AFL Draft 2011: Dream Team Chat

Stephen Coniglio and Jonathon Patton - top two draft picks in 2011

It is the biggest moment thus far in the AFL Dream Team pre-season, it’s the AFL Draft 2011. Tonight is the night where we will find out where the fresh meat for 2012 will end up.

Prices of the rookies for Dream Team are based on these selections, and if 2012 is like other years, look out for the players about 20+ in the draft order for the cheapest. We’ll see that Jonathon Patton will most likely go number one with Stephen Coniglio at number two… these guys will have the highest premiums put on them as draftees. Rightly so this year as they will go close to playing most games with GWS. We’ve had a sneak peek at their junior Dream Team numbers and they are pretty tasty!

Anyway, this is your forum to talk about the draft as it happens (or after it happens) with your 2 cents on all of these fine draftees. Join in the chat with other DT heads and join in the Twitter conversation using the hashtag #afldraft and feel free to include @DTTALK or one of the boys (@WarnieDT, @CalvinDT and @RoyDT).

Most importantly, you should also make sure you are following Tbetta’s Phantom Draft and give him a bell on Twitter too: @tbetta9.


  • How are you following the draft tonight? Here are some places to check it out.

    TV: Fox Sports
    Radio: SEN (
    Web: or
    Twitter: Using #AFLdraft

    • How the hell did Sam Frost and Shane Nelson get overlooked? Plus Myles Bolger should have been taken in front of tom downie

      • Those are some quality players worthy of a 2nd round selection
        If Port Adelaide dont want to keep finishing in the bottom for then they would draft them and play them all

  • Grrr. Having trouble logging in to the chatroom, Warnie…

  • Dream Team season is finally here! Big implications tonight. Stoked about Tom Mitchell going to the swans.

  • Pay attention to some of the more DT rookie relevant teams, who they pick and what their stocks are like in that position. Think beyond GWS too.

  • Good coverage on SEN.

  • Fanplanner attack to come!

  • Sam Frost – Not drafted ?

    • Yeah what a suprise, i’d heard rumours of St.Kilda taking him with pick 37… maybe pre-season draft

  • I know little about Lokyer, less about Brown, can anyone clue me up?

  • As a Freo boy, I would have liked to pick up Kersten, but obviously we rated other kids higher, so I can handle that.

    Locking in big Orren Stephenson on my ruck bench though.


    • i live in perth so i follow what freo do and it so hard to follow them because they make a lot of stupid decisions especially around draft time

  • Well I wont be spending the money on Billy Longer for my ruck bench anymore… not with Luenberger & Hudson there. Not sure who to ut there now with Giles

    • Tom Downie was taken by GWS at pick 56.

      • Oops, I read that as you wondering who was also a ruck at GWS. Majak Daw could be a good choice, perhaps even Myles Bolger as a rookie if he is fit.

        • Yeah mate, GREAT call on Majak Daw, did not think of him… will heaps of hit-outs and will definately kick some goals

          • Why wouldn’t you just lock in the 29 year old ruckman Geelong have picked up?

            Don’t think he’ll be playing in the McGoos too often.

  • Will people be taking a punt on Orren Stephenson?

    Cats have been pretty sharp with their selections in the past and I imagine they haven’t got a 29 year old in to carry the drinks!

    • Never heard of him until last night… Im a QLDer so I dont get to see too much VFL… Apparently he kills it at VFL level.

      • I WISH Collingwood picked him up. We need to make a run for it now, before free agency and the GC and GWS B*&^$&*! They say this guy even play’s like Jolly, how could the think tank at Collingwood not noticed that clue! And our second pick was before Geelong’s, we could have picked him up!!!!!!!!
        Jolly needs a miracle I think. Unless they just rest him till round 8 then get him out of the box, which is not going to happen.

  • Dt midfield 4 2012 is tough, Tom Mitchell, Dom Tyson and Stephen Coniglio are fighting 4 my last spot on field

    • Would i be silly to put in conigilo and Dom tyson because that’s what i’m thinking of doing

  • Mitch Grigg any thoughts?

  • Tory Dickson will he get game time straight away?

  • Do people think that Wingard could be listed as a forward next year? given that the AFL listed him as one
    if he is he’s a lock! the kid can play and Ports only going to improve, they had a great draft and trade period so far this year and they still have a oick in rookie draft, hopefluuy they can snare Frost with it

    • pick* hopefully*

    • Agreed, if he’s a forward, he’ll be an absolute lock. So long as he doesn’t go using his head as a battering ram and concussing himself again, Wingard should be a consistent performer all next season.

  • Brad Mckenzie will be a great running half back flanker for the kangas! he will also sneak into the midfield and can go up forward if needed, get on board

    • yep he’s gonna be their weapon of halfback, its wat i think they need to get to the top 8 next year
      also have my eye on buntine, docherty, morris, mohr and ellis as possible rookie defenders

  • hey fellas – can somebody tell me how to comment on forums and how to post player profiles on fanfooty??

    wanted to make up a few profiles

  • Hey all. I hope everyone has had a good off-season. After Christmas the real stuff will begin (injury updates, team dynamics, and actual values which we can build our team around). In the mean time I’ll keep feeding through some news as it comes through.

    Interesting news: Re: Forward rookie option: Israel Falou.

    “Giants coach Kevin Sheedy believes the remodelled Folau should play 15 games in his debut season.”

    Although he is a power forward for a team that will likely rarely score, he is a big pressence, and for a rookie to get certain starts (especially early) next year, does that make him a valid cash cow?


    • Will produce K.Hunt like scores, perhaps a little more, perhaps less.
      Imo, will struggle big time.

      • Score lower than a Gold Coast back pocket’er who played their first season of AFL? Did you not follow any of his progress last season in the TEAFL? He will far outstrip Hunt dreamteam wise, probably a 50-65 average in my opinion (he’ll be leading to the kicking boot of Power/Ward/Scully) and he should be good for a few marks/shots on goal a game. I guess it depends on where Sheedy plays him, but at 1.95mtrs and around 100kg, he won’t get pushed around easily like K.Hunt did.

        • I agree that he could top Hunt’s scores but anyone who plays in the AFL should!
          (love that running goal though)

          But, is one season of TEAFL experience enough for Izzy to become a key position forward in the AFL?

          Long answer, No.

          RL, you are the top boffin on GWS, but I fear your heart may be getting in the way on this one. Izzy could pull the best key position defender every week!

          I hope his girlfriend is supportive, because he is going to need someone to cuddle him when he is crying.

          All in all, it would be great if he makes it, but kicking goals from set shots is like carrying the ‘Ring’ it messes with people’s heads!

  • Just on the ruck, i dont believe Majak Daw will get a run early. You couldnt even consider him for the bench. With Goldstein and Hmac as the preferred rucks and Petrie as the back up Daw wont even get a look in until the roos are out of finals contention. Brad Scott used West coast as an example of tall being able to play together but i doubt the kangas will go down that path.
    Altho I think there could be some value in a North Melbourne running back next year surely one of the youngsters will get a free reign down back like Essendon did with Heppell last year.