Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 24

ARRRRRGGGGGG – that’s a big one!
Welcome for the last time in season 2011 to Calvin’s Captains, the greatest DT captains write up in the land. This week we are not messing around with who not to pick and all that shit… it’s the top 5 only, so don’t bother asking… “Where’s whatshisname” cause I know my stuff and have looked after you very well this year… so in Calvin you trust. Check it out!

Dane Swan should be awesome. He had 115 (30d, 8m) on Geelong this year in Rd. 8 and has previous scores on them of 141, 127 and 94 (all in 2010). In this game, Cameron Ling aka the Pink Pig tagged him during the 1st quarter and then was moved off him. Only 7 players cracked the 100+ from both teams in this game with Stevie J top scoring with 129. Joel Selwood was good with 121, but Pendles only managed 89. Swanny had a nice 125 (35d) last week and has averaged 127 over the last 3. He’s going for his 6th straight 100+ score at the MCG this week and is coming off 119 and 171 there in his last 2. Surely he’s ya man?

Sam Mitchell plays the Suns this week and what a great option he’ll be. He had 132 (38d, 8m) last time he played them this year and was one of 9 Hawks to crack the triple figures that day. But he had a week off? Last time he did that this year he bounced back for 129 (Rd.4) and a 113 (Rd.18) and I’m tipping for him to be awesome again this week.

Gary Ablett is worth a thought too. 135 last time he played the Hawks with 34d, 8t and 5m to go with his previous scores against them of 100, 120, 131, 123 and 115. He’s had 142 and 118 in his last 2 games at Metricon and should be great. Last week the Bulldogs only managed 3×100+ scores on the Hawks and they were Boyd 108, Griff 105 and Cross 103 so we know the Hawks don’t give much away but Gazza will cash in for shizzle this week.

Matthew Boyd had his career best DT score EVER last time he played the Dockers… and that was this year. He had 162pts and is going for his 8th straight 100+ score this year at Etihad where he has averaged 114 there in his last 3… worth a thought for sure.

Tom Rockliff has been in better form over the last 3 games than anyone listed here today averaging 129. His lowest score has just been 110 in his last 9 games this year and is ending the year like a Rocky Steam Train. Certain ‘roughie’ this week.

Good question and my answer is this.

Will you win if you match your Swan against your opponent’s Swan?  Meaning, is your team better on paper? If the answer is ‘YES, my team is better’ and match their captain with the Swan. But if yours is worse? You need a roughie… but don’t go silly! You just need to go someone other than Swan hoping that Swan gets subbed or something unthinkable like that happens. Simply pick a dude from the list above and cross your little DT fingers that they will smash out a 150+! Certainly can happen on any given day from those boys.

Anyway… that’s enough for me. Thanks heaps to everyone for a wickedarse season. My personal highlight was getting Gazza’s 175 at Patersons Playground this year, despite what people might think… getting our logo next to my top pick on fanfooty was a close second J.  I’m looking forward to getting back in here next year (when my team is better) to pumped out more captains advice for our DT TALK dedicated fans like you. So thanks again lads.


  • Ablett

    • Boyd for me.

      Cheers Calvin, this is pretty much the only article I read religiously on here each week. Probably have to thank you for the Ablett 350 this season as well. Hats (and patches) off to you for all your sound advice this season!

      Good luck to all for the GF :)

      • ha ha thanks man, not in any GFs!!
        Thanks for reading this shit though.
        Goodluck in YOUR gf.
        See ya next year

  • Got all of the top 4 and I’m up against a bloke who always goes Swanny.
    I’m the underdog so who do you reckon is most likely to score more than Swan? Tough choice…

    • Mitchell

      • Yeah I’m thinking Mitchell too because:

        Ablett: vs Hawks who don’t give away many easy points
        Boyd: vs Freo who have a few taggers
        Mitchell: vs GC who leak points and don’t tag at all

        Then again whenever I try and think logically to find the best captain option, it always blows up in my face with them scoring 80 and Swanny scoring 150

        • haha yeah same here. Whenever I go against Swanny he always destroys my C but then when I back him because of this someone who I would have went beats him. It is usually Swannie and GAJ that I decide between and whoever I don’t pick will no doubt score more. But in ur situation this week barring injury or something freakish I don’t think there is any worry of Mitchell scoring 80.

  • franklin

    • He’s direct upon will be most likely be Bock which means he’ll definitely have a tough time getting the ball inside the 50

      • +1. Was also considering Franklin for a little while but the fact that he will most likely match up on Bock who is in some pretty decent form made me decide against it. I still think he could smash it and shouldn’t have trouble finding the ball but I definately think it is a bit risky. Could quite easily end up with <100. There are safer bets.

  • Mitchell, only because my opponents FWD line is 10x stronger than mine as I have Pav, Fyfe and Sylvia out :(

  • hmm coz im the underdog and need a unique

  • Ablett (C)
    Swan (VC)

    seeyas next year

  • Boyd for me.
    Freo is in tatters and Boyd just loves playing under the roof.

  • Actually prob gonna go Rockliff. Soooo consistent. Almost feel like he’s guaranteed to get 110.

    Great work this year btw Calvin. Love the work you guys do here. Got me into the top 1000 for the first time. Appreciate the Captains tips especially when Swannie wasn’t the automatic selection.

    • No worries bro, glad you had a great year
      That will be me saying that in 2012… can feel a big one!

  • rockliff is consistent. but, he is playing against sydney and they generally play a pretty tight game. Gotta be between mitchell and swan for me..

  • Swanny for me!
    Massive thanks to you Calvin for a great year of captain material.
    I can’t wait for next year so I can get Rockliff into my team!!

    P.S – ban that douchebag!

    • Thanks mate… can’t help it if people wanna post crap in here
      Just ingore them like I do Warnie and his shit team :)

  • What about goodes calvin. He could be a unique pick this week…

  • If your favourite then can’t pick against Swan, If the underdog then I reckon Boyd is the best bet

  • Calvin my man, great work this year mate.

    Not only do you play a mean game of golf (decent partner mind you!) but you give the best captain advice going around. You are immitated, copied and envied by many DT scribes and although your team has sucked this year your advice has helped many DT coaches get to the GF.

    For those of you out there who abuse when things go wrong (How the hell did Calvin know Ablett would get injured in the first quarter!) yet are too tight to buy him a beer when his captain choice smashed out 175 (Ablett again) get a grip and be thankful for his research.

    Look forward to reading (or seeing) your captain again next year mate,

    Regards StueyDen76

    • ahhh shucks!
      Thanks Stu – a true DT addict and legend you are
      and yeah… you’re right on so many points.
      Oh and yeah… you still owe me that beer(s)

  • Stumbled across Calvin’s Captains ages ago when it used to have the poll at the bottom (that was awesome). Didn’t know it was part of this site until this years. This site has helped me heaps this year. Looking forward to next year

  • Feel so loaded, all 5 of them are in my midfield. Pendlebury’s jealous

  • Im tempted by Boyd at this stage, he owes me cause the only time ive put the C on him he scored 72 I think it was. If I chicken out it will be Swan.

    • +1 Ablett spent too much time last week directing traffic and jogging around (yet still scored 96).

  • Have Fyfe, Pav, and Sylvia all on the bench and as a result of this am now the underdog in my GF.

    So that rules out Swanny.

    Pendles got 89 last time against Geelong so no.

    There has been no mention of Scotty Thomo on here although he did get 110 last time against WC, but no.

    Redden against Sydney, nope.

    so that leaves it between…….

    Sammy Mitchell (vs GCS) or Matty Boyd (vs Freo) ?

    • Mitchell bro (as the list says) I’m never wrong

      • +1

      • alright Calvin, Mitchell it is, and yes you are always right with your captain options…..
        apart from when you had Chapman at #1 earlier this year and he only managed 76 points. Haha nah but thanks Calvin for your awesome captain advice this year and I look foward to DT 2012!

  • dear geniuses of this fabulous website

    i have a problem and need some help!!

    my defence is: gibbs, deledio, heppel, stanley, broughton, duigan, faulks, lower, suckling, otten
    my mids are: pendlebury, ablett, montagna, d.thomas, d.swallow, a.swallow, gaff, conca, d. harris
    rucks are: cox and mumford. with j.tippet and r.campbell
    forwards are: goodes, zaha, franklin, fyfe, mzungu, i.smith, prestia, matera, richardson, darling

    question 1. who do i make captain/vice out of: gibbs, pendles, gaj, monty, a.swallow, mummy, goodes, zaha, franklin?

    question 2: i have 1 trade and $27 200 left.

    do i upgrade heppel

    upgrade thomas (bearing in mind i do have gaff on the pine)

    upgrade cox

    upgrade the knife.

    oh and who do i play as 6th mid gaff v d.swallow.

    many thanks alex (director of coaching at alexfc)

  • i presume that person’s comments have been removed? or am i seeing things?

  • Hey Guys.

    With Daisy Thomas out should I use D.Swallow or give A.Gaff a run with his form of late?? dont tell me my granny dreams are over

  • I have all top 5 in my team… but considering using Franklin as captain this week.

    any thoughts on Franklin?

    • Against the form backman of the competition in Bock?

      I would rething my strategy if I were yo umy friend.


      The Unemployed

  • You Bloody Ripper Calvin!
    Your research and excellent Pirate advice has helped no end this year and in many previous seasons!
    4 grand finals this week is in no small part due to your information-on-the-high-seas! Thanks for all your hard work!
    I particularly enjoyed your eloquent sentiments on the Live edition last week after some “sponsors-product” endorsement!
    Only problem is … what the heck do we do next week ….. the off-season is way too long!
    P.S. Gotta go Swannie!

  • playing it safe and going swan, but really tempted to choose mitchell.

  • looks like i might have posted that pic on the fb page a bit prematurely lads. the outs for hawks (sewell, lewis, hodge) have me all over gazza now!! with no hard bodied hawk mids, ablett could seriously go bannnnng baby. could that move him above mitchell on CC?

  • haha, cheers, calvin :) thats the edging i needed to get my captain chosen. good thing i have all five in my team :P im going to stay loyal with swanny, though, collingwood are probably going to come out hard this time round after they were defeated by the cats this year. it should be an awesome game to watch :D and, yes unlucky about anyone that got knocked out of the GF, me being knocked out of 3 of 5, with my last one being in the minor final :S but, eh, a final is a final :P good luck to everyone out there!! :)

  • Calvins Captains – what a friggin HOAX