The Power is OUT (and that’s a good thing): Round 18 Discussion

Make sure all of your Port Adelaide players on your bench… errr… maybe make sure that Ben Jacobs isn’t one of your emergencies (oh and Matthew Lobbe too).

Your best 22 is hopefully fielded this weekend. With most teams only without a couple of players through injury, we could be in for the highest scoring round of the year as a lot of teams are now set too.

As the round progresses, let us know in the comments about all things relevant to DT. Who is smashing it, who is sucking, vent your frustrations, brag… whatever! Mix it in there with who the subs are for those who want to know (follow us on Twitter as we try to let you know that all weekend too).

When you post your score, if you captain has played, count him as two players. For example you might have 10 players to play for 1121 points, but if one of those was your captain, it is 1121/11. Just gives everyone a better idea of what people are averaging per player.

Anyway, let’s get to it!


  • It took 108 years but Australia now has it’s First Winner of the Tour de France .

    Cadel Evans , you have now written your place in Australian history that can never be taken away from you .

    We salute your heart , courage and persistence .

    You epitomise what it means to be Australian .

    The Maillot Jaune is yours and enjoy the ride up the Champes Elysees tonight .

  • What’s Cadel classified as? Didn’t realise so many have him in their teams. Dead weight going into finals I would imagine. Sideways trade to Andrew Bogut maybe?

    Wait a minute, this is still DT Talk isn’t it?

    These ain’t my shoes?

    14/1669 just quietly and that’s without Cadel! Heading for 2484 apparently.

    Still can’t find Cadel. Forward, mid or back? Anyone?

  • Oh, and Goodesy, let the late season resurgence begin! I’m tipping 120-150 ppg for the rest of the DT season. Go you Goode thing!! (see what I did there)

  • ablett had 36 disposal but didnt get one tackle

    • I swear I saw him lay 3 in the first quarter. Apparently it isn’t a tackle if you grab by the jumper instead of wrapping your arms around.

  • Who do you reckon will win:
    Me vs. Dr DT
    Bartel vs. lower + 26 pts
    Mitchell Vs. Fyfe
    Chapman vs. Pavlich

  • Fantasy Premierleague is up. Anyone in a league, please hit me up

  • Ah rawlings ur time has come, to leave my team, you spudful bum. U served me well, but now ur done, its upgrade time, now which bloody one?

  • got 918/8 but a donut and some weak links to come hopefully 2100 at least

  • Racked up 1715/14 (c), pretty happy with that so far.
    Still have Deledio, Lower, Mitchell, Cox, Fyfe, Buddy, Sylvia and Chappy to come.
    Assistant Coach has me pegged for 2533, will be stoked if I can reach that.

  • Stevie J out with General Soreness…… FUCK. Got Prestia as sub, their goes another potential 50 points off my total

  • general softness more like it, get used to it, geelong and collingwood will REST players each week once Top 2 spots are confirmed

  • Stevie J out so getting Prestia’s 67 there which is a potential 40+ point loss as well as Isaac Smith sub. Perfect weekend ruined lol :D

  • stevie J and smith sub will affect a few teams scoring potential

  • Has Batchelor been redvested?

  • Farkkk – it’s not bad enough that Stevie J softs it up & I have J Roo as emergency (2 touches to half time) – now I get to look forward for maybe a 30 or 40 from I Smith… C’mon Cyril do another hammy so Isaac comes on sooner…There goes the big score

  • anyone need a live feed of Hawks v Demons?

  • Yeah well I was the spud who listened to get off the bench and put Puopolo on in place of Buckley!!!

    Kiss a fair few points away!

  • Can someone whos watching the Hawks game please let me know when Smith is activated off the bench and who he goes on for. That would be great :)

    • Savage out, Smith in at 3 quarter time. Savage has a small injury apparently.

  • Paul Chapman was on 70 at half time. Is now unlikely to crack the ton.

  • I’ll be lucky to crack 2200 the way Poo and Sylvia are going…

  • Puopolo may have lost me my league game unless he really picks up in the second half…

    Last game will see my Mzungu vs his Pav and Fyfe, currently only have a lead of 70. 7 in play vs his 6.

  • never again enright, and sylvia, well you are just are joke wud rather have presti

    • The number of times you get a great score on the Friday and Saturday only to see it killed off by Sunday spuds is amazing!!!

  • What the fuck was that Batchelor? Massive score of 9! You better hope you were injured otherwise I’m going to cash you in like a shit DVD player. Just how the dirty mofos do it at Cash Converters.

    Had to play him coz Suckling didn’t see a chiropractor.

  • Does anyone know how serious Sucklings injury is?

    Will it keep him out for more than one week?

  • Last game is going to be a nail biter.


    Fyfe +20

    C’mon PAV!

    p.s. Looking at my first score over 2200 – also looking at my first score over 2300 :)

    • Mzungu + 90 vs Pav and Fyfe. Looks like I’m screwed unless one of them has an uncharacteristically quiet game. Damn you Puopolo and Birchall for underpar scores.

      • Pav looks to be giving it a shake with 2 at quarter time!

        • Amazingly Mzungu is outscoring both put together at quarter time. The faster the game goes with them not doing much, better for me.

          Predictor has my opponent by 2 points.

          • Half time: Fyfe 28, Pav 22.
            Now have Mzungu + 76 vs those two, and its looking a bit better for me, especially since it looks like Pav is carrying an injury.
            Not so good for you though, Randomdent..

  • 205 from Cox and Mzungu to get 2400.

    Bloody Rawlings and Toy stuffed any chance of 2500

  • Need Broughton, Lower and Cox to average 80 each to get over 2400… c’mon guys…

  • I know it’s highly unlikely but with Pav only on 2 at quarter time, what percentage would you give Cox scoring 57 more points than Pav? 10%? Or am I being too optimistic?

    • Cox should be good for a very big score with no Sandi against him. Griffin has already had a small scare. Still seems unlikely though.

  • Nah you’ll be right Pav looks DEAD out there..

    Thanks BUD cost me my match Grrr

  • puopolo to score his worst for the year the week Ineeded him!

    damn! looking like high 2200 for me

  • Pav to outscore Fyfe by 17 in the second half for a big win.

    Hopefully Harvs gives him a massive rocket at half time!

    GO PAV!!

  • FFS Pav, Poo and Smith .. I really F**KED it up this time

  • Pav just got 5 possies in 1 min.

    Was the most beautiful piece of ugly footy I’ve ever seen!!!

  • Mzungu + 61 vs Pav + Fyfe with a quarter to go. Its going to be tight…

    • You should be alright. 61 alone would nearly be enough for a quarter vs Pav and Fyfe the way they’re playing so far this game. But considering the Gu is outscoring the both of them as well as the 61 points you have you should be well safe.

      • Both have the potential to explode with a few goals at any time though, which is my only real worry. If Eagles can pull ahead I’ll be right.

        I expected a lot more from Cox to be honest, given no Sandi and Griffin subbed out early…

        • Mzungu saves the day for me with a mark and kick 20 seconds from the siren for a narrow 8 point win!

          • Wow, sorry mate. Take back my well safe comment :) You’re right, Pav and Fyfe do have the potential to explode and both did have pretty big last quarters aye. Plus it didn’t help that the Gu went completely missing in the last quarter as well. Congrats 2 u though :D

        • You might have spoken a bit too soon there Strewart, Coxy has smashed out 137!

  • Lower -3 for the third quarter. Great effort mate :)

  • Wow – a bloke in my league scored 2554!!!

  • Ended up with 2379. Can’t complain, however, was heading and hoping for a bit more until SJ pulled out leaving me with Prestia’s 67 and Isaac Smith being sub and getting 25 also hurt. Other than that only Sylvia, Lower and Birchall underperformed as they were the only others below 90.