Meet Our Boy: Stephen Coniglio

Name: Stephen Coniglio
Price: $175,200 (Midfield)
Drafted: #2 to GWS
Height: 182cm
Weight: 82kg

Stephen Coniglio is an 18 year old outright gun… and he’s our boy!! For those who have been living under a rock for the last few months…. Coniglio was drafted #2 in the National Draft behind GWS team mate Jonathon Patten. But it’s Coniglio who will have an immediate Dream Team impact when round 1 comes along. Yeah, he is expensive due to being selected at #2 in the draft compared to other rookies, but this guy is a certain starter in the GWS line up. Consider Coniglio in the same bracket as David Swallow in 2011, who was in the same boat with an inflated rookie price. Swallow went on to play 21 games at an average of 76.3. Let’s find out more….

Time In WAFL

Coniglio debuted in the WAFL with the Swan Districts in 2010 (Rd.22) and had an immediate impact with 26d and 2g. He then held his spot to play in the Grand Final where he had an impressive 17d and 4 goals to be considered one of the best on. Then in 2011, he won the WAFL Rising Star from just 6 games averaging 19d, 3m and 5t.

U/18 Championships 2011

During the U/18 Championships, Coniglio averaged 22d (10 contested) and 4 tackles a game and was rewarded for his efforts by being named on a wing as an All Australian. Add to that the fact that he won the Larke Medal for being the MVP for the championships. A medal that has been won by former guns such as David Swallow (2009), Watts (2008) and DT guru Marc Murphy (2005). Not a bad list!

Cricket Career

Yeah why not mention that this lad is handy with the bat and ball as well. During the U/15 Nationals, Coniglio scored 106* which broke the record as the highest score by a Western Australian ever at the tournament. Then during the U/17 Nationals, he knocked up a best score of 78*. Coniglio then was offered a WACA contact which he turned down to play AFL. Impressive.

In His Words:

After speaking to Stephen recently, we asked him a few quick questions.

DT TALK: Who would be the first player you’d pick in your DT this year?

SC:  Dustin Martin I reckon this year. From what I’ve read in the papers he’s in good shape and he’s been in good form the last couple of years and ready to peak I reckon.

DT TALK: What will your role be with GWS this year?

SC:  I see myself as a midfielder, so hopefully I’m amongst the midfield and try to go half forward to try to sneak a goal or two hopefully.

DT TALK: Why should we pick you in our dream teams?”

SC: I’ll get some cheap points along with some good points (laughs)…..

So there you have it, Stephen Coniglio is one of the best rookies going around. He’s a certain starter round one and fits into the similar scenario of 2011 of when it came to selecting Swallow. Coniglio is a tackling machine and should be considered for your Dream Team… if you have that little extra cash when picking your rookies. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for and this kid will not let you down!

SEE MORE…  from Coniglio and the other rookies when the DT TALK episode is released next week.

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  • he ONLY reason I don’t have him in my team is because I feel Shiel and McDonald offer better value for the dollar, and I need Zorko as a FWD/MID link. God I hope I’m not wrong as this boy is a gun.

  • Look at the chin on him!!, he should be slaying dragons

    Again boring but preseason form will decide yay or nay. He’s def got a lot of potential and won’t be vested etc

  • Yep, dual position requirements mean I have two rookie midfield places available for someone like Coniglio. I WANT to pick him, but Shiel and Horsely offer plenty for a cheaper price…what to do, what to do, what to do?

    Damn you Calvin, I had convinced myself I could live without him, it’s like you’ve just waved a meatlovers pizza under my nose during my second day on a diet! If Coniglio comes with a 6-pack of Boags and a Star Wars box set, I’m off the wagon!

    Now, can you enlighten me further on this young man, does he offer a 6-pack and Yoda?

  • lol. im not jokin here, but this guys dad was a teacher in my primary school- some years ago now.

  • If Coniglio and Morabito were to both be guaranteed round 1 starters who would be the wiser choice?

    • Coniglio for mine.

      morabito wasn’t THAT great a DT scorer before injury despite looking the goods as a player. Plus you’d have to think he might get vested a bit in the Freo line up.

      Whereas Coniglio is already used to playing men from the WAFL so that takes some of the worry of him being a rook out and you would have to say there are a lot of other kids in that GWS lineup who would be getting the vest before him.

      Only thing against him is GWS will be chasing a lot (although at least the kid gets his share of tackles) so may not get a lot of points as a team, whereas Fremantle if they can stay away from last years sort of injury toll should be a pretty decent team.

  • People thinking of picking up Coniglio should be looking at Shiel or Clifton instead. Google them, YouTube them etc and you.ll see why!

  • There has to be a reason why he was the number two draft pick. I’m sure the talent scouts have seen far more than us. He’s in.

  • anyone concerned about his knee, don’t think he went to sweden for nothing

    • huh? pretty sure Patton went there not Conny…um Coniglio…ummm we need a nickname for him also

      • well if he ends up being a dud its pretty easy… we’ll name him the CONMAN

      • Yeah, Coniglio went over their first. AFL gave permission for Giants to send him before they’d even drafted him.

        Also, agree with others that, though he’s going to be top shelf, there’ll be better value out of GWS in 2012.

  • Video below shows good goals, strong tackles and good decision making.

    Suppose you have to have that as the #2 in the draft

  • He’s gonna be a ripper and hes gonna show everyone that but other guys $70-80k cheaper could average the same even more then Coniglio, we just have to wait and see

  • Let’s not get this wrong though… the kid can play! And unlike Swallow who had to contend with Ablett, Riskytelly etc…. the competition to claim a permanent midfield spot at GWS isn’t overly great

    Yeah true…. other guys might average the same at a cheaper price, but he is in the same possie as David Swallow last year isn’t he? Everyone wanted Swallow bad… but I guess the Suns didn’t have heaps of other options in the Mid similar to Shiel etc….

    Yeah he did go to Stockholm in September for treatment before he was drafted. This tells me that the GWS were ‘worried’ maybe about the selection? Dunno, wanted him checked out. Just like a second hand car you’re looking to buy…. your machinic might look it over first ha ha, probably not the best example but maybe….

    • It comes down to risk v reward doesn’t it Calv?

      Job security is good
      Price is highest of midfield rookies
      Potential is very high
      May not average more than similar rookies at GWS i.e. Shiel, Miles, Treloar, Clifton etc

      My questions is… is he worth the extra $70k over one of the above? Given he may average slightly higher and play a few more games… you’d have to say yes. But like most midfield rookies, we’re just looking for them make us enough money to upgrade to a premium. So my opinion is…

      From all angles he appears like a top bloke and a future star. But based on value, I’d be going Clifton, Shiel or Treloar over him for now.