AFL Dream Team 2012: Pre-season starts now


There are plenty of us who can’t let go of Dream Team and already want to be looking at next season. We’re already creating a list of potential picks for 2012.

Here are the things you need to know about next season.


We can confirm that our leagues will be extended to 18 teams to be inline with the AFL and the 18 clubs in the competition from 2012. As there will be no byes next year, the AFL look to be sticking with a 22 round season (with a split round). This means with 18 teams in our leagues, we will play league matches from Rounds 2-18 and then contest our finals series from Rounds 19-22 meaning only one week at the start of the season with no league matches. However, we will know more on this when the AFL release a fixture for next season.

Unfortunately, at this time we can’t confirm what is happening with trades or bench players.

If you purchased the Assistant Coach, you should have access to the official planner from mid-December. This is after the drafts have been completed and we know what final team playing lists look like.


Short lists have been created, but we’re not really going to start locking anyone in yet. Discuss some players here in the comments. Be on the hunt for players who might be a bit under priced due to injury (and those who will get discounts also for playing minimal games). After the introduction of the bye, we might see a few players under priced after spending some time with green or red vests on.

We will start analysing players later in the pre-season.


Some things will start changing around here. We have activated “BuddyPress” which allows for a few extra features… including Private Messaging and you will be able to extend your profile on the site. This is a massive work in progress, but hopefully helps with us building a great DT community here.

We’re not sure on all of the pre-season content for the site, but it will be the place to come for all of your Dream Team info all year round.


  • does any one have an idea of what the starting salary might look like next year?

  • fan planner #1

    DEF: Gibbs, Goddard, Deledio, Grimes, Waters, Buntine, Talia (Astbury, Ellis)

    MID: Swan, Ablett, Rockliff, Hayes, Barlow, Coniglio (Tyson, Shiel)

    RUC: Sandilands, McIntosh (Giles, Redden)

    FWD: Franklin, Fyfe, Cloke, Zaharakis, Didak, Brown, Porplyzia (Patton, Folau)

    4k left

    B. Gibbs : 449,209
    B. Goddard : 402,627
    H. Shaw : 385,500
    J. Grimes : 279,720
    B. Waters : 287,175
    P. Davis : 153,440 Total : $ 2, 257, 671
    Rookie : 100 000

    Rookie : 100 000
    Rookie : 100 000

    D. Swan : 508,000
    S. Pendlebery : 489,873
    M. Barlow : 360,733
    L. Hayes : 288,960
    Z. Ziebell : 326,800 Total : $1, 905, 221
    J. Winderlich : 188,055*

    Rookie : 100 000
    Rookie : 100 000

    M. Leuenberger : 389,836
    A. Sandilands : 399,000 Total: $968, 836

    Rookie : 100 000
    Rookie : 80 000

    L. Franklin : 427,074
    T. Cloke : 402,055
    R. Gray : 341,345
    H. Ballintyne : 302,894
    J. Brown : 281,400
    J. Porplizure : 100, 000 total : $2, 154, 768
    Rookie : 100 000

    Rookie : 100 000
    Rookie : 100 000

    Team Total:

    $7, 286, 496


    • Gibbs, Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, Grimes, Dempsey, Davis (2x 100k ROOKIE)

      Swan, Ablett, Mundy, Barlow, Hayes, Winderlych(2x100k ROOKIE)

      Leuenberger, Sandilands (100k ROOKIE, 80k ROOKIE)

      Franklin, Fyfe, Cloke, Brown, Butcher, Porplyzia, Gumbleton/ROOKIE (2x100k ROOKIE)


    • Gibbs, Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, Grimes, Dempsey, Davis (2x 100k ROOKIE)

      Swan, Ablett, Mundy, Barlow, Hayes, Winderlych(2x100k ROOKIE)

      Leuenberger, Sandilands (100k ROOKIE, 80k ROOKIE)

      Franklin, Fyfe, Cloke, Brown, Butcher, Porplyzia, Gumbleton/ROOKIE (2x100k ROOKIE)


      will cost approx *$7,925,541

  • Billz

    Some DT relevant DPP changes accoring to fanfooty are:

    Lost DPP
    Delideo (DEF), Carrazzo (MID), Sylvia (MID), Mzungu (MID), Lower (MID), Waite (FWD)

    L.Davis, Yarran, Butler, Houli

    Adams, Peake, Fasolo


    Hartlett, C.Morton, Broughton, Salopek, Burgoyne, Otten

    Ryder, Frazer, Clark, Kreuzer

    J.Bolton, Sidebottom, Lecras, Christensen, Davenport

  • why doesn’t hayes have a discounted price on the FP?

  • Gibbs, Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, Grimes, Dempsey, Davis (2x 100k ROOKIE)

    Swan, Ablett, Mundy, Barlow, Hayes, Winderlych(2x100k ROOKIE)

    Leuenberger, Sandilands (100k ROOKIE, 80k ROOKIE)

    Franklin, Fyfe, Cloke, Brown, Butcher, Porplyzia, Gumbleton/ROOKIE (2x100k ROOKIE)


    will cost approx *$7,925,541

  • Where did Monty pull his cap price from? Is it a guesstimate or isit in line with next years AFL cap?

    • It’s a rough estimate, based on the AFL saying the salary cap would rise 11% this year.

  • Thoughts?


    • The magic number is skewed anyway, so you’re playing with substantially more than you should be anyway, having hayes and grimes lacking discounts more evenly weights it imo.

  • I wouldn’t be taking too much notice of the fanplanner. As much as it is a bit of fun, the prices in fanfooty last year were way out of whack. It’s only a couple of months away before all the official figures will be released and the fanfooty planner will then be updated accordingly.

  • The salary cap was increased in DT this year as we had to select 33 players. Next year it will only be 30 players hence the cap could actually be less then this year.

    • True, however if you take notice of the prices of the individual players on fanplanner you would see that they have dramatically increased, hence the salary cap would increase too. For example Swan is 560k when he is only around 500k in this years dream team.

    • salary cap is done in accordance with the afl clubs salary cap, and will change in accordance with those figures…

    • the salary cap is simply relative to whatever the magic number is. last year the magic number was 4156. this year i think i worked it out (based on monty’s prices) to be about 4721. if the salary cap has increased by 11% according to the players CBA agreement, then i would assume that the magic number has also increased by about 11 percent. and this pretty much restores the status quo. there is never going to be a ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’ salary cap than the year before because the salary cap will be determined purely on the magic number. the only reason that the salary cap would probably decrease slightly this year is because last year we had 33 and not 30 players.

      • interesting…. tell me more about this magic number? Where does it come from? What is it about?

        • its a number that varies slightly each year that is used to determine a players price based on their average the previous year. For example, Swan averaged 121 in 2011 – according to fan footy prices his 2012 price will be 571k. so to find out the magic number divide 571,000 by 121 and you get 4719 aka THE MAGIC NUMBER. applies to every player.

  • DEF: B. Gibbs, B. Goddard, B. Deledio, B. Waters, G. Birchall, ROOKIE 160k, ROOKIE 140k (ROOKIE x2)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, S. Pendlebury, L. Hayes, M. Barlow, S. Coniglio (ROOKIE x2)
    RUC: A. Sandilands, H. McIntosh (J.Giles, ROOKIE)
    FWD: L. Franklin, N. Fyfe, T. Cloke, D. Zaharakis, J. Brown, ROOKIE 200k, ROOKIE 150k (ROOKIE x2)
    CASH LEFT: $10,300

    by going for a lot of expensive rookies im trying to balance out the prices a bit

  • DEF
    Gibbs $505,000, Shaw $433,400, Deledio $431,600, Malceski $314,400, Morton $297,500, Waters $290, 600, Lake $243,700
    Ablett $529,600, Rockliff $529,100, Thomas $486,100, Hayes $406,100, Barlow $365,000, Palmer $308,800
    Luenberger $438,300, McIntosh $223,800
    Fyfe $464,600, Sidebottom $409,300, Ballantyne $340,500, Dangerfield $333,100, Brown $316,400, Varcoe $306,900, Porplyzia $105,200

    DEF – Bower $130,600, Urquhart $105,200
    MID – Dalziell $105,200, Tuck $91,400
    RUCK – Longer $193,200, Giles $105,200
    FWD – Patton $205,200, Daw $91,400

    Salary Cap= $9,106,400
    Remaining= $23,600


  • Reading above it looks like people are already using the fan planner on fan footy. I cant seem to find it.

    • m0nty took down the link for the Fanplanner main page, but if you made one last year, you might still be able to access it by clicking Change Team in Focus in the top right when you’re logged in.


      • Its obviously gone. All my teams from last preseason are wiped except for the primary one. When i click onto it an article pops up.

        Thanks for your help Swannies!

      • Monty is in the US at the moment… might be 4 weeks until that happens… unless he is going to do some work on the road.

  • Having now gone through the Fanplanner, I have created a shortlist of 200 (give or take for rookies) players who may grace the field as part of my initial 2012 Dream Team. My main smokies up for debate are:

    Jarryd Roughead
    Jared Petrenko
    Hayden Ballantyne
    Luke Breust
    Robbie Gray
    Tony Armstrong
    Robbie Warnock
    Cale Morton
    Gavin Urquhart
    Sam Butler
    Heath Hocking
    Jack Steven
    Daniel Kerr
    Stephen Hill
    Ryan Bastinac
    Mitch Banner
    David Armitage

    These are only a handful of the more neglected smokies whom I’ve placed on the list more for potential than anything else.


    • Roughead played in 11 games I think so he won’t get any sort of discount.
      Petrenko is an interesting one. Finished the season strongly and with a good preseason could find himself in a lot of early teams. Is defs on my radar.
      Ballantyne has been rumoured for a midfield role under Lyon but he’s such a tool I don’t think I could stomach him in my team.
      Hill will be in his 3rd or 4th year in the system so could improve again but with the new coach it’s a wait and see to find out what role he’ll be playing.
      Stevens played well this year but was Hayes’ replacement. With Lenny coming back it’s hard to see him faring too well in a midfield with Lenny, Nicky dal, Joey, Goddard etc.

      The rest I haven’t given much consideration to.

  • If Conglizugu is starting at 200,000 I wont be getting him if the other rooks are at 105,000.

    • Agreed. He’s in my fanplanner team at the mo but only coz I know very little about rookies at this early stage. But it’s hard to justify spending that much on an unproven guy. He costs the same as guys who averaged 44 pts last season.

  • For those who cant find the planner on fan footy –

  • This is my very very vague setup for 2012, probably won’t be able to afford all of it, but oh well…

    DEF: B. Goddard, H. Shaw, B. Deledio, J. Grimes, B. Waters, S. Reid, K. Moore (M. Buntine, P. Faulks)
    MID: D. Swan, T. Rockliff, B. Gibbs, L. Hayes, G. Rohan, D. Tyson (T. Mitchell, M. Grigg)
    RUC: A. Sandilands, S. Mumford (B. Longer, J. Giles)
    FWD: S. Johnson, L. Franklin, T. Cloke, A. Didak, P. Veszpremi, S. O’hAilpin, T. Dennis-Lane (W. Hoskin-Elliott, J. Lamb)

    CASH LEFT: $9,400
    El Smokies include Sammy Reid, Rohan, Vespremi, TDL, O’hAilpin (is that realy how it’s spelt?)

    • Also, thoughts on Gary Rohan?

    • ok, forget that one, after three minutes of looking at it i’ve changed about four players… But here is how my structure should look in 2012

      NB. This is from FP and I think it values rookies at under 100k, but all mine are just above…
      Structure: 3/4/2/0 – 3/1 (Hayes)/4/0 – 2/0/2/0 – 3/1/5/0 = 11/6/13/0 (in the format of premium/mid/cheap/rookie for each position)

      Keepers will be:
      H Shaw
      Stevie J

      See ya next year :)

  • Thoughts on these players:
    Matty Kreuzer
    Pearce Hanley
    Nick Suban
    Tom Hawkins

    • suban one of the biggest hacks going around mate. definitely not DT relevant despite being highly rated at freo. hawkins probably not DT relevant. unless he takes up the forward/part time ruck role for the cats he’s just another inconsistent key forward. Kreuzer in my oppinion is still a year or two away from tearing the competition apart. peace hanley the only real DT relevant player here i think. has the potential to rack up huge numbers off the HBF and could be pushing into brisbanes midfield this season with some increased fitness. having said that i won’t be touching any of them.

    • @ C Man

      I think every Dreamer at some stage during the grand final made a mental note that they would be getting Tom Hawkins next year lol

    • Hanley almost cracked the upgrade target mid year with some solid scores and then faded away.

  • Speaking of Grand Finals – Is J Bartel’s name on anyone’s list? I haven’t seen him mentioned much and I’m not sure whether to run the ruler over him or put it down to his big game, wet weather specialist capabilities.


    • Unless Bartel is Fwd/Mid, like he played this year, dont touch him with a 30 foot pole. I had him from round 1 and payed for it all year long.

  • Is anyone interested in Bachar Houli if i said that he’ll be named as a DEF in 2012, i’m fairly confident he will.

  • here is my side for 2012. all the rooks are just random, just chose the cheapest..

    TEAM NAME: baileys22
    DEF: B. Gibbs, B. Goddard, B. Deledio, B. Waters, B. Lake, D. Connors, J. Perham (W. Sierakowski, J. Weston)
    MID: D. Swan, S. Pendlebury, G. Ablett jnr, D. Mundy, M. Barlow, J. Simpkin (J. Stringer, T. Tuck)
    RUC: D. Cox, A. Sandilands (S. McNamara, E. Prato)
    FWD: L. Franklin, N. Fyfe, M. Pavlich, N. Riewoldt, A. Didak, J. Brown, A. Morabito, (J. Walker, T. Walsh)
    CASH LEFT: $40,800

    • Brian lake is an interesting one, he would be a bargain if he can get fit and find some form (Arizona??) but i have my doubts. also because you have picked all the cheapest rookies, that will cut into your salary cap when you want to pick the good ones. good squad though :)

      • yeah he would need to show a bit pre-season as will all the other mid pricers i have picked another one i’ll be keeping an eye on is macheski..

    • lenny hayes????

  • there are quite alot of decent mid pricers this year so it should make peoples teams very different along with the fact there is no byes aswell so you can pick alot of players from the same team..

    i have alot of dockers players in my side sandi, pav, fyfe, mundy and barlow as i think they will be the big improver this year..

  • A young ruckman to watch is Jarrad Redden. Touted to share ruck duties at Port Adelaide with Matthew Lobbe if their bid to obtain an experienced ruckman fails.

  • Backs: Gibbs Goddard delidio Mackie Grimes … rookies
    Mids: Barlow Hayes murphy Pendles Ablett… rookies
    rucks: Mcntosh Sandi/cox… rookies
    fwds: Fyfe johnson Bartel(i wish) ROK Brown… rookies

  • TEAM NAME: Kreuzin’ Round
    DEF: B. Gibbs, B. Goddard, G. Birchall, H. Hartlett, B. Waters, M. Buntine, S. Docherty (B. Ellis, B. Mihocek)
    MID: D. Swan, N. Dal Santo, T. Cotchin, L. Hayes, M. Barlow, D. Tyson (S. Darley, D. Shiel)
    RUC: A. Sandilands, M. Leuenberger (B. Longer, J. Giles)
    FWD: S. Johnson, L. Franklin, N. Fyfe, D. Zaharakis, A. Christensen, A. Morabito, J. Porplyzia (J. Lamb, I. Folau)
    CASH LEFT: $23,700

    How’s this look?

  • Loving Hartlett in the backs and Sidebottom up forward. Isac Smith as a midfielder is strange as I though he would have a C/F.

    • SAME!!! They better actually have that DPP status when the proper DT planner is unveiled.

    • if harlett is a back his a lock for me.. he is a very bright shining light in a very very dark side lol

      • How many premo defenders are you starting with? 4? 5? Do you reckon Harlett is in the best 5?

        • Probably 3 or 4 depends on how many mid pricers ie. Lake, Connors, waters, malcheski go in the nab cup ? But Gibbs, Goddard and lids are locks for me ATM so if I go with 4 premos he will be my 4th as I reakon he will play midfield and average 100 plus..

  • I’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts on Dan Connors and Brad Dalziell as cheap options.

    Everyone was raving about Connors last pre season. And Dalziell is rookie priced on FP after playing one vested game for 13 pts. He averaged 80’s for 3 years before that. Was he injured or did he just fall out of favour at the Eagles ? If he is in the 22 and stays so cheap he’d be a good one to pick up on bench.

    • Dalziell has great potential but mainly a confidence player…he could not find a place in the side and if he does don’t be surprised if he starts with the green vest pretty often, definitely watch over the NAB Cup but he he’ll really have to convince me.

      • eagles really only like him as a winger and with embley and rosa taking those positions with a few others he couldn’t brake in, wouldnt expect him to next year as he wasn’t playing bad in the wafl.. and connors season was ruiened by injury just couldnt get his body right, if he does a full pre-season and shows a bit in the nab cup he is a lock for me..

  • Given the new coaching changes at Freo and a new found ruthlessness is anyone thinking that a few Dockers could be good pick ups this year?

    If so who would be prime targets for DT?

    • yeah im going to have a good look at..
      fyfe – can expect much the same if not better than last year is a star lets just hope he gets dpp status again
      pav – was reasonably solid as always last year, but was playing sore and injured for most of the second half of the year, and if dockers improve this year like im expecting them too so should he..
      mundy – was scoring really well the first half of the year and expect him to do much the same next year if not slightly better will be underpriced due to the 2 he scored..
      barlow – a full pre – season and he should return to his 2010 form is about 100k underpiced if he does get back to a 110 avg.
      sandi – consistant as hell, lets just hope he doesn’t stub his toe again..
      moribito – cheap due to not playing last year and will play every game should avg 70 – 80..

  • What are peoples thoughts on Mark Blake as a cheap ruck option. Would he be priced as a rookie ? (didn’t play this year).
    He’s on my radar as i hope he gets traded to port/ richmond/ bulldogs etc or ottens plays less games during the year/plays a more forward role.

  • Here’s a team I threw together. Will obviously change a million times between now and start of season. Plus prices will change with draft and discounts etc. Go nuts.

    TEAM NAME: Semisonic
    DEF: B. Gibbs, H. Scotland, B. Goddard, B. Deledio, D. Connors, M. Buntine, S. Docherty (A. Boseley, C. Luff)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, J. Selwood, L. Hayes, A. Gaff, A. Treloar (T. Mitchell, D. Shiel)
    RUC: A. Sandilands, M. Leuenberger (J. Redden, J. Giles)
    FWD: S. Johnson, L. Franklin, T. Cloke, D. Zaharakis, N. Riewoldt, A. Morabito, W. Hoskin-Elliott (D. Markworth, J. Porplyzia)
    Cap left:$1,900.

  • Team for 2012~

    B.Gibbs, B.Goddard, H.Scotland,
    B.Delidio, G.Birchall, D.Connors, M.Buntine
    (J.Tynan, S.Docherty, B.Mckenzie)

    D.Swan, G.Ablett, M.Barlow
    J.Trengove, L.Hayes, S.Coniglio
    (T.Greene, D.Tyson, S.Blease)

    M.Leuenberger, A.Sandilands
    (B.Longer, J.Giles)

    L.Franklin, S.Johnson, A.Goodes
    C.Sylvia, A.Didak, J.Patton, C.Wingard
    (D.Smith, L.Casboult, M.Daw

  • 2012 Draft dream team

    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Deledio, Lake, Waters, P. Davis, Coad (Buntine, Docherty)

    MID: Swan, Rockliff, Hayes, Barlow, Mundy, Lovett (Whitfield, Greene)

    RUCK: Goldstien, Leunburger (Longer, Redden)

    FWD: Franklin, Cloke, Fyfe, Zaharakis, J. Brown, Hoskin-Elliott, Morabito, (Porplyzia, Coniglio)

    alot of smokies and team will most likely not look a thing like this when DT starts up again but not too unhappy with how it looks so far.

  • not seeing very much variation in these teams. curious if its whether they want to keep their smokies a secret or will all of our teams really look this similar do you all think?

    • No, they are not keeping their smokies a secret, they are all out there.

      Think outside the box. I’ve got a plan for next year, hopefully it comes off. It semi-did this year finished 270 odd.

      As someone mentioned this year DT is won and loss on trading. It isn’t hard to get a good starting team, its getting a great one factoring in the rooks, match ups, upgrades etc that is the key.

      Something i’ve noticed though is unless you have the correct smokies its near impossible to make up the ground on the best teams with them in already. Eg Round one teams consisting of Fyfe, Suckling, Petrie and Adcock. Not that they were hugely rare but I only had 2 of them, I fell just short of fitting Adcock in my team.

      • Yeah I will definately be keeping a closer eye on this years fyfe’s, shiels, reddens and Sucklings. Hard to pick them but just off nab cup form..

        • if your not first your last in dreamteam, so i am considering alot more unproven dreamteamers this year to try and attempt this unlike this year when i just played it safe.

          • Yeah definately.. I watched fyfe in a pre-season game last year v the dogs he had like 24 touches I think I one half and I told everyone to pick him but didn’t take my own advice.. Think
            I might have to go with my gut a bit more this year..

  • two players i might potentially ponder over is Beams if he gets traded to essendon and ebert if he is traded too Port.

    • Beams will be too expensive and Ebert is not a DTer. But it’s good you’re thinking outside of the box, just try to make it a bit more justified

      • ebert averaged 81 in 2010 when the eagles were shit and one can only assume port will be shit next year

  • salary cap for 2012 released: 8.78 million

  • If DT teams return to 30 players for 2012 (33 players in 2011) then expect the cost of players to increase by 10% for 2012 regardless of the level of the salary cap.