Deck of Dream Team 2012: Steele Sidebottom

Name: Steele Sidebottom
Club: Collingwood
Position: Forward/Midfield
Assistant Coach 2012 Price: $428,800
Bye Round: 12
2011 Average: 86.6
2011 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 94

Why should I pick him? Because Steele Sidebottom is another one of these midfielders who have been labelled DPP in 2012! Steele has played all but 1 game in the last 2 years and is a walk up player with a talented premiership team. In 2011, Steele scored 90+ points 50% of the time including 5×100+ scores. On his day, he is a DT machine and will most likely be in the top 7 forwards by the end of the year. In fact, if Steele was named as a forward last year, he would have ranked 12th in most points scored for the year and 7th on average from players who played 22 games.

Steele is priced $14k less than Dustin Martin and a massive $74k less than his team mate, Dayne Beams. All these guys also carry DPP in 2012 for the first time and are being massively talked about in the DT community. These guys will make your season but you might find it hard to have all 3, and as Steele is the cheapest of the bunch… his hand I high in the air to make your team!

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Well, as mentioned a few times in the Deck of Dream Team articles this year… the byes will hurt. Steele shares the bye with many other great forwards (Stevie J, Chapman, Goodes, Fyfe…) and depending on the make up of your team… this will hurt you.  “Oh, I’ll rest him on my mid bench then” – good call Einstein and way to understand the DPP rule… but in you mids you’ll be wanting players like Swan, Pendles, Selwood… and they will want a spot on your bench too.

Deck of DT Rating. QUEEN – Steele might just go BANG this year! He only improved his average last year 7pts from 2010 and is due to really break out. I personally have him ahead of Beams at the moment mainly based on price alone. This is Steele’s 4th season, if you count the one in 2009 when he played 8 games… therefore this season coming up is his 3rd season playing all games. When Bryce Gibbs played his 3rd season… he went from averaging 87 to a massive 107!

Personally, as of right now… he’s 76% locked!

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  • Good write up. Unless he does some serious impressing in the NAB Cup, pass for me.

  • Will depend on how much time he gets in the midfield. With Swan Pendles Thomas Beams and co. fighting it out I’m not so sure. But for now it’s between him and Beams for a spot in my starting 22

  • Tossing up between Sidebottom, Beams and Mitch Robinson for a forward spot.

    Leaning towards Beams, but he is pricey.

  • Not sure if Steele will fit into my guns n rookies approach.

  • Steele’s obviously better value than Beams, but I’m much more confident of Beams being in the top 7 defenders at the end of the year. For my starting side, I think I’ll be skipping on both, with Beams to come in down the track.

    As a side note, Steele’s more talented IMO, but as a classier finisher I think he’ll spend more time forward than Beams.

  • IN unless something unexpected happens

  • Beams is probably going to be a better scoring than Sidebottom, but I don’t think I’ll be selecting either of them.

  • Beams for me.

  • Nice write up Roy, I was tossing up my between Sidebottom and Robinson for that forward spot for a long time but this has just confirmed my selection for Steele! he is 30k cheaper than Robbo and 74k cheaper than Beams! Locked and Loaded.

  • He’s in my team and i hope he stays there pending injuries and nab form.

    Have a feeling either Lake or Conca is on the deck tomoz. I love waking up and seeing a new face everyday :)

    • I think it’s Dunny’s turn for the deck tommorow and he does Hawks, Port and Adelaide so it cant be Lake or Conca. :(

    • sorry mate its actually Tbetta’s turn for the deck tommorow so it will be a West Coast, Freo or GWS player. For some reason I thought Roy wrote this article.

  • with his motor, ability to kick goals, time in the midfield and being in the second best team, he is a no-brainer for me. plus, he will never ever get tagged, whereas most other premium forwards will almost always get tagged.

  • no hope in hell that this guy will ever get a game for my team EVER

    • who do u barrack for?

    • Gee…. Please explain?

      • i ask because i reckon sidebum is a no-brainer, despite my love of richmond and therefore my hate of all things collingwood. im guessing mazmia barracks for carlton or essendon.

  • hows the picture… looks like he’s just spend the night in the bottom of a dumpster

  • cheers guys :)

  • Anyone have any news on how Cotchin’s pre-season is travelling?


  • it’s Sidebottom or Martin for me – leaning towards Martin – wots peoples thoughts on them to head to head for a spot?

  • Cheers Calvin,

    I’ve loved Steele ever since the 2009 final against Adelaide. That day he decided to show how much he likes big games. It’s even been chronicled as ‘Rusty’s day out’ on youtube.

    Apparently, before that final Leon was all ‘big games don’t matter’ and Steele slapped him in the face and said, ‘Are you crazy Leon? What stupidity are you going to come up with next?’

    Anyway, Steele is reliable, DPP, and could be due for the mythical breakout year. Buckley holds the key. If anyone has Buck’s number I think they should do us all a favor and give him a ring and ask if he’s gonna let Steele off the leash a bit more.

    Thanks, taa.

  • Its between Sidebottam and N. Riewoldt for me..cant decide. Sidebottam has been terrific in a number of big games, leaning towards his youth and ability to get the ball all over the ground, depending where Buckley plays him in the end. Riewoldt will again be double teamed I imagine.

  • Steele is a tough one.

    My forward line is already crowded with DPP’s and Steele is fighting for the spot with Didak and Christensen as they share the bye and i only want 1, will leave this spot semi open until the NAB cup.

    Im going to watch to see how Didak plays and where he plays. If looks like return to form then he beats Steele & Christensen hands down. If not then its going to be a tough call.

  • And with reports of Dangerfield building a tank the selection of DPP’s for the fwd line gets even harder!!

    For me it’s pick three of Martin, Danger, Sidebum, Winderlich, Grey, Brown and Voldt. Yes I know tha last two aren’t DPP’s but I have fwd strategy of 2 top priced premiums, 3 mid pricers and 2 starting rookies.

    • Forward mid-pricers killed me last year. I wouldn’t bank on three. chances are 1 possibly 2 might pay off.

  • Hmmm cant fit them all in..

  • I have him locked. Nice write up

  • COLLINGWOOD’S Steele Sidebottom’s career has taken another logical step this pre-season as he prepares for 2012 with the midfield group.