Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 20


Scott Pendlebury 141
Sam Mitchell 100
Leigh Montagna 99
Brendon Goddard 153
Dane Swan 171

That’s not too bad. Yeah a little bit out of order but overall not too bad. Oh and sucked in those people who thought the Pirate was wrong at the 20 min mark of the 1st quarter when Pendles had just 1pt. Boy, did I cop some abuse early but ha ha shove it. Gotta be happy with 141, but some people still weren’t. “Should have told us Swan” ha ha well yeah that’s true, but c’mon, a little slack please… But thanks for lifting SP10 – Oh and hover the cursor over the pic above he he

Love the Cox

In Dean Cox’s last 2 games this year… he has scored 155 and 137 and this week finds himself back at his beloved Patersons Playground where he has averaged 119 this year. He scored 103 on the Tigers last year and averages 118 on them in his last 3 encounters. How much do you love Big Cox?

Why is he in Your List and Where is …?

Oh these questions… They pop up every week. Obviously can’t cover everyone in the league but I have the stats and averages of many top players that I have researched. Join me in Twitter Town (@CalvinDT) for more… but in a quick word.

Sam Mitchell – Hasn’t played the Roos in 2 years and it will be pissing down with rain in Launie on Saturday and as we saw last week… this doesn’t suit the Hawks high possession footy very much.
Gary Ablett – Watch the News dude, he’s missing this week.
Nick Dal Santo – Good option for those who have him. Averages 121 on Freo in his last 3 and after averaging 132 in his last 3 and 130 in his last 5 this year, he’ll be very good again.
Jamie Dwyer – Doesn’t play AFL, he’s a gun hockey player.
Brendon Goddard – Carries a low of 109 in his last 5 at Etihad and did have 152 last week Vs the Suns, but we have much better this week.

We’re Sorry Dean

After last week’s result, Stevie J and Joel Selwood must take some responsibility for the sacking of Dean Bailey. When the Melbourne board saw 171pts and 178pts next to their names last weeks… it had to be the final straw. 9 Cats cracked the ton last week where their top 5 players averaged a huge 159 points… oh my. Not your fault Deano.

Stevie J was on fire last week with 34d and 7 goals (171pts) and meets the Suns at Skilled this week. He had another 7 goals Gold Coast in Rd. 10 for… 171pts. Amazing stat really. Many people will go Stevie for this reason but let’s not fall into the trap of chasing unique forwards who will need 7 goals next to their name to post huge scores. In the 5 games leading up to last week, Stevie was averaging just 83 and although he’s on fire and should be awesome… let’s keep things in perspective. Do we think Stevie will score another 171 this week? Probably not, but he still should be very good.

Joel Selwood racked up a massive 43d last week with 7m and 11t for his 178pts and should be awesome again Vs the Suns on his home track where he has averaged 131 there in his last 3 games this year. He had 116 last time they played the Suns from just 27d. He’ll rack up near the 40d mark again this week and should be a great captain option for those patient coaches who still have him.

So… who plays the Demons this week? Look out for a huge score from Marc Murphy who already has scored a massive 145 on them this year. With scores of 98, 12 and 104 before that against them he should also be ‘Joel like’ this week and give the struggling Dees a little touch up at the MCG.

Will They Give a S%&#?

Last time the Cats played the Suns a few of them cruised around and failed to post the scores we were hoping for. Let’s face it, after thumping the Demons last week… will they really be putting in 100% against the Suns at Skilled without Ablett. This is a huge concern! Who will be subbed at the half? Who will be rested? Last time these teams played, Bartel only had 18d (67pts) and although he has scored 4×100+ scores at Skilled this year from as many games… will he care? Will Chapman care? It didn’t look like he did when they played up in QLD. He had just 95pts and ‘junked’ it up late in the 4th.  YES they will be awesome, and YES they will win by 400pts and score big numbers… but they all won’t, they didn’t last time and who will be subbed?


Dane Swan played Port in round 1 this year and racked up 34d (137pts) on them despite a tag from Cassisi. With previous scores against them of 137, 141 and 154 and after coming off a huge 171 last week against the Bombers, Swan may just be the most selected captain this week. He averages 109 in his last 3 games at AAMI Stadium with 141 coming from his last game there in 2010. Swan is a John Locke this week guys. In other Pie News, Scott Pendlebury has never scored over 100 at AAMI from his 4 games there but did have 121pts on them in Rd. 1 this year. He copped a tag from Thomas that day and still managed 31d. Pendles has averaged 129 in his last 3 games this year and comes off a nice 141 last week. His record at AAMI is a slight concern and that’s why, with so many great options this week, he misses out in my top few.

… and yes I can have 6 cause I can basically do what I want – see ya next week and goodluck!


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  • Murphy had a huge score of 12 in his last few v the demons?!

  • “Jamie Dwyer – Doesn’t play AFL, he’s a gun hockey player” Hilarious calvin,

    great write up and 90% sure it will be swan for me

  • Anyone else locking in Jamie Dwyer for captain this week?

  • Is Enright, a good unique pick ?

  • Calvin great write up as usual champ- the numbers and look on Bailey’s face speak for themselves. And seriously…the first 7 comments are irrelevant and add NOTHING to the article nor show any gratitude towards the crazy pirate. Grow up guys.

  • would have to go swanny this week, but stevie j is rather tempting. Last week I had 8 players score 140+ and another 6 score 100+ and chose bloody thompson as captain with his massive contribution of 71!! theres a time for rolling the dice and a time for playing it safe. swanny all the way this week. I’m just hanging on inside the top 1,000 and want to stay there.

  • hey guys im looking at upgrading my 2nd ruckman except i have no idea who to get!

    cox is my no.1

    lobbe/z.smith share my number 2

    im looking at upgrading lobbe and have enough cash to get anyone

    who should i get =S

  • whats he mean by no green vest?

  • Swan (C)- just starting to warm up as everyone else starts to tire

    Cox (VC)- a DT legend

  • Not really related to captains… but Hibberd has been suspended indefinitely

  • It may be pissing down in Launceston on Saturday, but on Sunday when Mitchell is playing it is forecast clear. Mitchell will kill it down here like he always does.

  • “no green vest this week”
    i wouldnt mind an answer

    • watch the thursday live show and you’ll understand

    • If you watched the show you’d understand

    • Answer Him ^

      OK I will…

      The loser for the round between the DT lads (Roy, Warnie & Calvin – not sure if Chopper comes into this equation), has the dubious honour of donning the ‘Green Vest’ for the week. In recent rounds, the Green Vest has been quite the fashion accessory for Calvin. This week it seems, someone else in donning the lime green.

      • And if your still clueless on the joke it’s because the green vest normally scores the lowest (same as AFL normally)

  • Swan (c)
    Cox (vc)

  • For 1 of my leagues I;m currently 8th, If i win Im 4th if I lose Im out of top 8!!!!!!
    Gary, if You cost me this!!!

    • You could not possibly know that a win will propel you from 8th to 4th. Other results must come into that

  • I know last week was “a big week in football” especially in DT with lots of teams smashing lower teams, and this looks set to continue this week.

    Saints vs Freo – Freo will at least try

    Collingwood vs Port – massive smashing to give the Chad a send off he will remember, all our Pies guns will rack up massive scores

    Geelong vs Gold Coast – might not be a 30 goal smashing, more like only 20, Stevie J vs Gold Coast last time, OMG, if only Chappy could get in the act and WTF with him not kicking a goal when the team scores 37.

    Hawks vs Kangas – I dont care if it rains cos it’s gonna pour DT tons for all our Hawk guns again, should smash them.

    Eagles vs Tigers – another smashing

    Blues vs Melb – Bailey wanted to go out before they actually do have the highest score against and biggest defeat in history

    Bris vs Crows – change the damn channel here, just write Thompson down for 100-115 as per normal, gl guessing adcocks score.

    It seems this time of year the gap between the top 4 and the rest really opens up big time, another 2500 DT point round I would have to say. (especially as we get Goodes/ROK?Lids/Cock/Rock/Redden etc back and only lose Boyd and Higg.. NVM)

    • Good call Brak.
      Very nice observations.
      Can’t argue with most results. Worried about the trend that teams who have a sacked coach come out and smash it the next week under caretaker coach.
      Hope tigers come good soon. Dont like them but I like them going well for the good of football.
      Also hope that Malthouse goes to Melbourne. For all Eddies bullshit threats it would be great to see him clean up that basket case club.

    • stealing my job bro? he he

    • Ummm, “Freo will at least try”. How dare you make any assumption re Freo. Who knows which Freo will turn up and who will try?

      Other than that I found your observations acceptable.

      • I think he’s saying Freo are kinda screwed without Sandi and Griffen but will be desperate for a spot in the 8. It’s not a criticism of Freo just that they are handicapped. BTW loved how Fyfe has added Hitouts to his game. It was the one thing he was missing but with no ruckmen he was going 3rd man up alot last week. (6 times I believe).

    • i hope you havent forgotten sydney and bombers.

    • Dees potential bad call. Last week was virtually a player strike. They didn’t get what they wanted, but this week might be different. Guys playing for careers, stynes getting weaker and back in hospital – I predict a bold showing from Melbourne this week

  • is it true ablett is out this week??

  • Yo yo guys.

    I’m so glad I write this article so F— knobs can fill up the comment section with childish rubbish. Well done.
    In other news, Swan looks like being the most selected this week and for those who commented… Thankyou, it will be nice to NOT wear the green vest for the first time in a long time, a very long time.

    Any questions? Fire away or shoot them through on twitter…

    • A hit is a hit, a sponsor is a sponsor.

      Jamie Dwyer comment = best childish rubbish thus far and I absolutely loved it.

    • Remember the polls you had last year? Would be an interesting insight on captain choices if you could bring it back.

    • I saw a link on here a couple weeks ago that basically tracked which teams give away the most DT points to particular field positions.
      I might be wrong but I remember the Tiges really get smashed in the ruck department.

      So on a hunch i’m going big Cox for the C as i’m going to smash my league opponent this week anyway.

      • Playing the 16th team this week and going Coxy.

        Should absoltely rape at Subi against the Tiges.

  • Swan more like a Seagull.

    I will be selecting Stevie J as the Captain this week, surley he is a tasty option.

  • Great article Calvin. Love your work. Don’t always follow your advice and certainly dont blame you when you get it horribly wrong (which is not very often). Its a game of luck with a bit of intuition and intelligence thrown into the mix. Its all good fun and a bit of childish rubbish doesn’t do anybody any harm.
    My wife regularly yells out to see wtf I’m laughing my ass off about when I”m reading some of the childish rubbish in the comments.

    Great site. Keep it going guys.

  • Hi my name is Rabbit and me team is so rubbish I am actually thinking of trading in Guerra.

    My 2 options are

    Sandi to McEvoy & Lower to Fisher (and Hibberd stays on my bench for the rest of the year)


    Sandi to Mumford & Hibberd to Guerra. (and basically no remaining cash)

    I know this seems to have nothing to do with Calvins Captains but it actually has everything to do with CC. This entire article is about projecting scores of individuals and Guerra’s next 5 ‘Projected Scores’ are 103, 97, 78, 108 and 88. Also he scored 180 (a very captain like score) against the doggies who he will once again come up against in round 23.

    I need someone to talk me out of this and I think I deserve it after seamlessly tying my question in with the articles intentions.

    • Rabbit, did you want violins with this?
      (just jokes mate)

      on the serious side, i think Sandi down to Mummy should give you just enough to ‘upgrade’ Hibberd to Gram who is slightly cheaper than Fisher this week.

      I think Gram is back as Saints are back in the hunt for finals – his MPP may also allow cover in the mids if you have the link and you’ve got to cover someone like Murphy/Judd/Selwood/Bartel in the finals.

      will be close but there’s an option for ya, good luck!

  • Big question on a lot of peoples lips…………………..Cox or Swanny to don the big “C”. Forecast possible showers in Adelaide for swanny but surely a few drops of rain wont slow him down, and Coxy now has to share the duties with Natanui now included, could be close and this weeks choice could be the difference between staying in the 8 and missing the 8 ( is for me anyway ) Thoughts anyone ?

  • Jelwood (C) too crack 200!!

  • Can I pick 3 captains – Stevie J, Swanny and Cox ?

  • haha i do loooove big cox, great man clavin

  • Captain, Swan or Stevie J?