DT TALK Live: Round 21

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  • first

  • Sylvia or Ismith

  • Play Lobbe (vs Hawks) or Zack Smith (with Fraser vs Brisbane) on field?

    • you would go Lobbe with talk of Smith being rested, which could be less TOG or a nasty vest

  • I reckon u should play Lobbe because Zmith has just about hit his peak and i don’t think he will get any points higher than 60. Lobbe on the other hand i think is the best Port-Adelaide player on their 22-man squad so expect him to get in about the 60-80 zone

    • Should i play Mzungu or I.Smith. sum1 help. this decision is killing me!. Im in the top 4 and i have to win or I will miss my Geelong players next week

      • Smith will score more if he doesn’t get the vest to start with. Mzungu with struggle vs Blues.
        Definitely Smith unless you think he might start with the vest.

  • OK I got two trades left, and I need to go all out with my options.
    $89,000 in the bank

    OPTION 1:
    Trade Heath Shaw to Grant Birchall, then Chris Knights to Daniel Gia… (or Rooey?)

    OPTION 2:
    Trade Heath Shaw to Jed Adcock, then Chris Knights to Lance Franklin

    Please Help, need to beat my mate, cause he’s gonna give me heaps of crap if he beats me!!!

  • I need some advice guy’s.

    Do I eat the 0 or make the trade to McEvoy/Mumford?

    Me –

    Broughton / Heppel / Gibbs / Goddard / Deledio / Adcock / Puopolo
    Swan / Pendles / Boyd / Shiels / Rockliff / Thompson
    Cox / Petrie
    Johnson / chappers / Goodes / Okeefe / Rioli / Franklin / Fyfe

    Him –

    Adcock / Heppel / Gibbs / Goddard / Deledio / suckling / lower
    Swan/ Pendles /Boyd / Mitchell / Montangna / Mzungu
    Cox/ Hudson
    Fyfe/ Goodes / Pav / Silvia / Franklin / Higgins / Smith

  • My forward line is Lance Franklin, Adam Goodes, Nathan Fyfe, Colin Sylvia, Cyril Rioli, Andrew Krakouer and Nick Riewoldt. I am in a qualifying final and need to win. I have Mzungu and Smith on the bench and wondering if i should play them over any of these guy. IF SO LEAVE A COMMENT TELLING ME WHO AND EITHER SMITH OR GU

    • I would play Gu over Krak this week, didak will get more game time leaving Krak stuck in the pocket as a small fwd

      • but, it will be hard to leave I Smith vs Port Nopower on the bench, after some consideration (2 mins) go him instead of Krak lol

  • Mzungu or Krakouer??

  • Massive trade in this week… I’m fourth playing 1st.. lost to him last week.. Going to trade D.Martin in my mids to one of his mids as I beat him everywhere else on the ground… except when it came down to montags Vs Redden and D.Martin vs Thompson… who should I get in out of Thomspon or Redden? Or any other mids you suggest.

    Mids are:
    Swan, Pend, Boyd, Bartel, Martin, Montag


    • could go rockliff

    • I guess getting Selwood would help but is pretty dumb as he has the bye next week but Rockliff should continue to outscore Redden
      Redden’s L3 93 119 111
      Rockliff L4 117 110 138

    • I’ve had Thomo for months, you alway’s get a steady game and decent score. Get rid of Martin.

      • You reckon get rid of martin? I could get rid of hibberd for thomo??
        Then just bench martin in case a premo gets rested in finals? Plus if i lose he’ll cover bartel next week?

  • Sylvia/Higgins/Mzungu
    One gets a spot in the fwd line the other two are Emergencies, could make a massive difference in some tight finals.
    Before anyone says “you have to play your premium you got at start of year” there is only $35K price difference now between them all.
    Higgins and Mzungu both named on half back and will get a run through the midfield, Sylvia named fwd pocket with maybe Selwood watching him.
    Sylvia L3 114, 69, 72 (then dropped)
    Higgins L3 98, 78, 89 (injured then bye)
    Mzungu L3 83,84, 113

    I am also tipping against each of their teams but this has me stumped.

  • all the best ;)

  • Hope you all have a win this week. Especially if you finished top two since there is no home ground advantage. 1 vs 4 is not necesarily an advantage in a lot of cases.
    To be honest I think the top two teams should get a bonus trade each as reward for a great season.
    Another idea is that you can use all left over trades in the last week.
    This would advantage conservative traders who have made the GF and help counteract mass withdrawals due to the general. Last year the grand final in my work league saw scores of 1800 vs 1600 as the two finalist couldn’t field a side. It beame a lottery of who had the least rested players in the final round.

    This is not a just reward for all the effort that has gone into the year.

    Thinking about this, why not give each grand finalsit two bonus trades to help cover for this.
    That way they can at least patch holes and have decent sides facing off and take an element of luck out of the equation. If you are in a great positon going in, two bonus trades will at least allow you to trade down then up to gain one more megastar.

    Sorry about the essay but just thinking too much late on a Thursday night.

    • I suppose the motto of that lengthy post is.. get some sleep so you don’t post absolutely horrendous suggestions.

  • Fella’s, final Defender; Gram or Heppell? Gram (against Pies) and Heppell (against Dogs). Both avg same and recent form says so as well. Any help would be great. Goodluck to everyone this week.

  • Wanting to trade in Bartel this week, in case i lose this week. I am thinking Rockliff or Ablett but any news on fitness of ablett????

  • Roy used to be so hot

  • Hey all,

    Just wondering who to to use as my 7th forward this weekend out of Darling or Howe.
    Darling has been in better form but mostly because of the absence of Kennedy, who is back this week.
    Howe has been average but is named at centre-half forward and is a proven goal kicker when given the opportunity, so has the ability to turn it on this week if he manages to get free. Any ideas?

  • OK!, I need a bit of help here…
    Who to play out of Puopolo(BP) and Jacobs(BF)
    and who to play out of Howe(CHF) and Knights(HF)