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We would like to welcome on board as sponsors for 2012. Throughout the year they will be running competitions on this here website and offer you some special deals. We are pleased to have the support of and hope you will support them too!

A message from the Meathead crew:

For too long now blokes like us have been forced to endure something no man should ever have to – The SHOPS.  If your idea of a good day out is spending it with thousands of women with their crying babies who take 30 minutes to park properly then this probably isn’t the site for you.  If you’re like us however and have far better things to be doing (sleeping,  eating and drinking all count) then there is only one shop for you –

At you will find anything and everything a bloke will need in one location.  From jocks and socks to wallets and tee’s we have all the latest fashion as well as some of your old favourites. offers FREE delivery to all purchases within Australia and as a DT Talk follower you will receive a product up to the value of $25 when you spend over $60, this deal is valid until (Friday 2nd March 2012).  Just quote “DT Talk” when you make your online purchase and state which product it is you are after.  It’s that simple.We also have free weekly giveaways for the best ‘Meathead Of The Week’ which can be viewed on our facebook page.

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To check out the range, click here.


  • Well done on the sponsorship boys. Keep up the good work.


  • radiohead are touring.. tickets on sale!!!!

    sorry.. as you were.

    well done on the sponsorship lads,

    i like shopping though.. its a good perve :P

  • Great to see involved, will jump on for a look.

    Is there any reason Beams didnt play in Collingwoods first Nab cup round? Is he injured?

  • How is Curnow looking? I haven’t heard his name mentioned once. The might be a reason for this……

  • Dear Virtual sports,

    For us iPad users and in general the newest set up is great and a huge improvement. In saying this, a few things I have found that still need a slight refinement are;

    If you press the graph button against someone’s name on your field you can’t get rid of it with out refreshing the page.

    When you toggle your NAB cup score prediction switch on and off the description bubble won’t disappear with out refreshing the page.

    (IMO) Watch list should be present on the screen all the time and especially when your team is not complete, not just when you have a full team. This would make selecting from your pre-refined list easier opposed to selecting from the entire league. Either that or have a ‘Who you could afford’ list.

    Again, this is not a moan and groan, just simply a suggestion for the future. Hail DT.

    • I can’t even find the watch list???

      • And your a seasoned DTer!

        It’s on the right, third tab under ‘How your team scored in – Round 0″

        How your team scored / Trade History / Watchlist / Notes

        I think you have to have a full team selected before you see any of these tabs though.

        See Virtual Sports??!! We are old hats at DT and were still a bit lost.

  • Definitely on a winner meat heads! Plenty of “meat heads” on here!

  • Cheers for the support fellas.

    We’ve been big DT Talk followers for a long time now and thought this would be a good way to give a little back to the boys as well as hitting our target market.

    The way I see it, less time at the shops equals more time working on your dream team!

    As it says above, everything on the site is free delivery and our prices are exactly the same as the shops so if you know what your after this is the one stop shop for blokes!

    We’ve got plenty more brands hitting the site in the coming fortnight so jump onto facebook, ‘like’ our page and get the updates as they come through. We’ve also got constant giveaways on facebook so get on board!