Deck of Dream Team 2012: Brett Deledio

Name: Brett Deledio
Club: Richmond Tigers
Position: Defender/Midfielder
Assistant Coach 2012 Price: $452,100
Bye Round: 13
2011 Average: 91.4
2011 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 97

Why should I pick him? It’s a new year, but some things stay the same… we must pick Brett Deledio. He has been a member of the Warne Dawgs for the last 4 seasons and I don’t think things will change in 2012. Lids retains his dual position availability as a DEF/MID and with Gibbsy losing his defender status, here is our best bet of a high scoring defender who gets midfield time.

Last season Deledio ranked himself as the 6th best defender with his average of 91. Taking out his 51 against Hawthorn in Round 3, his lowest score last season was a respectable 74, meaning his standard deviation is pretty low. He had 7 scores over 100 with a season high of 119. Deledio’s average over the last few seasons has been 97, 96, 89 and 91. I am liking the extra midfield time talk about Deledio as when he has gone into the middle, he has been a beast in Dream Team terms. Hopefully Hardwick can see the light and let him loose in there.

I think the “Why should I pick him?” is a little redundant here. He has been a consistent performer over the last few seasons – playing all 22 games in the last 4 – and turning 25 this year, he is in perfect nick to have him in your team. Lids ticks all of the boxes!

Why shouldn’t I pick him? It’s a matter of seeing where he fits in your structure. His bye is shared with popular defenders in the horrific Round 13 – St Kilda, Carlton and Hawthorn (and ok, Port and GC) so some of the bid dogs of 2012 wont be available in that round for you, but maybe some DPP can help. You’d probably put him ahead of a lot of those defenders anyway.

I literally have nothing here for why you shouldn’t pick Lids. Is it because you don’t like his haircut or fashion sense? Hmm… nothing to see here, move along.

Deck of DT Rating. KING – Brett Deledio is a must have player in 2012 in my opinion and nearly warrants an ACE selection (I think he will be by season end). He can definitely improve on his average with more midfield time. Consistent, durable and a pretty good looking man. He ticks all of the boxes. Lock and load!

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  • 2012 – the Chinese year of the Warne Dawg! Great post again, Warnie. Last preseason I kept tossing up between Lids and Dan Connors. Dodged a bullet there. No such worries this year.

    • Ohhhh I was the same with Conners and Adcock and switched them right at the last minute before lock out thank fuck.

      Considering Conners again this year, he is a raw talent and showed a fair bit with that 90+ average a few years ago, a bit of a gamble I am just not sure of his role in the team and if I could fit him in my backline.

      Delids is a 100% lock! No doubt. The only thing I could add to that ‘why shouldn’t I pick him’ Warnie is that last year he was such a fucking slow starter! It was SO frustrating – you log on fanfooty at 1/4 time and Lids has 3 points?! Then Hardwick swings him into the mids from defense and he kills it. Albeit after quarter of good scoring down the drain.

      • hahahahahahahahaha

        your comment about Delidio’s quarter time scores is hilarious!

        I remember that feeling off, ‘Deledio has scored eight points! Is he injured? Will I have to trade? It’s round eight and I wanted to kill a cow and get a gun. Does my opponent have him?’

        And then I’d go and check the net and he’s 79 at three quarter time.

  • Flip yeah, always one of the first picked. Hoping Hardwick stands by his Lids midfield promise (and Conca promise too – roll on NAB Cup!).

    Great start to the year. Lids in Deck of DT and non-Gunners carnage in the EPL. Happy NY one and all

  • Lids is locked and loaded in Team Tooler!

  • For me its lids or goddard and I think I’m going lids great write up BTW

  • Great write up as usual Warne Dawg!

    Initially I was uncertain about Lids especially sharing byes with the likes of Goddard, Scotland, Suckling etc but without Gibbs in the backline, Lids is a must IMO.

    To me, Goddard and Deledio are locks but who should accompany them?
    Scotland? Birchall? Suckling? Enright? Have I missed any?

  • Heppell? And i’m crazy to say it but Heath Shaw

    • Will Michael Barlow be soon in the Deck? He will be the first guy I pick and maybe even Captain.

      • dyslexia is a good team name for you,not now if it was up to me ,what the hell has he got to do with deledio,and ya dont ask who is going to be in the deck ya just wait and see
        where is the interest in having him in the deck ,if your gonna pick him first and even give him the ‘C’l

  • Will pick him after round 13.

  • Last year I had to choose between lids and broughton as starters, only to go broughton and then drop him just before he started gunning it… all year I was thinking if only I’d started with lids. will NOT be making the same mistake this year :0)

  • Deledio is locked.

    Off topic – Been looking through teams on Fanfooty and have seen S Clifton in a few forward lines. On the DTgold picker he is listed as a mid only, but these guys are telling me he is mid/foward. Has anyone else noticed this. Is this a mistake?

  • Great write up again, Lid’s is hard not to pick, with the Tigers slowly maturing and improving he’s sure to get higher scores. He’s certainly NOT going to be a unique pick but should be a reliable defender.

  • ace in my books, never any doubt he will be in my team.
    great write up :)

  • Lock and Load!
    A question on the backline: Corey Enright or Heather Shaw?????

    • Im going Enright he’s a consistent perfomer, not too old at 30 and is NOT an absolute idiot like Heater.

  • Great Write up Warnie, Lids is a MUST IMO Lock and Load!

  • Lids is a must starter for anyone who knows anything about DT. Although his average has not increased from his first or second year, it has every chance of doing so this year.
    How many other Defenders are out there who are likely to average between 90 & 100. Not many and especially with DPP status.
    Along with Goddard and little Gary, Dids is one player who should be in 100% of DT starting squads.

  • As much as it is great to read each “Deck of DT participants” having the likes of Deledio, Goddard, Ablett etc etc provides very little debate as it is obvious to all that – yes, they should be in your squad and very few would disagree. For those who do disagree, I will say nothing.
    I would much prefer to see the deck made up of all those who are on the preriphery.
    We are all likely to have a number of rooks in our initial squads so it is the likely 4th – 5th defender/forward/mid who will create the most debate and comment.
    A few out of the square would make interesting reading as well. Players who have been reasonable DT players in the past who now seem to have fallen off the radar this year. eg Gilbee, Lake & Hargrave from the Dogs, Sydney’s K Jack, Gumbleton, Fisher & Gilbert, Waite.
    Please note, I am certainly NOT having a go at the writers of the Deck, but I just think some of the selections are automatic and as such are a bit of a wasted card.

    • I hear what you’re saying, but with all the round 13 premiums, and the all important “structure,” I think he’s still a valid choice for the deck!
      People may prefer to go with a Scotland, Goddard, Birchall combo for example, & if they are aiming for overall, would not want a 4th missing from rnd 13, especially when rookies like Morris, Ellis, Wilkes, to a lesser extent Bower, Blee…( just some I’ve noticed,) also have the same bye.
      Ouch, hangover!
      Simply put, what might be obvious to one person, may not be obvious to another.
      Having said that, one would be out of their mind to not lock him in! (-;
      But then again, people may see better value elsewhere for whatever reason.
      There are other sites that heavily discuss heaps of players, so personally I’m grateful for the deck and their choices.

  • I reckon he could average 100+, with extra time in the midfield.
    As long as he does this satisfying CD’s requirements for dpp for 2013! (-:
    Seriously tho, a must have from the get go!

  • Just wanna know, isn’t Heath Shaw still suspended for 6 more games. He was suspended for 14 games and missed 8. Just checking.

    • No served 8 with the rest suspended that’s why he was free to play in the finals

  • Lids is an absolute lock for me and having a look at most of the teams so far the walk up starts appear to be God, Lids, SMJ, Leuenberger, Buddy and possibly Dustin Martin (who along with Christensen seems to be in everyone’s teams).

    Any other absolute locks that I’ve missed?

  • murphy is 1 of my 1st locks. had him from day 1 last year and very happy. This year he will become a truly elite midfielder and he’s a touch unique too. will be looking for an edge early and he might be it.

  • Hey Warnie, thanks for the write up – a big help as usual. However, I probably would have him listed instead as an Ace. Among the Defenders it is probably only he & Goddard that could qualify (with Scotland & Enright’s age counting against them being more than a King; Heater having his issues; and Carrazzo having team role factors affecting his output).

    Bandicoot was saying above that such ‘locks’ shouldn’t be in the Deck, but if that’s the case, then we wouldn’t have a Deck – it would just be Jacks/Queens. I think there’s been a real diversity that reflects the Deck concept, and that’s what makes it so good.

    Having said that, I’m one of the ‘idiots’ that hasn’t got Lids as a lock at the moment. My structure is weighted to Mids & Fwds, and so I can only have one of Goddard & Lids. I’ve had Goddard ahead of Lids so far. Has anyone got any thoughts on who I should pick out of these two if I can’t fit both into my structure??

    • Tough choice between the two who should be locks IMO so i’d recommend adjusting your structure.

      Goddard under a new coach could possibly play a slightly different role but where ever he’s at he’s gona be pretty consistant and get ya points. Lids is probably gona become an ACE in no time with his role in a side who will/should be on the improve.

      If you for some reason can only pick one i’d look at what you are trying to achieve in this season of DT and look at each teams start of the season draw – looking at that myself i’d be leaning towards Goddard.

      • Yeah, good points. The impact that Watters will have on Goddard’s output is really hard to assess – NAB Cup will no doubt tell some tales there as they’ll be really trying to get the new game plan tested in match conditions. The NAB Cup will also be important to see the new Richmond backline in action – if they don’t come up, Hardwick may not be able to release Lids into the middle as he wants.

        If I stay heavily premo with my mids & fwds, then Lids will no doubt be my first upgrade, as your point about the draw does favour Goddard. Thanks. (Kuruki also.)

    • Im guessing you have got a few of Lake Armstrong Waters Grimes? why not downgrade the riskiest one to a rookie and upgrade the next risky one to Deledio or Goddard and sleep easier.

  • Surely it doesn’t need to be said but Goddard and Lids both lock and load…no brainer!

  • Locked at Loaded, especially since I heard he will be spending more time in the midfield with Steven Morris and Brandon Ellis playing in the backline

  • Lost count on the number of years I have started with Deledio in my backline. Continuing with the trend for 2012. Will be a popular pick but a must have!

  • proven safe pick ,only worry he may start getting the best tagger every week