Deck of Dream Team 2012: Ben McEvoy

Name: Ben McEvoy
Club: St Kilda
Position: Ruck
Assistant Coach 2012 Price: $447,500
Bye Round: 13
2011 Average: 90.4
2011 Games Played: 21
Predicted Average: 97

Why should I pick him? As their only specialist ruckman, Big Ben will shoulder most of the ruck work for the Saints. That’s no disrespect to Gardiner, who in reality is is likely to be playing a backup role to McEvoy. Go past those two and St Kilda’s ruck division doesn’t go any deeper.

If you were following McEvoy’s progress last season, you’ll be licking your lips at the prospect of 2012 where his role as lone ruck should translate to healthy Dream Team scores. Let’s have a quick look-see at his 2011 numbers… He averaged 90.4 with twelve 90+ scores, including a remarkable purple patch between R10-21 where he pumped out 97, 139, 110, 117, 112, 106, 61, 106, 90, 95 and 97. It’s hard not to be impressed by those numbers!

While not the most athletic big man around, he is a hard worker and he has proven that he can hold his own against the established guns. At just 22 years old, there’s plenty of scope for improvement after putting himself on the ruck radar last season.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? McEvoy looks like he’s trapped in a 40-year-old’s body and his lean-ish frame can be dominated by bulkier types like Mumford, resulting in occasional below-average output. Physical strength is one key aspect of his game that he will be working on for the new season though, so expect him to come out stronger for 2012.

A couple of slight niggles are his handball-to-kick ratio which sits at 1.6:1, and his lack of goals at only 0.2 per game . These aren’t issues to be overly concerned about though. Rucks don’t typically rely on lots of kicks to rack up Dream Team points. And if McEvoy starts kicking a few more goals next season, his scores will get a nice bump skyward!

Deck of DT Rating: King. On the back of a breakout 2011, he’ll be premium-priced and deservedly so. As St Kilda’s Number One ruck, his Dream Team numbers should be consistent week-by-week as he continues to establish himself as a gun ruckman.


  • Nice one Tee Tee. Been on my radar for a couple of years. This year he starts on the field.

  • i really thought Gardiner retired?
    super article :)

    • Mmm… I’m pretty sure Gardiner retired.

      • DOH! You guys are 100% right. For some reason I had it in the back of my head that he was re-drafted… Poor research and proofing on my part – sorry guys!

        On the bright side, McEvoy becomes more of a lock for any coaches considering him as there are no specialist ruckmen besides him at St Kilda, just pinch-hitters in Kosi and Stanley.

  • I’m going the McBurger value meal given the severe lack of DPP status for rucks this year. Along with Giles & Stephenson I’m sure it will be a very popular ruck combo this year!

  • McEvoy is locked for me. Berger is also a lock and seeing as berger has the bye in rd 11 and Mc in round 13, prob the best combo out there for the bye situation….and yes Gardiner did retire which makes McEvoy more tasty

  • He’s a maybe. My rucks and fwds are giving me my biggest headaches.

  • Good write up Tee Tee.
    Great endurance for a ruckman- impressive sub 10min 3km trial.
    Very strong overhead mark.
    Had great mentors in King and Gardiner, and should continue to improve.

  • Good write up. I just feel that in terms of scoring when up against it McEvoy may falter. Sure he’ll score well vs duds but how about playing Mumford, Sandilands, Cox and Leuenberger just as examples. For me I’m going Mumford and Leuenberger as I feel they are the two ruckman who will begin to dominate the game.

  • Bong! Lock and load to the Big Ben who should average 110 this year. Will be going Big Ben/Leuy Burger value meal this year.

  • feathertopDT

    I think i’ll pass on McEvoy to expensive for what he’s likely to dish up imo

  • With that sort of from at the end of last year, he will be in my Rucks for sure.

    Quick question, and its probably been covered, but will the multi-bye rounds be a bye for league games in DT?

    • We’ll be playing through the bye rounds which makes initial team selection for 2012 an exercise in minimising donuts! :)

  • Proberly pass. Ruckmen are still hanging in the air ATM. Currently got the West/Berger Combo, with Giles/Stephenson on the side. My rucks ATM
    Berger 90%
    West 50%
    Giles 100%
    Stephenson 95%

    Not confident on West. Thoughts???

    • Mate, I hadn’t even thought of West. Jacobs however, I have thought of.

    • In a nutshell, West is not a set and forget option, especially if you are interested in overall. He’ll
      leak about 10-20 on the best ruckmen each week until upgraded.

      However, he will be handy in cheaply upgrading him to a premo ruck later in the year. This allows the money to be spent elsewhere.

    • Stay tuned to Deck of Dream Team! :)

  • good write up Tee Tee, I’ll be locking in Big Boy McEvoy aswell well as the Berger.

  • Forgot to mention Sandi when talking about the bigger bodies – considering he is the biggest body there is.

  • Nice article, though I won’t be picking McEvoy until he demonstrates that he can take on Sandilands, Mumford etc. as he was absolutely monstered in that game late in the season against Sydney last year.

    • I haven’t really watched him play that much, I just picked him up last year because he was the best player I could afford when Sandi went down for the second time.

      I just checkout out McEvoy’s great second half of the year and there are those two ugly, ugly results:

      66 vs West Coast
      44 vs Sydney

      Damn, it was so easy before reading that! Now, I’ll have to check if the Saints play both West Coast and Sydney twice next year. If they do, McEvoy and me might have to go our separate ways. Me, to a bar in Fitzroy, him, to some training facility in the country hahahahahahahah

  • Nice TeeTee,

    I like the line about him being trapped in a 40 year old’s body. He has to be the oldest looking 22 year old ever.

    I picked up McEvoy last year when Sandi went down for the second time. He was great.

    Part of me want’s to go with McEvoy / Smith. The thinking being that both of them can improve and are young enough to be durable. The problem is that if Cox, Sandi, Mumford and Burger start to dominate, I would be in deep trouble.

    Set and forget is the only way with rucks. I had Fraiser early last year and turned him into Cox, but why waste a trade doing that again? Fraiser didn’t go up much before I got rid of him, so it was a waste.

    I can’t say who’s a lock next year, but McEvoy is close as. Hopefully he went back to the farm and ate heaps of him mum’s cooking.

    • I am very tempted to get the McBurger combo, just because of the semantics. Hard to go past.

      • feathertopDT

        Same except i was thinking a McIntosh Luenberger combo…. Same thing but no pickles or lettuce and comes with thickshake instead of coke

        • H-Mac could have a Petrie like come back for North, I’m sure all the Kangas fans hope so.

          I wouldn’t go H-Mac with Toddy Monster dominating. And I’m scared to go Toddy Monster because H-Mac is coming back!

          It’s sooooo good that teams are going to be more wide open this year. Freaking great.

  • Adcock/Broughton + Hayes + Spurr + Kerridge


    Birchall + Christensen + Wingard + Sierakowski

    and why? help would be greatly appreciated!

  • sorry wrong article ^^^^^

  • One thing I am a bit worried about is St. Kilda’s success this year. I find it hard to see St. Kilda doing anything but sliding down the ladder a bit this year and as the success of the team goes down, so does the dt scores of the players within the team.

    McEvoy is probably a must though because he is the only decent ruckman with a R13 bye.

  • WOW! 4th Ruckman in the Deck, and it has only been 11 cards! How many more coming???

  • The players like Sandilands and Cox are on the way out. The likes of Leuenberger, Mumford and McEvoy are on the way in. A real changing of the guard year for rucks (and forwards too while we’re at it).

    • Sandilands was injured last year. He will own every ruckman in the competition this season.

  • “While not the most athletic big man around, he is a hard worker ”

    Great article but have to pull you up on this. McEvoy biggest strength his his endurance & athleticism. He is consistentl in Saints top 5 in time trials. He can run out a game easily, something most other ruckman arent able to do.

    On Mumford destroying him late in season, he had food poisoning in lead upto that game (as did Kosi who withdrew) and only reason he played was fact we had no other rucks. In the final vs Sydney Macca & Mumford were pretty hard to split.

    He has also bulked up a little this preseason which can only be a positive.

    • Saints rucks go like this:

      Ben McEvoy

      Then we have bunch of “2nd rucks” but most are injury prone. Basically expect McEvoy to play 90% of games in the ruck.

      Justin Koschitzke – 2nd ruck/forward who is notoriously injury pron
      Rhys Stanley – Injury prone and has shown no signs of being a ruckman, even in VFL.
      Jason Blake – Aging veteran but will play as 2nd ruck at times.
      Jay Lever – Raw as all hell, wont play unless something drastic happens

  • Probably goin with Leuenberger. Leuenberger smashed it towards the end of this season. 4 out of his last 5 games were tons. High draft pick and potential to be the next Dean Cox!
    That’s a tasty ‘Berger’!

  • Ruck is looking like this at the moment: Mcevoy or Luey, Sandi, Stephenson and Giles