NAB Cup Squads: Round 1 – Part A

The first lot of squads for the opening round of the NAB Cup have been announced. Below we have highlighted some players that we will be watching. The reason for this ‘highlighted interest’ varies from… Rookies, players who will be playing out of position (more midfield time etc.), under-priced players coming back from injuries or just unique picks to monitor.

NAB Cup is a crucial time for selecting your team – watch closely!

Richmond, Hawthorn, North Melbourne

Etihad Stadium, Friday Feb 17, 6.45pm AEDT

2. Dylan Grimes, 4. Dustin Martin, 6. Shaun Grigg, 7. Matt Dea, 8. Jack Riewoldt, 9. Trent Cotchin, 10. Shane Edwards, 11. Jake Batchelor, 13, Brad Miller, 14. Bachar Houli, 16. Luke McGuane, 17. Chris Newman, 18. Alex Rance, 20. Ivan Maric, 21. Shane Tuck, 23. Daniel Jackson, 25. Angus Graham, 26. Robin Nahas, 28. Jake King, 29. Tyrone Vickery, 30. Reece Conca, 32. Brad Helbig, 35. Matthew White, 37. Jayden Post, 38. Steven Morris, 39. Tom Derickx, 41. Nathan Foley, 42. Brandon Ellis, 43. Todd Elton, 44. Matt Arnot, 45. Brett O’Hanlon, 46. Jeromey Webberley, 47. Addam Maric, 49. Steven Verrier

1. Hamish McIntosh, 3. Ryan Bastinac, 4 Liam Anthony, 5. Ben Warren, 6. Lachlan Hansen, 7. Jack Ziebell, 9. Andrew Swallow, 10. Ben Cunnington, 11. Michael Firrito, 12. Lindsay Thomas, 13. Leigh Adams, 14. Gavin Urquhart, 15. Luke Delaney, 16. Scott Thompson, 17. Nathan Grima, 18. Shaun Atley, 20. Drew Petrie, 22. Todd Goldstein, 23. Kieran Harper, 24. Levi Greenwood, 25. Robbie Tarrant, 26. Ben McKinley, 27. Aaron Edwards, 29. Brent Harvey, 31. Cameron Delaney, 33. Matthew Campbell, 34. Jamie Macmillan, 35. Aaron Black, 39. Cameron Pedersen, 41. Aaron Mullett, 42. Scott McMahon, 43. Sam Gibson, 45. Brad Mangan, 46. Ben Speight.


3. Jordan Lewis, 4. Matt Suckling, 5. Sam Mitchell, 6. Josh Gibson, 9. Shaun Burgoyne, 10. Chance Bateman, 11. Clinton Young, 12. Brad Sewell, 14. Grant Birchall, 15. Luke Hodge, 16. Isaac Smith, 17. Cameron Bruce, 18. Brent Guerra, 19. Jack Gunston, 21. Shane Savage, 22. Luke Breust, 23. Lance Franklin, 24. Ben Stratton, 25. Ryan Schoenmakers, 26. Liam Shiels, 28. Paul Puopolo, 29. Tom Murphy, 31. Jarrad Boumann, 32. Brad Hill, 33. Cyril Rioli, 34. Jordan Kelly, 35. Sam Grimley, 36. Alex Woodward, 37. Brendan Whitecross, 39. Max Bailey, 40. Broc McCauley, 42. Angus Litherland, 45. Tom Schneider, 46. Derick Wanganeen

Collingwood, GWS, Western Bulldogs

Blacktown Sportspark, Saturday February 18, 7.15pm AEDT

1. Alex Fasolo, 6. Tyson Goldsack, 12. Luke Ball, 13. Dale Thomas, 15. Jarrod Witts, 18. Darren Jolly, 22. Steele Sidebottom, 23. Lachlan Keeffe, 25. Tom Young, 27. Simon Buckley, 28. Ben Sinclair, 29. Jonathan Ceglar, 30. Brent Macaffer, 31. Chris Dawes, 33. Jackson Paine, 34. Alan Toovey, 36. Dane Swan, 38. Peter Yagmoor, 39. Heath Shaw, 40. Paul Seedsman, 45. Lachlan Smith, 46.  Marley Williams, 47. Michael Hartley, 48. Caolan Mooney, 50. Shae McNamara

1. Phil Davis, 2. Curtly Hampton, 3. Stephen Coniglio, 4. Israel Folau, 6. Luke Power, 7. Rhys Palmer, 8. Callan Ward, 9. Tom Scully, 11. Chad Cornes, 13. Sam Darley, 14. Tomas Bugg, 15. Tim Golds, 16. Nathan Wilson, 18. Jeremy Cameron, 19. Nick Haynes, 20. Adam Tomlinson, 22. Shaun Edwards, 23. Sam Reid, 24. Steve Clifton, 25. Anthony Miles, 26. Jonathan Giles, 27. Andrew Phillips, 28. Liam Sumner, 29. Dom Tyson, 31. Jacob Townsend, 32. Gerald Ugle, 34. Devon Smith, 35. Toby Greene, 36. Jack Hombsch, 38. James McDonald, 39. Tim Mohr, 42. Mark Whiley, 44. Tom Downie, 47. Josh Bruce, 49. Rhys Cooyou (how could you not be watching all of these guys?!

1. Jarrad Grant, 2. Robert Murphy, 3. Mitch Wallis, 4. Daniel Cross, 5. Matthew Boyd, 8. Patrick Veszpremi, 10. Easton Ward, 12. Tom Williams, 13. Daniel Giansiracusa, 14. Clay Smith, 16. Ryan Griffen, 19. Liam Jones, 21. Tom Liberatore, 22. Dylan Addison, 23. Jordan Roughead, 25. Ryan Hargrave, 26. Zephaniah Skinner, 27. Will Minson, 29. Tory Dickson, 30. Christian Howard, 32, Michael Talia, 37. Lukas Markovic, 40. Luke Dahlhaus, 42, Liam Picken, 48. Matthew Panos, 49. Ayce Cordy

Fremantle, West Coast, Essendon

Patersons Stadium, February Sunday 19, 4.45pm WST

1. Hayden Ballantyne
, 3. Zac Dawson, 4. Jayden Pitt, 5. Garrick Ibbotson, 6. Greg Broughton, 7. Nathan Fyfe, 8. Nick Suban, 9. Adam McPhee, 10. Nick Lower, 11. Tom Sheridan, 13. Tendai Mzungu, 15. Ryan Crowley, 17. Hayden Crozier, 22. Jack Anthony, 23. Chris Mayne, 25. Josh Mellington, 27. Lachie Neale, 28. Peter Faulks, 29. Matthew Pavlich, 30. Zachary Clarke, 31. Aaron Sandilands, 32. Stephen Hill, 34. Lee Spurr, 35. Haiden Schloithe, 37. Michael Johnson, 39. Sam Menegola, 40.Matt De Boer, 41 Paul Duffield, 46. Clancee Pearce, 47. Jay Van Berlo

2. Mark LeCras, 3. Andrew Gaff, 5. Brad Sheppard, 6. Mark Nicoski, 7. Chris Masten, 11. Matt Priddis, 13. Luke Shuey, 14. Koby Stevens, 15. Tom Swift, 16. Eric Mackenzie, 17. Josh Kennedy, 18. Bradd Dalziell, 19. Ryan Neates, 20. Dean Cox, 21. Quinten Lynch, 22. Michael Mascoulis, 23. Darren Glass, 25. Shannon Hurn, 26. Sam Butler, 27. Jack Darling, 28. Ashley Smith, 29. Scott Lycett, 30. Blayne Wilson, 33. Josh Hill, 34. Jacob Brennan, 35. Patrick McGinnity, 36. Fraser McInnes, 37, Adam Selwood, 40. Anton Hamp, 42. Jeremy McGovern, 43. Ashton Hams, 44. Gerrick Weedon, 45. Callum Papertalk, 46. Simon Tunbridge, 47. Lewis Stevenson


2. Ricky Dyson, 6. Angus Monfries, 7. Leroy Jetta, 10. Mark McVeigh, 11. David Zaharakis, 12. Stewart Crameri, 13. Anthony Long, 14.Sam Lonergan, 15. Courtenay Dempsey, 16. Tayte Pears, 17. Jake Melksham, 19. David Hille, 20. Henry Slattery, 22. Jake Carlisle, 23. David Myers, 26. Cale Hooker, 27. Luke Davis, 28. Elliott Kavanagh, 29. Alwyn Davey, 30. Patrick Ryder, 32. Travis Colyer, 33. Jackson Merrett, 34. Kyle Hardingham, 35. Nick O’Brien, 36. Lauchlan Dalgleish, 37. Kyle Reimers, 38. Michael Ross, 40. Ben Howlett, 41. Brendan Lee, 43. Michael Hibberd, 46. Mark Baguley, 47. Cory Dell’Olio


  • No Trent Cotchin highlight??

  • Anyone looking for a league and your a bomber fan join 837728

  • this is off the subject but there are 3 spots in DT TALK GIANTS

  • Chris Newman, Robbie Tarrant and Sam Gibson might also be worth a look.

    • Gibson yes, but Tarrant is fool’s gold and Chris Newman (whilst solid) will not improve

  • Sam Gibson. Lock him in. He will get elevated.

  • no Sierakowski. was hoping he’d get a run :(

    • I was hoping we’d get to see a bit of him but apparently Liam Anthony and Shaun Atley are doing a bit of work with the defenders and the vacancies could be taken by them. There’s still hope but are those back rooks looking thin…I need four haha!

      • Take a look at Mark Baguley from Essendon as a ‘unique’ rookie defender mate, has every chance to get elevated

        • haha ok thanks mate. As a Bomber supporter without any Bombers in my current team he’ll be one I’ll look out for pretty closely now.

          • Why no Zaha? I was onto him but then kept hearing knee rumors. I have the feeling he will kick ass regardless but I don’t think I’m game!

          • Yeah, because of his knees. It seems a bit more serious than the old Have an injection before the game and one at half time and finish your career with no cartilage sort of thing – that normally happens with guys older than 22! (ffs!). I’m unsure about one of my forwards and don’t think the Cup will sort it out so he’s still thereabouts – I will probably dig a bit deeper before I freeze him out completely.

    • Sierakowski also didnt play the North intraclub game as a “precaution”

  • no Leigh Adams highlight?
    watch him closely, could easily average 95 this year

    • shut up! >:(

      • SHHHHHH please The Johnsonator.

        I am quietly keeping an eye on young Patch. Ive already got him penciled into my fwd line as a unique I think might have a breakout year.

        As you can imagine I am trying to keep this pretty quiet, its not a unique pick if everyone gets on board now is it?

        Appreciate it mate.

        • I think you’ll find there are a few of us with him on the radar

          • As i said before SSSSShhhhhhhhhh on the Patch talk please 7ator.

            If no one talks about it, then no one is thinking about it…..

            This is the theory I am going with.

          • I think there’s a lot of us who don’t.

          • I don’t think you have to worry about Patch being ‘unique’. He’s in a really awkward prie range with players who are more proven than he is. Realistically, I think he’ll be a good pick, but I don’t see him being a game changer or anything.

  • Here is a link to an article Alex Woodward, with Hawthorn and gunna be an absolute gun and the one I am most looking forward to watching in the Nab Cup
    the only thing I can see is wrong with him is he doesn’t play for the Pies. :-(

  • Kieran Harper is gonna be a star in a few years. Similar to Andrew Swallow.

  • Any thoughts on my back line I think it needs a bit of touching:
    B.Scotland, B.goddard, B, deledio, A, mackie, M.clarke, B.ellis, l.spurr
    (S.morris) (W.sierKowski)

    • Mackie is NOT a premo keeper. I would be looking at some one like Birchall or Suckers or Enright.

      • I disagree, if you forget last year he averaged over 83 for the past 4 seasons.. and 91 in 2008.
        but for me there is better, cheaper options this year.

        • I would have my 4th defender someone like birchall.. maybe as the 3rd.
          someone like grimes would be my 4th.

          • Alright cheers wait this is my forwords- Chapman, franklin, goodes, rioli,Varcoe, a Colin’s, T milera, (A saad, T Walsh)

      • I agree, wouldn’t pick mackie, the others are solid. I’m not sold on marty clarke but do have him pencilled in at this stage.

      • yeah just to fit in the cookie cutter team that everyone has…pfffft, give you credit for uniqueness, im actually thinking mackie too

        • Cookie cutter is a lame argument, there are only so many good DTers, the top sides will all look similar by years end. I usually pick a unique or two but not in the backs.

    • Mackie is a risk, but could work out well for you. Sierkowski isnt play on Friday, so just keep that in mind

    • Hey Gabe. You might want to research your chosen players a bit better esp some of your forwards.

      Best of luck with it!

  • Hey all, Me and a mate missed out on the DTTalk Team leagues so thought we start one between us. He’s a Docker and I’m a Tiger and would like some competition from supportors of them 2 sides and a bit of banter as well. Code is 699246. Cheers GO TIGERS!!!

  • I’m interested in the former crow Jack Gunston.
    Mainly to see how the lad goes and not as a DT pick
    He’s currenty 300K and I cant see him going much above 400K (80pt average) in that forward line. More value elsewhere :)

  • Buddy not highlighted????

  • A League has been created for only the most hardened DT’ers Join if you think you have the clout to be part of the league with the highest average 339435

  • no marty clarke named in pies squad. should we be concerned?

    • word is he is injured and will miss the first week of NAB, apparently should be right after that, not sure what the problem is tho

  • will old mate Andrew Strijk ever make his way back into the WC side…was hoping for a comeback this year

    • mate, I picked him up when I needed a rookie downgrade the week he came into the WC team! I love the man. Not sure about his status either, someone out there, help us out!

  • Said in the West Australian that Marty Clarke had a soft tissue injury (not sure when/where) if your wondering why he isnt in the nab cup squad. Maybe a precaution?

  • No heppell? Maybe he’s bulking up some more

  • No winderlich either mmm

  • Brad Miller not highlighted?



  • i’m looking for a strong league to join i finished in th top 600 last year so looking for a challenge

  • NAB is vital for me. I have so many rookies. I just done a massive clean out of mid price players.
    Brown Christensen and Hmac are all that’s left. Porpz Conca Lake Barlow Grimes Armstrong, all gone. Considering i have only 3 premium’s in my back line, if i dont nail these rookies im in trouble.

    • Is that wise? If you’re going to go down that path you should load up your mid and fwd’s (with DPP) rookies and have more premo’s in your backline. Mid rookies always earn more. Especially when there’s a stack of good options from GWS and the like.

      You could easily assume Goddard, Scotland, Birchall, Sucks, Heppel? to be in the top 7 DEF’s.
      Then have GAB / Swan as captain with a buckload of good rookies in the mids = $$$

  • Off topic… But Champion Data are looking for extra staff in WA to take live stats at WAFL colts/reserves/league games. Just casual…. Only downside is you aren’t allowed to win the car anymore… But you get paid to watch footy. Let me know if your possibly keen.

  • What’s wrong with Dylan Shiel?

    • appendisitis (however you spell it), had it out not long ago, not sure what the go is, might be back next week or round 1 not sure

  • Wasn’t there going to be another episode of the coaches box before 2moro night kicks off? guess m0nty didn’t get around to it

  • Big watch on Q Lynch. Not because he’s a shining DT prospect, but because he’s a beast.

    If only you racked up DT points for having legs like trees