Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 23

Arrgggg welcome my scaly wagging seamen! Check out my work from last week.


Dane Swan 119
Scott Pendlebury 94
Matthew Boyd 123
Scott Thompson 151
Gary Ablett 142

Solid effort really. Would have been great if Ablett and Thomo were higher up the list but overall we must always be happy if our captain cracks the 110 mark. This week we are after something massive from our captains to get us over the line with just 2 weeks to go.

For Just 2.7% of my Audience

The other 97.3% of you who aren’t Brent Stanton owners… skip forward to the next part cause this is only directed at the 2.7% of DT coaches who own Brent Stanton, a guy who should kill Port this week. Stants has averaged 124 over the last 5 weeks and has previous scores of 102 and 122 Vs the Power. He averages 126 at Etihad in his last 3 games there and is coming off a massive 153pts in his very last game under the roof. If you are a lucky owner, consider him this week as your opponent will most likely not have him.

When to Risk it?

Do you go against the flow and pick a captain that your opponent will not?

This is a question I often get asked through twitter town (@CalvinDT) and I always answer the same way… Will you beat your opponent this week if you match their captain and is your team better? If the answer is… “No, I have no chance of winning” then go against the grain and pick a ‘roughie’ to go against their ‘Swan’. DT is a funny game, if Swan tweaks an ankle after 20secs (heaven forbid) then you’re back in with a chance. But as I know… predicting injuries are tough, so just pick your best dude and see how the weekend rolls out… or be bold bald!

After a baldman to be your captain this week then consider these two guns. Scott Thompson had an amazing 51d last week against the Suns for 151pts and has a CRAZY GOOD record against his opponent this week in Richmond. With previous scores of 122, 121, 124, 115 and 129 in his last 5 against them he must be on your radar this week. His highest score is just 104 at AAMI in his last 4 games there but this doesn’t bother me too much. Richmond suck and Thomo is on fire and has a record to match it.

Then we have the other bald nut… Gary Ablett. He had 142pts last week against the Crows and averages 122 in his last 3 games this year. He scored 124 in his last game against the Demons and has 4×100+ scores on them in his last 5 games against them. Ablett has not played at the MCG this year but loves the big stage. In 2010, he averaged 132 there as a Cat and I’m tipping him to carve Melbourne to bits!

Swanny at the Playground

Yep, this week our beloved Dane Swan travels to Paterson Playground and with 131 and 158 there in his last 2 games… things might just get nasty. As we all know, the big fella has been in ripping form recently with a lowest score of just 118 in his last 5 games this year and carries a record against the Dockers that has DT coaches extra excited this week. With previous scores of 131, 158, 72, 122 and 150 you see what I mean. Even with that yucky 72 in there, he still averages 127 over this 5 game period. Crowley is still tagging for the Dockers but failing to do the job on our stars like he has done in the past. Daniel Wells had 115pts on him last week and therefore he’s not even an issue of concern. Last week in that game, the Kangaroos had 7×100+ scores on Freo and I’m thinking all the arrows are pointing at Swanny this week with a few pointing towards the 150+ mark as well!

Ok… Very Quickly

Matthew Boyd – Had 119 on the Hawks earlier this year and had 121 and 154 before that and after averaging 121 in his last 3 games this year, he looks very promising.
Dean Cox – Had just 86 and 52 on Brisbane in 2010 and this week against the inform Leuenberger he might find it difficult.
Nick Dal Santo – Had 31d (120) on the Roos in Rd. 15 this year and is going for his 10th straight 100+ this week and his 6th straight 100+ at Etihad. Should be good, but for some reason I have a bad feeling. That might bite me…
Sam Mitchell – Has a low of just 110 at the MCG in his last 6 games there and was one of 10 Hawks who had 100+ on the Bulldogs in Rd. 10 this year. Scored 128 and 112 on them in 2010 and after averaging 118 in his last 3 this year, he should be on your radar for sure.
Scott Pendlebury – His 117 on the Dockers in his last game was his highest and only 100+ score on them in his career of 5 games. Had 94 last week, averaging 107 in his last 3 for 2011. Not overly impressive.
Joel Selwood – 92, 111 and 107 are his last 3 scores Vs the Swans but is back at Skilled Stadium where he has had his 2 biggest scores for 2011 in his last 2 games (135, 178). Look out!


  • FIRST!!

    • calvin, on a more serious note, should i trade out S. Pendlebury and bring in S.Thompson of Adelaide? i have no money left in the bank and i got 4 trades left. What do you think? Anyone?

      • Why? Pendles has the higher average. You would only do this if you are certain he is being rested.

      • Do you expect him to answer you after commenting “first”? I rest my case…

        • I’ll take back my 3 vote now.

          • Thompson is a good replacement for Pendles but just make sure that pendles is going to be rested this week before you click the button.

  • Scotty Thompson so tempting… might be the difference this week.

  • Completely off topic, but according to DT analyser, 1.76% of ” trades ins” are for Sylvia ? Go figure.

  • Abletts guernsey is really weird

  • swan ablett mitchel
    falling towards ablett

  • Got Swan, Ablett, Mitchell, Thompson, Boyd….

  • Hey Calvin, great write and like always through out the year top stuff.

    I am concerned on the resting of 3 of the above 5 (excl. Ablett / Thompson) during the game as the top 3 teams should win and win comfortably which may see these players – Swan, Selwood, Mitchell (and others) benched at half or 3 quarter time.

    If we cast our mind back to round 22 last year Geelong v WCE when we saw Ablett, Chapman, Bartel and Stevie J – 3 of these guys had less than 25 posessions sitting on the bech for the last qaurter, could this happen again if not this week but possibly next week.

    Therefore I think safer bet is look at the teams who need a win as captain – Saints, Sydeny, Essesdon or Roos


    • Swan should be alright as he had the rest from his trip to Arizona but I am worried that guys like Mitchell and Pendles will get rested

    • I can see where ur coming from with the back a captain from a team needing a win but… from the 4 teams u listed that need a win who would u really wanna back as captain.. Saints= Monty (not having his best year, wouldn’t trust him and been a bit inconsistent), Goddard (ask SlightHawk about this one :P.. but he also has had a few lower scores and I don’t think you’d be as confident in him being almost locked to bust out a 120 as u would Swan or GAJ).. So Dal is the only real option. Swans = the only real swans people have are Goodes and O’Keefe but u wouldn’t captain O’Keefe ever really and Goodes has the odd bad one and although needing a win they face a trip to skilled. So no great options there.. Essendon = Not that many have essendon players anyway with bye next week and all so Stanton would be only real option but as Vin mentioned only 2.7% have him. So a good option for the very few that do. And North Melbourne = Who are u gonna put the C on infront of Swan or GAJ just because North need a win to make finals.. Swallow?? Not for me.

      • yeah, i think Swannie will be sitting on the bench for the 4th quarter. All those who put the capt on him will be cursing they only picked up 150 points from him. Whose his competition going to be in the midfield? Mundy, Pav, Broughton out. Expect Lower to run free as well.

        Sandi – to Swan – GOAL!

  • Swan (C)- shows no signs of slowing down. will beat the dockers on his own

    Stanton (VC)- essendon will smash port, this guy will benefit

    too easy. thankyou calvin

  • Nice write up Calvin… And cheers for the early upload on the site!!!

    Swan it is for me. Safe bet and I can’t see my opponent’s choosing differently.

    Only thing that worries me is that by choosing Swannie I’m running the risk of the curse of the Friday Night Captain ruining my weekend.

  • Jesus, Thompson must be the biggest monster in the league these days (physique wise).

    Swan just pipping Gaz for mine.

  • serious help needed! 2 trades left 200k spare
    who should i trade out and for who
    zac smith-sandalands/macvoy
    sylvia-pre much anyone mid or foward
    jroo- fyfe/lecras/cloke
    wat do i do!!

    • who are your reserves in each position?

      • fwd reserves:howe, lynch richardson
        mid reserves: i smith,mzungu,callinan
        i can dpp sylvia to mids

        • U could do smith to sandi and Sylvia to someone like fyfe. Or if u want to save the trade I would go smith to sandi and use Mzungu to cover Sylvia. That would get u the most extra points

  • Finally going to bring in my favourite player in the league – Scotty Thompson. Won’t put the captain on him however, just to be safe.

  • Hey guys and girls I am playing Tom Harley this week and am not sure if I should stick with Swan as captain or go for a roughie with Scotty Thompson or Gary Ablett.

    Me vs Him (at this stage)

    Adcock vs Birchall
    Beau Waters vs Greg Broughton
    Enright vs Suckling
    Scotty Thompson vs Cotchin
    Cox vs Sandilands
    Bailey/ Lobbe/ Smith vs Petrie
    Chapman vs Stevie J
    Goodes vs Krakouer

    Do you reckon I can beat him with both of our captains the same (Swanny) or should I risk it and go for S Thompson or Ablett?

  • Great to see Thommo in the top 5 again Vin. Not sure who to go now out of Swan, Thommo and Gaz :S

  • Hi guys i dont normally do this but you no desperate times call for desperate measures

    My backline is Gibbs, Goddard, Deledio, Birchall, Fisher, Stanley, Heppell (Lower, L. Thompson, Howard)

    I’m trading Lower I can afford Suckling or anyone under him who should i get?

  • Nice write up Calvin, Im going Swan…but only cos Id rather be with him than against him.

    Quick Assistant Coach Conundrum – I have Gibbs swapped for Buckley, now Gibbs is on my mids bench with Swan, Pendles, Ablett, Thompson, Boyd and Bartel on field. Now if I choose to trade Bartel to Mitchell, my projected score moves up to 2214 from 2197. Now, heres where it gets weird, if I trade Gibbs to Mitchell, my projected goes up to 2310! Swan is Capt so no issue there.

    By trading Gibbs over Bartel for Mitchell I stand to gain over 110 points, Bartels projected is 96 and Mitchells is 113. That should give me a difference of 17 points at best, not 96. Im not sure how a benched player trade could rise a projected score by nearly 100 points unless I had a player on field with a bye, which I dont. Any ideas or did I break it?

    • This is because Gibbs is projected for 0 because of the bye mate

      • Not sure how a benched player can add over 100 points to your projected unless he takes the place of another player who is on 0. My midfield is set with all playing and projected 96-131, all good to go. Gibbs on 0 on the bench and if I trade him to Mitchell, my projected goes up by an extra 96 on what it should be. Whos spot does he take to increase that much? My lowest is Bartel at 96. Which means Mitchell would have to be predicted at 192, which he’s not. Im so confused…

  • A bit of sad news, McVeigh’s daughter has recently passed away.

  • Sadly your information is of no use to me this week Calvin, as I lost out last week by 5 points.

    However can someone give me an idea of when the Finals fixture comes out, or have any way of knowing who is playing what night? Wanna head over to Melbourne for the weekend but is all based around when the Hawks are playing.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Puts us into perspective…thoughts to the McVeigh family.

  • As for our teams…very much in the lap of the Gods now no matter what you do, see who is playing/not..go with the gut with those bench players…I have Hopkins on my bench…but he has a bye!

  • I know its a little off-topic but I need to trade Judd and Gibbs who should I trade them for? I can get anyone for them, am thinking…….

    Gibbs > Suckling/Enright (already have Goddard, Deledio, Fisher, S.Martin, and Adcock)

    Judd > Rockliff/Shiels (already have Swan, Pendles, Boyd, Redden and Mitchell)


    • I think you should go Suckling and Ablett. I know you didn’t shortlist Gazza, but Shiels may need a rest after a taxing season (Rd 24 is the perfect time) and Rockliff has to play Sydney at the SCG (not ideal). However if you’re really dead set on either of those two, Rockliff is probably best.

  • I’ve had Stants since round 1. his last 8 or so weeeks have been epic.

    Have a ‘C’ for a reward, buddy.

    I had a special trade for you next week, but with Pav out for the rest of the year, looks like you’ll be a 24 round keeper.

    Thanks bud.

  • Rockliff??? Stevie J at Skilled???

    • dunno about rocky but stevie has had some good results against the swans recently, could be a good unique pick

  • Sorry this is off topic. But i have heard that next year the league comp will be expanded to 18. Is this correct or just rumour??

  • Who are the heavy taggers from Melbourne?

    • ive seen Bartam, Mckenzie and maybe Cale Morton tag in the past… real big names

  • I’m going with Swannie Freo has alot of it’s top players out Swannie will rack it up.

  • I have no choice but to go a roughy this week as I’m in 2 prelims and having to wear a donut in defence and have been running a skeleton team for about 3 weeks since I used up my last trade. Really hard to pick out of tommo, sammy or boyd, not really considering pendles. bottomline is if I go swan I’m already gone.

  • What does everyone think of these trades –

    Pavlich -> ROK
    Sylvia -> Harvey

    Leaves me with 1 trade and only Heppell to trade. Also leaves me with $60,000 in the bank. Have Gibbs and Judd resting on the bench with Gu and Poo covering.


  • No one concerned Swannie starting on the bench?
    If the game’s over at half time, he’ll get subbed if he doesn’t start as sub?