Help our mate win a new job

Our friend Dan has entered a competition on suggesting a job he wished existed. He is suggested Fantasy Sport Support Officer. Being a site dedicated to Fantasy Footy, we would love ‘one of our own’ to win!

All you have to do to help him win is head to his entry on the Seek website and hit ‘like’. Too easy. One little bonus is that you can win one of five $500 just for voting. So, get amongst it!

Click here to vote for Dan!

Hurry, voting closes 5pm Thursday 23rd February, 2012. Dan will appreciate all of the supoprt he can get! Let’s get him as many likes as we can to get him into the final!


  • I want a full time DT job…

    • You deserve a FT DT job!

      • I did enjoy a new Grade 7 kid at school today who couldn’t believe “Warnie” was at teacher at his school. Haha. ;)

        Making a difference!

        • …maybe he thought it was “Shane”…then realised it was the DT “Dawg” and got all excited, no special tips to students Warnie ;-)

          • Our lunchtime DT meetings will begin in a couple of weeks. If the Chess Club can be a ‘real’ thing and get a picture in the school yearbook at the end of the year, then so can DT Club!

        • That is making a difference… he will probably learn something… In maths you could use DT calculations when upgrading and downgrading players, in English you could use AFL players names to spell and pronounce, in Science you could experiment with things such as 5 premos in the mids compared to 4or 3, and in Art you could express the feelings of both a “FMDT” feeling and a “I’ve nailed it” feeling through literature, painting and dance!! This student could become a genius!

        • Haha, nice mate.

    • Here here, having been on leave for the last 2 weeks and being a full time DT Coach…seriously…this is the life.

      DT, Red Wine and Excel….. Just about heaven for me.

      Echo what everyone has said, Warnie, Roy and Calvin….you guys bloody rock….. Have a tilt at the top job lads… Julia is on shaky ground and The Ruddster punches kittens and rates Jen over Megan..he has no chance.

      Warnie for PM I say!

    • finally worked out how to get my DT shield as my avatar…

  • someone has got to pay you for it! You guys give so much for nothing..the curse of the internet my much available for SFA!

    • It is a very good site this, no question… love that you keep churning stories out even though nothing’s happening yet. The site and all its contributors are legendary! Good karma awaits.

      Oh, good luck Dan by the way!

  • VOTE 4 PEDR…. I MEAN DAN!!!!!!!!11!!1112

  • surely there’s more people on this site than facebook,zuckers got
    $640 million you guys will be right

    • Voting closes at midnight tonight. Looking like we won’t get there, unless there’s a final rush of 600 votes.. Thanks everyone for voting though..

      • I could bomb it on the missus facebook page, we have about 3.5k fans.

        Problem is the target audience.