NAB Cup – Week 2 Dream Team Chat and Discussion


We’re all hanging on everything that happens in the NAB Cup to find our more information about players on our shortlist. The live chat will be running over this weekend (and all weekends) of the NAB Cup to discuss the games. Post your thoughts in the comments too!


  • brown possibly out next nab cup game.. how am i gonna decide between christensen and brown!!!!

  • Kane Lucas racking it up. Carrots is looking awesome as well. Hmm Carrots or Scotland or Suckling is going to be a bitch to choose from :(

  • What to people think of this team?
    Any Suggestions ??

    Goddard Suckling Heppell Ellis
    Howard Tomllnson Clarke ( Bugg, Smedts)

    Pendles Boyd (C) Ablett
    Mitchell Murphy Hayes ( Horsley, Mcdonald)

    Mcintosh Giles ( Derickx, Stephenson)

    Johnson Franklin Giansiracusa Pavlich
    Porplyzia Hall Weedon (Hampton, Skinner)

    • I think it would look a lot better in the my teams section if this site

    • Downgrade your midfield. What are you going to do by Rd 13 when GAJ, Mitchell, Murphy and Hayes are all out? Downgrade two of the above premos to rooks and upgrade the rest of your team.

      Your defense is lacking premiums and same with your rucks (upgrade Mcintosh to Mcevoy perhaps)

  • Rory Sloane is looking good, 36 points and the first halve hasnt even finished yet! could be an awesome breakout season for him…

  • Umpiring and constant rule changes are going to ruin the game. It’s quickly becoming a boys game.

  • It’s quite worrying that Rowe was 1 of only 2 named Carlton players not to get a run in 24 man teams in hot Adelaide weather. Unless he picked up some injury in the last couple of days, this would seem to confirm that he is well down the depth chart and unlikely to get games without a few big guys going down.

    Does anyone starting Giles still have Rowe at R4 or are you looking at other options? Redden maybe… I think an option would be to put Pattinson there (85k RF) and just forget about it, don’t know how often you will need 4 ruckmen. Interested in other opinions.

    • With Kreuzer, Waite, Hampson, Warnock and Thornton all potentially playing forward at some point I thought it was a fair assumption already that Rowe may not play Round 1.

      Ruckmen aren’t known for their durability. If want Giles and Stephenson on the bench so I definitely have cover.

    • The 4th ruckman will have more importance this year due to the MBR’s. You really don’t want to be making trades in the rucks if you can help it to cover a rookie ruck. At least pick a 4th ruckman that is on a list (eg. Jenkins, Redden) if you are going with Giles as the 2nd ruck.

  • Another game, another rookie option. It is going to be interesting to see how many get elevated and start round 1. Gibson, Magner, Couch and now McIntyre.

  • Mr Sloane… That is what I am talking about!

  • ok now seriously, who is one mid/fwd rookie who i can put in my mids who will be a good dpp? thers none! !#$!%

  • McIntyre has been in my team for the past 2 weeks … Great that he had a good game, not so great that his uniqueness has been diminished … The joys of Dream Team LOL. :-) Ahh well, Carn the Crows … it is nice to get a couple of wins on the board even if it is the NAB LOL. Additionally, very happy with Sloane and VB … looks like a couple of good years ahead for those boys. :-)

    • The reasoning behind him being unique is the fact he’s rookie listed. With the introduction of mature aged rookies the last couple years I have my eye on them more so than a skinny 18 yr old. It just makes it hard picking a rookie listed player than doing a mad scramble deadline day trying to fix your structure if they don’t get elevated

  • Porplyzia or Rohan????

  • Sam Mitchell as 4th Mid or someone else

    Was thinking Murphy, Selwood, Thompson or even Sloane

    • mitchell will give you loads of points.
      sloane is a good downgrade and could offer something elsewhere

  • rookies in defence!!! i need help struggling to find some

  • should i be looking into nab cup too much for my team?

  • not sure if there’s room for him in many teams, but Brad Ebert looked a lot more comfortable in Power colours

  • I was at AAMI and heres what I learned:

    1. wingard looks promising. was always in it and could of had 3 goals instead of 1

    2. westhoff is still useless while butcher and schulz should be the key two

    3. carlton were awful

    4. sloane could breakout, couldn’t get away from the ball in the first half!

    5. walker is still very lazy

    6. ebert looks like a reasonably good pickup while didn’t even sight john mcarthy

    7. mcyintre got a bit of the ball but made some bad errors so would stay away from him for now

    8. scott thompson no matter how bad port are will not score well against them. I don’t know why.

    • Thanks mate!

      Your honest feedback from actually being at the footy is great.

      I think I might have to lock in Wingard with Coniglio as I’m going with three mid guns and then rooks.

      I’m stoked Magner and Gibson are firing. It just makes sense that ball magnets that have ruled VFL are more likely to make an impact than all but the best youngsters. Last year I found a few of the older guys didn’t get a crack till later. This sucked but at least I was on them when they fired up.

      I was at a bux weekend so my memories of the footy are hazy.

      I do remember the footy being UGLY. But I loved it anyway.

      I wish Kyle Horsley played.

      I do remember Goodes going in STUDS UP, feet first! Into a contested loose ball. It would be banned if people did it more often. I love the bastard but his footy smarts are bad ass.

      Saad was a pleasure to see and I hope that he can decipher the things Milne says to him.

      Bower was very interesting. Now that Clarke has done a hammy he looks good.

      I like expensive rooks cause you can trade them without cash if need be.

      I just realised that I have written this as a reply to your comment, I think I got carried away. hahaaahh

  • After the first round of NAB Cup I’ve put together my top value picks. These results come out of a formula with no subjective imput. These players scored well enough this round to make good cash cows or keepers.

    1. J. Hawksley (BRL) $268,600
    2. S. Darley (GWS) $104,200
    2. T. Bugg (GWS) $104,200
    4. R. Hargrave (WBD) $232,700
    5. B. Harvey (BRL) (MID) (Rookie) $104,200
    6. P. Yagmoor (COL) $98,700

    1. E. Yeo (BRL) $98,700
    2. C. Wingard (PTA) $157,200
    3. R. Harwood (BRL) $246,100
    4. J. McDonald (GWS) $98,700
    5. J. Magner (MEL) (Rookie) $85,800
    6. B. McLean (CAR) $264,100
    7. T. McIntyre (ADE) (FWD) (Rookie) $85,800
    8. A. Miles (GWS) $104,200
    9. B. Harvey (BRL) (DEF) (Rookie) $104,200
    10. M. Carter (CAR) $104,200
    11. S. Gibson (Rookie) $85,800
    12. K. Lucas (CAR) $206,000
    13. E. Kavanagh (ESS) $98,700

    1. J. Giles (GWS) $117,800
    2. J. Roughead (WBD) $283,600
    3. A. Cordy (WBD) $178,100

    1. Z. Skinner (WBD) $104,200
    2. G. Weedon (WCE) $104,200
    3. T. McIntyre (ADE) (FWD) (Rookie) $85,800
    4. A. Hall (GCS) $98,700
    5. R. Cooyou (GWS) (Rookie) $119,800
    6. J. Schulz (PTA) $294,900

    A few of these guys should drop out with more games, but its something to think about. I don’t recommend putting anyone in just because they are on this list either.

    • Man, my head is spinning. So many names. Tell us your fav’s!

      • I thought I’d put a lot out there for anyone that was interested. My first choices form these would be Hargrave, Wingard, McDonald, Magner, Giles and Hall, which should mostly be regulation picks. Anyone on Jay Schulz to have a breakout year?

    • Great summary – definitely a few there that I’ll admit weren’t on my radar before but now defintely are. Thanks portetdaspet!

    • Thanks so much for these posts mate – one of the more valuable contributions made to the page recently.

      Some interesting names on the mix, and then its down to working out of those guys who can get regular games, who can keep up those averages, who has the ability to improve on those averages, and of course who of those not on the list may be up there when the real stuff starts.

      Personally I am looking at Gibson, Miles, Old MacDonald, Magner as my mid ‘rooks’ !!

      What is everyone’s thoughts on Hogan, his two games were pretty special!!

  • What are everyones thoughts on these players im considering

    • Christensen for sure – I really do think he represents good value this year. The cats have a DT firendly game plan, and his position, and finish to 2011 are very encouraging. I think he is sold short by his avg from last year when you factor in his subbed games. There are plenty talking him down too, asking whether he can keep it up… I guess it comes down to whether you have the guts, or have any other risky fwd line players… personally… I’m on board!

  • Christenson or J Brown?

  • Hey guys and girls
    Can i please get you opinions on J.Butcher (port)? I saw a few of his S.A.N.F.L games and thought he was brilliant, and when brought in to the power side he played a very proffesional game ( for a newbie). Will he go any where this year?

  • Who wants to provide some opinions on Hogan?? Two pretty impressive outings for the cats on the weekend. Obviously he ran thru the middle most of the time and won’t get that kind of exposure in the season proper, but it was encouraging to see. He doesn’t need to be upgraded like some of our other mid ‘rooks’ this year and he has the advantage of being in a very DT friendly team where we have seen younger guys flourish (Christensen and Others last year)

    To be honest i don’t know much about the guy – juniors, injuries etc – so I would appreciate any info

  • To all the dreamteamers out there jonathon brown is out from 6-8 weeks