NAB Cup – Week 1 Dream Team Chat and Discussion

We’re all hanging on everything that happens in the NAB Cup to find our more information about players on our shortlist. The live chat will be running over this weekend (and all weekends) of the NAB Cup to discuss the games. Post your thoughts in the comments too!


  • Hey guys, Any possible suggestions? i have 170k in the bank to play around with.

    Def: Goddard Birchall Heppel Grimes Clarke Ellis Smedts ( Bugg Darley)

    Mid; Boyd Ablett Pendles Selwood Mcdonald Pfeiffer (Shiel Brown)

    Rucks: Cox Hmac (Giles Orren)

    Fwds: Franklin Goodes Zaha Sidebottom Martin Zorko Treloar (Cameron Kerridge)

    I have 170k left, i would like to know how many premiums do you guys see in my squad currently, who would you possibly trade out for and who would you bring in and also to rate it.

    BTW: my thoughts on Cox/Hmac combo is that Cox is the reliable ruck and with hmac i’m hoping him to average around 80-85 which should get him to around 400k and at that point of time i can get the best ruckmen rather than choosing an upcoming one who might flop and cost me a few trades.

    Please comment!

  • Just thought I’d share the Top 5 best players from each position in terms of value that I have calculated from this weekend(this is solely based on their scores)


    1. S. Darley (GWS)
    2. T. Bugg (GWS)
    3. R. Hargrave (WBD)
    4. P. Yagmoor (COL)
    5. A. Tomlinson (GWS) (FWD)


    1. J. McDonald (GWS)
    2. A. Miles (GWS)
    3. S. Gibson (NTH) (Rookie)
    4. E. Kavanagh (ESS)
    5. L. Neale (FRE)


    1. J. Giles (GWS)
    2. J. Roughead (WBD)
    3. A. Cordy (WBD)
    4. J. Witts (COL)
    5. S. McNamara (COL) (Rookie)


    1. Z. Skinner (WBD)
    2. G. Weedon (WCE)
    3. R. Cooyou (GWS) (Rookie)
    4. A. Tomlinson (GWS) (DEF)
    5. A. Hams (WCE)

    Obviously a purely statistical model makes some rather crass assumptions and teams will change a lot after NAB 1, but I think there are some interesting points.

    One thing I did notice was the alarming lack of DPP rookies. Tomlinson played well as a DEFFWD, but apart from that the cupboard was pretty bare. The best MIDFWD was Curtly Hampton at No. 11 in MID and No. 10 in FWD. It will be interesting to see if any more options become apparent later in the NAB Cup.

    Also, value pick of the week (at least by the numbers) is Z. Skinner with 53 points in 40min @ 104k.

    • Nice work, it will be interesting to see if hargrave can get back to his 2009 DT form.

      • I thought he looked really good on Saturday night, much more composed than last year. Although obviously the opposition was not top quality. He’s in my team for now.

    • Ummm no Boyd?

      • Boyd had a great game, but this list ranks players in terms of expected increase in price, so he coudn’t quite beat these 100k players. I have him ranked 9th among midfielders for price increase, although I’m guessing not many people are picking Boyd as a cash cow.

      • I guess it also depends a bit on what multiplier you use for scores. I just doubled scores in these half games, under the assumption that it wouldn’t make much of a difference to rookies. But if you use 2.5 Boyd goes up to 3rd for mids and 2.8 he is number 1.

        However, I didn’t really design this spreadsheet to look at ultra premiums so I feel its not that important. A 2.8 multipier implies Boyd would have got 252 against Collingwood, which seems high.

  • Thinking of getting cox into my team for sandi. Cox is firing

  • In case anyone was wondering heres the nab cup ladder so far:

    Team Pts %

    West Coast 8 189.1
    Collingwood 8 119.6
    Hawthorn 4 132.3
    Fremantle 4 115.7
    Richmond 4 100
    Western B/dogs 4 96.4
    Nth Melbourne 4 76.5
    GWS 0 88.5
    Essendon 0 50.4

  • Sidebottom or Zaha?

  • seriously, where was Anthony Morabito??????

    • he’s being eased back into it, gonna play a bit in the wafl to start the year so dont bother picking him straight away

  • boyd + cox + mcintosh


    murphy + sandi + z. smith

    tough one!

  • Hey guys, i was at the game yesterday and couldn’t help but notice Masten was on fire, however every single WC supporter i’ve asked has told me to stay away from him. Also looking through the post game stats i noticed that Melksham had a great game against WC but was poor against Freo. I currently have Howlett in my team who was consistent but am wondering who would be the better player to pick. Any thoughts?

  • Hi Guys, I want to join a top league if anybody has space. Reached in the top 200 until 5 weeks before finals where I plummeted to 6000 after some bad luck with injuries. Team name Gutted Ewoks. Cheers.

  • Didn’t see the Essendon games but Dell’Olio was getting good marks in match reports, although his scores were just ok. Any views on him from a DT perspective?

    • Pretty much played on the goal line, which isn’t great for DT. And he’s listed as a rookie I think, which also isn’t great. Still looks a decent player though, maybe a downgrade option if he gets upgraded mid-year.

      • the Dons have 2 players on LTI so 2 rookies can be elevated before round 1 (i think) its between Brendan Lee, Dell’olio and Baguely im pretty sure, so he might get a run early

  • Hey all,just wondering if anyone wants to join my team..

    Im kinda new and its just me in my league at the moment.

    If anyone has a league i can join that would be great too

    Thanks guys

    my league number is 229208

  • I have a Supercoach league going if anyone wants to show me how its done.
    Code ……..888541

  • hi all,

    whats people thought on this.

    I wont say my mids,but im maybe looking at trading sheils out for either redden,rockcliff or mitchel(but he does get injured previously.)


  • I finished top 1200 in DT and Supercoach last year looking for some fellow metal heads to battle it out for supremecy – private league is 636559

  • Hi everyone is getting the rookies right the key and are these players the ones to watch
    What do u think and who else is there

  • any cheap defence players who will go well this year ?