Greatest Dream Team of All: Preseason

On the back of the non-success of the ‘Greatest’ series on, I will aim to reinvent and establish a new article: DTTalk’s own ‘Greatest Dream Team of All’. Taking into consideration DT form of players across the competition, a best 22 will be proposed every week; including ins/outs and analysis of incoming players. Whilst the article shares the same name as its predecessor, these articles will focus on players from a DT perspective (sorry Nick Maxwell). This is by no means a negative reflection of any omitted players personally, nor their playing style. It is purely an expression of the chosen players’ DT awesomeness.

Aside from giving readers a preview of the new article and gathering feedback; I’ve decided to put together a watchlist of players who are likely to figure in calculations of 2012’s Greatest DT of All to get the ball rolling.


Brendan Goddard
[St Kilda – $474,200]

After a forgettable year for the Saints, Goddard will be looking to bounce back to once again become a dominant figure in the AFL and DT alike. Expect him to return to the top of the tree and become a must have defender in 2012.

Brett Deledio
[Richmond – $452,100]

Despite a minor hamstring strain in the preseason, Lids should be right to start the year and continue his DT brilliance. Whilst Richmond face a tough draw to begin with, he will still be one of the best defenders going around.

Grant Birchall
[Hawthorn – $443,500]

Becoming a go-to man in the Hawks backline in 2011, expect Birch to continue his rise to prominence in the new season. I’m anticipating this guy to be a regular fixture in the Greatest Team in 2012.

Corey Enright
[Geelong – $454,600]

One of the most reliable defensive options going around, Enright’s consistency will be his defining attribute yet again in 2012. Equally comfortable pushing up onto a wing as he is running off the half back flank, he should yet again be a top 5 defender this year.

Heath Shaw
[Collingwood – $454,000]

Whilst many will curse at Heater’s selection here, his DT ability cannot be ignored; meaning he remains as one of the highest scoring options in defense. If he can concentrate on his footy and avoid any off-field disturbances; he could spend a lengthy time on field in the Greatest DT.


Matthew Boyd
[Western Bulldogs – $573,800]

After a solid preseason and displaying absolute domination during the opening round-robin in the NAB Cup, Boyd is set for another cracking year. A great choice for any midfield; and a DT specialist, Boyd is a shoe-in for selection in 2012.

Gary Ablett Jnr.
[Gold Coast – $554,700]

After a slow start to 2011 in a very young Gold Coast team, the Little Master showed his class; shrugging off numerous tags and niggling injuries to prove to the competition that he doesn’t need a premiership team surrounding him to be a DT superstar. Expect more of the same in 2012.

Scott Thompson
[Adelaide – $538,500]

With the softest of soft draws in 2012, the world is expecting Thommo to dominate against the poorer teams this year. Should score highly on a regular basis; hence his selection on the ‘Greatest’ watchlist.

Scott Pendlebury
[Collingwood – $576,900]

Pendles has been ripping up the preseason and is fully focused on an ascent to the very top of the DT (& AFL) hierarchy. I’m backing him in his quest to take the mantle from Swan as DT’s best player in 2012. Although expect Swannie to be thereabouts too – he will keep racking them up until the day he retires.

Dale Thomas
[Collingwood – $509,200]

Fast developing into the ultimate wingman (shout out to Hamish & Andy), Daisy is slightly unique due to the vast attention given to his senior counterparts. With a fantastic display in the NAB Cup, Thomas looks set to take his game to another level in 2012.

Joel Selwood
[Geelong – $540,600]

The new captain of the Geelong Football Club appears to be in the middle of a meteoric rise that culminates in a permanent spot in the Greatest Dream Team of All. After showing promising form in his first NAB Cup game, Jelwood is on a mission to dominate in 2012 – will be a must have by years end.


Dean Cox
[West Coast – $532,000]

Still the best of the big men in the AFL, Cox showed the world in the NAB Cup that he is not going to slow down anytime soon. He should remain the no. 1 ruckman in DT for 2012 (at the very least).

Ben McEvoy
[St Kilda – $447,500]

Now the undisputed sole ruckman in the Saints best 22, Big Ben should flourish in 2012 given his continued development (which has netted him a spot in St Kilda’s leadership group). He should be a big improver this season assuming he gets plenty of support from his aging midfield buddies.


Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin
[Hawthorn – $503,000]

Coming off his best year yet; with sizzling preseason form – watch out for Buddy in 2012. Depending on how the Hawks’ forward line pulls up this season, he may get more of a run through the midfield; where he dominated in R1 of the NAB Cup. Will be a must have forward this season.

Nathan Fyfe
[Fremantle – $486,600]

I’m tipping ‘Avatar’ to have yet another great year in what will only be his 3rd season. Likely to again be Freo’s best DTer; Fyfe will be out to show last year wasn’t a fluke. Now over his shoulder issues that bothered him at times in 2011; look for him to explode this season and become one of AFL’s elite.

Mitch Robinson
[Carlton – $456,200]

Given MID/FWD DPP in 2012, Robbo will look to become a regular fixture in a star-studded Blues midfield this season. Known for his high pressure and attack on the ball, he is likely to be a fixture many teams this year as he looks to breakout into premium status.

Dustin Martin
[Richmond – $442,500]

Mr ‘Don’t Argue’ is set to break out truly in 2012. Equally adept at getting the hard ball as he is kicking a goal, Dusty will be one of those players whose breakout ‘everyone saw coming’ this season. Get on early as he will look to press for selection in the ‘Greatest DT’ all year.

Steve Johnson
[Geelong – $530,000]

Starting as the ‘highest paid’ forward in Dream Team, Stevie J is one of the true star goal kicking forwards worthy of selection in season 2012. Likely to have yet another great year, whereby he is likely to have more responsibility in the Cats’ forward line; Johnson should give his coaches plenty to smile about this year.

Greatest Dream Team of All: Preseason

B: C. Enright, B. Goddard, J. Adcock
HB: H. Shaw, G. Birchall, B. Deledio
C: D. Thomas, M. Boyd, S. Thompson
HF: N. Fyfe, T. Cloke, D. Martin
F: S. Johnson, L. Franklin, M. Robinson
Foll: D. Cox, G. Ablett, S. Pendlebury

Int: B. McEvoy, J. Selwood, D. Swan
Sub: M. Suckling

Notable additional inclusions: J. Adcock, T. Cloke, M. Suckling & D. Swan.
Notable exclusions: H. Scotland, M. Murphy, S. Mitchell, S. Mumford, M. Leuenberger, M. Pavlich & A. Goodes.

Thanks for reading – feedback appreciated. Let me know if you like the new article and feel free to use this as a discussion of sorts for premium selections in 2012.



  • Ahh, wouldn’t that be a nice starting team. One excluded notable exclusion – Rocky!

  • Good idea McRath.
    I hope to see some spots for rooks and non-premo priced players, perhaps on a point per dollar scale….
    to give it a better perspective to our dreamteams. (esp. early on)
    Either way, looking forward!

    • great idea man, got me thinking… maybe have a team for “greatest value” one week, then “potential breakout” the next, then “best smokies” etc… just a thought. I think it’d be awesome!

  • Great article Mcgrath but I’ve go to know, were some of your selections (and ommissions for that matter) made purely to start debate?? Starting swan on the bench! Adcock, who was anything less than elite last year, goodes ommitted with a tantalising early draw and his infamous 2nd half to seasons coming off a great year, pav fitter than ever, tearing up the nab cup, murphy set to utterly explode this year imo… its 6.40 a.m and I’m only the 2nd comment but I think its pretty safe to say you’re gonna spark some pretty healthy debate, which is great!
    DT wouldn’t be much fun if we all had the same perspectives and virtually identical teams.

    • Is it just me or did Goddard look a little slow on the weekend running around out there with all the kids? Maybe just on half rat power for the preseason?

      Heater also looked to have toughened up a little bit, but again maybe that was just because he was playing the GWS kids?


      • I though Goddard looked like a gun. His kicking is remarkable and he held the space.

        However, how could he not be loosing a step in pre-season to guys who are fresh as cut grass with something to prove?

        I have my suspicions that he is carrying injuries, how could he not be? He plays AFL!

        I had him last year and didn’t even mind loosing the money. He’s a gun and I don’t trade him in, I pick him!

  • Gives a good idea to the noobs where you should be looking to upgrade if you have no idea ;)

  • Great article again McGrath.
    I have actually worked out what I want my “final” team to look like and it looks relatively similar (with the exception of one or two DT super stars like Swan and Goodes).

  • Dammit, who hacked my account? Ahh well there you have it, my round 1 side for all to see :(

  • Great work McGrath.

    I know the starting line-up was DT based, but it’d be a smokin’ team in the real world as well.

  • Thanks for all the comments guys – looking forward to posting the team for R1. Interesting to see how many of these premo’s make it. This is based on my personal opinion – so some will naturally disagree with some choices. Although it’s bloody hard to fit all of those guns in the one midfield, let me tell you! Although you’d be doing pretty well if you could finish with this team by R23.

    RE: making a team for unique’s and value players – feel free to post up your ideas on what one of these teams would look like – this is more based on premo’s. Although in saying that, if a rookie comes out all guns blazing ala Barlow in 2010, there’s every chance they’ll sneak in. It’s merely a ‘form’ team – its just that naturally most of these players will be ‘guns’.

    Keep the feedback coming through – keeps me writing more!

  • I dont think Dusty is a good option to start with, the tigers play the top 8 teams in the first 10 weeks and the 12 teams they play before the bye 7 of them are his worst teams to play….so is that saying enough or is he good enough to overcome this?

    • +1

      But come round 1 when they play Carlton
      they are going to get PUMPED!!!
      and the ball will be in there backline 82% of the time ;)
      just like it has been for the last 4 years

    • You sir are ignorant Dusty is the man he went to the running of the bulls and walked it. He even gave the main bull a don’t argue. Then had sex with the bulls wife and tore her apart and ate her scotch fillet raw cos he’s that tough.

      And you think Carlton are gonna stop him getting a kick ROFLMAO

    • Dusty is one of those players that your better of having from the start. Why bother upgrading to save $50,000? I’d rather have as much emotional safety as possible!

  • M. Murphy, Suckling & D. Swan. are lock’s all year long

    what are you doing?

    • Murph is starting for me, Swan will be upgrade after Rd12 and Suckers….hmmm doubtful he’ll feature in my team at all.

      • Interesting. I’m not on Murph because I’m only have three premo mids at the start. Swan, Ablett and Selwood have got the gig.

        I was on Suckling last year and am surprised you don’t back him. Kicking machine and burned up his first nab ‘lunch time’ game!

  • Why is everybody off Swan and Rockliff? They’ve been locks from the start for me!

    And Berger > Cox by a long way, better price and will average the same.

  • A team full of premiums. cool man. What you should be doing is a team each week that you think will score the best but WITHIN the DT budget. Actually tbetta or one of the other boys should. Just look at and there scout picks and article to match.

  • Great artcile but u are missing on Murphy- he averaged 118 last year and this year I am predicting an average of 120 and where is the greatest DT’er of all- Dane Swan?

    • Murphy average 118? Get that off the back of Weetbix Pack mate?

      But yes Swanny should still be a Captain lock every week! GUN!

      • everyones talking about rocky, reddens and fyfes breakout year in 2011. What about Murphs?? Am more than happy that seldom few are starting with him, and gibbs for that matter :0) You could do worse than put 20 each way on each of them for the brownlow… (oh and a lazy 50 on the blues for the flag). Showing the colour of my blueblood much??

  • Goodes has got to be a lock-in at this stage. With the effect that the subs rule is having on the usage of ruckmen Sandilands is always going to score big and surely needs to be in front of McEvoy or Leunberger. But not to even make mention as a notable ommission very hard indeed.

    Hate not being able to crack the top 8. Then DON’T join league code 432520. Only for the seasoned.

    • Shit. That means an entire reshuffle. And because he was so cheap I’m going to have to change things. Grrrr. I liked the look of my team.

      • SHIT!!!

        Feel sorry for this guy. Got Lake instead and promised not to pick him in my squad in 2012. Good decision I’ve made.

        • It’s ok, Shaun Higgins has called up Grimes to talk him through everything.

          I think Grimes main problem is that he has been made a Captain because he is a bit of play doh that can be shaped into a sausage by the SYSTEM.

          Recreational drugs = banned. Pain killers injected into their bodies on game day = legal.

    • OHH FOR FUCK SAKE it took me 2 weeks and 20 changes to replace Lecras and now this.
      Back to the drawing board

      • lol

        • Mate, Lecras and Grimes should not have been in your team.

          I don’t think the Frenchman could average more than the 86 he had last year. That is a great score for a guy who lives in the wasteland that only tip rats survive. But maybe not enough when players like Petrie averaged that last year when they started at $200,000 grand. Their may not be any obvious Petrie’s or Krackers this year, but they will come from somewhere!

          Grimes is never going to play 22. Easy thing to say isn’t it, reaaaaaalllll easy.

          • Anyone who is smart will take these early warning signs as a blessing and stay well away from anyone who is currently, or has just returned from injury.

            Grimes – Injured
            Brown- Injured
            Morabito- Injured
            Porp- Injured
            Barlow- Sore

            The risk is just not worth it. Guys like Hayes, Lake and even Deledio are now well off my radar.

          • I think there are more obvious Petrie’s and Krakouer’s than last year. Clarke, for example

  • Does anyone know or heard how Daniel Conners from The tigers is going, Very unique pick for the backline and averaged 94 in 2010.

    • apparently he’s playing in the forward line this year- probably doesn’t bode well for his scoring potential

    • I have been thinking about him as well. He had the whole group humiliation of ‘I am bad and will stop drinking.’ Last year. Maybe he will get over it?

      He is a gun and a nutter. The best kind.

      I think he will be forgiven quickly if he fires up. Had a good score in the first NAB ‘Lunch time’ game if I remember correctly.

      Like most I’m on Ellis at this stage. Morris does not sound as promising.

      I’m on Houli to, which might change.

      But it’s Conca that is really interesting. I imagine he will make his way into a lot more teams now that Grimes has gone down. I’m not to sold on Conca. I think I will pay $75,000 more and get Puopolo.

  • brown injured in a marking collision with matt maguire. maguire is a ******* retard.

  • Now with Grimes out what is the best choice:

    Or downgrade Volt toChristainson and use the money to:

    • Waters or go Hurn he will get some kicks this year out of halfback hes the go to man

      • Hurn will have the same role as last year, which will mean the same level of scoring. He’s the designated kicker but when West Coast chip the ball around down back, Hurn is usually running around 30 – 40 m upfield to get free, to get more offensive. Plus, the better teams lock him down.

    • Waters is the best option around that price but I’d recommend upgrading where possible!

  • Disappointed to hear that Brown and Grimes are injured again…. that is, disappointed it happened today and not during round 1 or 2 of the season!
    If you had either of them in your teams thus far, then consider yourself a shit kicker dumb ass knit witt weak excuse for a coach who knows nothing about the game!
    Keep trusting these fools & they’ll keep letting you down.
    And people ask me why I think I’m so great… now you know!

    • Thank you so much Greek god of Dreamteam
      Also share your wisdom with us in the art of cock sucking, (of which you must be word champ after all the long hours youve put into it)

    • Your greatness will be short lived…

      The Mongol Army will obliterate all!

      • And there we have it……….. Premium comments from two biggest try-hard noobie wankers on this site (probably both home from school because they are bullied constantly)

        • So did you take the original comment seriously?
          Sounds like your a wanker as well like your gay arse club who are destined for failure this year.

          • The Skull…you swear too much on here man and have less appeal. Pouring the acid on Nth when they struggle at the best of times is an achievement and a half.

        • Its alright Magpie Mayhem! I’d probable be angry to if my birth certificate was an apology from the condom factory!

        • So Magpie Mayhem, do you support school yard bullying?
          Yeah I was bullied, it’s really not a nice feeling you know! We are a DT community filled with love and support and feeding each other hummas in pitta bread!
          Leave child bullying out of it!

          • No TKOL I don’t support school yard bullying, Although I would love to give them both a smack behind the ear, and even though I stuck up for you I still think you are a d.i .c.k- wit

          • Changed your tune since last year, TKOL? Some poor bloke’s kids were fair game if I remember correctly…

      • Sometimes i read all these little back and forth nigglings between you guys for a few laughs and then realise thats 20mins ive wasted that i could’ve been looking at my team..note to self..dont scroll down to far in the comment section where it starts to turn into junk time,down into the depths of the dt world a place where blokes like tkol the skull and magpie mayhem really start to shine..just read the article skip past the wankstain that writes ‘first’up there, read a couple of relevant comments about the article and then get the hell out and back to making random changes to my team based on the said article.

    • Well I had Brown

      Did you ever think that to the nuts inside, the peanut is like their whole universe? I mean they could fall in love and never be together because the shell separates them. So close, but their cruel prison –the shell– keeps them apart. It’s so sad! How they must hate their cruel master, The Shell, uncaring despoiler of legume romance! And then one day, They’re free! And it’s like, “let’s dance, you hot salty nut!”

      SOOooo Come like in round 16, and you have made like 4 sideways trades, and 2 so called master stroke, with your mastermind — I will still be kick’n you’r ass you salty nut! ;)

    • Clearly it was your selection of Super Premos Gram & Rawlings in your defenders last year that makes you great…

      What confirmed your greatnes though was the famous sideway trade of Skippy Montagna for Sam Mitchell – now that was DT genius !!!

      Yes TKOL you treally are a great !!!

    • I’m with tkol on this topic (not the “I’m so great” part). So many people prepared to go for high risk options with the faint hope of big reward by selecting players with suspect durability. Grimes has managed 32 career games in his sixth season (best season:14 games). Brown has suffered a series of horrific facial injuries & plays a game style with very little self-regard. These injuries today are untimely for their clubs, but were virtually inevitable. Two very high risk DT selections that had very little hope of paying off.

      • Congratulations, you have reached the TKOL-CODE (The King Of Leon Centre of Dreamteam Excellence).

        • Do you have a list of people who have reached the tkol CODE?
          I am willing to bet it is a distinguished list.

      • Agree with everything you just wrote Vishnu, and it only took 10 comments or more to get a decent reply rather then act like children. TKOL you’re not great….i am , my mummy says so! ;)…haha

  • geez losing grimes is a big blow to the backs, especially with waters not doing much atm, clarke out with a pinga, question marks on lake still and hardly any rookies putting their hands up like in years gone by……this is going to reshuffle my whole team i suspect!

  • anyone looking for a serious league 482192 should be good competition

  • Anyone who has considered Grimes, Brown or Morobito are just noobs and clowns and deserve to be in a League with the ulimate fool… DR.Dreamteam himself !

    As i post my scores each week and smash you in the Eliminator just remember to pay homage to the great G-BANGERS UNITED !

    • Solid advice. But you know my team ‘Brappa’s Bullies’ feel’s like destroying men,woman and children (hell even armed forces) TY. Step aside G-Man to avoid embarrassment. :)

    • Isn’t it rude to call Nurse Dreamteam, Dr Dreamteam?

      I thought that he had officially changed his name at dead poll and started seeing a dominatrix?

  • Matt Maguire, what a wanker!

  • I’ll admit that I had Grimes in, up until 2 days ago, when I decided to drop Sidey for Christensen & upgrade Grimesy to HeppD.
    And happy with Hargrave -> Howard too!!!

    • Brave man. I like the sound of both but I think my only mid-pricer in the backs will be Puopollo.

  • I know Browny’s an absolute warrior but surely he must be looking at the bank balance and thinking retirement!

  • If you’re a wanker who had Brown & Grimes (again) clap your hands..
    [ Insert claps here}


    (typo on purpose)


  • Higgins for J Brown = Lock ;)

    got to be in it to win it

    “My common sense is tingling.”

  • Take it from me, this going to be Higgins’s year to dominate. Finally over his injury troubles I trust that he will be able to carve me out a 105+ average every week.

    • It would be funny wouldn’t it! I would love it! I wouldn’t jump on, I would just feel like yelling out, ‘Run Forrest run!’

    • He will be to dream team what Richo is to commentary

  • Gotta agree with some of the earlier comments about Murph, and absolute gun, and although he is not in my starting side, is definately going to be one of my first upgrade targets in the midfield

  • Seriously look at that photo at the top!

    What is with Rob Murphy’s head?

  • Hey McRath,

    Love the concept, but I think there’s a change I’d love you to consider (I don’t know if its been mentioned above – I haven’t had time to read the chain). It would be great to see you could pick the best team according to the available cap.

    So, at the start of the season, it will look like many others, but as the season progresses, allow the available cap to increase according to the amount having the best players would allow. [I don’t know how to work this out, but I’m sure you and the other gurus would be able to work it out.]

    This would force the inclusion of the best rookie cash cows, and make the whole thing more realistic, not to mention helpful in terms of how your own team is keeping pace with it; what down-grades & up-grades; etc.

    Regardless of whether you can or would go with this, thanks for your efforts.