Deck of Dream Team 2012: Hamish McIntosh

Name: Hamish McIntosh
Club: North Melbourne
Position: Ruck
Assistant Coach 2012 Price: $273,500
Bye Round: 11
2011 Average: 79
2011 Games Played: 1
Predicted Average: 87

Why should I pick him? Value, pure and simple. HMac will come into 2012 as a cheapish mid-pricer and we know he can pump out the points. In 2009 he averaged 90.2 over 22 games and in 2010 he averaged 80.5 over 20 games. With just one game played in 2011, he gets a decent discount and is listed at $273k for DT 2012.

If you are looking at investing your salary cap elsewhere, HMac could be a bang-for-your-buck pick and eventually a stepping stone to a premium ruck. If you do decide to structure your ruck line up to include a mid-pricer, he should be a shoe-in. The bonus is that if he is physically ready and also given the opportunity to recapture his 2009 form, he could possibly turn into a keeper depending on how he progresses.  HMac is a cheap pickup when you consider his Dream Team history and he could well be one of the bargains of 2012!

On a side note, for my 2012 strategy I’m seriously considering a gun/mid-pricer/rook/rook ruck setup with HMac slotting into the R2 spot and then stacking my forward line with young FWD/MID MPPs like Zaka, Beams, Fyfe and Dusty. But, it’s still too early to commit and the selection juggle continues…

Why shouldn’t I pick him? In two words – Todd Goldstein! Okay okay, everyone could see that coming, but it is a fact that Goldy has leapfrogged to the top of the ‘Roos ruck rankings ahead of McIntosh during the latter’s extended absence. The likelihood that they will be sharing ruck duties and splitting DT points between each other adds a fair element of risk to both of them as fantasy footy ruckmen. Having twin towers will no doubt be favourable for North Melbourne’s assault on the 2012 Premiership, but it does not bode well for Dream Team coaches.

Deck of DT Rating: Queen. HMac is very attractively priced after missing just about all of 2011 and there’s plenty of upside if he can get back to his pre-injury best. Even though there’s a query on the Goldy/HMac combination and the impact it will have on their DT scoring potential, McIntosh’s value cannot be ignored given his ability.

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  • Currently locked in as my number 2 ruck! :)
    Awesome Value.
    Played 1 game with goldie last year and scored nicely.

  • Hmmm for the H-Mac…

  • My take on the developing teams and strategies is they are slowly turning into very similar constructs. I’m seeing my initially unpopular ruck combo appearing more and more often. Also fwd set ups are similar too. I’m hoping to see a little difference with my midfield over others but teams will be very similar looking even with the plethora of options available this year.

    • Sorry meant for a different thread. HMac offers high risk, medium reward.

    • And I hate to sound negative but an absolute DT novice only has to be on this site for 5mins and can make a very strong team, add to that if they follow the site throughout the year they will make good rookie trades e.t.c and have a highly competitive team all year round…whinge over, nice article but pass.

      • true but if they dont get on here then,its word of mouth,watching tv,reading and whatever else they can use,but this is only my 3rd yr and it onlt took me 1 season to jerri on to how ya gotta play it.(but i do watch/read alot of footy),and the odd bit of inside info if ya can get it helps.
        though im not gonna lie now i do use this site ever since i found it,not only cause its the best,but also for the reasons you have stated
        but this time last yr people were saying the same thing ,but it never works out like that ,even if ya did start with the exact same sides it would still be how you play the yr out that determines who wins.trades, captains etc and thats if ya did end up picking the exact same rooks.
        i know i would much rather have it than not,and as far as i know roy or the boys havent won the car,they know that is allways going to come down to a certain amount of luck,and id bet its the same 500 or so people that finish at the top each yr,and they would be people that dont use this site.
        this can help the addict ,the average joe or a novice,become a top player (20k/30k) faster ,but wouldnt worry the elite players one bit,to become one of them you need to get very anal about it and still have luck on your side,the boys know that you just dont,so youd be better to not worry about that or even dont come on here if ya feel like that,,its dt dtalk and it rules leave if you want,hello my name is tuppy and im an addict

        • oh ye so if ya do keep sooking it ya twat and leave your spot will be taken in no time ,and we wont miss you SOOK..’pass’ pfft twat

        • lol talk bout a rant….reality is some people copy teams and use no thought process for their own selections nor strategy – nothing new there. Part of the game…I never sook on here dickhead however I’m allowed to express my opinion. Fuck You and have an even more fucked up new year :)

      • I wouldn’t be too worried about it Brap… DoDT, etc might give ‘novices’ a start, but there’s a whole lot that happens through the season that changes the fantasy footy landscape, plus that dose of good fortune needed to challenge for the pointy end of the overall.

        • +1 Tee Tee. A lot of blokes start out with similar teams but it’s smart trading decisions that sort the wheat from the chaff!

        • Brapp’s right Chook’s rooks and Tbettas rook trade updates can make anyone fly. Reading those articles, Freako and even the DT Boys 3 way team anyone can go top 1000. I reckon real elite players are top 100, or have been there to say hello, love what you’ve done with the place. :)

          But DT’s beauty is that you get on with other fanatics about something we all love and get to laugh at Fritzzy’s ruck strutures premo premo premo premo, Higgins pickers and the like. :)

          • Why log in to dt talk then? Maybe brapps & tool should just email there thoughts to each other don’t like the site don’t read it

  • no braina,heez in the 4,.this deck is a bit handy at the moment can i have all of them

  • Ha Ha – of the 143 ruck options presented in the deck so far I haven’t picked a single one – I won’t be changing my mind on HMac!

    • Well then… maybe it’s a good thing there are a quite a few options being thrown around out there for the rucks. Something different for 2012.

  • As a North supporter I know that Todd Goldstein has the number 1 ruck spot. But Big H has had a super pre-seaon so far, he hasn’t missed a training session and is as fit as he has been. WIll spend a lot of time in the forward line, so should kick goals.

    • I’m a Roo’s man too, and having watched Goldy play last year I am confident that they will be a dynamic duo. Goldy was always good for going forward and kicking a goal so hopefully the team can structure itself around having these two big men along Drew Petrie presenting themselves and kicking goals.

      Question is how much of an effect will this have on DT scoring for both. Call me an optimistic, but I think they’ll both do just fine! Sharing the ruck load will mean they’re more fresh and will be more mobile for the whole duration of the game.

  • Currently have H Mac 2nd ruck. It allows me to have Barlow 5th mid. Very nice little situation i think.

  • Shares the bye week with Berger, himself and Giles. Just can’t have that many out in rd 11, unless your thinking of upgrading him at that stage

    Pass for me at the moment

    • Yeah thats what im planning to do. Upgrade to McEvoy after H Mac has closed the gap in price and before the bye.

  • People forget that he is a former All Australian… YES THANKYOU. Locked and Loaded in the Sunshine Coast Spartans!!

    Looking at a big greasy McBuger combo with Stephenson & Giles on the bench

    • Enjoy round 11 with one ruck “possibly” playing then

    • I don’t think he was ever an all-Australian was he? What year? And I think I’ll pass too. Goldstein plus the bye nails this one shut.

    • He was in the All-Australian squad in 2007. As was Nathan Foley and Brett Ebert.

  • Good one to look at Warnie. The price makes him attractive but i like ruckman to be set and forget from the start of the season. Dont think Big H will give me that?

    • Like I said, it really comes down to your strategy for your initial selections. If you’re after lock’n’load rucks, HMac may not be your man with the likes of Mummy, BMac, Burger and Goldy coming on and the omnipresence of the venerable stalwarts Cox and Sandi.

  • Sorry Tee Tee

  • Can’t see why anyone wouldn’t have the big H bomb locked. He looks to be the petrie of 2012 (minus the dpp status). Can’t lose on him!

    • Petrie was there only because of DPP and swung in with J.Tippett.

      • speaking of big petrie surely hmac/goldy rotating in the fwd line will help his cause. he was often double/triple teamed which resulted in some of the low scores he got. surely this will lead to some improvement….maybe a few more marks that stick per game due to not being raped by three men each time he goes near the ball.

        the only roo in my team at the moment is big drew!

        • You might be onto something, we’ll see how they structure their fwd line and effectiveness of it in preseason.

        • shhh!!! haha,
          i had a similar thought and was hoping no one would post it up here,
          anyway, we’ll just have to see what Scotty comes up with.

          But if all three big men stay fit throughout the season good things will come for North – one would hope at least a taste of the finals.

          • hahah sorry alex i usually dont post too many ideas on here. hope i havent opened up a can of dt worms. if there’s a reason not to get him though its that im pretty sure he has some carry over tribuneral points from last years suspension which may see some people stay away from him!

            I just like the fact that he’s one of those guys who can pull out a 150 + on his day with a heap of marks.kicks.goals which can get you over the line in league matches!

  • Apologies for doing this on this post but will you be re-posting the my team post? It’s getting down the bottom of my page and I’d hate it go the way of the wooly mammoth and disappear from the planet all together!

    Also can we get a post entitled “what do you think about ???”

    I’d love to chuck up some random questions but I’m not sure where to do it – for example, is there such a thing as second year blues? I’d love to get Dyson Heppell back into my squad but I’m not sure if there’s a history of blokes going missing in their 2nd year and it’d be handy to have some of the “old heads” of DT to give their learned opinions.

    Cheers lads and keep up the work on the best site in Aust.

  • I have him pencilled in at this stage but that could change in the following weeks. He is awesome value and has proven he can score with goldy in the side. I would think his presence would affect Todd’s score more then the other way round.

    On a side note, this site helped me push into the top 2% last year, but will need a lot more luck to push higher.

    Any chance of putting a few rooks in the deck who are similar to the Curnow’s & Barlow’s of previous seasons? Picked Barlow but Curnow slipped my radar.

    • Sorry, no real chance of seeing any real rooks in the Deck – but I can guarantee they’ll get plenty of coverage throughout the nab cup campaign!

    • Proven he can score in the same team as Goldy? The year they pretty much played all games together (2010) he averaged 80 and Goldy averaged 74, the in the one game last year they played together he knocked out a 79, which from my recollection of the game he booted a cheap goals in junk time right before the siren sounded.

      I am not by any means discounting the fact that he doesn’t provide value – but to state that he ‘has proven he can score with goldy in the side’ is a bit of a baseless comment. I reckon that Tee Tee’s prediction of an average of 87 is around the mark. Maybe a little high. I also agree that he will spend a fair bit of time up forward which could have two possibilities – he kicks some goals and scores ok, or doesn’t kick goals and scores shithouse – like Ryder did last year.

      Look at it this way, the $200k that you save from not getting a premium ruck from the start will equate to this:

      Hopefully Hmac goes up to low $300ks, you trade out a rookie and hope to bank a minimum of $100k, then you trade in the ruck premo you actually want. There is 2 trades gone. Thats if the Hmac plan goes well. I must admit that you will have to go through the same process with any other upgrade but I feel that you could get that potential upgrade player at a cheaper price, and he will have more potential to gain more cash, faster.

      I have just definitely talked myself out of Hmac. In years prior I have cheaped out on rucks and have ended up burning way too many trades trying to get the end result, set and forget and concentrate on other more easily upgrade targets.

      • Sloth’s had an epiphany! Good call sloth. :)

      • There are only 2 proven 100 Avg rucks. Sandi and Cox. The rest of the favorites were closer to 90. It really doesn’t seem like a position that i am going to be punished by not having 2 premium rucks from the start, considering allot of people are ruling out Cox. He is the only ruck that can really punish a cheaper selection IMO.

        The extra cash if spent well i think could be worth more somewhere else.

        For eg: i have used that extra cash to pick up Barlow for my fifth mid. He is priced at an avg of 85 If he returns to his first season form, thats an increase of 25 points. Lets be honest, it’s not even a far stretch to think he could do this.
        I highly doubt many of the ruckmen being thrown around will avg 25 points more then H Mac in the time i have him. And that trade i use to upgrade him when and if the time comes, could well have been saved by Barlow becoming a 6th mid keeper or a super sub for injury late in the season if you want the luxury.

        • Some good points man, but I can’t understand why people are ruling out Cox?! He averaged 107 or close to it last year, if it were a player in any other position he would be a LOCK! “Delids can be named as a defender so he is a lock… yada yada ya” He averaged about 90 last year. I can’t understand the reluctency to pick up one of the all time ruckmen, clearly the all time best DT ruckman on the back of one of his best season ever.

          Its like not picking up Ablett or Swan!

          I have said in another post that I agree that Nic Nat may get more time in the ruck but Coxy will be drifting forward or back picking up 1 – 2’s and mark kicks like some hooker dishing out BJs and wristys, they are also both used in the centre square together as a ruck/ruck rover combo quite often!

          I will stop wasting my breath on the merits of picking up Coxy – the ultra ruck premium – and go ahead and nab him for myself as it seems from reading this site as I will be the only motherfucker with him in my team!

          • I’m really loving that by default, he will be unique!
            Cox, McEvoy, (Giles, Stephenson) BOOM!!!

          • If Cox comes out pre season and looks fit and fast i will be on him like a fly on shyt. I had him locked in my earlier team but then culled him for some cash. I know my team right now is nothing more then a stab in the dark. There will be injurys during nab and surprise packages. Even adding one new player to the mix will cause me a total reshuffle.
            I havent ruled anything out just yet.
            And i think it’s mostly Cox price and also the fact that Nic Nat is on the rise that has people a bit concerned.

          • Just looking at stats from last year. Going into this season Cox has the right to be called the most dominant player in DT relevant to his position. He is more dominant then Dane swan (relevant to his position)

            Gibbs was the most dominant last year but now he is mid only.
            Swan has a 4 point gap on the next best avg possible in the midfield.
            Cox has an 8 point average over the next best.

            Going on stats from last season there is statistically no better option this year then Dean Cox.
            So i can see exactly why you are mind boggled by everyone’s snubbing of the big Coxy.

          • Great call

  • The fact that the “Big O” could be an 80+ DT scorer makes HMac a more attractive option. If he gets through the pre-season unscathed then he should be seriously considered.

  • Pass.
    Going with the Bergerzmith combo AT THIS STAGE. Most likely will change, but I like how it is shaping.

  • Is anyone else considering having just one premium, and three Rookies in their Rucks? With Stephensen and Giles likely to play the majority of games, you have the second ruck position covered, who can pair with your premium (Cox/Berger etc), and you save a lot of cash to upgrade an extra FWD/DEF/MID at the start of the season. Just what I’m thinking at this stage.

    • I certainly am thinking along the same lines as you.

      Burger, then Giles, Stephenson & maybe Sam Rowe from Carlton (I’m fairly sure hes going to get a game at half foward)

  • It’s a bit of a vague thought of mine but its massive risk really. I think the preseason games will clarify my thoughts. When push comes to shove, I probably won’t do it for fear of a bad run with either Stephenson or Giles but I would love to have the money for another forward and this presents as good an opportunity as I will get to load em up.

  • Will not average a premium level. Rather pick a rook

  • Good work TeeTee,

    Personally I am going with Smith over H-mac. It will cost $85,000 more, but I will get a No. 1 ruckman with huge upside,(107 vs West Coast in his first season!) instead of a No. 2 ruck H-Mac.