Deck of Dream Team 2012: Matthew Leuenberger

Name: Matthew Leuenberger
Club: Brisbane
Position: Ruck
Assistant Coach Price: $459,100
Bye Round: 11
2011 Average: 93
2011 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 99

Why should I pick him?

Last year the was a breakout for the RedRock Berger combo with Redden and Rockliff making significant improvements to their average and Leuenberger was no different, taking his average from 77 to 93. Last year it took the Berger a few rounds to get going, not managing to score 100 until round 7 but from that point he never looked back. Over the next 17 weeks he managed 9 x 100+ scores and 13 games were over 90 throughout the period. So, due to his slow start the big fella is priced at 93 when he played the last 17 games at an average of 98 which can be seen as a nice little discount. A bonus with the Berger is that he has a massive ceiling (he would probably need one) boom tish. In round 21 vs the Gold Coast last year he collected 19 touches, had a whopping 42 hit outs and kicked 2 goals on his way to 140. One of the reasons that make Leuenberger such an attractive selection is he is able to maintain consistency through his dominance in the hit out department. Over the season he amassed 710 hit outs which are basically free DT points and it was that round 7 game which kick started his season where he dominated for 52. Over the last 17 games he managed 30 or more hit outs a total of 15 times. The Lions will make significant improvements of last years performance so that should assist the big man in making a natural progression toward a 100 point average. After early concerns about durability in his career, he has put together back to back seasons of 22 games which is impressive for the big guy who has been labeled the next Dean Cox.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

Last season the Berger was doing the bulk of the ruck work alone, allowing him to pick up hit outs at will. In the off season the Lions pulled a surprise move drafting fellow ruck Ben Hudson. Assuming Hudson plays, and I think they selected him for more than a safety, you would have to assume Leuenbergers total hit out and game time will drop, negatively affecting his DT output. Another reason not to pick him is that his bye falls with a lot of other popular rucks including Jacobs, Cox, Giles, Goldstein and McIntosh.

Deck of DT Rating:

King- Although there is a slight concern about Hudson taking some time from the Berger in the middle, he is such a good player that he will likely remain on the ground and rest as a secondary forward filling the role that Mitch Clark sucked at (he is much better than Clark so will dominate) last year. I think this bloke is a champion and he will not let you down.


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  • I will be watching the Lions closely in the NAB Cup to see how Michael Voss uses Leuenberger and Hudson.

    Ben Hudson is too good a player to be soley an insurance policy which makes ‘Berger a too risky selection at this stage for mine.

  • Great write up Roy. I think you have missed a couple of things though.

    The first being the Lions recruiting of Jordan Lisle. There is every chance that the Lions will try using Lisle early in the season to replace Clark. The second thing is the return of Brown. With Brown and Lisle up forward for the start of the year not sure how much time Leuenberger will get resting forward. Esp after the below article about Karnezis. I haven’t even mentioned Cornelius yet. The Lions look to have enough young forwards that require time to be spent developing.

    The third thing was the drafting of Longer. I believe that Hudson will start the year to help relieve some pressure in the ruck for Leuenberger. The Lions will probably be keen to give a few games to Longer at some stage so depending on their ladder position may be looking at easing the workload for Leuenberger (even possibly giving him a game off at some stage).

    Even though I really believe this guy is the best of the rest (minus Cox and Sandilands), I wont be using him this year. Just too many unknowns at this point in time. Will need a few injuries for me to give him a game unfortunately.

  • feathertopDT

    Yep i’m going with the burger

    Carn the Sixers!!!!

  • Yep lock, gonna be awesome this year

  • no room for the luenburger with heavy cheese minus pickle to start. may get the burger meal upgrade though once hmac has maxed out


  • Sandi/Cox but looking looking looking.

  • 2 MORE SLEEPS!!! :D

  • Had him to start but going with a Mumford/Jacobs combo. Can’t pass up Jacobs draw.

  • Why not much love for Cox? Absolute gun, averaged way more than anyone else in ruck last year… what am I missing?

    • He’s very expensive! Mummy, Sandi, Berger, Goldy, McEvoy and Jacob’s should close the gap on him this year. That being said I’m starting with Cox.

      • I must admit at first I sooo wasn’t going to run with Cox but the more I look at his 22 games and 107.5 average the more of a lock he is. When compared to the other options it’s just not as black and white and easy to decide….Big Berger has the Hudson,JB fit and Lisle predicament. Goldy has the glaring Hamish Mc issue, chuck in Petrie. Jacobs,Mummy and Mcevoy simply wont be in the highest scoring ruck duo….I’ve locked in the traditional Cox/211 combo for 2012.

        I am eager to see Jacobs v Luenberger matchup in the full NAB cup game – should be a defining battle and answer some questions for people.

        A fit Sandi/Cox combo will get you easily over 200 points per round by seasons end.

  • I’m on the McBurger combo, with Big O and Giles sitting on the pine being fattened up with intravenus drips and body building milkshakes.

    How’s that for a set and forget? I won’t do a thing until a gun gets broken or a cow needs to go to the slaughterhouse.

    Does anyone think that because I hate Voss and the Brisbane Bears, that choosing Burger might in some way bring about some bad DT JuJu?

    • Don’t know why I’m not starting with Cox. I got him in for Fraiser at about rd 7 and he was brilliant. Should have started with him, especially seeing him play like a freaking ruck rover in the NAB.

      Cox and Sandi could turn out to average 20 more between them than any other combo. That would be like a kick in the @#$’s!

  • Going MacIntosh, Giles, Stephenson and Rowe is the way to go this year, only idiots will get two premiums. It’st stupid not to get those 3 rookies as Giles and Stephenson will both play 20+ games and Rowe will play at least 14. HamMac is just too good to deny at this price, won’t be a keeper but will skyrocket in value and by the bye rounds you should be able to straight swap him for a premium.

    Leuenberger and Brown = 99 + 89 = 188 points per week on average
    MacIntosh and Stevie J = 89 + 110 = 199 points per week on average

    That’s about 11 points per week gained and much more profit.

    • Good if you are going for league win, but not for overall as you will miss all those points early on and also burn trades to upgrade your rucks. The differential will be too much per round to make up with the difference between the other players (mid/fwd/def) you upgrade in the start with your cash unless you get luck.

      I believe that value lies in Sandi for sure and Hmac or Kreuzer are hard to ignore for the price also. Giles and Big O are no brainers.

      Having said all that, if you run that combo you are braver than me and wish you the best :)

  • my rucks i will probably go with
    s.jacobs z.smith j.giles and o.stephenson

  • Thinking about mcintosh & giles as 1&2… somebody call me crazy or maybe it is genius

    • your crazy.

    • It’s genius, everybody on fanfooty is doing it but with a premo over HamMac. HamMac will average 90 and gain loads of $$$ meanwhile Giles and Stepho will nail 20 games each and Rowe at least 15, as I said above. Only an idiot spends loads of $$$ in the ruck, forward line is the way to go for spending your $$$ initially imo with loads of guns to choose from like SJ, Chappy, Buddy, Brown, Zacka, Martin, Fyfe, Robinson, Cloke, Sidebottom, Beams and little good rookies.

      • ok i think ur being a little extreme…. i think its a smart move but not genious… and people are definately not idiots for spending money on the best big man Cox… may i remind u that u all are happy to pick mid fielders at 530k… why not have the most reliable ruck in your team… and another person who could be part of your captain mix… Cox is far too good to be passed up…

        Need i remind you he finished 7th OVERALL last year… 4/5 years has averaged over 100pts AND u can call him old but last year was his best year in DT yet… the eagles are going to be fighting for top 4 this year he is gonna be the best.