Deck of Dream Team 2012: Mitch Robinson

Name: Mitch Robinson
Club: Carlton
Position: Midfielder/Foward
Bye Round: 13
2011 Average: 92
2011 Games Played: 21
Predicted Average: 100

Why should I pick him? Two years ago, the selection of Mitch Robinson would have seemed crazy, but on the back of a breakout season where he averaged 92 from 21 games, the prospect is no longer a joke, and in fact could prove to be a master stroke this season. Robinson’s selection prospects have also increased dramatically with the addition of dual positioning an extremely handy feather in his cap. With Robinson’s continual rise over the first three years of his career and the likelihood of the Blues continuing their development, there is no reason he can’t average 100+ which will be more than competitive among similar priced forwards. An exciting temptation in regard to Robbo is his ability to go on with a ton. Last year he recorded some whoppers with 131, 141, 124 and a final round score of 126 in the loss to West Coast during the finals. Although the last thing Robinson would be aligned to is consistency, he had an amazing patch of good scores between the rounds of 10 and 21 where he scored under 90 just once.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Let’s face it, Robbo is loose. Every time he attacks the ball he is in danger of concussion (vest effected), a season ending injury or suspension. Also, when Robbo is bad, he can be really bad which was evident in his performances last season where he posted scores of 56, 66, 47 and 39. At times he can be called upon to play very negative defensive roles by coach Brett Ratten which can limit his output and cause DT coaches massive frustration.

Deck of DT Rating: After such a good average last season, I have no option but to rate Robbo a King due to what will be a high asking price hanging over his head and the expectations that come with it. My natural instinct would be to call him a Queen but the high price means we need a 100 minimum average for it to be a truly successful pick. At the moment, I would rate him a 75-80% chance of making team destROY.

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  • Off topic but which combo is better –
    Dom Tyson & Will Hoskin Elliot (fwd)
    Marty Clarke or (anyone under 105k) & Jason Winderlich (fwd)
    What do ya think guys? :)

  • Pass for me Roy in my initial line up but will be on the radar for an upgrade down in the fwd line after his bye. If he becomes more consistent he will be hard to overlook down the track.

  • I gotta pass on him just due to the fact that he is insane! Great call on the injury/suspension. If he can calm down and take his ADHD meds… then he’s gotta be looked at for sure.

  • Good one Roy, but too risky for most I think. This year everyone will be picking players that will give you a full season.

  • I’ve always had a soft spot for Robinson, the lovable madman who ‘Rat Ears’ said ‘plays like a Kamakazie’

    Destroy is onto it though, Robinson is priced high and still thinks he is a gladiator, so 22 games at 100av would be some kind of beautiful miracle. Just like it would be for Beams. Who’s bogan stickers are forever destined to bring bad JuJu.

    The dilemma is that so many Forward guns are old enough to go to over 30’s nightclubs. Pav, Goodes, Roc, Chapman and Harvey are all would up like springs ready to break!

    If he plays the NAB wearing full body armor and as an extreme outside player, then he’s a lock!

  • lock IMO
    since being sub in r.9 against geelong he ha turned it on and cemented himself in the best 21
    since round nine has averaged oner 100 in 13 matches

  • Up until this morning I’ve never really considered the unit. But like all the deck of DT dudes I read about in here they seem to then make a spot in my team.

    If you skipped over the comment from GJayBee… do yourself a massive favour and go and read it

  • I’ll have to Pass. I’ve already stocked my mids and forwards with DDP and Guns.

    MID: Swan, Ablett, Murphy, Sidebottom(DPP), T Micthell, Miles Shiel, Zorko(DPP)
    FWD: Franklin, Johnson, Fyfe(DPP), Beams(DPP), Zaharakis(DPP), Brown, J Anthony FREM
    Porplyzia, Cameron.

    May put him in for Beams, but being a Pies supporter, it is hard doing that.


    • Being a Pies supporter, I’d suggest it would be hard for you to do a lot of things! :-P

      But yeah, there’s certainly a touch of the Campbell Brown’s about Mitch. But for those brave enough to take him, the results of a ‘perfect storm’ could be stunning!!!

  • I could never have someone that ugly in my lineup. It just wouldn’t be right for Buddy to have to stand next to someone like that.

  • Nice article, I’ll be locking in the crazy fella in my fwd line

  • Robbo will always get amongst it. I think suspension is more of a worry then concussion. Robbo has the hardest head in the AFL

  • Nice article, but NO way!!!!

  • Nice Roy was hoping for Robbo in the deck. He has the potential for massive scores so he’s currently in my team due to his dpp. Dpp is gonna be very important this year so the more options the better. Again with most players like him were going to have too see where he plays and how he goes in the nab cup :)

  • i can see him improving his average to be respectable enough to warrant a pick however i prefer to pick the more consistant players that won’t score 40’s and 50’s even if it mean less 130+ scores, probably a pass for now

  • Compelling article, but my red and black coloured glasses just wont allow me to include this scum into my DT-lineup.. I know DT shouldnt involve personal emotions but Mitch Robinson has to be my most despised player.

    Rather Beams, Sidebottom or Zaharakis instead.. even Didak!

    • On the contrary, as a slightly biased Blueboy I love his attack on the ball and he is absolutely fearless. Although it may only be a matter of time where he gets someone a bit high and lands himself in trouble. As long as he doesn’t, he is a great pick for DT and should continue to improve. As for your personal opinions, well unfortuantely you have to just let them slide…

      I swalled my pride and picked Pendles and Swan last year (despite playing for Collingwood) and I was paid back in spades…

      Good luck with no Blues players though!

  • Never really considered this bloke, but dpp eligibility puts him on my list of potential upgrade targets.
    Low scores are scary low!!!

  • Nice article, Ive currently got Robbo in my side just ahead of Beams due to the fact his bye is in round 13 rather than the FWD line hell that is round 12.

  • I have notice that a few players are defined as gen now. does that mean they could be the triple DPPs?
    Some examples: Heath Scotland (gen def), Heath Shaw (gen def), Steve Johnson (gen fwd), Cyril Rioli (gen fwd) etc
    While other are still described as DPP: Paul Chapman (mid fwd),

    • I think that’s just champion data defining defenders as either key or general I don’t think it effects dream team.

  • Cheers Roy! Any forward who averages 92 with DPP needs to be considered this year for mine… And especially as he’s on the way up, improving every year and jumping 23 points since 2010 – surely he can only improve again?!

  • Mitch Robinson King????

    Goldy Ace after just one good season (when he was the sides only ruckman/HMac coming back this season) and giving Cox just a King?!?!?!

    Have got to say Im not sure about The Deck this season :-(

  • The photo above has been photoshopped. He clearly doesn’t have a neck in real life and his shoulders are behind his ears.


  • serious chance for mine considering his DPP

  • Yep he’s all but a lock for my team great article Roy

  • dunno why everyones worrying about his low scores a sub-effected 39 against geelong in r.9, a 47 vs sydney in r.6 a 67 vs adelaide in r.5 and since round 10 onwards his 2 lowest scores were 66 vs hawks and 81 vs lions, with the other 8 scores between 90 and 141
    pretty good IMO

    • +1, I’m not worried every player has his lows. That’s why he’s not a $450+ player

  • I hope he keeps his DPP in 2012

  • A lot of passes on Robby which interests me.
    Whose the alternative, redwoods, pavilion or ROK?
    The era is changing, Robbo is the future!( I hope)???

    • Not sure who to say the alternative is without seeing your team tkol but I agree that the forwards who are rocking over thirties disco’s will have to slow down. How Roc, Goodes and Pav did it last year I don’t know. But can they back it up? Can Chappy ever go up again? Is Stevie J. gonna back it up after his injury? Maybe, but they will be upgrades for me, I’m scared of the dark and 30 plus players.

      I think Zaka is a lock, as it Bronze Sideballs. Beams would have to be a chance to take Robbo out, I think Beams 14 games was due to injury, not form as some people have said.

      For smokies, Duncan or Dangerfield could get up their with Robbo.

      I love watching Robbo play, but I think it would be more fun to watch him dive in head first if he wasn’t in my DT. As you know, you don’t get imaginary points for pleasing math nerds in DT, that craps for SC (Wack! Take that SC hahahahah)

  • Would most likely choose Beams or Sidebottom over Robinson. They are younger than Robinson and will probably prove to be more consistent when they push into the Pies forward line

  • A definite lock in my team along with Beams, the other forward premiums are all so old now I’m willing to put my faith in these younger blokes. Nice write up by the way, keep up the good work!

  • Nice write up.
    Sticking point for me is that I think he can become a pretty good forward tagger which was evident at the end of the year. If he could getting his kicking boot going though could snag 20 goals for the season.

    i was all over him for next season but that tag role has put me off a bit but asa forward and if he can hold average over 90 wouldnt be a bad pick

  • Seems alot of people are turned off by his ruggedness and hardness. He scored 8 hundreds in 2011 along with 7 ninetees. Doesn’t matter about flashiness in dream team its all about points on the board. Locked in.