My Team 2012: Version 3.2

After NAB Cup Round 1 has completed, we thought it’s time for a new My Team post to fill up with your teams.

This here is the post where you can comment on your own team, help others out, ask random questions, etc. Make sure it isn’t completely a ‘me, me, me’ place to be… offer up advice for those who are playing the game and visiting our site. Remember, you may not agree with someone, but you don’t have to make it personal!

Make everyone’s life easy by posting your team in an easy to read format! There is nothing worse than seeing it all over the place. Here is a suggested way to post it up.

TEAM NAME: Warne Dawgs
DEF: A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
MID: A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
RUC: A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
FWD: A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
CASH LEFT: $9,999

Remember, there is a link to this post on the sidebar so you don’t lose it! Happy Dream Teaming!


  • Team name: Fremantle Flyers

    DEF: Scotland, Goddard, Shaw, Birchall, Hargrave, Clarke, Ellis (Smedts, Bugg)

    MID: Swan, Boyd, Ablett, Mitchell, Sheil, Neale (Magner, Gibson)

    RUCK: Mcintosh, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)

    FWD: Johnson, Franklin, Goodes, Fyfe, Pavlich, Pfeiffer, Saad (Smith, Hall)

    Cash Left: 35, 700

    Thoughts and advice please everyone

  • Hello everyone, i have one question

    Boyd or Rockliff?

  • TEAM NAME: The Beatables

    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Deledio, H. Shaw, M. Suckling, G. Birchall, B. Lake, R. Hargrave (S. Darley, L. Brown)

    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett, J. Selwood, D. Smith, J. McDonald, J. Magner (L. Neale, S. Gibson)

    RUC: H. McIntosh, J. Giles (J. Redden, O. Stephensen)

    FWD: B. Franklin, A. Goodes, N. Fyfe, M. Pavlich, D. Martin, A. Christensen, B. Smedts (A. Treloar, A. Hall)

    CASH LEFT: $3,300

  • Please help

    option 1: Scotland and Wingard
    option 2: Birchall and Lucas
    option 3: Birchall and Wingard


  • One question

    Option 1: Is it better to have 4 main gun midfielders and 4 rookies


    option 2: Is it better to have 3 gun midfielders and 5 rookies and spend the rest on other positions

    or is option 2 too risky?

  • DEF
    . Scotland, H Goddard, B Deledio, B Burgoyne, S Conca, R Hargrave, R Clarke,( M Brown, L Wilkes, B)

    8. Boyd, M Ablett, G. Selwood, J Sloane, R Hayes, L . Magner, J . (Gibson, S, Mcdonald J)

    . Jacobs, S . Giles,( J. Jenkins, J Stephensen, O)

    Franklin, L Beams, D Martin, D Smith, D. Christensen, A Pfeiffer, D Lewis j (A Hall, Dell’Olio, C)

    0 DOLLARS LEFT haha
    any advice? should i sacrifice beams for sidebottom to get some cash and what do use reckon about conca, hayes and lewis?

  • Team Name: Fremantle Flyers

    DEF: Scotland, Goddard, Shaw, Birchall, Hargrave, Clarke, Ellis ( Smedts, Bugg)

    MID: Swan, Boyd, Ablett, Smith, Sheil, Magner (Neale, Gibson)

    RUCK: Sandilands, Giles ( Redden, Stephenson)

    FWD: Johnson, Franklin, Goodes, Pavlich, Martin, Sidebottom, Saad (Pfeiffer, Hall)

    Cash Left: 8,600

    not sure about my midfield yet but i think i have a pretty solid team.

  • backs: Goddard, B Deledio B. Ellis, X Ibbotson, G Grimes, J Lake, B Clarke, M
    bench : BROWN, Nathan J . FROST, Sam

    mids: SWAN, Dane ABLETT, Gary (c) SLOANE, Rory GAFF, Andrew CADDY, Josh CONIGLIO, Stephen bench: NEALE, Lachie MCDONALD, James

    rucks: SANDILANDS, Aaron LEUENBERGER, Matthew bench: GILES, Jonathan STEPHENSEN, Orren

    forwards: GOODES, Adam FYFE, Nathan MARTIN, Dustin SHERMAN, Justin ROHAN, Gary PORPLYZIA, Jason WEEDON, Gerrick bench:SEXTON, Alex HAMPTON, Curtly

    Rem. Salary Cap


    thoughts/ suggestions ???

  • will james mcdonald play many games for gws?

    or is clay smith from the bulldogs a better choice?

  • which two should i pick?

    Neale, Magner and Mcdonald?


  • still playing with it,got some cards to myself.




    fwd,franklin,fyfe,robo,martin,n voldt,L adams,d smith(hall,t,couch)

    give us ya thoughts, was thnking losing adams for heppell or broughts in the backs??

  • NAB 2.0 is over (well will be in 30mins)

    D: Scotland, Goddard, Suckling, Adcock, Nicholson/Garland, Townsend, Guthrie, (Darley, Patful)
    M: Mitchell (VC), Ablett (C), Redden, Thompson, Smith, Magner, (Hogan, Neale)
    R: Jacobs, Kreuzer, (McIntosh, Redden) – yes, I dropped giles
    F: Franklin, Goodes, Robinson, Martin, Cameron, Horlin-Smith, Couch, (Kerridge, Weedon)
    C: $400

    1. I’ve tried to avoid injury prone players
    2. Collinwood and Geelong midfielders will be upgrade targets
    3. Most rookies showed good tackling and were solid bodies
    4. Undecided on Nicholson/Garland

    I’m hoping that some of these rookies make a little cash – fingers crossed

    • different structure i dont like it, but could pay off,no point in having mac on the bench just sitting there,anyone would tell u that

  • Anyone have Marty Clarke in your backs and not completely convinced of his cash cow qualities?
    Was at the game on the weekend and despite his limited game time he didn’t seem all that crash hot.

    There’s better out there in rooks IMO but i’m gunna wait and see still holding onto him – for now.

  • Any news on will sierakwoski played footy with him
    He was a gun. has he played any nab games
    Or is he injured ?? Anyone

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