Interview with Ron Shell: Current overall leader in Dream Team


  • bad haircut warnie? cause that’s a crap beanie.

  • sort of surprised he didn’t memtion anything about telling colonel to delete his team. Whats up with that?

  • Awesome interview, good luck to him!

    Also, Duffield ruined my season too! Thank god he’s been dropped!

  • Great interview. Was about to say what was that other guy doing there, lol.. What were them guys dt talk names?? Didn’t catch what Warnie said the Duffield guys name was and is the leader on here??

  • great interview!! good work boys

  • feathertopDT

    Holy crap i out scored the top 2 Dream Teamers this week :D

  • the guy on the right sounds like a fag, but BRC’s Galore looks like a lad!

  • I’m in the same league as 2nd overall (The Trade Savers..DT TALK NSW ) and he’s as nervy as hell
    at the moment about blowing it with the wrong trades.
    His third year, after running out of trades before the finals in the two previous years.

  • argh, the bastards too good for me! I’m back to 11th now, pretty well out of the race for the car, but congratulations to him.

  • Forget the “we can get anyone” line about getting BRC’s Galore’s coach… how the hell did they get Harry Potter (minus his glasses) to pretend to be a DT coach? Absolute coup right there!