Deck of Dream Team 2012: Scott Thompson

Name: Scott Thompson
Club: Adelaide Crows
Position: Centre
Bye Round: 11
2011 Average: 109
2011 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 115

Why should I pick him? With Riccutio, Goodwin and Edwards gone from the Adelaide midfield, this pretty much left Thompson to be the main clearance man for the Crows for 2011.  He scored 15 tons in his 22 games and twice cracked 150pts.  He is also their number one link up guy when coming out of defence and often picks up some cheap marks and kicks across the half back line.  Durability certainly isn’t an issue for him, he didn’t miss a beat and his lowest score for the year was a 61 in rd 7 in that shocking game against the Dees where no Crows scored a ton.

He had 160 more disposals than any other Crow in 2011 and has about a 1:1 kick to handball ratio, not only that he led the team with 119 valuable tackles.  This more than makes up for the fact he isn’t a heavy goal scorer.

In 2012 he also has one of the softest draws, he gets to play Gold Coast, GWS and Port Adelaide all twice!  The Crows play all of these teams once in the first 5 rounds of the season along with the Dogs at home, he should score 120+ in most of them.  Based on that alone he is worth a pick in your midfield.

His bye week is shared by Brisbane, GWS, North, West Coast and the Bulldogs.  So when you are missing Hawthorn, Collingwood and Geelong players, Scotty will be there racking up the big numbers for you.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?  The one big variable in the mix here is new coach Brenton Sanderson.  We are yet to see what his style will bring to the table for the Crows.  I can’t see his role changing much, but you just never know with a new coach what may happen.  The other factor to consider is that Thompson is the Crows only key midfielder that does any damage and as such should draw the tag on most occasions.

Deck of DT Rating: King.  This guy has the ability to lift his DT game to another level and become an out and out DT superstar.  If he kicks a few more times than handballing in 2012 we could see his averages go past the 115 mark by the end of the season.  As mentioned above, he has a soft draw over the first 5 weeks (apart from the Hawks in Rd 3) and should be a gun scorer from the start.


  • Could very well be my 3rd mid!
    Can’t ignore his Incredibly soft draw as you stated.
    Actually averages 100.2 vs Hawthorn over 12 games, which includes a 27 in 2010, (eye injury- off in 2nd qtr, did not return.)
    Could get your season off too a flyer!
    Great option for the deck.
    Good stuff Dunny!

    • Yeah nice write up mate. As someone who has followed the crows for a long time I’m always sceptical of beam me up Scotty, mostly for his poor decision making skills at key moments. I know a lot of crows fans shiver when he has the ball with a minute to go and the game on the line. In saying that though, that’s more of a supercoach drawback, and last season I think he surprised everyone with his consistancy. I’ll have to consider…

      • Agreed that sometimes you have to separate yourself from what he does for the team and what he does for DT.
        I also agree though it is hard when it is a player from the team you support. If they aren’t in your supported team you don’t really care who they kick it to (in DT only) just as long as they kick it. If it happens to go to an opposition player who kicks it back towards them… even better, they might get it again and rack up some more points!

  • I had him this year and I’ll back him in again in 2012. A ball-magnet!

  • Just took out Barlow for this man… amazing run to start with!

  • feathertopDT

    To pricey imo i think i can find better value out there

  • feathertopDT

    By the way just wondering is Jude Bolton DPP this year cos Monty seems to think so

  • He is one of a host of dilemas this year in the mids. Start with a flyer and hope he can hold on while the better mids fire up?

  • For those of you debating Gibbs’ eligibility, he’s listed as only a MID on fanplanner. Take from that what you will.

  • Scotty is my 5th mid, muhahahaha. And don’t worry, I still have around 17 keepers in my Round 1 side.

    • Stew, you are evil, I can tell from your laugh, but are you an evil genius? Five mid’s sounds like it’s your first season playing DT, but first season dreamers don’t log onto DT Talk in December!

      • :O I’m hurt… Second year actually, and yes, my team has changed a bit, mostly because I think that Monty’s Fanplanner is still a little bit too cheap atm… Scotty’s still in though!

  • Not for me. I’ve already locked in Swan, Rockliff, Zaharakis and Murphy/Selwood so there’s no room for him.

  • he will be a possible upgrade target for me but may miss him this year with pendles and boyd being first preference with hayes and barlow already starting in the team it will be hard to make room.

  • And its all over for Davis and Fevola.

    • As a Pies man, I wish Davis had at least put himself out there to be traded a little earlier. And, preferably to a team that will play finals. That way, he couldn’t hurt the Pies.

  • Hey Dunny, great write up. I’m really looking forward to you maybe doing a write up on hartlett.

    I woudn’t mind seeing thoughts on him and I have in my starting lineup at the moment.

  • lock and load for me :D

  • good write up. must admit i was skeptical this year about Scotty T but will definitely have to consider him now.

  • He was great for me last year when I picked him up late on in the season. Not many teams had him from memory, definitely no one else in my league did at the least. Put up some huge numbers.

    Don’t know if I’ll start with him this season, but he is definitely an upgrade target.

  • Wow, I’m a crows supporter and the fact we play GWS and GC twice is bullshit…. I thought no team was allowed to play those two teams twice???

    I think it is an unfair advantage for any team and even tho my team is gifted this I don’t like it… it’s not good for football (but obv could be good for dt)

    • You guys and North play GWS and GC both twice… whilst my team… the struggling Power only get to play each of them once (on the plus side we can’t lose twice to them both in the same year which going on our game with GC last year is a big chance!)

      • Watching GAJ in that second qtr had me shitting myself….he was simply amazing and took the game to a level not many can!!

  • Popular midfielders who share a bye with Thommo:
    Adelaide: Scott Thompson (I know), Nathan Van Berlo, Patrick Dangerfield (MID), Rory Sloane
    Brisbane: Tom Rockliff, Jack Redden, Daniel Rich, Dayne Zorko, Simon Black
    West Coast: Matt Priddis, Andrew Embley (ugh), Daniel Kerr, Luke Shuey, Chris Masten
    North Melbourne: Brent Harvey (FWD), Daniel Wells, Jack Ziebell (suspended), Andrew Swallow
    Footscray: Matthew Boyd, Ryan Griffen, Daniel Cross, Patrick Veszpremi
    GWS: Callan Ward, Dylan Shiel, Adam Treloar, Stephen Coniglio, Dom Tyson, William Hoskin Elliott, Toby Greene

    Ideally you’d take a maximum of three from this lot, so if you already had Rockliff, Treloar and Shiel, Thommo is probably not the best choice. I’m torn between taking a risk and selecting Thommo, or just taking Sloane, Shiel and Treloar.

    • If you had Treloar and Shiel at least one would likely be upgraded by the time the bye came around. So I don’t see starting with Thommo a problem.

      • Yeah that make sense. I think I’d be a bit more economical with my trades in my second year of DT, so i’d be able to offload some of my cash cows at about Round 11. Last season I had to wait till about Round 15 to upgrade those players, because of some of my earlier howler selections.

        Anyway, Thommo and Sloaney it is.

  • Maybe. It depends on this. I may need the extra 100K (from Barlow) in my backline, since Gibbs is gone. But if I can find the right Defenders, he’s a lock! Current team ATM. (DEF’s and Mid’s)
    DEF: B. Goddard, C. Enright, B. Deledio, D. Heppell, B. Waters, M. Buntine, S. Docherty (B. Ellis, J. Bruce).

    Not the strongest, but got good upgrade options.

    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, M. Murphy, S. Thompson, L. Hayes, D. Zorko (T. Mitchell, D. Shiel)

    5 keepers. Not bad! Thoughts please!

  • Scotty did me proud last year. When Mundy got injured, Scotty was the right price and I was happy to pick him up. His soft draw is a joke. Surely Port should be given GWS and GC twice, not Adelaide.

  • Had Thompson for the last half of the year in 2011..mostly happy until I picked him as Captain in one of the last few rounds and wasn’t so good.

    His major attraction I think, is as a very reliable high scoring player of difference…with the Crows draw, more so.

  • No doubt, is a DT Jet!
    I did trade him into my side last year.

    I just see others having more upside (eg. Selwood, Murphy). I am looking for players that are ready to explode and entering their prime. Thompson is probably is his twilight of his career.

    I expect him to average 110+ and would strongly consider trading him into my side in 2012.

  • Billz

    One of my favourite players, very much in consideration for next year.

  • Here we go again. 2012 season nowhere near underway and we are already reviewing players, love it! Good to see some of the keyboard warriors poking their heads around early also. Don’t know about Thommo, he’s a gun, but no other stars means super-attention from the opposition. Didn’t hurt GAJ though….

    • It’s not as though we had any stars last season either, and his only really poor performances was against Melbourne, Port and North (and the best tagger of that lot is Cassisi). If Vince can stop being a pansy when the going gets tough, Van Berlo continues his late season form, Dangerfield and Sloane step it up, and Knights stops tearing soft tissue every five minutes, he should have far more support than he has had in recent years.

  • Scotty Thompson is an absolute gun. Unlucky to miss out on an All-Australian selection this year. I think his DT numbers will stay up in 2012 because adelaides midfield wont be as bad as people think. He is a lock in my team