Deck of Dream Team 2012: Gary Ablett

Name: Gary Ablett
Club: Gold Coast Suns
Position: Centre
Bye Round: 13
2011 Average: 112
2011 Games Played: 20
Predicted Average: 122

Why should I pick him? Gary Ablett’s move to the Gold Coast Suns was always going to hurt his average in his first year. Therefore, being priced at an average of just 112, Gazza is a bargain in 2012. In the 2 years leading up to his move Gary averaged 119 in 2009/10 with Geelong and now that he has settled in, things will return back to normal. To prove this point… in his first 5 games this year, Gazza averaged just 92. After finding his feet and settling in Gazza closed the season averaging 122 in his last 5.

Of course, Ablett is DT captain material. With massive numbers on the board from last year of 156, 146, 135, 175, 142 and 147 he is an Irish Pirates dream. He loves playing the Dockers where he averages a massive 141 on them in his last 3 games and doesn’t mind the Hawks (avg. 130 in last 3), Bulldogs (125) and the Eagles (123).

Gazza also gets to play GWS twice in 2012 (Rd. 7 & 20) but but but… now add to that, he plays 7 teams in his first 9 games who didn’t make the top 8 last year. BOOM!

Another bonus here is… Ablett shares his bye with Carlton, Hawthorn, St Kilda, Richmond and Port making him free to play in Rd.12 when you’ll need to rest the other premium guns from Collingwood and Geelong.

Ablett is a pretty durable dude as well. Yeah he missed 2 games this year, but only missed one in 2010 putting him at playing 94% of all games over the last 2 years (inc. finals).

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Maybe you plan on loading up on Hawks and Carlton guys and you’re worried about that Rd. 13 bye… you really shouldn’t be. Or maybe you hate bald people. Either way, my arguments here are not going to be very good.

Deck of DT Rating. ACE – plain and simple. Let’s get it clear ladies and gentlemen… Garry Ablett is an ultimate untaggable premium who is at a cheap price with a dream run early in the 2012 season. Get on him from the word go.


  • Nice way to start, the big G ABLETT. First guy I pick every year (except last year). But each time I need to fight my hatred of bald people to select him. Chapman too.

  • I’m gonna have to PASS- “Positively Absolutely Select the Superstar!”

  • My biggest lock….god damn he may well end up being the best player the AFL/VFL has ever seen!!

  • If he’s not locked into your teams i feel bad for you. Probs the cheapest he’ll be all season.

  • This one seems logical unless a preseason injury occurs. Midfield premo picks are going to be so intense preseason. Definately about 10 solid candidates that need squeezing into only 2 or 3 or 4 odd slots.

    • Agreed whilst GAZ is one of the greatest I’m also eyeing off Swan, Pendles, Murphy, Rockliff not to mention others like Redden, Hayes, Mitchell etc.

  • I’m probably going to go Gaz and pass on Swan.

  • Great start Calvin! Gazza lock and load for me :D

  • Agreed Calvin, apart from a pre season injury, a lock for me.

  • he’s in for me ahead of swan, gun

  • Biggest lock for a premium player. Simple.

  • theres no picture of an ace behind gazza….

  • Great way to start!

    Nearlly a lock, fighting with Rockliff for that spot. But swaying to Ablett.

  • obvious pick, made all the better by the fact that his team, being in it’s second year, will get concessions, like playing GWS twice and versing bottom half teams, increasing his scoring potential even more!

  • yeh hes a lock this bloke. best player in the competition imo. slightly underpriced

    too easy

    • So are we going to see you type GAJ every week on Calvin’s Captain’s instead of Swan :)

      • you might do. i go with whoever i think will get the highest that round.

        last year i went Swan the majority of the time. he ended up with the highest average- not a bad decision me thinks.

    • what will Ablett’s price be roughly???

  • Lock and Load.
    First picked for me in 2012.

  • “Or maybe you hate bald people”- Vin you crack me up!!!

  • No doubt he is a gun! in an improving side capable of huge scores. Why am I not going to pick him?

  • can see him taking over swan
    averaged 127 if you dont count his first 5 games the 23 he got


  • Hmm…Looking at going Swan, Ablett, Rocky, Murphy but any of them bar Swanny could go for a cheaper option so I can stock up on high-draft pick rooks. Only time will tell.

  • Its pretty hard to ignore his early season draw, and his average after R7 last year. Lock it in, Eddie.

  • could yous do one on patrick karnezis??
    averaged around 60 i think if u dont dont count his subbed scores
    hes been bulking up over the preseason (88kg now) and with mitch clark gone i cant see him being subbed on or off
    he’s gonna be a super star but its just a matter of when

  • he is my 1st pick followed by swan and pendles

  • the problem this year is that there are too many people to choose from in the mids when realistically you can only pick 4 premiums

    Ablett as mentioned
    no reason why Swan won’t continue his numbers
    Pendlebury can only get better
    Rockliff and Redden should explode
    plus there are cheapies like Mundy and Barlow

    it’s too hard to choose

    • pendles is a slight risk as he’s gonna be under a lot of pressure coz he only signed a 12 month contract which could have an effect but i doubt it

  • who would you leave out of pendles, gaz, rockliff and swan?

    I’m in a tight situation!

    • Proberly Rockliff. The other three has or will smash him in points IMO.

      • Rockys not one to overlook here. his last 11 scores for the year were all tonnes with the last 10 all over 110+, pretty consistent in my opinion. Coming into his 3rd year (if you dont count the 1 game in ’09) Could take it to a Ablett/Swan level this coming season

  • Any hints on who it’ll be tomoz?? Hayes? Barlow? Grimes?

  • Calvin has made God’s favorite a real tempting proposition.

    However, I am going to chose Swan instead.

    Swan obviously has the edge over Gary because he does not believe that there is an invisible man in the sky with a list of ten things you can’t do. (note: some things on the list are repeated)

    I do not deny that blind faith helps a footballer, only that it hurts my innate sense of reason.

    • So good to see ‘The Deck’ back on the interporn! I mean net.

    • yet when you are fiddling with your team all through march i guarantee that at one point at least you will ditch swan for ablett to use cash somewhere else

  • Little of topic, but Barlow or Mundy and why??

    • barlow.
      can see him averaging the same if not more than mundy and he’s cheaper

      • Barlow might not get a discount in 2012 as he averaged 85.5 since returning from a broken leg.

        • Barlow priced at an average of 85? That should still be a lock for anyone. And discounts have nothing to do with your average from last season. It’s the amount of games you played during the last season. He played 9 games last year, players who have only played 9 games have been given discounts before. If he was given a discount it’d only be 10% though.

  • Gazza! I was going to do similar to last year and get him once he has found ridiculous form. Had not looked at the fixture but his looks very tempting. If he is smashing the pre season I will lock him in. Any news on his pre season? He’s the king. Headaches when you don’t have him

  • locked and loaded!

    the harder question is murphy/selwood/rockliff

    leaning towards rocky?

    • I would go murph. Had him this year and he’s only getting better. Has a decent first 10 rounds as well. Can’t go wrong with rock either tho

    • selwood. Take out his concussion and his average was way bigger. Also young, should be gunning it.

  • He’s a lock in my team
    not going to start Swan in my team gonna wait for his price to fall a little first

  • My midfielders are goin to be Ablett and Swan and then 2 out of Selwood, Murphy, Stanton, Hayes

    Ablett looks the best value out of the premium midfielders
    He had injury interrupted pre season this year
    He improved as the season went on
    The Suns should improve which will only help his scores.

    Ablett will be in my side for the first time since he could have been chosen as a forward

    Ablett = Lock

    • selwood and hayes of those two for me

      selwood because i just think hes the best of the lot dt scoring wise and he could absolutely explode in my eyes if he doesnt get suspended again

      Hayes because hell be cheap and has proven hes the greatest time and time again

  • Locked and Loaded!!!!!
    My mids shaping up to look like this: Swan Ablett Hayes Barlow Rockliff Coniglio (Greene Mitchelll)

    Plzzzz rate this draft team!

    TEAM NAME: mufc
    DEF: B. Gibbs, B. Goddard, B. Deledio, B. Waters, T. Armstrong, B. Lake, P. Davis (M. Buntine, S. Docherty)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, T. Rockliff, L. Hayes, M. Barlow, S. Coniglio (T. Greene, T. Mitchell)
    RUC: M. Leuenberger, H. McIntosh (B. Longer, J. Giles)
    FWD: L. Franklin, N. Fyfe, T. Cloke, D. Zaharakis, J. Brown, W. Hoskin-Elliott, A. Morabito (J. Porplyzia, D. Markworth)
    CASH LEFT: $96,300

    alot of things are going to change as the new season gets closer and i doubt my def will look anything like that at the end, but i like the look of my mids at the moment.
    critizism WANTED! as well as positives and what i should keep the way as is if possible

  • Popular midfielders who share a bye with Gary Ablett:
    Carlton: Marc Murphy, Bryce Gibbs (DEF), Chris Judd, Heath Scotland (DEF), Mitch Robinson
    Port Adelaide: Travis Boak. Chad Wingard, Hamish Hartlett (DEF)
    Hawthorn: Sam Mitchell, Luke Hodge, Liam Shiels, Jordan Lewis
    Richmond: Trent Cotchin, Brett Deledio (DEF), Dustin Martin, Nathan Foley
    Gold Coast: Gary Ablett, Michael Rischitelli, Jared Brennan (FWD)
    St Kilda: Leigh Montagna, Nick Dal Santo, Lenny Hayes, Brendon Goddard (DEF), Jack Steven

    You may notice I’ve left second year players out. They are usually not dependable and offer little value for money following their debut year.

  • Pass i’m afraid. Passing the pass which means he’s a Lock, stock and two smoking barrels Lockkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Scary thing about him is his price is cheap. First player picked. A monster season coming up.

  • Too cheap to ignore! Going to pick him before Swan!!! Lockity lock :D