DT TALK Live: Round 17


  • Rocky has his own weekly show on lionstv called The Challenge. Definitely a great guy and everyone in the team loves him. In just 15 games he was promoted to the leadership group and given the Vice Captaincy. No doubt he will be our next captain after Browny. Rockliff and even Redden is a lock for next year.

  • You should have asked Rocky to play kick-to-kick with Adcock.

  • God i love Rocky…He was on Triple J one day talking about the new AFL live game i think, he was pretty funny then too, hes been in my team both years and is a def lock from now on :). Good job guys!. Well worth sitting in my stinky work clothes for 40 minutes koz i watched instead of showered…haha

    • Luv Rockliff. absolute dreamteam gun. has had him from beginning of the year. well worth it. nd hope u become Lions’ Captain.


  • Yep gotta love Rocky, I dont have him in my team but I got Redden – those two will definately be locked in for 2012.

  • Another awesome show fellas, plenty of laughs as always.

    But you’ve got me confused over Broughton… to pick, or not to pick, that is the question.

  • Here are some approximate averages that teams score against each team. The figures are year long averages (so might not reflect recent trends) and will have some rounding errors. The figures come from here: http://www.pro-stats.com.au/psw/web/team_rankings?yr=2011&ts=OA&sr=40

    GC – 1750
    Port – 1620
    WB – 1610
    Lions – 1600
    Dees – 1600
    Adel – 1590
    Ess – 1580
    North – 1580
    SK – 1580
    Tigers – 1530
    Geel – 1530
    Freo – 1510
    Syd – 1500
    WC – 1490
    Pies – 1490
    Hawks – 1480
    Blues – 1440

  • The Chop didn’t play properly… so here it is in full!

  • http://nationalfootballnews.wordpress.com/ please view it AFL Predictions

  • Here’s the interview with Rocky from this week. IN FULL!