Brownlow Medal Betting 2011

There’s no Dream Team to distract us at the moment, so let’s point our minds in the direction of making some money with Brownlow Medal betting.


Use this as your discussion forum for the big award tonight and let us know your thoughts about who you think will win the big thing and some of your favourite bets that you’re placing this evening.

Warnie, Roy and Calvin will post in the comments before the count starts to let you know what we’re on at SportingBet.


  • What I’m on at the moment… about $100 outlay so far – not heaps of money to make this year by the looks of it.

    Marc Murphy – to lead after Rd 12.
    Matthew Pavlich – Fremantle most votes.
    Dean Cox – WC most votes.
    Joel Selwood – Geelong most votes.
    Scott Pendlebury – to WIN (bet made before season started at $11).

    Will have another look before the count to load up a bit more.

  • I have about $150 outlay at the moment.

    $60 Judd to win @ $1.95 (placed mid-year)
    $10 Judd-Pendlebury Quinella @ $4.50
    $10 Pendlebury Win @ $7.00
    $10 Ziebell to get more votes than [Rockliff, Trengove, Dangerfield, Christensen, Heppell, Menzel, Redden, Bastinac, D.Swallow, Hartlett] @ $4.00
    $10 Enright to get more votes than [Deledio, Shaw, Birchall, Yarran, R.Murphy, Hurn, Harbrow] @ $4.00
    $10 Judd Leader after R12 @$2.85
    $10 Judd 29 Votes + @ $3.15
    $10 Fyfe/Mitchell/Priddis/J.Selwood/Black Most Team Votes @ combined $3.14
    $10 Priddis/Cotchin/J.Selwood/Black Most Team Votes @ combined $4.33
    $10 Priddis/J.Selwood/Black/Fyfe/Wells Most Team Votes @ combined $11.33

    That’s all so far. Obviously pretty confident Judd will poll well, as well as Pendlebury. Goodes is my only concern… And really need Priddis to out-vote Cox for those multis!

  • Taking a ‘Brownlow team most votes’ multi with:
    – Judd
    – Pendles
    – Fyfe
    – Boak
    – Cox
    – Dal Santo
    – Dusty Martin
    – Jelwood

    Pays about $23, worth a tenner…

    • Nice odds – which agency are you using for that one?

      • Unfortunately TAB… They are limiting their exposure by declining multis with all the faves from each team – this particular multi is ok cos Cox is 2nd fave to Priddis for the Eagles.

    • just tried a multi simular to that one, and it wouldnt allow for me to do so…

      • Yeh, also saw a few of the odds on the ‘locks’ shorten quite a bit through the arvo, so it looks like none of the agencies are keen on any all-ups for the Brownlow. I got some ‘liability limit exceeded’ when I went in to put it on.

  • $10 – Buddy (Coleman) w/ Judd (Brownlow) @ $5.98 (From Early Season)
    $10 – S. Mitchell for Most Votes Eligible or Ineligible @ $4.50
    $5 – Simon Black Top 5 Finish @ $11.00
    $5 – Judd/Swan Quinella @ $16.00
    $10 – Heppell Young Guns Most Votes @ $10
    $20 – Tiprat for Most Votes Goal-Sneaks @ $3.00

    That’s on $50 outlay today. $60 for the year.

  • I just got $40 on Pendlebury to win, thought it was good odds

    • Ohh this is interesting, Pendles has gone from 7.50 to 4.75, glad I jumped on early, expect the local TAB was only paying 6.00. Still early as well

      • Yeah goodesy was like 8 bucks once the season had finished and has firmed to 5 and pendles was 7 now 4.50 i think it’s because people don’t want to put money on Judd at 1.80 no point..

  • Thompson $10 each on top 3 @11 top 5 @ 21 and to beat Boyd, ablett, dal santo, selwood and Moloney @ 7.50 Watson $10 each on top 5 @26 and leader after round 12 @4.50 cox $10 each on win @26 and top 3 @7.25 Pendles $10 to win at 4.50 Sylvia $10 most votes Melbourne @11 Stevie j $10 most votes cats @9

  • Three way tie between Judd/Pendlebury/Goodes

  • Just so I have it on the record if I clean up…
    Here are my bets (chasing a few odds, against dudes who usually poll poorly)

    Hodge top votes for Hawks
    Stevie J top Geelong
    Delids top Tiger

    All paying about $10+ on SB

    HUGE BET THOUGH is when I got on Cox at the start of the year for top 5 ($10 @ 51/1)
    He’s a long shot really, but paying $3.50 now so he’d be a chance… slightly

    Who knows what the shit umpires are thinking though

    • you say your against it.. yet steve johnson has polled only 6 and 7 votes in each of the past 2 seasons…

  • Check out Roy talking to Swanny after one of his 3 vote games!!