AFL Dream Team Semi Finals Discussion

Semi Finals in DT TALK Allstars. Roy and Maxy straight through.




  • Alan Didak…………… first 100+ score since round 4. The Magoo’s kept the faith, lets hope his next 2 games are the same.

  • Anyone know what happened to Broughton last night??? I watched the game on TV and swear he wasn’t even on the ground in the last quarter.


  • heres another one


    nroo and okeefe and 52 pts


    howe and montags

    on another note traded in mitchell for bartel at last minute(literally) and then didint have time to sub mithcell on for gu. Glad there was only 4 pts different but it could stil cost me

  • cmon guys get in on a bit of head to head EPL action on:


  • final score 2117. whats a par score for this week?

  • Need Sylvia to score 98 or more for me to win this week, only predicted to get 77, fingers crossed……….

  • Need Sylvia and Martin to get 130 between them for me to win! c’mon guys!

  • Lids, Jvoldt and a half from Jacobs vs Vs 113 and Howe.

    What’re you thinking?

    Right now, I’d take 52 from Buckley over whatever Jacobs scores.

  • Holy shit my game is going to be close

    Me 1/2 left from Lobbe & C Howard (cover for Enright) + J Roo vs 140 pts

    • Should have it easily

      • Oh, and only a half from Howard aswell, my bad.

        Yeah, tight as a nuns nasty :D

      • and now i need 47 from J Roo in the second half v the dees!
        im a demons man!!

        cant he kick 6 goals and Jurrah kick 10 in the second half?

        • ahhh fungooli bastali!

          turns out that its the skipper choice that hurts me
          he went GAJ.. i went Swan..


          (go the dees!)

  • Needed 30 from Jacobs, but he only got a 29. Knocked out in a draw as a consequence of being lower ranked.

  • Ahh Howe -2 and subbed off, love him as a player but has let me down this week!

    • He won me my only finals match this week with such a horrid score.

      Through to the final four in two of my 3 final leagues. Big week next week.

      • Yeah same boat here so the 2 didn’t really matter, but now I’m a bit shaky on him for next week, and Sylvia on report.. Ahh shieet.

  • hugh_Jass

    Cheers for the 2 Howe

  • Green to not outscore Deledio by 22 points in the last quarter.

    Can’t happen, can it?

  • Had How, Pav and Petrie.. most disfunctional forward line this year by far. Lucky I had the week off or I’d be using all kinds of expletives, eg: Sh*t and F*ck

  • Sylivia’s gunna ton up for the first time in ages GO DEEEEEES

  • Any forwards other than Stevie J, Petrie, Franklin and Goodes with a massive ceiling???

  • Josh Kennedy, but good luck picking which week he’s gunna kick 10

  • Hope with all the new injuries at Essendon Hibberd gets a recall

  • Pav to Cloke for me this week.

    Hodge you are very close to gettng the chop