take on Assis Coach role? Assuming fitness wise he has the stamina to last a full game. Will look to see his TOG % when the data is out to make my mind up.

        • Purely my own opinion, but couldn’t imagine why GWS would have him on their playing list if they weren’t gonna play him. You’d think his “coach” role is to lead by example on field. I reckon he’ll get plenty of game time if only to protect the younger bodies and allow them to develop into AFL football.

      • He’s always worried me since his preseason. I just don’t trust his assistant coach/player tag I guess. They say he’s gonna ‘look after’ the younger kids but how do we know that’s not as a sub when the young guys come off in the 3rd – 4th exhausted. Remember he’s 36 or whatever

    • couldn’t help myself…into feds

  • 4 GWS players got added to my “ihpomgghii” list , will have to rewatch GWS’s round 1 games (again) now with them in mind.

    Looking forward to who people finally choose in Round 1, including you Mr Sheedy.

  • Masten killing it again. 29 points in 19 minutes.

  • Darley 68… going well!

  • The magnet!

    • and Couch… get em off the rookie list

      • Quiet as possible would be nice, but pretty much got no hope of finding a diamond in the rough now….hello Barlow ’12

        • Come on mate, the word has been out since they last played. Hasnt been quiet for a while.Its even mentioned on pre season episode 3 Sorry for making an obvious comment. Here’s another one for ya.. Giles but ssshhhh!!!

  • Is there a team that hates the preseason more than Collingwood? Hard to read into their stats when they sub so many.

    On current form, we might have to watch an exciting West Coast v Adelaide preseason final. Not many other teams are going hard this year.

    Did anyone see McIntosh play? Did he look as good as his stats indicate?

  • Deez won! Go the Deez!

    • The “magnet” killed us …..did see one big thing wrong with him though………He does not play for the Magpies :-(

  • How is Porps looking? Thought he wouldn’t play this week

    • Very classy. 58 points in half a game. No goals. So plenty of room for improvement.

    • 16 touches in 2 quarters puts him back into serious contention for F6/7 for me. Seems worth the risk at only $202k.

  • Anyone considering Eski? Is priced at about 330k and got a 79 tonight, although his knees are very very dodgy….

    • Not for me… can’t trust him and at that price he’s probably not worth it

  • Go Dees. Killed my multi bet but sorta don’t mind :S

    Magnet will have to be elevated for sure.

    • If he’s not in every teams mids come round 1 then I’ll be shocked as shit. We found our Barlow ’12 all hail magnet Magner!! *bowing to computer screen*

  • Piece on HMac:

    Basically Scott suggesting that we probably shouldn’t expect these sort of performances on a regular basis.

  • Looking forward to the docker/tiger match this arvo. Spewing I can’t make it to watch first hand but… Got a league for fans of both teams who like a bit of banter as well. Sounds like there is some decent DT players in so far. 4 spots left… Code is 699246

  • Performances from the games this weekend so far that stood out:

    Bruest 70 in a half (vs GWS diminishes it a bit)
    Giles 43 in a half
    C.Bruce 81 in a half (again vs GWS)
    Devon Smith 110!! vs Haw
    R.Neates 45 in a half
    McCarthy 99 – could be a value midfield option at 251000
    Dangerfield 127
    M.Golby 100 – awkward price though at 265000
    S.Kerridge 58 in a half DPP at 98700
    H.Shaw 104 and looks fit as f**k
    B.Reid 62 in a half
    Sidebottom 47 in a half
    Magner 89
    Hmac 104
    L.Patrick 49 in a half
    Bartel 143

    Marty Clarke was the worry – only 12 in a half and looks like he’s got a lot of catching up to do. Wouldn’t rely on him getting a regular gig at his stage.