DT TALK Live: Round 23

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  • Am gunna take a punt and leave Broughton in, with Mundy and Pavlich out he will be a big chance to run through the middle at some stage, assuming of course he is not going to be a late withdrawl. If he is, fingers crossed it’s before lock out so I can trade him.

    • Go Kanga’s this week v Saints.
      Saints have had their time.
      Move over and let some teams who play footy that is good to watch shine.

  • Move over Swan..first pick in the team.. Miranda, well,.. just after Ablett

  • Calvin…WELL HOSED!

  • How sad is the traffic through here now? Lot of losers out in DT land me thinks. Who should I turf for a prelim win this weekend, Gibbs, or Murph?

    • Murphy imo, had both since round 1 but Murphys dropped off a bit in the last month where as gibbsy is firing, however not everyone has murphy but ever man and his dog has gibbs. I think I’m talking myself back around! Man I’ve done a shit job of answering your question haven’t I!

      • I know what your saying, plius Gibbs is worth more $ can help me up a forward cough* Sylivia, meh, bastard. Probs gonna go the frenchy or Rioli.

  • Bloody funny show guys. You should do it pissed more often.
    Especially destRoy. Much more laid back with a belly full of boags.
    Do you guys get your beer for free?

    Shane – I have just turfed Gibbs for enright.

    I assume you can only do one trade and not knowing your midfield very had to say.

  • I also ditched Pavbitch for Neon.
    Only leaves me with one trade for next week but Neon was rested last week and dont have any bombers players and plenty of bench cover. Probably wont help when Cox, Pendles, Mitchell, Franklin, Gibson and Cloke are rested but at least I will make it to the GF.

  • last upgrade stevie j or cloke cant split em would love some feed back

    • Both will potentially score well this week. Pies v Freo. Cats v Swans. Its GF week thats the worry.

      I had the same thoughts with pav out but already have Cloke.

      I am worried Cloke will get a rest. Cats have Pies in last round so SJ may struggle.

      What about Rioli? A risk I know but he will be played and they have Dogs then Suns.
      Or the Frenchman – Lions at Gabba then Crows at the Playground.

      Look at options according to recent form and opposition for next two weeks.
      Just dont pick a Blues or Bombers player like a Monday trader in my league did this week.

      • has to be one of those two money is not an object leaning more towards cloke think sydney will have a massive crack this week lock the game down ill prob change my mind ten times between now and lock out

        • With SJ it doesn’t matter who the openent is. When he is on he is on.

          Cloke will be more conistent IMO. Leon Davis?

          Toss a coin. Its all down to luck at this end of the season.

          Hope you make the right call. Unless you are playing the Eastwoods that is.

  • Have been having a look at How Ridiculous on youtube.
    The shots they make are sensationsal. No way can they be faked and its all for charity.
    Hats off the those four young men. Its great to celebrate some of our excellent youth.
    All we here are negative reports about the Y and Z gen when the majority are outstanding citizens.

  • this weeks show was sheer GOLD lads! Absolute pisser.
    Go the mighty rockets!!

  • Great show boys, as always. Miranda inclusion was icing…..probably in the pants of ‘Cal’.

    If a 303rd spot gets a mention, can a weekly ranking of 4 be yelled out for the Copper Balls? :)

    Seriously though, first year I have gone any good, and you guys are half of the reason. Other half is luck.

    Cheers guys

    • +1,000,000 my 1st decent year at DT and I owe 90% of it to you guys. Thanks so much. Have gone from a hack with no idea to 1,160th. Thanks for all your help Calvin, Roy and Warney.

  • MMMMMMMMMMMMMiranda xxx

  • So Miranda is a little bit hot


  • Who was that miranda girl? where is she from?