Multi-Bye Madness 5: Round 19 Discussion


  • So far so good with Swan (C) over Pendles as originally planned, just a last minute feeling changed my mind, reckon pendles will have a big last Q tho..

  • 2507 at 3/4 time with Swan, Krak and Heppell playing. This is HUGE! 2550 should see me in the top 1000 again.

  • Man, this is the bye round from heaven. 2449, and I’ve got 2 quarters from Swan, and 1 from Pendles and Krakoeuour left to go. Easily smash in 2500, probably looking like a high 2500, with a slim shake at 2600 if someone decides to slut it up.

    This is a fucking _*massive*_ round.

    Mid 2400’s for par?

  • Captain SWANNY! Big 300+ pointer, you beauty!

  • +1 Swan is God.. just from another religion maybe (Soz Gablett Snr)

  • Holy shit.

    Just looking at my score, it’s more than 300 more than last round, and I absolutely smashed it last round…..

    This has to be THE biggest round in DT history…

    • thats spot on Jungle – 2578 21/23!! Love Swan and his 342

      Shame the two are Lobbe and Otten but 2600 here I come!

      • Jesus, I had 2631, and I thought I was crushing it.

        Some folks will score 2800 this week easily?!?!?!??!

  • 2593 at completion. My best score ever by over 100. Thought I’d be guaranteed to jump up a couple of hundred places overall but looking at some of the comments on here, maybe not. Winning score for the week could be up around 2750…!?!

    • great work dregde and you will jump quite a few spots

      – people only post when bragging…oh shit wait… that’s me :)

  • 2511 with lobbe playing now, hopefully he goes well :)

  • 2387, though i copped a donut. i knew i should have risked stevie j as captain.

    huge scores this week. f-ing huge.

  • Never ever thought I would score 2588 with Adcock, Deledio, O’Keefe, Riewoldt and Higgins on the pine. If only I didnt have to play Rawlings and C.Richardson. Swans massive score actually hurts my ranking after I thought my unique captain goddard did well.

  • Ive just cracked 2500 for the first time ever, and the missus has just cracked 2600, with Knights still going, this year is ridiculous.

  • lobbe u are so fking shit. 5 FA wtf you on stupid port filth.

  • Btw, if you guys are struggling with the perpetual “login to reply” thing, just refresh your page and it should sort it.

    • Didn’t work for me. But mousing over the DTTalk drop-down and selecting Home fixed it.

      Unfortunately nothing will fix the fact that (like many) I’ve cracked 2500 for the first time ever and yet seem destined for a drop in overall ranking!?!