Deck of Dream Team 2012: Jason Winderlich

Name: Jason Winderlich
Club: Essendon
Position: Midfielder/Forward
Assistant Coach 2012 Price: $246,100
Bye Round: 12
2011 Average: 49.7
2011 Games Played: 4
Predicted Average: 83

Why should I pick him? The reason that Jason Winderlich is getting a run in the Deck of Dream Team is the value he offers (and he was suggested in the comments a few days ago). After going down with an ACL in Round 4 this year, he missed the rest of the season stuck with an average of 49.7. In the game he was injured, he only scored 11 following on from very modest scores of 60, 56 and 72 in the opening 3 rounds. Now while this isn’t all that convincing, the 27 year old came off a season average of 94.1 in 2009 and 87.7 in 2010.

There isn’t much more to say than he is on track for Round 1 and as a MID/FWD at $246K, he has to be considered because he should basically be a walk up best 22 player with the Bombers. With more ‘mid-price’ type players becoming popular this season, you can start with Wonderlicka in your forward line and look to upgrade him during the season with the added flexibility of DPP along the way.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? The reason why Jason Winderlich has never been in any of our teams before is basically purely as a midfielder, you wouldn’t touch him. But you wouldn’t touch him for his games record either. He has never played every game of the season in his 9 year career and over the last 5 years, his games played have looked like this: 17, 9, 18, 19 and 4. Not exactly convincing.

While he is tracking well for round one (Hird has said he is excited by him being available for Round 1 in interviews), he is still on a modified program. The following is from the Essendon website:

Jason is progressing well during the pre-season and is on a modified training regime after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament during the season.

I’m worried that with Essendon’s growth last year, Winderlich may take a backseat to the young midfield blood and the days of the 90+ average he was able to hold onto a couple of years ago are probably long gone.

Deck of DT Rating: Jack. A huge amount of risk here and while very cheap, he is awkwardly priced. If he is right to play pre-season games, then monitor those and we could have one of the biggest bargains of 2012… but then again, he could be a massive fail.



  • Has struggled with back injuries in the past. However if he gets through a full pre season should be worth a punt as a guy who could potentially avg 85. Is currently in my team.

  • i saw essendon training only a few weeks ago and noticed two things in particular
    1- the entire essendon group is looking bigger and fitter- especially the kids and,
    2- Licka was limping quite badly. His injured leg is noticeably skinnier and he was unable put a lot of weight on it.
    With essendon recruiting some pretty good midfield talent in the last few years, their obvious inclination to play them, and Jason’s only real weapon(speed) being impacted by this injury, i think he isn’t the walk up start he once may have been, especially in the midfield.

    As a side note, Trav Collier has put on a lot of weight. Expect him to make big improvement on last year. not sure how dt relevant that is yet, but watch him in the nab comp.

    • Wow! Limping and a smaller leg. You can only imagine that he would be underdone for rd 1 if you can notice his freaking legs aren’t the same size.

      Poor bastard is going to have to get a real job and watch Essendon almost win a grannie but go down to the Pies.

  • I’m thinKing Chris knights version 2.0

  • Yeh he’ll be in consideration
    Only half an hour to go till the test match

  • Great article Warnie
    Christensen, winderlich or J brown 4 5th fwd spot
    have buddy, laser, zaha and Martin

  • Good write-up , Warner- oops, I mean Warnie….lol.
    Had him in my team, but he’s out now.
    Just figured it’s a risk I don’t (k)need to take.

    Season’s Greetings to ALL!!!

  • No thanks Warnie. I’ll pass on any injury prone player.

  • Cheers Warnie, loving these Deck of Dream Team 2012 articles.

    Initially I thought “bargain” with Winderlich, but the last few days (after some research) I’ve backed away from the idea. Reading this article and some comments above have assisted in solidifying my thoughts. Unless preseason proves otherwise – Pass for me.

    Another player in a similar boat for me is Porplyzia. What are your thoughts on him guys?
    Should increase in value considerably but isn’t a massive scorer from past results. Crow’s initial fixtures are what lean him in favour.

  • Warnie, this article was great because half way down it I was ready to go on fanplanner and trade him in, then by the end I didn’t want to know about him. Classic Deck.

    I know it’s a bit childish, but Warnie, bring back the playing cards behind the player. It’s like a symbol of summer DT madness!

    Season’s greetings to all!

  • not sure about this bloke…

    but what about his team mate heath hocking????

  • He was in then out of my team as much because of injury worries as team structure relating to byes. Might still creep back in yet as I don’t have many locks.

  • Winderlich my balls.

  • Hey guys Shaun Burgoyne listed as DEF/MID anyone thinking about him in defence. I mean he had a lower scoring year this year but he may be used more up the ground if Ellis is fit

  • Already taking a punt on Brown and Christensen. I think that’s enough for now.

    Now a few questions for the wise. Sorry if this is not the place.

    1. Grimes – Waters – Armstrong – P Davis. Who’s going to impress this season?

    2. Does anyone have a ballpark figure of how many points one trade is worth?

    3. Waiting for round 11 12 13 to do upgrades while trying to dodge donuts. Do you guys think our cows will be ripe by then or is it not going to be an ideal situation and should we just deal with the damage as it comes without holding back on upgrades before hand?. I think what im trying to say is will i miss out on too many points waiting till round 11 12 13 to make some upgrades?

  • I don’t like any of those backs mate. Grimes could be good but hasn’t looked like playing a full season yet.

    And as for you question, ‘how many points is a trade worth?’ I have no idea what you are talking about! hahahah Sorry, but I am being honest.

    • What i mean is, say you had Gibbs and he was going to be out for 3 weeks. U had K Hunt replacing him which means you could probably loose say 200 points or so over the 3 weeks. Is 200 points worth trading out Gibbs or do you save the trade and take the loss of points. What amount of points does it become worthy of using a trade. 50? 500?

      • Cool Kuruki, I get you now.

        Firstly, don’t ever mention K Hunt unless it is followed by a punchline! hahahah
        (sorry, I am not a fan of the great game being polluted with publicity stunts!)

        As far as trading out players that are injured or those who will miss a few with suspension, I would say that it depends on where your team is at.

        For the big boys, going for the car and glory, I don’t think they could wait three weeks for Gibbs to return, unless they had a rookie that was firing or some dual position black magic that could cover their ass.

        If it’s round 7 and you are already way off the overall pace, then all that is left is league glory. If you happened to be playing a few weak teams in your league, it might be worth letting Gibbs rest on the bench for three weeks, because you will win games anyway.

        If any major gun goes down, it’s easy to get your head around the options cause guys will be on DT Talk, going over the options like Hitler in the eagles nest. (with the major difference being Hitler was an evil genius and DT coaches are benevolent genius)

        Best of luck mate, Cheers GJB

        • p.s. It is illegal in three states to mention Gibbs getting injured on the internet. We have to have standards! If people mention ____’s and injury in the same sentence, it could manifest demons to cause his hamstrings to weaken. Please keep the peace!

  • Sorry to digress but has anyone out there realised that, with the ridiculous decision to go back to 2 on the bench on each line instead of sticking with 3 from last year, it will be MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to avoid at least 2 donuts over the 3-week multi-bye period ?

    • It actually isn’t, with the three trades, the right structure, and if you’re willing to use Lycett and his dpp :P

    • Agreed, as far as I am concerned it is not currently possible to get through the three (3) multibye rounds without incurring a doughnut, nor do I think this is within the spirit of the game. However, as VS currently has prices etc., as provisional, I am expecting changes, probably more multi position players (MPP) in the rucks to give us at least the possibility of avoiding a donut in the multibye rounds. I guess time will tell what further changes VS have up their sleeve for us.

  • Hey Warnie, thanks for the article – its confirmed my thought is. Had him in my original draft, but it is super hard to be up & going this soon after an ACL. Plus, Sir James comment was telling.

    Warnie, can I also throw you a query I posted a few days ago?

    VS say the prices are still provisional until the official release on Feb 1, does this mean they can/will change the discounts on any players?? The complete lack of any discount being applied to Caddy/Hayes/etc seems really inconsistent with the other discounts applied to players who played little or no games this season. Can you make a submission to them on our behalf??? Cheers.

    • I doubt prices will change. That’s probably there to cover themselves if the shit hits the fan. Hayes has a 10% discount I think. Not sure on Caddy.

      • Caddy has a 30% discount (avg 72 in 2011, priced at 50 for 2012).

        Porp is the one i’m surprised at – 1 game for 16 had me thinking he’d be at a bargain basement price – like Koby Stevens – but Porp is $202k (priced at ~41). Much less tasty now.. bye bye Porpster

        • We basically need someone from CD or VS to hand over the inside information to Wikileaks.

          The days where information of national significance is hidden from the public have to end!

          • Caddy looks very tempting. I am looking for more mid rooks to go with my ‘Freaking crazy structure’ of only two mid guns as starters. Coliglio (spelling?) is a must, as is Clifton and a few others. I don’t mind paying the $$$’s if I get the cattle.

            After watching all the trends in recent years from my fortified bunker (shed) in Fitzroy, I believe that if you were to pay up and get six good mid rooks, even trading twice to ensure you get the right ones, the benefits would be enable me to walk around knowing that the earth problems are insignificant, because my cash cows were so valuable, that I had a war chest bigger than China’s.


      • Yeah, you’re right about Hayes. The Fanfooty site has him listed as not having one, but their figures on the Assistant Coach do show it as 10%. And Fabregas is right about Caddy being 30% (Fanfooty’s updated that now too). Porp is definitely an issue – doesn’t make any sense at all. Would certainly like to have him in the forwards if he was at 20-30%. There are others too. You’re right GJB, we need a National Inquiry.

        • Porpz is that price because we said to VS that if he was rookie priced it would be ridiculous… then we saw McDonald’s price!

          • All the people want is some consistency?! For example, Cousins has a year out and comes back at mid $300’s and McDonald comes back and is Rookie priced, Porps should be priced according to his average from last year as well as the discount applied for the games he missed. But he isn’t.

            Also shouldn’t Lenny get more like a 30% discount if they were actually following their own rules?

          • I’m with you. Consistency and rules are all good… but if it meant that X amount of positions were ‘absolute locks’ it would make the game pretty crap.

            At the end of the day I trust VS’s judgement because it is the integrity of the game they need to worry about. While you might argue that being consistent makes the game have more integrity, they make different judgements to make the game better.

            McDonald is an interesting one. Cousins was just given a random price after a year out. I suppose being 35 and a coach is something that hasn’t happened before. So new rules. Personally, I would have priced him at about $150K. However, I don’t think he is an ‘absolute lock’ at that price because of job security (ie. how he will be used) and age.

            Porplyzia’s average last year was below what rookies are priced at. So that anomoly meant they gave him a discount on his 2010 average. Makes sense? It does to me… otherwise that would be another position that would be an ‘absoute lock’ if priced at a rookie price.

          • Yeah fair call Warne Dog, personally I reckon that Porps should have been slightly cheaper. To wrap it up then – how did they justify Lenny’s price?

            Cheers for all the hard work to mate – greatly appreciated. Go Dons.

  • Definately considering due to his most recent season averages and DPP. One to watch for me.