Who’s your Shaw Thing?

If you’ve got Heath Shaw, then you’ve got a $325,500 bloke in your team who won’t play another game this year. If you’ve already done your trades this week, then you’ve probably learned a lesson today! Don’t trade until the latest possible time.

I could go through some solutions here, but pretty much your philosophy here should be trading this premium to another premium. Who is that, it’s up to you.

My advice is to look for someone who has finished their byes. Some of the best defenders still have a bye left (Bryce Gibbs, Brett Deledio, Heath Scotland, Corey Enright, etc) and I’d be avoiding them… just because I am worried about bench cover for them later on. I’d be looking at a Greg Broughton, Paul Duffield, Brendon Goddard, etc to get in.

Sam Fisher was probably on a lot of people’s radar, but after his 33 last weekend… we are best to wait a week or two for him if you have cover. That also give you a week to think about Matt Suckling too.

Wow. This is massive news. Sorry I haven’t given you much here, but I need to think about what he hell I am going to do about him!!


  • This scandal has destroyed my mates DT, Headed over to Melbourne this week from Perth, didn’t think he’d get access to a comp at all this week so traded Andy Otten to Shaw on Monday. Has now traded him to an 80K Nuffie for cash and with only 3 trades left has been completed rooted over.

  • Adcock too big of risk?
    Or Broughton?

    Midfield trades:
    Redden or Thompson?

    Cheers in advance.

  • does anyone know if michael coad has recovered from injury and if hes far away??

    • He played his first game back from injury in the GC Reserves team that beat the Swans Reserves last week, and was named as one of GC’s best. Its only a matter of time before we see him again in the AFL.

      • opinion on a coad return in the next week or two? I really need to downgrade shaw for some cash flow this week, im really not set on hooper from bulldogs, if not coad, any other alternatives?

    • oooo, good question. I was livid I had to trade him out, he could be a great downgrade target if he comes back.

      Also, used to play cricket against him…..dreadful leggie!

      • Was he a f**k face back then? Was his nick name meer cat?

        • He was OK…..nowhere near as big as he is now. Played footy against (and with in rep) Boris Enright too, he was always a superstar….Coady was more of a likeable clown, never played footy with him.

  • Anyone else have no one in the first game tonight?
    Not surprising though cause Essendon and Adelaide are pathetic clubs with muppet players.

  • OMG was going to upgrade duigan for shaw when the teams were released yesterday, thank god i didnt, effectively using two trades for nothing!

    • ps shut the hell up colonel, essendon aint muppets, …….
      cept for monfries

  • Is there a reason why Brent Harvey is doing average in the past few rounds?

  • I don’t get it why does it say he is banned for 14 matches but he will only miss 8?

    • I think 6 were suspended because he was honest and stuff about it. That’s what I read.

      • Well he’s just lucky that the panel “happened” to suspend 6 games of the 14. And that “happened” to coincide with the start of finals.

        Either ban him for 14 or ban him for 8 IMO. The 6 suspended looks like they’re giving him a break so he can get back for finals – which then appears that he’s being rewarded for being a douche.

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  • gibbs or broughton???

  • Will gibbs stay in the middle when Barlow comes back?
    Is he the best defender upgrade? Or would Birchall be better next week?
    Got Delidio Gibbs Goddard Fisher Adcock Suckling and Stanley as my starting backs?
    Would trade lower to broughton.
    Is it worth it?
    5 trades 101.9K

  • The only players I would consider trading him to all have BEs in excess of 120, so I’ll be benching him until their prices drop off a bit. Lucky I’ve got Stanley on the pine to fill in (you know…or Jacobs).

  • Didn’t end up trading Heath Shaw as the players I wanted were Suckling, Birchall or Fisher and all 3 have pretty big breakevens and hawks have the bye anyway. So just covered with and will cover with Jacobs untill they’re ready to bring in. With 104 in the bank and only 4 trades hopefully Fisher gets to very near the price of Shaw so I can go Lower-Suckling and Shaw-Fisher in a few weeks.

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