Chook’s Rooks – Round 17

My high school drama teacher was big on the theme of appreciating what you’ve got before it’s too late. I didn’t always agree with what she said, mostly because she shocked and embarrassed me in front of the class by labelling me a “sneaky fox” who was constantly stirring up trouble, when really it was my mate Russell Robertson doing the lion’s share of the trouble-stirring (don’t try to deny it, Robbo), but I had to side with her on this one. She drilled the message into us by selecting it as the theme for one our school’s Rock Eisteddfod productions, choreographing horribly amateur dance moves to the tune of Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi, whose chorus is along the lines of:

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

You know the feeling. You get a new pair of flashy kicks and turf the old ones, only to realise within about a week that you much preferred the more comfortable old ones. You weren’t 100 per cent happy in your old rental place, but it now seems like a palace compared to your current abode, the one with paper-thin walls next door to the crack addict who loves a bit of American college speed metal at 3 o’clock every morning. You get penis extension surgery to add a bit of length, but are wishing you had your old tackle back after you trip over your new long dong for the fifth time. Everyone’s been there.

It goes to show that, sometimes, it pays to be content with your current situation and not always assume an “upgrade” is the best option. In my case, I should’ve appreciated my rookie-priced defender pairing of Nick Lower and Danny Stanley a little bit more. Those two got shipped from my team weeks ago, “upgraded” to Jed Adcock and Heath Shaw. After resisting Adcock through the opening stages of the season, I finally got sick of my league opponents benefitting from his 120-point games and took the plunge the very week he went on a run of sh*t scores or not playing at all. One-time Pie Stanley got the chop to make way and has, as those who’ve held on to him will gleefully tell you, strung together three consecutive scores in 90s. Shaw came in to my side about three weeks ago, so I got a couple of okay scores out of him, but it sh*ts me to tears that the guy I ditched to bring him in, former Port midfielder Lower, scores a monster 130 the very same week that Shaw gets rubbed out for the remainder of the DT season. Maybe I’ll never learn my lesson: I really shouldn’t’ve ditched Stanley and Lower and I really shouldn’t’ve had 10 inches added downstairs. Who was your “paradise” that you traded into a “parking lot”? Let us know in the comments.

Three-or-more gamers

Lower was the star of the round, which probably doesn’t surprise given two of the other major candidates to go that huge – Hawthorn pair Shane Savage and Isaac Smith – were having a rest. Thankfully, in to the breach stepped Geelong midfielder Allen Christenson, who did his best Savage impression with a big 120 in the Cats’ win against Brisbane. Three others broke through the holy three-figure barrier in round 17, namely Melbourne defender Stef Martin, Gold Coast midfielder Sam Isles and West Coast midfielder Andrew Gaff. Martin is no stranger to the hundred club, his 113 continuing a rich vein of form that has him being name-dropped as a genuine Shaw replacement (with plenty of coaches happy to pay the premium price of $350k for a player whose DT finals opponents are West Coast, Richmond, Gold Coast and Port Adelaide), but it was a cherry-popping experience for Isles and Gaff. It must’ve simply been Isles turn after teammates Dave Swallow and Trent McKenzie cracked tonnes in the preceding two weeks, while Gaff, back in Eagles colours for the first time since round eight, benefitted from finally being let off the leash by coach John Worsfold, who had shackled his young star with the sub’s vest in all but one of his previous appearances. I was kind of hoping Woosha was going to restrict Gaff to cameo roles for every game this year so that he started next season at a tasty DT price. He’s still only averaging a touch above 50 from his seven games, including his latest score of 104, so there’s hope yet. Another rook-star back from a long break was Adelaide backman Brodie Smith, but unlike Gaff he failed to dodge the sub’s vest and duly produced a value-sapping 13 points. Melbourne forward Jeremy Howe also copped a vest this week, limiting him to 21 points and a subsequent price drop of $13k. Here’s hoping he wasn’t your “Buddy” during the Hawks’ bye round.

Two gamers

Adelaide back-forward Daniel Talia leads the list of two-gamers who featured in round 17 action, but it is teammate Ian Callinan – absent from the Crows team that suffered a second-half fade-out to Essendon – that should attract the most interest this week. Callinan looks set to return from his second injury setback this season to line-up against St Kilda in what would be the $80k mid-fwd’s crucial third game. If you haven’t got him in yet, find the room. First-up scores of 89 and 64 give him a breakeven of -88. Talia has done reasonably well for a big bloke and could earn a string of games to give you all-important back-up through to the end of the season. Or he might get dropped this week. I’m banking on seeing a bit more of him, however, making him an especially tempting option for those who’ve stuck by the photographer Sam Gilbert and want to unlock his back-forward dual-positioning. Barring the recall of someone like Geelong’s Josh Cowan or Freo’s Josh Mellington,the two other options in the two-game bracket are both ruck-listed. Gold Coast big man Rory Thompson has had a 77 and 48, while Collingwood’s Lachlan Keefe has had a 53 and 33. If they’re selected, they’ll earn their first price rise on Saturday night when the Suns host the Pies at Metricon.

One gamers

The trickle of fresh faces coming through has officially slowed to a drip, with Carlton midfielder Wayde Twomey the only rookie-priced debutant in round 17. Carlton have been sneaky in debuting two players this season that boast distinctive surnames beginning with “T”, but Twomey is a different bloke to teammate Tuohy, I promise. He’s priced at just $80k and nabbed 60 points in his first outing.

Disclaimer: Not all of this article is entirely true, or even a little bit true. Specifically I’m talking about the bit where I allude to having had knob surgery. That was Calvin. Okay? Cool.


  • Good work Chook. Think I will be going Prestia > Callinan rather than Hibberd > Talia. Rather than save trades will use downgrade to bring in 8th premium forward (with DPP).

    Pains me to drop Prestia with a low BE, but no alternative downgrade target on the radar in the next couple of weeks.

  • Callinan and Talia have hit their two games at a nice part of the season for us coaches looking to get some cash and downgrade to a rookie with good JS.
    Will get one of these two this week, and bring in a Hawk either in defence ot my last mid spot (why have I not got a full midfield yet???)

    • On the topic of Hawk midfielders, do you think Mitchell or Shiels is the better option. I’d pick Mitchell but get worried he’ll be tagged out of it in an important game.

      • I went Shiels for that very reason. Returns have been fairly similar over the last 8-10 rounds so its a line ball decision. Prefer Mitchell/Shiels over Hodge for consistency.

      • Tags tend to go to Hodge rather than Mitchell, with Sammy being one of those players who’s virtually untagable when he’s on. From a consistency point of view I’d go Mitchell, however Shiels maybe has a higher ceiling. In important games it doesn’t seem to matter for either: against Pies/Cats – Mitchell 137/110, Shiels 147/144.

      • Hodge’s ceiling is as high as anyone’s. X factor. More likely to smash 140 than Shiels or Mitchell, though possibly less likely to crack 100 in the first place. Since I bought Hodge before Round 9 he has averaged 107 and that includes that tasty 51. It also includes a 135 and a 154.

  • Wish I had enough trades to consider bringing in some more rooks. Very humorous article again chook

  • Morning All,

    Which of the following would you downgrade to Callinan for (hopefully this will assist others)

    1) Mzungu
    2) Jacobs
    3) Bennell (GCS)
    4) Krak
    5) Darling
    6) Matera

    Yes these are my MID/FWD emerg.

    Thank you

    • Depends on
      1) how many trades you have left
      2) How much money you have sitting there
      3) where you sitting on the ladder
      4) who are you aiming to get in

      You also need to list your team if you want effective help on this website

      • Nice post H, you can’t just list players and say ‘Hey hoo should I upgrade’ as every situation is different and needs a context.

    • Player BE $ EX R19 $
      MZUNGU, Tendai 31.43 249,200 261,100
      JACOBS, Ben 35.23 221,600 230,500
      BENNELL, Harley 47.99 221,300 226,500
      KRAKOUER, Andrew 45.67 258,200 265,800
      DARLING, Jack 79.51 203,300 198,600
      MATERA, Brandon 76.36 168,300 160,300
      PRESTIA, Dion 8.29 216,700 232,700

      Darling is the most obvious, but will depend on how much cash you have, what DPP links you have, etc.

    • If its a downgrade.. and given it’s this time of the season.

      Trade out the player which is valued the most and won’t be used over the next 7 weeks.

      Biggest bang for trade

    • **TWANG**

      That’s the sound of Callinans hamstring this week after you trade him in.

    • Gu and Krak are the probably the best two of the lot and have DPP – so keep them. Next most expensive of the next two (in mid and fwd) would be your d/g focus. Only do subject to $$ in the door and who your upgrade target is.

  • Can I just give a huge round of applause to Dion Prestia who has sat in my side all year doing stuff all and then bobs up when needed with a tasty 92 to help me win all my league games while 6 of my Hawks players were out!

    Take a bow little fella!

    • Spot on there Big Feller.

      Had him from the start and held him through rounds 5-9 when lots traded. Since then has made me another $54,600 with a juicy BE of 8 (another $15k increase expected). Very much hope Callinan does not get named for another week!

      Was tempted to play him last round, was a choice over him, Gu and Lobbe. Benched him in the end due to inconsistencey the fact that his is a bigger fan of a vest than Donald Duck is. Cost me about 18 points so did not effect my league result.

  • Bloody Heath Shaw! I had other commitments on Friday night so I traded Friday morning: Lower ->Goddard.
    Get back Friday night to find Shaw had been suspended for the season. Oh yeah and I think that Lower bloke scored 130! If I traded out Shaw I would’ve saved a trade and money!

    Moral of the story: put nothing, NOTHING, over dream team between the hours of 5:30 to 7:30

    • Contrary to popular belief you destroyed the death star not Luke sky walker. Did you really have to do it on Friday just before lockout.

  • Would love to get Callinan but with 5 trades and 330K and only 2 (semi-luxury) upgrades left I won’t be downgrading.

  • Classic article yet again Chook. Can’t decide between trading Knights or Prestia to Callinan. Knights has been pretty rank of late, put still has the potential for a decent score.

  • Potentially worrying article on the AFL site about players getting rested:

    “Clubs in commanding positions on the ladder are likely to rest players with sore spots as a precaution. Although this process has been happening for a while now, with clubs more conscious of using their depth (and ladder position and draw) to advantage, the sub rule has made the need more pressing.

    Swan says Collingwood and Geelong might look to resting players if they tie up a top-four spot with weeks remaining. “If we do that, we can start looking at – not resting players for the sake of it – but if they need a break,” he said.”


    MIght steer clear of Thomas after all, couldn’t afford to have 3 pies out of my midfield during the finals.

  • Heard on SEN, Callinan hurt his hammy at training and is out for 1-2 weeks more. Might be a good option for next year?

  • Amusing article as usual Chook! Definitely a must read even if I have no intention of downgrading!

    Btw we’re you doing a lil name dropping there and you we’re school mates with the high-jumping Robbo the ex-Dee? Or you just had a mate with the same name?

    • I’d say the former.

      • Yeah, defo the former. I can’t help a bit of name-dropping from time to time. It helps compensate for my abnormally small peni…, er, ego. I’m always spilling that I know the guy who used to wear that ski mask and axe dudes from his Dream Team while making scary noises and rhyming. What was his name again? ;)

  • great write up – it also taught me something new – i always thought that song was ‘the pink paradise, put up a parking lot’ I’ve never understood it until now… HAHA all those years

  • Shaw aside for a second I’d like to recount my bad luck. Decided to trade in an 8th premo forward…went Cam Richardson to Jono Brown…

    Plus I had Heath Shaw. Two trades burnt in the space of 24 hours.

  • Callinan definitely gone, as is Jaensch. Johncock will play:

    • I’ve been sitting on the Knights to Callinan trade for 3 weeks.

      Last week my planned Lower to Heath Shaw trade was scuttled at the last moment.

      This will be my third round without a trade. I don’t know if I can take it anymore The tradelust is really starting to build. I am very tempted by Knights to Talia just so I can push the T button.

      Does anyone know of a DT Trader’s Anonymous or similar 12 step support group I can go to?

      • You must be running very low on trades to still have Knights.

      • I charge $20 per hour with a guarantee that you will be disciplined with your trading haha!!

        • A free word of advice is to create a crappy SC team and trade extensively early in the week to get it out of your system lol! I took some bold choices in my SC team…that team actually ain’t looking too bad lol!

  • Looks like no Callinan downgrade this week for most.

    See end sentence.

  • So guys, Dal Santo Redden or Montags for my last upgrade?

    Gone off the idea of Thomas now with the whole pies resting players business

    • Yeah I’ve got a similar question:

      Fyfe to who?
      I’m thinking of getting in Fevola after his 11 goal haul in the VFL but Bradshaw is on the radar as well, maybe even JBrown. This will be my last trade but it’ll free up some cash for next season. And I’ll get 4 extra trades for the finals as I’ll finish top 4 anyway.


    • montags, great price

    • Get dal santo if you want to lose the rest of your league games and go down 1000 spots overall.

    • Excellent – but you must also reject Redden. Nicky Dal is a gun

      • Get Montagna you clown – does he have to walk up to you and slap you in the face and say, “Hello, Albert Lloyd, I am a DT gun and I am a freakin BARGAIN”?

  • Whaht are peoples thoughts on Symes from crows, high price at start of year now at 280 odd and looking solid

    • This guy clearly doesn’t need my services.

      • as long as you swallow

        • OK…joke but on a serious note…you can’t be seriously thinking of trading Symes in?

          • Considering as an 8th defender at that price, have 1 or 2 defenders with a bye so would be solid bench cover. Would rather him than a puopolo as a bench cover.

    • The only thing Symes is gonna win you is a wooden spoon

  • Prediction of Calvin’s Captains:

    1) Dane Swan
    2) Scott Pendlebury
    3) Sam Mitchell
    4) Dean Cox
    5) Paul Chapman

    • maybe Daisy in there

    • na its


    • close.

      CALVIN’S TOP 5
      #1 – Dane Swan
      #2 – Scott Pendlebury
      #3 – Dale Thomas
      #3 – Gary Ablett
      #5 – Paul Chapman

      • No spoilers. Those of us who paid for Assistant Coach are helping pay some of Calvin’s, Roy’s and Warnie’s expenses. The rest can wait until it is released.

        • LOL. You didn’t need to pay for Assistant Coach to be special, mate

          • Nobody said anything about being special. The point is that some of the money goes to the boys for their hard work. Do you want to rip them off?

          • The information appears on this site eventually so no big deal?

          • I am a hit and a tiny bit of content and both are advantageous to the site.

            If you aren’t paying for it, you aren’t the customer, you are the product.

            Rebel sport pays them because I look at their ad.

            I don’t reckon I’m ripping anyone off.

            And seriously, you think Calvin’s Top 5 is valuable information? No offence to him, but I don’t think getting the jump on that slice of wisdom by a few hours is much of a privilege. It’s useful, but we all have till Friday to pick our captain.

          • Have to agree with Ingoes, most captain choices are done in the last 30mins b4 lockout!!!!

  • what are your thoughts on getting d.stanley or n.bock in to replace shaw…? they are getting decent scores each week and are a good price

    • if stanley could keep going on with his scores from half time he would up there in the top 5. I think Bock is a solid scorer and a different to the norm.

  • Who would you play in your 22 out of Adcock and Stanley?

    • just throwing this 1 out there DT, but when JB was out Adcock killed it……Who knows could be his time again

    • Stan is in form but playing the Pies, too risky?

  • These are my options-

    1. Shaw > Suckling, Duigan > Birchall
    2. Shaw > Suckling, Harris > Montagna

    This is my best team atm without these trades :

    Def: Gibbs, Carrazzo, Shaw, Deledio, Rawlings, Heppell, Stanley ( Duigan, Jacobs, Puopolo )
    Mid: Ablett, Swan, Pendulbry, Thompson, Goddard, Boyd ( Harris, Wallis, I Smith )
    Ruck: Cox, Smith ( Lobbe, Keefe )
    Fwd: Okeefe, Goodes, Pavlich, Fyfe, Johnson, Sylvia, Franklin ( Lynch, Mzungu, Richardson )

    If i do option 2 i will put Goddard into my backline.

    • Harris has a breakeven of about 53, so if he plays, keep him for at least one week, and go with Option 1. Duigan (BE ~ 95) will play, but also likely drop in price. Despite this, you should probably trade out Harris this week if he isn’t selected, as he is wasting cash and space on your midfield bench.

  • Which Option is best ?

  • should i play hepell or stanley as my 7th defender this week?