Support “The Fan Show”

We’ve been running this website and producing our YouTube clips and live shows over the last 5 years. Recently we were approached to be involved in a Fantasy Footy TV show and shoot a pilot. We did this a few weeks ago and we are pumped with how it came up.

Roy, Calvin and Warnie are all involved in the show (with a cameo from Chopper) as well as Mark Howard from Channel 10 co-hosting, 3-time premiership player and Brownlow medalist Jason Akermanis and Miranda Skerman who has been involved with Dream Team and other AFL content on the official AFL website.

We would appreciate all of our DT TALK fans/visitors/members/etc to support us with this exciting venture and cross your fingers with us to get us picked up! You can help by:

1. “Liking” The Fan Show AFL page over on Facebook:
2. “Following” us on Twitter:

Pretty simple. When things get posted on The Fan Show AFL page, hit like on them… throw in a comment, etc.

So anyway… here are a couple of videos of what we have done and some images from the set, etc. It will be an awesome production. We are very excited about it and we’re sure any DT fan will love it. Think DT TALK on a much bigger scale.

Calvin, Roy, Howie, Miranda, Warnie and Aker - Hosts of The Fan Show!


  • good work and good luck guys, so im guessing it will me one ONE or what channel

  • Howie? Looks more like Daicos in that last shot!

    Will keep an ear/eye out for more.

  • Awesome, got my vote…..

    But I clicked ‘like’ and the counter went to 1 then back to 0 and can’t see it on my facebook page :(

  • ahhh its great to see the DT talk boys going from strength to strength!!!

    well deserved lads

    GO Swanny

  • looks great lads. this would give me a reason to actually watch free to air tv!

  • Cheers boys… no idea on where it will be yet, but hopefully it will be somewhere! It was a lot of fun. Make sure you keep following the Facebook page as there will be a lot of stuff going up over the next few days (and it will look good if networks see heaps of likes and comments).

    • Sensational Warnie. All I could say is that there needs to be a sudden death of Super Coach.

  • Shame about Howard being on the show, he’s a twit, and knows nothing about AFL.

    Otherwise it looks awesome!

  • Yeah just checked it out looking good. Quick couple quistions.

    Howie, is he going to be perminant?

    Will you guys still being updating your own website and doing your own live shows, love the naturalness out of them?

    But geat work boys, it’s awesome!!! Hope your making some money out of this.

    Good stuff guys, congrats!!

    • G’day mate. To answer the questions.

      1. Yep, Howie is our choice of main host. He is a great guy and is a complete professional. We got on so well with him.

      2. Our website will cease to exist if the show gets picked up, but never fear! All of our energy will be put into making “The Fan Show” website exactly what we have here – a fun community. The Fan Show isn’t just about the show, it will be about the website, just like DT TALK. Maybe we will have more scope with the website – maybe daily update videos… who knows. But we are excited about the possibilities!

      Let’s cross our fingers and toes and hope this gets picked up for what will be exciting for all Dream Team (and yes, SuperCoach) fans.

      • Does this mean the new website will still have all the dreamteam articles?

        The only reason I go ont his website is to read them and have a laugh at the comments!

        • Yep. We will be blogging like we do now (probably more). It will be a big community based thing… so the comments will be there – albeit a little more moderated/censored maybe – and it will have the same feel as DT TALK.

          • Thanks for replying Warnie!

            Seems great! Howie is a great tv presenter and fits in well. You’ve also got the token female :P But it’s great you
            guys have a chance like this! Aker would be a great pick up too definitely need the Sam Newman type.

            Sorry a few questions again.

            Does this mean you’ll be ditching teaching and Tassie??

            Will we be able to see guest appearances from Cop and others?

            Finally what rating (classification) will you guys be going for aiming for all audiences or maybe a slightly older one so you can make some great jokes like you guys do great on here. Maybe that might because of the beer consumption during :D. That I will miss too!

  • Think Mark Howard is a fantastic choice as host! Great bloke who is into pretty much any sport. Massive fan of his. Really can’t understand all the hate.

    You guys deserve good things, hopefully this is your next step in moving up in the world! haha! Who woulda you blokes would be this far after the first ever DT Talk episode! :)

    All the best!

  • Looks good boys. Only comment would be the fake laugh needs improving :P

  • I will like and recommend. Good luck lads.

  • Hope it gets picked up !! I understand u guys will be way to busy to be doing any articles but I hope we still get the articles from chook, tbetta, dunny, ads and teetee..

  • Good luck Warnie – the show looks really slick. Hopefully you will make a quid reflective of the hours that you all put into DT

    I guess the producers would frown on the concept of a cash league now …


  • I think it’s brilliant that you guys have been able to shoot a pilot, now I just hope you can fly the plane (bad joke)!

    Agree with what’s been posted here:

    1. Fake laugh needs improvement
    2. Show needs to not be overproduced so that your personalities shine through (and your depth of DT knowledge)
    3. The Monday through Sunday articles/content is what makes DT Talk so successful, so I hope that ‘The Fan Show’ website takes on much the same format. Whoever picks up the show needs to throw a few dollars the way of TBetta etc. so that they can keep doing there thing.
    4. As you pertently aluded to Warnie, it should be more about the off-air content in creating a ‘DT community’ as we DTers have plenty of spare time on our hands mid-week.

    Good luck with it all

    • Cheers. Thanks mate. We will definitely be using this sort of feedback for when we start working on the show when it’s picked up. Hopefully that happens.

      As for the fan show site… we want it to be just like DT TALK now. Similar blogs, etc would stay on there (same format with daily stuff)… and probably a lot more. With the show being “All About You”, the community is the key to it.

      It would be nice to have a network/show behind it as the cost of running this site is getting quite big considering our traffic – looking at close to $200 a month for the server. The proosed Fan Show site would hopefully get 5 times the traffic we do…

  • Great work guys, look forward to it. If you need any computer programmers let me know ;)

  • Just a small update (maybe it’s big?!)… we are currently in negotiations with a TV network! Cross those fingers!

  • Great to hear you are in negotiations with a network……… want to hit Toyota for more money cos in the next couple of seasons the fantasy coaches will double…..
    All because of your great work………………….Well Done!!!