Deck of Dream Team 2012: Jason Porplyzia

Name: Jason Porplyzia
Club: Adelaide
Assistant Coach 2012 Price: $202,500
Position: Forward
Bye Round: 11
2011 Average: 16
2011 Games Played: 1
Predicted Average: 80

Why should I pick him?

Potential and plenty of it.  When fit and healthy this guy can flat out play and can score!  He kicks a lot of goals and was known for being bloody accurate.  In his last fully fit year of 2009 he kicked 57.20 and averaged 76pts (from 24 games) and looked like he was going to be just what the Crows needed up forward.  In 2010 he still kicked 22.17 and averaged 68 but he did spend much of that year injured and playing with a shoulder that only needed a stiff breeze to dislocate it.  He was also asked to play in the midfield for some of the season which put further pressure on his shoulder.  He finally succumbed to it late in the season.  He had the surgery and rehab and then came out in 2011 against the Hawks and lasted about 5 minutes before the wing popped out again.  In that 5 mins he took a mark, kicked a goal and scored 16 dt points.

Adelaide last year really lacked a player like Porps and tried to use Dangerfield in that role of the roving smallish forward that can take a grab.  It didn’t work and hurt Danger’s stats badly.  If they play Tippett up forward as a lone big man then Porplyzia can play the perfect lead out guy and with his accurate leg he should be one of their main avenues to goals.

His bye is fairly nice from the perspective of who he shares it with, it is really only the big man Jono Brown at Brisbane that is of any real concern and any GWS rookies you have.  Others to consider in this equation are Petrie and Darling if you have them.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

The man is a walking crash test dummy.  He has had his shoulder out of place more than it has been in place throughout his career.  He has had surgery and taken a year out of the game to get it right, but until he gets back into the full contact of the AFL and not just out on Max Basheer reserve at West Lakes against teammates we just won’t know how strong this repair job has really been.

The only other concern is just as I have posted for all Crows players and that is how Sando will use them.  In 2010 Craigy experimented with Porps in the midfield and that just didn’t work for him as he only averaged half a disposal more than as a forward and his scoring output halved.  So the hope for DT and Crows fans will be that he gets put back where he is most comfortable and that is up forward.

Deck of DT Rating:

Jack.  With the background that this guy has and the form that he has shown in the past, he is going to very hard to go past at such a low price.  I will be keenly watching his form in the NAB and of particular note will be whether he is hard at it or tries to protect his shoulder a bit.  I think he may be tentative early on, but hopefully by the end of the NAB he will be going full on and will return to the DT player he was before and possibly beyond.  At the moment he is in my team just because of what he can do and that super low price he has, I can’t see him dropping out unless that wing gets broken again in preseason.

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  • Umming and ahhing about this guy. In my team at the moment but will watch NAB closely.

  • Nice write up.
    Probably my biggest watch in the NAB!
    At that price, Crows soft draw…..major player!

  • Definately not. Way too injury prone.

  • in my squad pending shoulder disaster during the NAB

  • Great write up! You have nearly convinced me. Between Porps and Winderlich for my 7th forward. Will be watching…..

  • In my side atm pending NAB cup. Worst case scenario he’ll be traded out before round 1 for a rookie and the cash saved for mid year upgrades

  • Rather gamble a rookie

  • Better off taking a punt on a rookie IMO. Good write up though.

  • Had him last year and he did me over. Copped a 1 year ban from my team

  • ugh!, Hell of a player when fit but when you have shoulders put together with paper mache its hard to give him a spot in my team. Quite a few good rookies that are 100k cheaper that could possibly average about the same: Saad, Tommy Lynch, Billie Smedts, Adam Treloar and so on. The nab cup might unveil another ripper that we havent seen yet.

    No for me

    • The reason I’d pay an extra 100k over those guys is (well, to be honest I have most of them as well, but…) he will get a game each and every week. Rookies are always hit and miss for the first two months, allowing him to come into greater cash cow potential.

      • The *wrong* rookies are hit and miss for the first two months. The Heppells, Swallows, Libbas, Curnows, Darlings and Co. were super consistent for me at the start of 2011!

        • Weren’t you one of those who traded in Curnow before round three. Jokes. But yes, obviously *some* rookies are more hit than miss. Even Darling wasn’t super consistant at the start of last year (only scoring 70+ in four of his first ten games) and Tapscott was supposed to be one of those locked rookies, and he was all over the place after his opening 80’s.

          Porps takes that risk out of the equation, for a slightly lower risk of an injury, in a team with a dream run to the 2012 season.

          • Yep, missed Ed at the very start. Glad I got him early tho!
            Was just tryin to make the point that not all rooks are hit and miss, and if you choose well and get ’em right, you can be well rewarded with nice juicy cash cows that give you a great return on investment! :)

  • As much as I like Porps, with him injury is a matter of when rather than if. If he was rookie priced I’d be more than willing to take that risk, but at 200k I think I’ll be steering clear and using the money elsewhere.

  • Seems to be a good cash cow but he will not be a keeper and it depends how early he gets injured as to how much money he will make, I’ll be watching him during the NAB, hopefully another couple of rookies step up and take his place in my team.

  • not to sure about this guy,i remember the season when he kicked 50+ goals and was nearly a must in all good teams. have a feeling that he burnt a lot of coaches last yr in rd one, so will be a unique this year and i ready to take that risk .

    • To be fair to Porps, getting injured in round 1 should not be seen as ‘burning’ DT coaches. Players that burn coaches are those who promise so much yet deliver little due to playing poorly. Injuries are part and parcel of AFL and you never really know who is going to be struck down next.

      Porps is in my team at the moment that’s for sure…

  • I have two in my team at the moment with a (*) next to their name… Brian Lake* and the Porps*. If you look at how he did his shoulder last year it was up there with Petries broken foot, and Barlows broken leg. Just a freak injury and the way he landed on it, most players would blow out their shoulder.

    If my memory is correct, I believe the crows were even thinking of having him ready to play in the last few rounds of last year, until Craig got the boot/fell on his sword and Bickley told him to not rush back and complete a full preseason, as well as build his strength in the gym. I have no concerns about injuries, and when firing he is one of the most exciting workhorses in the forward 50.

    At his price, it would be impossible to ignore him, and the difference between him and a rookie 100k cheaper is Porps will be a key ingredient (in the crows attack, and if fit, will be) certain of 22 games and I expect Sando to play him like Stevie J played down at the cattery.

    Pending an NAB Cup injury (*), Locked!

    • +1
      If fit, he will be the Petrie of 2012 – one you won’t wanna miss!

    • Agreed….Locked at the minute… a super talent and just worth the risk given their oh so sweet draw. 1 of 3 mid prices that wll make my tea… at this stage.

      Lets hope he is the Petrie of 2012 and not the Higgins

  • off topic, but is the prospectus in stores (ie, newagents) or just available for order from the internet?

  • It’s a shame for Crows fans and football fans in general that he’s spent large parts of his career injured…a super talent! Not really itching to squeeze him into my team at the moment though as he’ll be a bit of a cap buster and I’m confident about some of the forward rooks.

  • Is it just me, or is $202k surprisingly expensive for a guy that played 1 game for a return of 16 points?

    Does anyone know how his ps has been going? Because if going well, despite a history of injuries, $202k is a small price to pay for a best 21 player with proven dt ability.

    • Preseason: He could of pushed to have played from round 20 last season but was told to take a full break to avoid any chance of a relapse. Sando also said he was one of, if not the player, who has impressed him most since taking the helm.

      • thanks guy. i read your post above which was helpful but wondering how hes been training lately, now that we’re only about 3 weeks away from nc

        • He hasn’t been mentioned much this preseason mainly because he hasn’t needed to be. He has been doing full drills since last November. Here is what Sando said about him back then.

          “I don’t like to name names but we did 20 minutes of skills and there was one drill we did where Jason Porplyzia just had time and space, where others don’t, you know?” Sanderson said with enthusiasm. (Nov 15, 2011)


          • thanks bro. after reading that article and looking at the pic, i reckon it would take more than a stiff breeze to knock that shoulder out. if hes named for round 1, he is an absolute no-brainer for me.

  • “If they play Tippett up forward as a lone big man then Porplyzia can play the perfect lead out guy and with his accurate leg he should be one of their main avenues to goals”

    Don’t forget there’s Taylor Walker there as a key forward as well, perhaps restricting his output. Porps is earmarked as someone to be heavily involved in midfield rotations, probably not going to be a 50 goal year.

    Maybe something like this:
    F: Wright Walker Petrenko
    HF: Porplyzia Tippett Knights

    Nice article though, will be a difficult decision to make on whether to include him.

  • Will be in for me barring pre-season injury/suspension. This guys oozes class and somehow finds himself with more time to use the ball than others. I think his shoulder problems should be pretty much sorted by now (I hope) and I can see him playing a big part in my team, and given most peoples comments he could be a unique for me :)

  • Porp, Gumby and Winder lock em all in.

  • been burnt by him everytime ,but the price is allways right ,so im lined up to burn again

  • Was hoping he’d be kept on the low down, but looks like the fear of injury will be enough to keep most cats off him.

    I’ll be having some of the porpus.

  • Thanks for the history Dunny, nice.

    I had Porps locked in but he has slipped out as I have played around with the $$$’s.

    From past experience I have to say a $200,000 rook who plays is way better than a $100,000 rook who does not.

    RL’s got me liking him with those coaches comments as well. NAB it is!

    • At the moment I’m rocking 7rooks on the field;
      2x Backs
      3x Mids
      2x Forwards
      If I want to put the Porp in there, I have to sell one of my 5th FWD or 5th DEF. If I do that, how the hell am I going to get a team of GUNS? Sure, it never happens, especially to me, but I would like to think that I could pull off a miracle (like say, Nathan Ablett kicking three goals in a winning grannie, or even crazier, Tom Hawkins becoming a man during a grannie, the @#$%!)

      I might have to put that idiot Dangerfield in and spend some money on Porps.

  • Has there been some miraculous cure for knackered shoulders recently ?. A big fat NO from me id rather have a rookie for 100k less

  • If there are $100k rookies available who are likely to play 7-10 games early I won’t risk Porps. Too much like Chris Knights from last year for mine.

  • Porplyzia or Brian Lake?

  • Have him locked and loaded :)