AFL Dream Team 2012 Opening Countdown Chat

The launch of AFL Dream Team for 2012 is tonight at midnight (AEST). We’ll be chatting in here with other Dream Team coaches throughout the evening about all things Dream Team.

Stay tuned during the evening for our second DT TALK preseason episode of the year featuring interviews with Nathan Buckley and Andrew Swallow as well as more of Meet the Draftees (Jonathon Patton, Chad Wingard, Lin Jong and Elliott Kavanagh). Get involved in the chat to be the first to see that and possibly a sneak peek at some of the features of DT2012! Wowee!

This is the biggest night for far for AFL Dream Team in 2012… come on the journey with us!


  • Pointless 1st comment

  • start posting Head to Heads! and thoughts on all players that will make your initial DT! get excited!

  • OMG OMG OMG. I really hope my missus doesn’t want to ‘make love’ tonight… I may have to feign a headache.

    • hahahaha best comment of the whole pre season..,iv allready rang mine and told her iv got a headache

      and if i see one more sook call for someone to get banned im gonna spew MAN UP!!..its what its all about ,,plus were all a little strung out :)

      • ill just tell the missus we can still do it but ill be on the computer as well, so i wont be extending myself…

        • So the standard performance then ;-)

        • I’m thinking doggie with iPad on her back. If I have any dramas with that she can sit on top, do all the work and hold the iPad for me!!!!

    • Lol RL!

  • if your married rlgriffen you should be alright

  • Is this really happening? I am so EXCITED!
    Here is ny FINAL team heading into Feb 1:

    TEAM NAME: Nicks Nightmares 12
    DEF: B. Goddard, C. Enright, B. Deledio, G. Birchall, B. Ellis, L. Spurr, B. Wilkes (M. Talia, A. Boseley)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, M. Murphy, S. Thompson, A. Treloar, D. Zorko (T. Mitchell, S. Gibson)
    RUC: M. Leuenberger, Z. Smith (J. Giles, O. Stephenson)
    FWD: S. Johnson, L. Franklin, T. Cloke, D. Zaharakis, D. Martin, J. Cameron, H. Crozier (S. Rowe, L. Williams)
    CASH LEFT: $1,600

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

    • Barlow over murphy, and xtra money to H-Mac over Smith.

    • Any reasoning behind rookies Boseley, Gibson & Williams or is it just they’re cheap? If the latter, then you don’t have much cash to upgrade over the NAB if required.

  • just sitting on the work computer bored as. wish i worked for qantas then i would be home right now thinking of ways to deceive the gf to get on midnight dt

  • Oh man, I’m excited! Might go and get myself a pizza to get this night started right!

    On a related note: What do you guys think about Stevie J as a starting selection? He wasn’t in the deck and I’m not sure if I should go for him or gamble on a (third) “might breakout” DPP for the forward line.

    Five hours to go!

    • 530k, id try the gamble mate

      • if ya think he can play as good as last yr ,its not even a gamble in my book,,go for it..i had him from rnd 1 last yr pure gun

    • I would take the punt on a Martin or Robinson :-)

      I don’t think you can lose either way though as Stevie J is a gun!!

  • Yes, yes. DT time again.

    And living in the west means that we can log in from 9pm Perth time. Good times.

  • ok DT friends….. i’ve got a question..

    i havent finished outside the top 2000 in the last few years so i’m not rubbish but i’m not getting any better either…..

    every year when i analyse the things i stuffed up it always ended up being a midrange pick from the start that snowballed.

    i’ve never actually played full guns and rookies because i’m too stubborn and think i can find smokies……… but this year i’m going for it!

    ATM my structure is 14-guns, 3 midprice, 13 rookies…..

    so to all the guns and rookie players out there is that about how the structure is supposed to be? seems like loads of rookies….a bit scarey for me :P

    • Looks like a fine set up to me, Pilko’s pump pant’s ;)

    • um this may be a silly question but isn’t guns n rooks meant to be just guns and rooks therefore you wouldn’t have ANY mid pricers???

      • had to sneak barlow…. i wouldn’t exactly call him a mid price…. and i cant pass christianson up :P

    • finishing in the top 2k makes u an elite player ,and not far off the car useing the system that u do,,i wouldnt be changing too much,,when your that close it comes down to luck,,captains,etc,,or getting very anal about it(this yr esecially)
      id be sticking to the system u have now now,only 1 person wins the car ,so ya odds are bad anyway,but finishing in the top 2k consistantly will win u most leagues,,and maybe jag a weekly prize
      theres no way im putting that many rookies in my team ,or going pure gun/rook style,,to me that wont raise your chance at the car much,,but could really see you out of the top 2k and contention for the car in a hurry
      id stick to ya system and hope for some luck..thats what ill be doing for sure..good luck

      • Yeah, I’d second that. Good advice. Top 2k is getting very close.

        Hey Tuppy, good luck mate.

    • I am in the same boat Adzman (around 1500) and I believe its because I get scared that I may lose to a certain mate or someone I may have gobbed of to in one of my leagues, and sideways trade, the other thing is to nail the correct rooks to make the big $$ to get a full team of premiums by round 12-14.
      So this year I have a game plan to stick to my GUNS and WAIT till the rookies fatten up, then as long as I finish in the eight I should smash all before me on the way home. :-0
      Sounds good in theory……

  • adzman – These days there is so much info out there on rookies that I think these midrange picks are pointless. To finish where you have you understand the game better than 99% of players and obviously trade well througout the year. I finished 637th (after being in the 200’s most of the year) last year in my 2nd year (after being converted from Supercoach) after a top 2000 the year before.

    Have always played a strong Premo and rook team and you are around the mark on your current split. Rookies will go up in value so much quicker and the speculative midrange players usually end up being traded out anyway as the success rate of selecting them is quite low as a rule.

    It is scary as you don’t want to waste a whole year if you stuff it up ;)

    Good luck man, Stu

    • cheers stu!

      i guess its scarey when you see a line with 3+ untried kids on it….. there’s always that comforting thing of having an AFL experienced player there to make you feel safer. Even if that player has shown spud like qualities!

      well this year no more!..guns and rookies all the way!.. no more palmers, no more lakes… no more duds..

      bring on the car!

      • This season is perfect to try it out with guys like MacDonald, Giles, Orren, Wilkes etc who are priced as rookies. Mid-pricers are fine though if you get the right ones e.g. – Suckling and Shiels from last year who will be seen as premiums this year.

        I just can’t say no to Lake at that price. He can be a premium if fit. NAB Cup will tell all :-)

  • I’m thinking of getting Rosa in this year.
    Any opinions on this?

  • Oi!!
    Anyone home? :-D

    • like most of em watch pre season,,like the way ya thinking ,but think alot depends on how well the eagles play,,rather have him than a rookie

    • Wont make enough to be a cash cow but not a keeper either… Pass


    These people are always home for chat or advice if you need it!

    • Ta Builder.
      Not on FB though…and still not ready to jump in there..but hopefully someone will have some informed advice re Rosa, and hopefully a WC fan who really knows..or maybe Rosa himself might think he’s a good pick!! :-D

  • Mundy or Barlow?

    • Sorry I’m not one of the experts 19th, but I seem to be the only other one here, so,
      I’d go with both of them!!!

    • definently Mundy. only had him in my pro team last year but definently in this year and he’s much more unique than Barlow. Everyone has Barlow but Mundy will score more and be more consistent

  • Would you hesitate picking a player knowing that they’re out of contract and headed to GWS?

  • well i cant log in to the chat, so fvck that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • when is the second episode coming up??
    get on this while your waiting!


    1. TEAM NAME: Hillbilly Tigers
    DEF: B. Goddard, H. Shaw, B. Deledio, B. Waters, M. Clarke, S. Docherty, L. Spurr (S. Darley, S. Morris)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, M. Murphy, L. Hodge, M. Barlow, S. Coniglio (L. Brown, T. Mitchell)
    RUC: D. Cox, J. Giles (S. Rowe, O. Stephenson)
    FWD: L. Franklin, D. Zaharakis, D. Martin, S. Sidebottom, N. Riewoldt, J. Cameron, A. Kennedy (B. Smedts, D. Zorko)
    CASH LEFT: $6,400

    2. DEF: B. Goddard, H. Shaw, B. Deledio, B. Lake, M. Clarke, S. Docherty, L. Spurr (S. Morris, S. Darley)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, S. Mitchell, M. Murphy, M. Barlow, S. Coniglio (L. Brown, T. Mitchell)
    RUC: D. Cox, J. Giles (S. Rowe, O. Stephenson)
    FWD: L. Franklin, D. Zaharakis, D. Martin, S. Sidebottom, N. Riewoldt, J. Cameron, A. Kennedy (B. Smedts, D. Zorko)
    CASH LEFT: $2,700

    3. DEF: B. Goddard, H. Shaw, B. Deledio, B. Waters, M. Clarke, S. Docherty, L. Spurr (S. Darley, S. Morris)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, T. Rockliff, M. Barlow, S. Coniglio, K. Horsely (L. Brown, T. Mitchell)
    RUC: D. Cox, B. McEvoy (S. Rowe, O. Stephenson)
    FWD: L. Franklin, D. Zaharakis, D. Martin, S. Sidebottom, N. Riewoldt, I. Folau, C. Hampton (B. Smedts, D. Zorko)
    CASH LEFT: $31,100


  • its working now!

  • Already stuffed up Virtual Sports.

    Won’t allow me to choose a school to enter school competition.

  • sweet, projected scores and bes

  • Assistant Coach is projecting my first round score to be 1,731!

  • So nice to back ! My team is made and ready for the NAB Cup now when the real fun starts ;)

    Hello Brapp hope you’re well…

  • Anyone else notice the Captain and Vice Captain are automatically picked? Does this mean there wont be a VC loophole this year with Sydney/GWS Game a week earlier than the rest?

  • Just a thought about a future DT Rule Change. Do you think they should bring in some points (say 2 or 3 points) every time a player bounces the ball. What do you reckon

  • savage and young??

  • i need to know whether gary rohan will have a big year or not? help!!

    • my prediction 75-85 he is bloody fit and bloody fast…….that is for sure!!

  • I’m a DT rookie over from England and would appreciate any advice.

    What do you think of my team:

    Team Name: Sheikh Yo-Booty

    DEF: B. Goddard, M. Suckling, G. Broughton, D. Heppell, B. Lake, K. Hunt, M. Clarke
    (A. Boseley, P. Wright)
    MID: S. Pendlebury, G. Ablett, A. Goodes, N. Van Berlo, S. Coniglio, A. Morabito
    (D. Tyson, K. Stevens)
    RUC: M. Leuenberger, J. Giles (J. Witts, O. Stephenson)
    FWD: L. Franklin, T. Cloke, D. Zaharakis, N. Riewoldt, J. Brown, J. Butcher, J. Porplyzia
    (D. Zorko, S. Rowe)

    CASH LEFT: $16,600

    • without picking that team to pieces scroll back up to young Aidens three teams in a row use one of them for rookies and rucks and put your own premiuns in.
      see not every one hates poms :-) good luck to you ….

  • any thoughts on my team?
    DEF: Goddard, Shaw, Deledio, Broughton, Heppel, P Davis, S Darley. INTER Forster, Morris

    MID: Boyd Ablett, S.Thompson, M Barlow, Wingard, Clifton. INTER Magna Yeo or horsley

    RUCK: McIntosh, Giles INTER O Rowe, S Stephenson

    FWD: Chapman, Franklin, Rioli, Fyfe, Sidebottom, Smedts, Dell’olio INTER hampton and kerston

    $144,300 left over

    I might get lachie neale if he is fit

  • Coniglio or Shiel for tonight?