DT TALK Live: Round 18


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  • Well done guys. Did you watch it? What did you think?

    • loved it. Best part was the clip from 08.

      Favourite line “calvins in the back seat, playing his guitar, hes no chance to win the car” cracked up.

      Love the slightly shortened version of the hour long episodes and better with the question time at the end.

  • Great show again guys. Can tell people are conserving trades for finals, or their teams are shite and they have given up. The traffic on this site has been well down the last three weeks. Still umming and arring as to who to trade Shaw for. Not really liking any of the premo’s in the backs. Maybe Birchall?

  • Nice ep lads. Think you may have been a bit harsh about my krak v Higgins tweet. I don’t think he will touch it against the swannies. Sitting at 208 overall at the moment so I want to be a bit unique. I’m not going to keep moving up the ranks going the same way as everyone else. I’m expecting a ton from Krakour. If he’s ever going to score one it will be this week.

    • yeah i agree, its a great question. i think krak is definately an option here the more i think about it! i wonder the impact of bob murphy out, higgins will be primary quaterback, but may get close attention as well. mate, you are going awesome at 208…. back youself here. shouldnt be more than 20 points either way.

  • Good effort guys. Conserve trades or add extra DPP premium to cover byes?

    Hibberd to Talia? Is Talia’s position settled?

  • Nice show, I really enjoyed the question discussion this week. Me working all day and i forgot to post my question was hoping if anyone can give me a hand. With Gaff essentially securing his place off the sub spot with a 104 last week and Kerr still not being named I was thinking

    Swallow or Gaff for my main 7?

  • Is Chaplin on the field for Monty?

  • Warnie, I feel your pain with Suckling. I can’t afford Broughton and I don’t know who to get for Shaw now that Suckling is out. I Don’t want a Blue. It might have to be Birchall.

    • Nope, I think you’ve convinced me into S.Martin with his finals run. Thanks.

  • great stuff guys, love my friday morning DT live listen at work!