Trade Talk Tuesday: With destROY #296

Although the unwritten rule is to wait until Friday 5.30 to trade, many coaches out there use up all the resilience just to wait until Thursday night to pull the trigger. That is why this week some unlucky coaches welcomed Heath Shaw to their team, only to hear Friday, he is out. Another group of impatient coaches used their 2 trades before the news of his suspension and are looking to offload this week. Here are a list of possible moves for either Shaw, or maybe to round out your backline regardless. If the backs are of no interest to you, discuss your possible moves in the comments.

 Name: Matt Suckling
Price: 368,500
BE: 130
Average last 3: 95
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 4
Owned by %: 16
Quick thought: Suckers is one of the few defenders out there who has a massive ceiling, as he demonstrated vs the Demons earlier this year when he scored 141. He loves to get amongst the Hawks kick to kick, high possession play and can sneak forward for a goal. Plays the Dees this week, so could have an instant pay off. If you don’t pick him up, a selection could pay off.

Name: Greg Broughton
Price: 398,800
BE: 50
Average last 3: 134
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 6
Owned by %: 9
Quick thought: Finally Broughts is living up to the pre season hype and doing what we thought he is capable. A main reason for the dramatic change in fortune is Mark Harvey has finally realized what us DT coaches have been saying all season: he is a gun onballer. As long as this role continues, expect big things from this guy, who can still be considered unique with only 9% of teams owning him. There is always a concern regarding the return of Mundy and increased playing time of Barlow sending him straight back to defend the number 1 small forward.

Name: Stefan Martin
Price: 356,400
BE: 75
Average last 3: 101
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 3
Owned by %: 5
Quick thought: Speaking of unique picks, ever since round 8 where Stefan realized it’s not that hard to collect DT points he has been outstanding. The biggest draw card with Martin is his last 3 games when he plays the Tigers, Gold Coast and Port Adelaide in our all important DT finals.

Name: Sam Fisher
Price: 331,000
BE: 128
Average last 3: 75
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 2
Owned by %: 11
Quick thought: Fisher can be considered a rock in defense that should be good for scores between 80-100 for the remainder of the year. The Saints are in a position where they need to win, so there is no selection headaches in regard to a potential rest or subbing. With his high BE, there is a fair chance he could drop another 5-10K if you are strapped for cash.

Last week I traded out Nick Lower who let me know about it with a massive 130. Luckily I didn’t bring in Shaw for him which was actually my plan! Fair to say I would have needed to be held back from the delete team button. Discuss you luck, or lack thereof here in the comments, as well as your trades this week.

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  • Def: Deledio, Goddard, Heppell, Shaw, Adcock, Stanley, Lower (Puopolo, Otten, Thompson)
    Mid: Boyd, Pendlebury, Swan, Gibbs, A.Swallow, Thomas (D.Swallow, Dangerfield, Prestia)
    Ruck: Cox, Smith (Lobbe, Keeffe)
    Fwd: Fyfe, Goodes, Pavlich, Franklin, Higgins, Krakouer, Rioli (Knights, Lynch, Mzungu)

    9 trades remaining, 20k in bank – going for league win.

    Plan was to save as many trades for finals, so i could trade out players with a bye with another gun, giving myself the option of trading that player back in the following week if needed.

    This week Shaw is out obviously, but who for? Broughton, Birchall, Suckling or Martin? Martin is unique and in good form so leaning there. To get him, i’ll have to trade down a sub to Talia… doesn’t look like Thompson will get a game, but i can cash in more with Puopolo or Otten. Thoughts?

    • Why not just trade someone like Montagna into your mids and maybe an extra forward.
      Then use DPP to cover players who are out, reckon you will use way less trades and have better cover!!!

      • Just dont see the mids as an area i need to focus on this week… Have to trade out Shaw, thinking Stefan Martin is a good unique choice, and bring in Talia so i have extra cash to play with in a fortnight.

        Then i’ll prob downgrade D.Swallow and upgrade Knights to a premium forward in the last round.

  • who to trade out

    Gamble, Gu, Krak, I, smith

    For Either Cloke, Fyfe, or Sylvia

  • who is a cheap (under 300k) dpp That plays back and mid?

    this is my backline
    Gibbs,Delidio,Heppel,Lower,Shaw,Duigan,Pederson (Puop,Jacobs,Andreoli)

    I HAVE $93,500 in the bank and need to get rid of Shaw…
    What do ya reckon?

  • should i trade dawes out? who for?
    my forward line is goodes, pavilich, riedwoldt, dixon, howe, i smith, lynch and dawes
    i have 2 trades left and $46,400 left in my salary cap
    im looking at sylvia, lecras, petrie or lobbe