Assistant Coach “Team Picker” NOW OPEN


AFL Dream Team “Team Picker” is now open for business for Assistant Coach subscribers


The moment we have all been waiting for is here, the release of the Assistant Coach “Team Picker”. This is the official version of Fan Footy’s Fanplanner using the official prices and positions of players for 2012.

If you subscribed to the Assistant Coach, then log into your Dream Team and head to and start selecting your 2012 squad. If you didn’t purchase the Assistant Coach full year subscription, then you have unfortunately missed the boat. Don’t make the same mistake next year and buy it from day dot!

It must be noted that: “Player prices are tentative only and may change frequently without notice.”

Get to it!


  • The prices are ridiculous, the highest amount of premiums that I could put into a team seems to be about 14 with maybe one 250k mid-pricer, around five 120-160k rooks and the rest base price rookies pretty much this leaves me with around 7 spots to upgrade on the field and around 15 trades leaving me with just 9 trades to get around the bye rounds, deal with injury and suspension and to fix up a mistake or two if needed.

    • I like this.

      Means everyone won’t end up with the same cookie-cutter premium-filled teams at the pointy end of the season. Bring on the uniques!

      • exactly. 2 or 3 years ago everyone was different. looking forward to the uniques!

        • Sounds good till you get the uniques wrong… then you’re playing for league pride only. We’d all love a crack at the car, but the new prices looks like sort the wheat from the chaff very, very early.

  • severe lack of promising cheap defenders atm. hopefully some develop over pre-season.

  • Looks like it might be a year for a crack at the mid pricers. What price is Stevie J running?

  • Is there a mobile site to access the assistant coach planner on the go?

  • The bye rounds should be sponsored by Krispy Kremes!


    Looks like Swanny and Pendles have a competition going on for best DT’er :)

  • All you tight asses won’t make the same mistake next year and NOT buy the ‘assistant coach’. 20 bucks, very expensive when split over 12 months.

  • Lol, I had 19 potential keepers in my FF team, smashed through salary cap now.

  • if i remember correctly…. during early pre-season last year everyone was bleeding about how high the prices were too.

    its just the shock and panic of trying to pick a team when nobody has anytinhg to go off on the field yet.. relax!

    • You remember incorrectly. Last year the prices were as low as they have ever been in DT.

    • The prices are definately higher. I dont have assistant coach but I have Supercoach Gold and in 2010 K.Jack averaged 100 and cost $484k at the start of last year. This year a player who averaged 100 cost you $525k. So the prices are roughly 10% higher. That adds up to about 2 or 3 premium starters I reckon. A lot more mid prices will have to be gambled on which makes for a more interesting and diverse comp.

      • The player prices in SC were made lower last year because we had to fit 33 players into the $10mil cap instead of 30. DT will be similar, and in DT the cap rises every year along with the afl salary caps, so players prices are forever rising in DT.

        • Good point. I didnt think of that. 3 extra players last year which is not suprisingly 10% extra of 30. So it makes sense that prices are 10% more expensive this year.

  • While this team picker may be great and all I’m not worried that I don’t have access to it, when the comp opens on Feb 1, I will already change my side many times throughout the NAB Cup and it will look nothing like my starting team.

  • It was all so easy a couple of days ago…a squad of 30 packed with premiums…24 trades with a couple to waste in the bye rounds…now VS has given us the Depression we Had To Have.

    Some of the players with potentially more upside than downside that I was considering for my starting team are priced significantly higher than I hoped (expected if I’m honest) – Didak ($360k), Armstrong ($290k)…!!! I may be delusional but I’m not stupid. And now its hard to recruit these kinds of players after a couple of rounds because you always have to keep STRUCTURE in mind. It looks even more boring in capitals.

    The biggest dilemma that I now have is STRUCTURE. And I don’t mean 2/4/3, 2/3/4, I mean now I don’t want to waste midfield cow spots with dpps (when clearly there are some geniune bargains that could explode their value a la old mates Curnow and Liberatore) yet I want to be able to carry players to other lines from the get go. Putting Zorko or Kerridge in that mid line is annoying when they would be perfectly serviceable cash cows as forwards, and Luke Brown hogging a mid spot (in place of Shiel for example) makes me angry. Will I roll with a higher scoring team in the early rounds and hope I don’t rue not having dpp built in or will I pimp my team before round 11 with dpps? Don’t know.

  • I’m in a very tough situation guys! PLEASE help!!!

    Okay, I have Swan, Ablett, ?????, Shiel, Trelaor, Miles Zorko, T Mitchell
    I have one of two options. Get Pendles/Boyd/Murphy/Rockliff, and have <20K in the bank, OR
    Get, Watson/Montagna/Mundy and have about 100+K in the bank.

    Thoughts very highly needed! Please help!!

    Thank You :)

  • After some prices from the GENIUS’ who were smart enough to buy the Assistant Coach package.

    Dale Thomas
    Rory Sloane
    Steele Sidebottom
    Patrick Dangerfield


  • Heath Scotland had and x ray today but do not know what for!!!!!!
    Looked like a shoulder!!!!

  • Zaharakis, D
    Martin, D
    Sidebottom, S
    Christensen, A

    Who are the top three and the 4th who should i downgrade him too!!!!!!

    PLZ HELP!!!!

  • Why is Jason Porplyzia priced so high for a guy that played 1 game in 2011 and only scored 16??

    Also, does anyone have any news on Trent Dennis-Lane and how his pre-season is going??

  • Looking at the graphic that headlines this article, it was interesting to see a second year player in Reece Conca named in the back line. He hasn’t really been mentioned in the process of choosing teams so far, but I think he may be a viable option in 2013, if he retains his classification as a defender. Was taken as pick 6 ahead of Caddy, Heppell, Gorringe and Prestia, which indicates he is/was rated highly. Priddis and M Clarke are two other picks of interest.

  • Are the prices for S.Frost (121,800) R.Laird (113,800) and L.Spurr (107,800) correct ?
    They were all picked up in the rookie draft so why so expensive.

    • They were drafted at 1, 5 and 8 respectively, so perhaps they incur a premium because they were taken early? I believe Spurr is the only true mature ager of those, at 24 years old, so I doubt they’ve got premium pricing based on age.

  • Defenders
    Brendon Goddard [STK] [MID]$474,200
    Heath Shaw [COL] $454,000
    Brett Deledio [RIC] [MID]$452,100
    Nick Suban [FRE] $272,100
    Brian Lake [WBD] $255,200
    Marty Clarke [COL] $141,500
    Sam Docherty [BRL] [MID]$130,200
    Steven Morris [RIC] $104,200
    Will Sierakowski [NTH] $104,200

    Dane Swan [COL] $598,300
    Gary Ablett [GCS] $554,700
    Tom Rockliff [BRL] $554,200
    Scott Thompson [ADE] $538,500
    Lenny Hayes [STK] $382,800
    Dylan Shiel [GWS] $104,200
    James McDonald [GWS] $98,700
    Tom Mitchell [SYD] $98,700

    Aaron Sandilands [FRE] $469,900
    Ben McEvoy [STK] $447,500
    Jonathan Giles [GWS] $117,800
    Orren Stephensen [GEE] $98,700

    Lance Franklin [HAW] $503,000
    David Zaharakis [ESS] [MID]$443,200
    Dustin Martin [RIC] [MID]$442,500
    Jonathan Brown [BRL] $331,400
    Jason Porplyzia [ADE] $202,500
    Billie Smedts [GEE] [DEF]$104,200
    Dayne Zorko [BRL] [MID]$104,200
    Tommy Walsh [SYD] $104,200
    Tim McIntyre [ADE] [MID]$85,800

    What do you think???

  • Is Ziebell suspended for the first game of the season? I noticed that he was suspended for round 24 but can’t find any information about the MRP’s final ruling.

  • If you don’t mind can someone tell me the price of

    Shane Mumford
    Joel selwood
    Matt Priddes
    Patrick Ryder
    Paul chapman
    Nathan vardy

  • Hatters Heroes
    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Deledio, S. Fisher, B. Lake, A. Tomlinson, M. Clarke, P. Bower (S. Docherty, S. Morris)
    MID: G. Ablett jnr, M. Murphy, J. Selwood, M. Barlow, A. Miles, D. Zorko (L. Brown, T. Mitchell)
    RUC: B. McEvoy, S. Jacobs (J. Giles, O. Stephenson)
    FWD: L. Franklin, N. Fyfe, D. Martin, S. Sidebottom, N. Riewoldt, J. Brown, J. Cameron (T. Walsh, S. Kerridge)
    CASH LEFT: $35,100

  • bit of a blues nut and would love to know the prices of Murphy, Gibbs, Kreuz and robinson? Thanks in advance

  • TEAM NAME: Hillbilly Tigers

    Team 1
    DEF: B. Goddard, C. Enright, B. Deledio, M. Buntine, A. Tomlinson, M. Clarke, S. Docherty (L. Spurr, S. Morris)
    MID: D. Swan, S. Thompson, N. Dal Santo, M. Barlow, S. Coniglio, C. Wingard (N. Haynes, L. Brown)
    RUC: D. Cox, A. Sandilands (S. Rowe, O. Stephenson)
    FWD: L. Franklin, D. Zaharakis, D. Martin, R. Nahas, M. Clark, I. Folau, A. Saad (B. Smedts, D. Zorko)
    CASH LEFT: $152,400

    Or team 2

    DEF: B. Goddard, C. Enright, S. Fisher, R. Shaw, M. Buntine, A. Tomlinson, S. Docherty (M. Clarke, L. Spurr)
    MID: D. Swan, M. Murphy, L. Hodge, L. Hayes, S. Burgoyne, B. Ebert (S. Coniglio, C. Wingard)
    RUC: D. Cox, B. McEvoy (J. Giles, O. Stephenson)
    FWD: L. Franklin, M. Clark, T. Varcoe, G. Rohan, J. Porplyzia, S. Gumbleton, N. Haynes (B. Dick, I. Folau)
    CASH LEFT: $68,500

    • Team 3
      DEF: B. Goddard, C. Enright, B. Deledio, M. Buntine, A. Tomlinson, S. Docherty, Morris (M. Clarke, L. Spurr)
      MID: D. Swan, S. Thompson, N. Dal Santo, L. Hayes, S. Congilio,, C. Wingard (N. Haynes, L. Brown)
      RUC: D. Cox, D. Jolly (B. Renouf, O. Stephenson)
      FWD: L. Franklin, R. O’Keefe, D. Martin, D. Zaharkis, M. Clark, I. Falou, Saad (B. Smeadts, D. Zorko)